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How to Scale a Video Business

Author: Den Lennie

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The Ultimate Business Podcast For Video Creators and Video Business Owners.
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Today, Den raps about two things video business owners/freelancers can never hear too much about, namely, productivity and marketing. How good is this episode? Well, if Den packaged this audio and sold it for $1,000 dollars, it would still be a bargain! That's how good this episode is. But don't take my word for it (I'm just a copywriter), hear for yourself.  But first...Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:'The laughably simple (but powerful) "Can vs Should" productivity lesson. - 1:00The one labor-intensive activity most video business owners stubbornly refuse to outsource. But those who do, NEVER go back to doing this activity. Hear the full scoop at 1:30Quite possibly the best "productivity" maxim ever invented. Hear this beauty at 2:20Need more clients? Fair enough. But whatever you do, don't go off chasing new clients without doing this first....  - 2:30How to tap into the potential goldmine of business that's sitting right under your nose. (Best part: getting new business this way won't cost you one red cent! - 2:50)Den's frighteningly effective email marketing strategy for landing new clients and igniting a riot of new cash. Bonus: Den gives you his exact email copy (script) right down to what to say in the subject line to ensure it gets opened. - Den could charge a pretty penny for this type of information, but for some reason, Den seems to spill the beans whenever he gets in front of a mic. If you're smart, you'll take full advantage of Den's almost over-the-top generosity. The crash course starts at 3:00)A 2-second mindset "tweak" that can take you from being a lousy marketer to an outstanding one. All great marketers possess this mindset. Hear this at 5:20How to do follow-up like a pro. - 6:30A sneaky (and very effective) way to drum up referral work almost out of thin air! (Just follow the advice given at 7:30 and watch what happens.)What NEVER to say to a past client when doing a follow-up. Sadly, this exactly what most business owners blurt out when speaking to a past client. (Saying this will have them wondering two things: (1) why did I agree to this conversation? and (2) How can I quickly end this conversation? - 9:25)An "all but forgotten" marketing strategy that works even better than what it did in its heyday. (If you're looking for new business for your video business, you'd be crazy not to do this...  - 10:45)The “A4” marketing secret most business owners are clueless about. - 12:35How to use coffee beans to land new business. - 13:25How to use an ordinary calendar to bring in new business. - 14:00A hardly ever talked about way to shake the ol’ money tree. If you're not currently doing what Den mentions at 14:20, then you're leaving so much money on the table it's not even funny.A ridiculously effective marketing formula that's also caveman simple to implement, yet for some strange reason, people shy away from doing this. Go figure. - 17:30Why using all the best marketing strategies in the world won't amount to a hill of beans if you don't have this one thing... - 18:00Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Are you making excuses for why you're not more successful? Business success is 100% down to you - there is no shortage of information on how to become successful. All you need to do is implement it, so why aren't you?Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Today, Den tells wild tales and drops gems like they are going out of style! To say this episode has some value is like saying Warren Buffett has a few bucks.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear: Why discomfort and growth go together like Han Solo and Chewbacca. – 00:50A startling statistic that proves people avoid discomfort like Golddiggers avoid prenups. - 1:10A common mindset "quirk" that explains why most people give up on their goals far too early. - 3:55Den's blood-curdling mountaineering story that ends with him being helicoptered off the tallest mountain in Europe. Den's life-changing tale starts at 5:30What a doctor told Den that turned Den's career upside-down. - 10:20How Den went from a lowly warehouse worker to owning a share in the company! - 13:35Den's sneaky (and very clever) reason for taking a sales job back in the day. - 16:30The absolute worst mindset to have when selling. - 18:20Den gives a rundown of his entire business career in under 30-seconds! (From his days of living in a garage while working for the BBC, right up to his successful coaching business here in the Land Down Under. Sheesh. He's been a busy boy! - 18:50)Thinking of moving overseas? Then heed Den's wise advice at 20:00The little-known “P-n-D” method for getting customers. But don't get too excited, this method involves two things that are like Kryptonite for most creatives. Get the full scoop at 21:20The “7-letter word” every business lives or dies by. You're either doing well at this or not. Hear this oh-so-important word at 22:00Two types of people that are rife in the video industry. Hopefully, you're not either one. - 23:00Den leans into the mic and throws down the gauntlet to his listeners. Listen up at 24:10 folks!Two Columbian lawyers who will inspire the hell outta you. - 24:30Advice for lonely people you've never heard. - 25:00Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
In today’s shorty, Den shares how being insured is really important. Can you afford to not bring in any money for a year? Listen up and get a charge out of this episode.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Today, Den raps about his 50 years on this spinning ball… and… reveals his biggest lessons, insights, and trade secrets from 26 years in the video industry trenches. This is what's called in the podcasting industry, "A not to be missed episode".But first...Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:An almost deplorable thing many one-man-band video businesses do that's quickly becoming Den's bete noire. (Not only is this thing lame... it's also disingenuous. - 1:50)Why many video business owners are like the pufferfish. - 2:303 hardly-ever-talked about reasons why running a lean-and-mean business is severely underrated.Ever feel intimidated dealing with a large corporation because you're just a one-man band? (Then listen in 4:00 and you'll start relishing the fact you're a lean operation.)Why having a big office and a large team of employees is like being the world's tallest midget. - 4:10A special kind of sales pitch that solo video business owners can use when dealing with big companies and corporations that can turn your lack of size into a red hot reason to hire you. (This sales pitch is based on something George Bernard once said: “If you can't hide the skeleton, you might as well make it dance!" Hear Den reveal this ingenious sales pitch at 4:15)One of the most crucial things potential clients want to know before they hire a video production company is this... - 7:15Why obsessing over how big your prospective clients perceive your business to be is downright foolish... and... what you should be obsessing over instead. - 9:35The “skid mark on the underwear” of the film industry. - 10:00Den talks about the torrent of BS that cascades down the hallways of the video production community. - 10:20A “caveman simple” sales-pitch that's almost guaranteed to be music to the ears of prospective clients. (This type of sales pitch will work just as well for any business in any industry, too. - 11:00)Why offering MORE services can sometimes make your video business LESS profitable. - 12:00Is the number of services your video business offers multiplying faster than a catholic rabbit? Then you might want to tune in at 12:30Should you go “broad and shallow” or “narrow and deep” with your marketing? Hear Den's answer at 14:40The #1 mistake most video production guys make when dealing with clients. This is a very subtle thing, but its negative impact is not so subtle. - 16:106 things all the most successful video business owners do that their lesser brethren don't do or at least don't do as well. - 16:40How to get your clients to see you as a business partner instead of a lowly gun for hire. - 17:50Den's surprising revelation about "time" (Admittedly, this one sounds strange coming from a 50-year-old, but it's also hard to argue with this one. Hear this at 18:20)Den boogies on out of his studio to party hardy. Happy 50th birthday, Den!Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Are you tracking the right metrics in your video business? Or are you focused on vanity metrics? Here's how they differ.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Today, Den dives deeper than a Hokkaido pearl diver and pulls up some shiny pearls of wisdom on time management and productivity that even the most organized and efficient of people will benefit from.  And... he reveals some little-known ways to reduce stress. But first...Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Two bloody tough situations a couple of Den's friends are facing that might make your current issues seem like a slight inconvenience. - 1:50Den's "how to extract gold from shit" lesson. (This lesson can help you glean life-changing insights from disastrous situations such as being sued, losing a loved one, or becoming severely ill. - 3:30A colossal blunder people make when goal setting that's almost guaranteed to disappoint, irritate, and frustrate the hell outta you. - 6:45An awfully good Tony Robbin's quote that, if taken to heart, can help you hit all your business or life goals even if you have a history of never achieving the goals you set. (This has to do with how you mentally approach setting your goals. Most people do the exact opposite of what Tony advises. - 7:00)Why trying to manage your time is futile, and what you should manage instead. (This is something Den picked up reading Elon Musk's biography -8:50)Quite possible the best morning routine ever invented. Don't scoff until you hear this one. - 9:40How to reduce stress by "tweaking" your work schedule. (Best part: not only will you feel more relaxed and in control of your life when you implement this,  but your productivity will go through the roof! - 10:40)A little-known App that can help even the most dithery of people get their time under control. (If you feel like time just slips through your fingers, then get this app mentioned at 11:20)Den's reveals his seemingly lazy-arse work schedule. (But don't be fooled. Although Den works fewer hours than Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski, he gets more done in a day than most people who grind and hustle all day long. Here’s how… - 12:00)       What to do to your Kindle if you read at night. - 13:30The single most important thing you can do to ensure maximum productivity. Nothing even comes close to this one. Listen up at 13:50The absolute worst thing you can do when starting your workday. (Doing this can derail your day faster than you can say "What just happened?” Sadly, this is what most people do first thing. - 16:50)Tim Ferriss's ridiculously simple (but very effective) method for achieving fortress-like focus when working. -17:30The #1 productivity law that must never be broken. (Unfortunately, most people break this law before they've been crawled out of bed! - 18:00)The "two-hour-a-day" habit that can potentially have you sitting pretty for the rest of your days. - 20:00A productivity tip everyone talks about but almost nobody does. - 22:00 A proven way to program your mind (like a computer) for success. (This may sound a little woo-woo to some people, but neuroscientists are now saying that doing this is a big factor in achieving success. - 23:00)Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Wherever you are in your journey, just be authentic. Be yourself and be who you are and get really focused on knowing what it is you do that helps your target market achieve an outcome.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Today, Den talks about something you do every day without giving it too much thought. You do this thing a LOT, too. In fact, it's been estimated that people do this thing 35,000 times per day. What is this activity? Simple:It's decision-making.And… in this episode, Den explains why even the smallest of decisions can play a huge factor in how well your business and life turns out.But first...Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:· The “wilderness years” of a podcaster or YouTuber. All successful YouTubers (those with upwards of a million subscribers) say there is a certain number of years where you can expect to be in almost complete obscurity before your channel gets any traction. Hear what this average number of "lean years" is at 0:50· Behold the hidden power of micro-decisions. (Think hitting the snooze button or having that one glass of wine after work is no biggie? Hmm. You might change your mind once you hear Den talk about micro-decisions. Starts at 2:50)· The eye-watering amount of money Den poured into his very first podcast venture. (And... the almost embarrassingly low number of downloads he got for his trouble. - 6:00)· A ludicrously simple thing Den did to grow his podcast audience by 600% in one year. - 7:05· Why Den turns down almost all the experts in the video and film industry who ask to be a guest on his podcast. - 8:00· Why running a podcast is perhaps the single most underrated funnel-lead-magnet in all of marketing. Here's why... - 8:15· How to turn even the most skeptical of clients into absolute laydowns. (This is not a quick method by any stretch, but once it gets rolling, you’ll find that getting new clients will be duck soup! – 9:00)· Ever wonder how effective The Video Accelerator program is? Then listen to this staggering fact Den drops at 9:30· A life decision that took Den 25 long-years to finally pull off. - 10:25· What making a decision really means.· Do you feel more overworked than a Nike sweatshop worker because you routinely have 60 + hour work weeks? (Then perk up your ears at 12:10)· An awfully good business book you've probably never read. - 13:05· The case against creativity in business. (There are times in business when trying to reinvent the wheel is downright foolish. Here’s one of them... - 15:40)· Den drops another outrageously good book recommendation. This little-known book is an absolute must-read, okay? (It’s one of the best-kept secrets in all high-level marketing circles. In fact, the late, great ad man David Ogilvy made this book mandatory reading at his advertising agency. "Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times.", said Ogilvy. - 16:00)· The one thing that NEVER changes in business, and... how this fact should influence and dictate all your marketing efforts. - 16:40· A supreme marketing strategy that when done correctly, can get prospective clients to (1) want to do business with you and ONLY you (2) see you as an industry leader, and (3) willingly and happily pay your expensive rates. If clients often balk at your rates, then you'll wanna hear this powerful marketing strategy at 18:00Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Doing less is creating more because you’re working on the right things. Listen up and stay focused on your goals.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Today Den talks about the one thing that can have the biggest impact on your business in 2021 and beyond. Here's a peek at what you'll hear:A near-perfect number of clients to have if you're a video freelancer. (Having round about this number of clients will almost guarantee you'll always have work rolling in. - 2:25)Den's frank and candid explanation on why he's doing more solo episodes now. - 3:25The secret to having a solid, secure, and reliable business. - 7:00 The "brand-it-and-they-will-come" fallacy. (We've all heard the "build it and they will come" fallacy, well… the "brand-it-and-they-will-come” mindset is every bit as foolish. Hear this at 9:00) A common “marketing strategy” filmmakers rely on that's akin to going to the casino and playing Blackjack when in need of money. - 10:10 The 4 critical elements a business must have to effectively scale. (Trying to scale a business without all four elements is like trying to pick up a turd by its clean end. In other words… it ain’t possible! - 11:00) Focus on your business or yourself -  which comes first? (Hear Den's insightful thoughts on the matter at 12:10) A nerve-wracking “marketing strategy” that's almost guaranteed to give you ulcers. (Sadly, many filmmakers choose this marketing strategy even though it has them more anxious than a degenerate gambler who's gone all in. - 13:55)How Den lost 1.2 kilos in 14 days even though he was eating sugary treats and drinking beer. - 15:00 A proven and battle-tested 2-step method for achieving almost any goal. - 16:25A 2-second mindset "tweak" that can help you stick with any new habit you're trying to establish. - 17:05 How winning a big client can sometimes screw up your video production business.  - 19:00Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
You have a choice - You can choose to create discipline and certainty in your business - here's how!Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
This week we're going to do something a little bit different. I'm actually gonna reveal to you our top 10 most downloaded podcasts of 2020.At number 10 we've got Shooting on the Sony A7s III - 'Tinbeerwah' - Beauty film and BTS. EP #109 number 9 we’ve got How to use video to build credibility for online branding with Yana Martens. EP #063 number 8, it’s yours truly on a shorty episode Why drinking is like driving a car with the handbrake on! EP #067 number 7 we’ve got the Highest and Best Use & The Theory of constraints with Ben Simkin. EP #077 number 6, we have got Avoiding the freelancer trap when growing your video business with Keziah Robinson. EP #069 number 5, we have Advice for Getting Clients You'd Be Nuts Not to Take with Phoebe Lee & Matt Turk. EP #089 number 4 we have got Alana Joynes with The 5 pillars of an effective marketing strategy. EP #059 then up at number 3, How to Overcome Anxiety in business with Sam Lennie. EP #057 number 2, we have Kim Barrett with The Secret To Cheap and Effective Paid Advertising. EP #107 then at number 1, How Thinking "small" Can Be Extremely Profitable with Andrew McLean. EP #093 with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Do you have a well-defined business purpose? Plan your year ahead, strategize and align them on your goals.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Today, Den drops science on something almost every single business owner needs to hear. And that is this: how to keep calm, cool, and collected when all hell breaks loose. Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Two words that release a feel-good chemical in your body. Sadly, most people only use these two words when they feel obliged to. What are these two words? Hear them at 1:10How your nose can destress you within 10 to 20 seconds. And, no, this does not involve "nose candy", alright? - 3:002 questions to ask when you're stressed outta your brain. (Not only does asking these two questions instantly start to calm you down, but they can also cause you to have less stress in the future. - 3:20)An unusual (and very counterintuitive) thing to say when you're getting put through the wringer. (Admittedly, this is not easy to do, but if you can make a habit of saying this when you're backed against the wall, then don't be surprised when you find yourself become as peaceful as a sleeping baby. - 4:00)How to use an ordinary pen and a blank piece of paper to improve your inner wellbeing. - 5:00The difference between “righteous selling” and “douchebaggery selling”. - 10:00An almost foolproof way to spot a deadbeat prospect. (If the first thing a prospect asks you is what's mentioned at 12:00, then politely inform them that they are a moron and send them packing!)The single most powerful word in all of sales and negotiation. - 12:35The tale of the Mexican fisher. (This story provokes a serious soul-searching question that only you can answer. As profound and thought-provoking this story is, it's also kinda humorous. Hear this story at 16:00)How to find your business/life "sweet spot". -18:00The case study all drinkers and smokers would love to hear. - 20:00How playing chess and reading books can potentially extend your life expectancy. - 21:00An Aboriginal term every Australian knows but very few understand its real meaning. Hear Den (a Scotsman) break it down. Typical, huh? - 22:35Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
What would your life look like if you doubled your profit this year? Would everything be different?  Yes, it’s absolutely possible, if you focus your attention on the right areas.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Today, Den delivers unto thee 3 top lessons of 2020. In other words, you're gonna hear 3 proven and battle-tested ways to grow your video business.Here's a peek at what you'll hear:Want to know how Navy Seals make swift, calculated, and intelligent decisions when the shit hits the fan, ceiling, and walls? (Then read the book Den mentions at 1:20 - Perfect book for business owners who get a bad case of the "hems and haws" when faced with big decisions.)The "EO" secret to winning when times are tough, painful, and miserable, like, for example, ALL of 2020! - 1:55It's no secret biz owners in the "live events" industry got smashed in 2020. (Well, that's what makes some of Den's coaching client's success stories so amazing. You see, some of Den's most successful coaching clients had businesses that relied on doing live events. Yet, despite COVID 19, they are prospering wildly thanks to some brilliant advice, strategies, and ideas they received from Den's Video Business Accelerator Program.)An ugly and disturbing truth most business owners are too afraid to accept or acknowledge. - 4:10Why many filmmakers who obsess over technology and always have the latest and greatest video equipment often have struggling businesses. - 4:48Two “laughably simple” ways to goose your focus, boost your sales, and grow your business. (One way is to delete every app from your phone except for two apps Den mentions at 5:30, and the second way is even easier, and far more impactful.)A secret way to market your business that cuts through all the noise and gets your perfect prospective clients to chase YOU down. (Surprisingly, whenever Den mentions this viciously effective marketing secret to one of his clients, they resist it. That is until they try it and see the results! - 6:30)Boston man explodes his filmmaking business thanks to Den's wily ways. - 7:00Shockingly good Accelerator Business case studies. - 8:00Where the REAL money is in the video business. Den gives the nitty-gritty details at 10:20The strange (but true) way creativity can send a video business owner to the poor house. - 10:45A pitiful mindset (or expectation) many video business owners have when approaching new jobs that ultimately stunts their business's growth. - 11:10Eye-opening email marketing insights nobody told you about. - 14:00The clumsy thing most filmmakers do with their marketing that undermines ALL their marketing efforts. - 14:50How to land a client in 30 days - 15:20The skid-mark on the underwear of filmmaking marketing. - 15:30The one-hour habit that can potentially skyrocket your business's profits. - 16:30Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Do you wish you could have more self-discipline? Here's how you can, and have everything you ever dreamed of.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Today, while everyone's bitching and moaning about 2020, Den talks about the very best moments of 2020. Hear Den's refreshing take on this year, plus... a ton of spookily-effective business tips you can implement right now!Here is a peek at what you'll hear:The single most underrated attribute for growing a business. (It's easy to spot business owners who don't have this attribute -  they're the ones working harder than an ugly stripper and earning even less. - 0:30)Wicked good Video Business Accelerator success stories. - 1:30Gloriously entertaining conversations Den had with potential clients who he had to turn down. -2:30The #1 difference between Den's most successful clients and the people Den turns away. (FACT: Not everyone is a good fit for Den's Video Accelerator Business program. If you're considering getting coached by Den and you sound like the people Den describes at 3:45, then this program ain't for you, Freckles.)What Den just released to the market place that can potentially help a lot of fledgling filmmakers grow their business - fast! - 5:004 reasons why Den thought 2020 was a great year! - 7:40The sordid truth about business nobody wants to talk about. - 8:00Why adopting the "It's always my fault" mindset could be the most positive thing you ever do. - 9:25A big tip-off that a filmmaker has the business acumen of a bucket of pig shit. - 10:15The “two-word sentence” that can probably solve 80% of business owners' business problems. -10:55How “tweaking” your email inbox can help grow your business  - 11:50Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
2020 has been an incredible year for personal growth and while there have been challenges, there has also been more opportunity.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
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