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How to Scale a Video Business

Author: Den Lennie

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This show helps video professionals create predictable profits without working harder. Scaling your video business to help you live the life you want on your terms and work with clients who appreciate your creative input
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How to Reconnect with Lapsed Clients and Engage Them AgainSometimes the thought of calling clients is daunting so we typically 'send an email' instead.  In this episode, I share you exactly how to overcome that fear and show you how to engage lapsed clients on the phone and have them be really happy you called.Get the free training and sales script template here: the show (
Andrew is the founder of Sydney Video Producer, a professional video production and marketing company. With over a decade of experience working alongside major brands and marketing agencies, Andrew has helped hundreds of organisations leverage video to promote, educate and sell.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear: A clever (and profitable) thing Andrew did to quickly replace the sizeable chunk of business he lost due to the COVID-19 (This is something any business owner can do, and Andrew breaks it down beautifully at 4:00)How thinking "small" can be extremely profitable. - 5:05Andrew's shrewd insight into the average business owner that can help you create a far more compelling sales pitch and convert more prospects into clients. - 6:00Why completing a video for a client should be seen as only half the job. (Sadly, most video production owners see it as “job complete”. This is probably why so many video production owners don't have their client's full respect and gratitude even if the videos they produce are of good quality. So, what's the other half of the job? Listen in at 7:45)A simple (but powerful) “mental shift” that has made Andrew's marketing messages far more appealing to his prospects. (Marketing your messages in this way is like catnip to potential clients. - 15:50)A common request Andrew gets when talking to new clients that was hardly ever brought up just a few years ago. (This request goes to show that the average business owner is adapting to the digital age. This is good news to production companies who don't just focus on producing videos, but also see the bigger picture - no pun intended. - 21:00Andrew's “2-minute crash” course on how to turn prospects into long term clients who love you and the thought of dealing with someone else never enters their mind. - 25: 25Andrew's raw and honest reason why he joined Den's business Video Business Accelerator - 29:00How your highfalutin “expert status” can hurt your social media marketing. - 31:00How selling less has helped Andrew's business make more sales. - 32:30Support the show (
Are you ready for the return to production?  It's already happening and I suggest you get ready for what's about to happen next.  Support the show (
Part 2 of our interview with Little Grey Box award-winning Travel Bloggers and YouTubers.Phoebe is a writer and presenter and Matt is a videographer. They work with brands and destinations to feature them across their online channels with an audience reach of 110,000+Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear: How sheer ignorance helped Phoebe when starting her travel business. - 3:10Phoebe's "if I could turn back time" admission. - 6:15A “juicy” tip for building a rabid YouTube audience. - 6:55When and how often to upload your YouTube videos. - 7:10Matt and Phoebe pull back the curtains on their business and give the “down-n-dirty” details of an average day at work. You'll feel exhausted after hearing this! - 10:00FACT: most business owners work around the clock. At 11:55 Den gives a monkey-simple tip on how to avoid turning into a workaholic. Bonus Benefit: can do wonders for your love life, too!A “dead giveaway” for knowing if you're been working in a flow state or not. - 15:00Head-smackingly simple ways to reducing stress and keeping dark moods at bay. - 16:00The case for owning a pet. - 16:30Den's almost "clairvoyant insight" into the entrepreneur's mind. (This explains why so many entrepreneurs and business owners are often under more stress than a balsa wood chair in Lizzo's dressing room. - 16:50)A special type of “clock” most entrepreneurs should get. - 22:50Support the show (
There has never been a better time to get clarity on your marketing message and target market. In this shorty, I share how you should approach this to help you come out the other end of this pandemic with a clear marketing offer.Support the show (
Today in the studio, we have Phoebe Lee and Matt Turk - Together they are Little Grey Box award-winning Travel Bloggers and YouTubers.Phoebe is a writer and presenter and Matt is a videographer. Together, this charming couple formed a business called Little Grey Box. They work with brands and destinations to feature them across their online channels with an audience reach of 110,000+Their business has a truly unique business model that you'll hear all about in this nitty-gritty interview. Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear: Why Matt and Phoebe left their cushy jobs, their nice apartment, and Queensland's gloriously warm and beautiful Sunshine Coast to go and live in a city that's often described as dark and gloomy. - 3:30What Phoebe accidently blurted out to her husband in Bali after a few cocktails that totally changed the direction of their lives. - 4:00A clever thing Matt did when partying with his mates that helped form their travel blog business. - 7:30How a fool stunt (kinda) landed Matt and Pheope their first client. - 8:40A big advantage self-taught camera operators have over their highly-trained counterparts. - 9:20A surprisingly simple way to turn clients into repeat business. - 11:00The ugly truth about operating a Travel Blog business. - 12:00Why Phoebe inwardly eye-rolls every time somebody says to her, "It must be great to go on holidays for a living!"  - 17:20Advice for getting clients you'd be nuts not to take. - 18:20Why content creators need a serious amount of testicular fortitude. - 25:50A “criminally underrated” success principle that if embraced, will have you working in the thin, rarefied air of the world's industry captains.  - 28:00The “blessing and curse” of working with your significant other. Matt jumps in quick to respond to this one! (At 30:00, you'll hear what Matt has to say about working alongside his laydee.) About Pheobe and MattTravelWell with YouTube videos and written guides by Australian couple, Phoebe and Matt. Award-winning travel bloggers, YouTubers and creatives.Connect with themWebsite - -, Pheobe-, Matt - - the show (
If you've always regarded marketing as a 'maybe later' task then now is the time to reverse that approach.  Today I'm going to share a 5 step process for generating new enquiries.Support the show (
Live-streaming is going to provide big opportunities for video production companies in the next 12-18 months so I asked an absolute expert Tony Iannuzzi from AJI Media in Philadelphia to share what you need to think about and be aware of before adding live streaming as a service.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Den and Tony discuss live streaming and how it can be a neat and profitable add on service for video production companies. - 4:00 Tony's unique and clever approach to doing live streaming. 5:10 How Tony's particular live streaming set up gives him a huge advantage over some of the big AV companies and their behemoth-sized production set ups. - 5:25 How live events can be an absolute goldmine for video production companies. - 6:10 Tony gives a “mini crash course” on live streaming and covers things such as, what to do if you have more than one moving camera - what to do if you're using a Blackmagic camera, and many more tips. - 6:50 Why Tony opted to use Wirecast other over software for his video production company. - 10:40 Why Tony has “dollar signs” in his eyes when thinking about the near future of live streaming. - 14:00 How savvy filmmakers can potentially make out like bandits with the soaring popularity of Zoom meetings. What almost every would-be client wants to hear come out of a video production owner's mouth when inquiring about their service. If you can honestly say this to a prospect, you're almost certain to get the gig. - 18:00 Common "gotchas" to watch out for if you're a videographer looking to do live streaming. - 22:00 Do you need to know code or be an IT guy to succeed at live streaming? Hear Tony's answer at 23:30An ingenious thing to put in your contract when taking on a new live streaming client that will not only protect your business reputation but also make sure you get paid! - 25:00 What can you charge for doing a live streaming production? Hear Tony's answer at 27:00Den and Tony disclose details of a “training program” they are teaming up to create that will be designed for filmmakers and videographers looking to go into the live streaming space. -31:00 Tony talks about how simple and dirt-cheap adding a live streaming service to your video production business can be. - 32:00About TonyTony Iannuzzi is a Philadelphia-based video producer and the Founder of AJI Media, a full-service production company that specializes in video production, event production, and live-streaming.Tony has spent the last decade working with some of the most recognizable brands in America and his sole focus is to help his clients grow their business through effective online video communications.Connect with Tony
So we've all taken a bit of a beating over Covid - what's next?  Resilience! that's what, time to pick yourself up and crack on.  In this Shorty I share how you can build a strategic plan for the next 30 days. Get the Free Training here
Jamie McKenzie runs Pure Productions in New Zeland and had just come out of stage 4 lockdown.  In this interview, we discuss how COVID could be a blessing in disguise for the video industry.Over the past two decades, Jamie has become a master of his craft as a filmmaker, storyteller, and marketer. His creative style, perception and technical know-how matched with his marketing and entrepreneurial expertise have seen him produce literally thousands of hours of content for a variety of clients and industries around the world.Originally starting out in one of London’s most successful production houses he has gone on to film content in over 60 countries including extreme environments, aerial and underwater filming. He’s written and directed commercials and corporate communications across a mix of sectors and developed his production company PURE to be one of New Zealand's most respected boutique production companies.Connect with Jamie on LinkedIn www.jamiemckenzie.coConnect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at
It's ok to feel overwhelmed in a crisis especially if you are feeling stuck.  Here are some practical suggestions to help you feel empowered and back in control.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at
This simple yet often overlooked fact is, if your video business is generating less than $1million per year you are running a marketing business not a video business.  In this week's episode, I talk to Garry Robinson.  Garry is a marketing consultant & small business coach. He has over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur and business owner in a number of different industries including IT support, corporate consulting, website design, FITNESS, publishing, e-commerce, business coaching and IT training.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear: Garry gives a quickie rundown of his multiple businesses and reveals the single most important business insight he's gleaned from 25 years in business. - 2:05How some businesses succeed despite having lousy products or services. - 2:50A curious "experiment" Garry is performing in the Sunshine Coast. - 3:20Den and Garry talk about the precarious transition of going from freelancer to business owner and why so many fail spectacularly. - 4:50The stunningly stupid response people give Den when he asks them how they acquire customers for their business. Hopefully this isn't your answer, too.  - 5:10A "2-second mindset tweak" that can dramatically improve the average business owner's marketing. - 6:15A common belief many business owners have that makes them pitiful marketers. - 6:50The one skill most business owners never develop. Sadly, this is the single most important skill to develop in business. Go figure. - 8:10Den's "CO" marketing tip that can help even marketing morons get their marketing on point and off the ground. Hear this juicy tip at 11:30The idiot's guide to boosting business revenue. Increasing business is a complex giant burden of thousands of possible tactics, right? WRONG! In fact, there are only 3 ways to do it. Here are those three ways... - 13:00The "Freelance Noose" and how not to get hanged! - 14:05How to "Steve Jobs" your business. - 14:30The “criminally underrated” power of business development groups. - 15:40How to be the face of your business without being the one delivering the service to customers. This is not easy to pull off, but if you can, this will business model will set you free! - 17:00The “7-letter word” that scares the hell out of the average business owner. 17:30Two important questions most business owners can't answer. Sadly, not knowing the answer to these two questions makes growing a business infinitely harder. These aren't necessarily difficult questions, yet the average person when asked these questions look like a dog that's just been shown a card trick. - 22:10Why most business owners who are always seeking advice from others end up as confused as a baby in a topless bar. - 22:50How to get MORE business marketing to LESS people. - 24:00Den and Garry give a mini crash course on sales that's pure gold! - 25:00Den shows his "sales and marketing" savvy by dropping a sales gem you'd be a fool not to pick up. Hear this gem at 26:00  
How are you coping with the lack of control and being couped up?  In today's episode, I share my strategies for staying saneI'm feeling anxious because there is so much I have no control over and so am implementing some new self-care mechanisms to get me back to full health and energy. Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at
Somi Arian is a speaker, entrepreneur and award-winning filmmaker specialising in the impact of technology on the digital native generations.We return this week to part 2 of our interview where we dig deep into the future of tech and the video industryHere's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:One of the biggest lessons for any business owner to learn from COVID 19 (If this current situation doesn't show you the value of what Den and Somi discuss at 1:25 ... nothing will!)A common trap that befalls many a business owner when growing their business. This is especially true of ambitious business owners. - 2:00What Somi learned while making her documentary that's now saving her business buckets of money. - 2:30A certain "type" of video production business you can't scale. You could try, but you probably better off buying a lottery ticket. - 3:20What type of business model you should consider if you don't want to get your tail kicked by the ever-changing business landscape and the breakneck speed of new technology flooding the business world. - 5:00Somi's screamin' good "Headline reader vs Footnote reader" lesson that will inspire the hell out of you. - 5:20Human skills v Tech skills - which should you focus on in today's high-tech world? Hear Somi's surprising answer at 8:00The “digital zombie” phenomena. - 8:30What every editor and videographer should be focusing on now and well into the future. (Doing this will give you a huge leg up on the competition. 10:10)How almost every video production owner is selling the wrong thing! - 10:20Somi gives a laundry list of personal issues she's facing right now. (These would have most people sweating, wringing their hands and pacing the room, yet Somi is acting as cool as a polar bear's toenail. She explains why at 13:10)Somi gives a “crash course” on how to be a person your clients can't do without and your employees can't help but go the extra mile for. - 15:00A simple piece of advice Den gave his clients mid last year that's now proving to be the best advice he could have given. (Hear this golden advice at 16:00)Why Somi doesn't do meetings. - 25:15An ingenious way to make money from prospects before you even do a lick of work for them. - 26:00Den's sneaky “trick” he uses on people who ask if they can pick his brain. Serious businesspeople appreciate this, but the "flakes" hate it! - 27:00About Somi:Somi Arian is a multi-award winning filmmaker, tech philosopher, entrepreneur, speaker, Founder of Smart Cookie Media, and Co-Founder of Career Drive, the first online platform for millennials and Gen Z workplace training, which uses entertainment to teach emotional intelligence.Somi’s Documentary, “The Millennial Disruption” was referred to as “disruptive in its very approach” on BBC5 Live, and features industry leaders from The Economist, Marie Claire, Bentley, Steinway, Jaguar Land Rover, Daniel Priestley, and Gary Vaynerchuk, to name a few.Somi was chosen as a LinkedIn Top Voice and her thought leadership events attract C-Level executives of huge companies such as BBC, Channel4, HSBC, Silicon Valley Bank, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren, Financial Times, Vanity Fair, Morgan Stanley and many others. Connect with Somi on LinkedIn: her book - 'Career Fear and How to Beat It'
I've asked Video strategist Ben Amos to join me on today's shorty to explain the framework behind the video strategy blueprint.Now is a perfect time to learn more about 'Video Strategy' and help you understand how this can become an additional service you can offer your clients.Register for the Free Webinar here:
Somi Arian is a speaker, entrepreneur and award-winning filmmaker specialising in the impact of technology on the digital native generations. She has hosted and spoken at events for clients including the BBC, The Economist, Marie Claire, The Guardian, Amazon, HSBC, Virgin Atlantic, American Express, and many others. Her 2018 documentary The Millennial Disruption has been nominated for a number of international film festival awards, winning the Worldfest Houston Silver Remi award in 2019.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear: Somi talks about her secret to always being on the cutting edge of business. Somi calls it her superpower. (This is a skill everyone in business must learn today, and not learning this skill will leave you a day late and a dollar short. That's putting it mildly. - 3:30)Somi describes a "certain mindset" that many a documentary maker has when filming that really sticks in her craw. - 5:00Why Somi explaining to people what she does is more difficult than explaining Brexit to a 5-year-old. - 6:10Somi talks about how she enjoys tough times, even now during covid 19 she seems to be as jolly as a shoe brush, despite her losing a staggering amount of business. (Is Somi some type of masochist? Find out at 8:00)Somi's never-before-talked-about (until now) concept she calls Transition Architecture. Sure… the name may not excite you, but... here's why it's now crucial you understand this concept explained at 9:10A little-talked about (potential) benefit of making a documentary. - 10:00The extremely unorthodox way Somi got a book deal. - 10:18The shocking number of books Somi has read over the last two years. This is proof that leaders are readers. - 10:30Den's excellent insight into reading that every extrovert should hear. Especially during covid 19. - 11:40Somi opens up about what it really takes to make a successful film. Hear the good, bad, and downright ugly truths at 12:30A little-known fact about Gary Vaynerchuk that may surprise you. This makes what he's achieved even more impressive. - 14:00Why Gary Vaynerchuk refused to endorse Somi's new book. 14:20Somi's refreshingly honest answer to the question: "What drives or motivates you?" - 21:40About Somi:Somi Arian is a multi-award winning filmmaker, tech philosopher, entrepreneur, speaker, Founder of Smart Cookie Media, and Co-Founder of Career Drive, the first online platform for millennials and Gen Z workplace training, which uses entertainment to teach emotional intelligence.Somi’s Documentary, “The Millennial Disruption” was referred to as “disruptive in its very approach” on BBC5 Live, and features industry leaders from The Economist, Marie Claire, Bentley, Steinway, Jaguar Land Rover, Daniel Priestley, and Gary Vaynerchuk, to name a few.Somi was chosen as a LinkedIn Top Voice and her thought leadership events attract C-Level executives of huge companies such as BBC, Channel4, HSBC, Silicon Valley Bank, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren, Financial Times, Vanity Fair, Morgan Stanley and many others. Connect with Somi on LinkedIn: her book - 'Career Fear and How to Beat It'
For many video businesses, this is a time of great distress, yet others are thriving.  We explore why that is.  Video Business owners who are quick to adapt have pivoted and are pushing ahead despite what's happening out there.In this week's shorty, I explain how we are adopting a new approach at the
Today, we have Ben Simkin in the studio.Who is Ben Simkin?Ben Simkin is the founder of BusinessNET, a leading Online Marketing Firm that to-date has increased clients' sales by over $1.45 billion. BusinessNET provide end-to-end marketing and sales services to established companies worldwide.In other words, Ben Simkin is a very successful and a plenty smart dude.If you’re wanting to ramp up your productivity and achieve more than you ever thought possible, then listen closely to this episode and prepare to take notes.Here's a sneak peek at Den and Ben's chat: The "HBU" theory. This is perhaps the greatest (and the most powerful and effective) productivity concept ever invented. This was discovered by a genius economist from the 18th-century named Dr. Irving Fisher. - 4:00Jay Abraham's (world-renowned marketing wizard) bizarre (yet powerful) “cat in a cottage” story. This little story will open your eyes up to new opportunities you might have previously overlooked, and... make you think twice before you go and check your social media notifications. - 5:00What NEVER to put on your smartphone if you want to become more productive. - 6:30The single most important thing to teach your team, customers or employees that will dramatically boost YOUR productivity. - 7:25The little-known 24-Hour rule. (this will make you more efficient, will make you seem more professional to your clients and customer, too. - 8:00The strange note Ben has hung up in his house that gives him more energy during the day. - 9:50Ben talks about The Freedom fallacy. - 10:50The "daily coin flip" exercise that highlights a horrible flaw in human nature. Fascinating stuff. - 12:40The best explanation you'll ever hear on the popular "Be, Do, Have" concept. - 13:00An incredibly dull and boring productivity tip that can quite possibly double your productivity. - 15:00A little-known book every business person should read if they want to ramp up their productivity and streamline their business systems. (This book was written in 1984 by a brilliant business scientist named Dr. Goldratt. - 16:50)Advice for business owners you'd be nuts not to take. - 17:00The strange (and totally illogical and irrational) secret to life transformation. This admittedly strange secret is quoted in a movie from the late 90's featuring Ben Affleck.The “once-a-day habit” that leads to bursts of creativity. (Always feel stuck for ideas or can't come up with solutions to problems, then start doing what Den mentions at 25:20What counterintuitive thing high achievers do that ordinary folk think is a waste of time. - 26:00Why immediately writing down your ideas is a BAD idea, and what to do instead. - 26:50The case for joining a mastermind. - 31:00Learn more about Ben at
With everyone affected in some way by the current situation, today's episode is split into 2, what is available from government stimulus packages and what can you do to generate new business at this time?There is a list of resources and links over at
I've invited psychologist and video confidence coach back on to the show to help us understand how to manage your mental health during a period in life when many people feel a sense of uncertainty.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Den's impromptu “live webinar” for his clients. This timely training turned out to be incredibly valuable, so much so, Den's decided to keep the webinar video up for the public. (The training covers many ways to roll with the COVID19's punches, and how you can potentially start earning $1,000 per week right now from your home...without using your video camera. - 1:30)The single most important thing you can do right now during this global crisis. (Not only will doing this help you and your family, but it will help the entire community. And no, this has nothing to do with staying home. That should be a given. 4:30)The best way to strengthen your immune system. This is far better than any supplement or any other immunity booster products out there. - 5:00Why Den sounds like he's been cooped up on in the Princess Cruise ship for the last month. (I said, "sounds like it"... - 5:40)I clever "mind tweak" for reducing stress. This comes straight from Yana (a trained psychologist) who was forced to practice what she preaches last week when she lost all her monthly bookings within 24-hours. Here's how she responded... - 6:00)Wise words from a level-headed member of Den's mastermind group that will help calm even the most anxious of people. - 7:00A little-talked about "silver lining" in times of crisis. - 8:40How an ordinary pen can help put you in a state of calm and gratitude. - 9:15A certain group of businesspeople who will ultimately prosper because of this crisis. - 13:00Yana puts on her psychologist's hat and delivers 8 golden pieces of advice for getting through this current sh*t show we're all trudging through. - 22:00How your phone can help alleviate stress. - 23:00A brilliant “self-isolation” tip to avoid going bananas. (Do what's suggested at 24:45 and you'll find yourself staying sane and even feeling motivated. This is a powerful tip, especially if you're an extravert who hates being alone.)Den and Yana talk hooch. To drink or not to drink? Hear Den's honest to God opinion at 26:00Why Yana has a cabinet chockfull of Vodka at her home. - 28:00More crackling conversation on Viruses and Vices. 28:15Den's heart-warming "toilet paper on the driveway" story. 30:00How you can ethically take advantage of Convid-19 - 31:00About Yana MartensI help business owners to build their credibility online through engaging video content strategy. Besides my experience on both sides of the camera my psychology degree gives me insights on people’s behaviour in front of the camera and what is most effective when helping people to overcome their insecurities.What I’m enjoying the most is understanding people’s behaviour online and helping them to build their personal brand based on their true values and personality.Connect with Yana:LinkedIn http://www.yanamartens.comConnect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at
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