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How to Scale a Video Business

Author: Den Lennie

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The Ultimate Business Podcast For Video Creators and Video Business Owners.
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Today we have JM Schoeny in the studio. JM owns a video production company that works exclusively with corporates in the finance world to help investors raise money with compelling videos.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Why JM's about as busy as Post Malone's tattoo artist despite the pandemic and a wounded economy. - 2:20 JM nonchalantly drops a gem on niching down your business for maximum profits. - 3:05 A deviously clever thing JM did in 2017 that now has him sittin' pretty. - 3:40 A new and wide-open market that videographers who have the nous and the cojones to enter it… can make out like bandits. The ballsy thing JM did as a punk kid that landed him a job on a Hollywood movie set. (This is perhaps the best way to get a job anywhere in any industry, yet hardly anyone does this. - 6:05) Why JM was walking through the Hawaiian jungle alongside Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and Robert Downey Junior. (Hear this name-dropping tale at 7:00) Den gives a basic sales lesson that almost everyone has heard, yet almost nobody uses this basic knowledge in their sales and marketing messages. - 10:50 Why every videographer should become a keen student of storytelling and persuasion. - 18:00 A foolish mistake that even grizzled veteran videographers make when dealing with a would-be client. (Not only is this foolish, but it kills your ability to persuade. - 19:30) Golden advice for winning in business and in life. - 20:00 Gary Vaynerchuk's 3-word rant to all business owners. It's hard to argue with this one. Hear this beauty at 22:30 Wise words from Den on how to have a profitable business that you enjoy as opposed to having a profitable business that sucks the living soul out of you. - 22:15 JM spits some old fashioned and wholesome truths you can never hear too often. - 26:00 A reliable "acid test" that tells you whether you should take on a client or not. (If you’re ever not sure whether to take on a certain client or not, just ask yourself the question mentioned at 27:30 and bingo!... you'll have your answer.) The case for targeting corporate clients if you're a videographer. - 28:00About JM SchoenyJon-Michael "JM" Schoeny is the founder of Eternal Perspective Productions. He loves creating awesome video content for Brands, Businesses, and Entrepreneurs to help them succeed & bring their vision to life. He has over 15 Years of Video Production and Audio Production experience and has worked on multiple Feature Films and TV Shows. Over the past 3 years JM has also ventured into providing state of the art Multicam Livestreaming services across the US which you can learn more at, and - When he's not creating content and telling stories, JM enjoys traveling and going on adventures with his wife and two sons.Connect with Den on LinkedIn with JM Schoeny on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
If you are looking for ways to manage stress and minimize the risks to your mental health in tough times then I have a solution for you today that anyone can do anywhere.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at Support the show (
Today we have Pat Henderson in the studio. Mr. Henderson is one of Den's coaching clients who has made some stunning progress in his business since joining Den's accelerator coaching program, and, well... you're about to hear how he did it, and hopefully, you can apply them to your business, too.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Pat pays Den a compliment that podcasters the world over would love to hear. - 2:05 The Pandemic has changed and continues to change the business world, but here's one thing that it won't change...and… how this is good news for videographers. - 4:45 The single most important thing to nurture in your business especially when the economy goes tits up. (Doing this is like inoculating yourself (like a vaccine) against the ca-ca about to hit the fan! - 6:00) An ingenious strategy for niching down your marketing. Do what's mentioned at 7:10 and you'll know exactly who your perfect target market is. Pat's embarrassing realization after he spent hours fighting and resisting Den's marketing advice. - 7:30 How videographers unwittingly double their workload when creating content for clients. - 10:55 What a "Dianna" client is, and why EVERY business needs a one! - 12:30 Two things every client wants (badly) when hiring a video production company. (If you can't deliver on these two things, getting repeat business will be a tough row to hoe. - 13:10) One of the very first steps to take when transitioning from freelancer to business owner in the videography space. - 17:20 How to turn a 20-hour job into a 1-hour job.  - 18:05 A frighteningly good example of Den's sales skills. At 21:25 you'll hear Den overcome a common sales objection in the most viscously effective way ever. Listen up, kids! The case for niching down and being a specialist. - 23:20 Solid advice for people thinking about coaching. - 24:10 A little-talked about "mental tweak" for getting off the tools and becoming a business owner who works on the business and not in the business. Insightful stuff. - 28:50About Pat HendersonPat Henderson is the President of Path-8 Productions in Boston. They specialize in health care, public health agencies, and education sectors but they don't stop there. They've worked with companies in a variety of fields to:Share the unique problems their company is solvingCreate powerful testimonial videosPromote new products and policiesEducate patients/customers/employeesConnect with Den on LinkedIn with Pat Henderson on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
As a cameraman, I never had to type anything well... but more recently I've realised not touch typing is hindering me and so I'm taking myself back to basics. The lesson here is sometimes you have to go backward to create new habits.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today Den interviews Tom Middleton who is one of Den's coaching clients, a real gentleman, and one helluva drone pilot!Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Tom gives his personal account of how his business was affected by the pandemic. (Obviously, it wasn't pretty. Okay, so his story's not unique, BUT... how Tom responded to the crisis is. Listen up at 4:15) A clever thing Tom did when designing his online course content that differentiates his course from almost all others you'll find online today. (Not only does this clever thing make his course unique, but it also boosts user engagement and retention. - 6:10) A sweet tip for filming with drones you've probably never heard. - 8:15 A very important (and counterintuitive) drone technique that all amateur drone pilots are clueless about. - 10:50 How not to F up your drone. - 11:50 Den's funny tale about getting coaching from a bigwig cameraman. This story makes Mr. Miyagi's "wax on wax off" method look exciting and sensible compared to what this guy had Den doing. - 13:45 More cool tips for drone pilots. – 15:00 A BIG mistake most drone pilots make when filming sunrises and sunsets. But YOU won't after you hear what's taught at 17:50 Want to become a drone pilot but don't know what drone to buy? Listen up at 27:50 A nice little “perk” for listeners of this podcast. Hear this at 29:00Support the show (
Most people rely on word of mouth and take work from anyone who books them. Yet the top 1% of video companies are doing things differently.Connect with Den on LinkedIn more great resources over at the show (
Today's special guest is Linh Podetti. Linh's the CEO and founder of Outsourcing Angel. Outsourcing Angel is an Australian based offshore recruitment agency that specialises in providing premium Virtual Assistants from the Philippines to companies around the world like Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and Dubai.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear: How Linh managed to hit it out of the park the very first year of running her online agency even though she had almost no online skillsets. (Get this: Linh was creating websites for customers and providing them a SEO service and she had no clue how to do either one!  Here's how she pulled it off....  - 1:24The tremendously valuable skill Linh possesses that gives her the rare ability to start up almost any business in almost any industry.  - 2:05 A very important question to ask yourself before starting any new business venture that can potentially save you a lot of frustration and heartache. This is an almost stupid-obvious question, yet, surprisingly, most people never ask it. - 3:55A “2-second mindset-shift” that can potentially skyrocket your business's profits while doing LESS work! - 5:10 Are you thinking about hiring a VA or need help with outsourcing projects? If so, listen carefully at 7:00The “dark” side of outsourcing sites like Upwork and other freelancing platforms. Hear Linh's cautionary tale at 8:50 Where on the planet to find some of the most highly skilled and loyal workers… and… hire them at basement-bargain prices! - 11:15An uncomfortable and sobering question to ask yourself if you're a one-man-band.  - 16:10 A laughably simple way to spot inefficiencies in your business and... what to do about them.An eye-opening insight into how most business owners are wasting time and limiting their business's profits. (Worst part? The average business owner is completely in the dark about this.  - 17:10)A criminally stupid mindset that keeps many freelancers broke and working harder than an ugly stripper. - 18:12 A little-talked about “learning curve” when you hire a new virtual assistant or employee. Knowing this will help you keep your cool early into the relationship if they screw up or misunderstand your instructions. - 21:00Linh debunks the common myth that all people who hire freelancers from developing countries are money-grubbing scumbags. (In fact, people who hire freelancers from developing countries are doing far more good for theses freelancers than any of their self-righteous critics. - 22:30)Linh opens up about her heart for the underprivileged.  - 27:00  Support the show (
There have been many challenges in the last 6 months. Its important to take stock and be kind to yourselfSupport the show (
We've been MIA the last 3 weeks working on a secret project - Today I reveal all and share how to build long term profitable relationships with great brands.Support the show (
As creatives we can be caught up in a perfectionism mindset and while this is important in editing and post it may not be serving your business more widely.  If you are procrastinating on launching marketing then you'll love this shorty.Support the show (
Kim Barrett is a world-renowned social media marketer, Facebook advertising expert, speaker, and trainer who helps 6-figure businesses scale to 7-figures.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:The #1 mistake almost every video freelancer makes. This is no exaggeration. If your business is stuck in the “feast or famine” cycle, you're probably committing this error. - 3:10A criminally stupid blunder that many video businesses make that stunts their business’s growth, limits their opportunities, and ultimately hurts their bottom line.  Not only is this blunder shockingly silly, but it's also hypocritical.  Full story at 3:38The easiest and most effective way to get in front of potential clients. - 3:45The single most important (and potentially profitable) video any video production business could ever make. - 3:50What a digital business card is. - 4:50Wow your prospects by doing this one simple single thing to your Facebook business page. - 5:30Two platforms that are perfect for filmmakers to advertise on. - 7:30How many platforms should you advertise your business on? Hear Kim's insightful answer at 8:30The moronic thing many video production people say about Facebook that cripples their ability to nab new clients. - 10:00Why the world’s most elite marketers grin and see dollars sign whenever they hear people saying that a particular marketing medium is dead. - 12:15An ingenious thing to do to your eBook that can dramatically increase the number of leads your generate. (Giving away an eBook in exchange for someone's email address is an effective lead generation method, but doing it this way makes it a very, VERY effective lead generation method. - 13:10)A mini crash course on how to run your first Facebook ad campaign. - 15:00Den's throwaway comment about marketing that should be rewound and listened to at least 10 times! - it’s that good. Listen up at 17:55The secret to cheap and effective paid advertising. - 24:30The "bar test" method for writing compelling ad copy even if you’re clueless about copywriting or can barely write shopping list. – 28:00Support the show (
Did you know you can rewire how you think to become more successful by letting go of old habits and behaviours?  In this shorty I share how meditation can support a re-invention of your mindset and how you think.Support the show (
Today, Den interviews Lauren Kress. Lauren has a Bachelor of Science, with honors in neuroscience, physiology, and psychology, a Masters in Cross-Disciplinary Art and Design is an expert in neuroscience, creative thinking, interactive media, and advertising for a global market place, and... a great sense of humour.In this episode, Lauren reveals eye-opening insights into why people do what they do, and how this knowledge can help you win in business, and win big! Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear: How having just a basic understanding of neuroscience can help fill your business's coffers. - 2:10Why bored people are better problem solvers than people who are always highly engaged in activities. This counterintuitive truth is backed by science and is explained by Lauren at 5:30Why CEOs and business managers should consult their team of creatives when they have business challenges that need solving. - 7:004 tell-tale signs you're a serial multitasker, and one very good reason to stop doing it right quick! - 9:05Brain Fatigue - is it a real thing or just another made-up condition from pseudoscience? Hear Lauren's answer at 10:25A surprisingly effective (and counterintuitive) way to boost your creativity without having to (1) do any goofy activities (2) take any cognitive enhancement drugs, or (3) take magic mushrooms.- 12:10How to use an ordinary pen and paper to put yourself in a much better mood. (Doing this is guaranteed to releases a rush of dopamine even if at first you were down in the dumps. Bonus benefit: you'll become infinitely more productive, too! - 13:45)The "Stop and Go" productivity method for getting more done in one day than most people get done in one whole week. - 15:20Do you ever feel like you're not good enough? Well, you can try and suppress it, ignore it, and fight it, or... you can do what's mentioned at 16:10 and start prospering wildly.Dirty “tricks” our brains play on us that cause even the smartest people to behave like buffoons and make moronic decisions.Support the show (
It's easy to get distracted, feel overwhelmed then get stuck.  Today I share how you can unlock that habit and get clarity of what you need to focus on in order to build momentum in your video businessSupport the show (
Today marks the 5-year anniversary of Den and his wife's arrival in Australia from jolly old England. Den reflects on the last 5-years and opens up about the challenges and the business lessons he's gleaned. Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:The only guarantee in business. The answer to this may seem obvious to you, but no matter how certain this is to happen, most business owners still get caught out by this. - 2:35How to make sure your product or service doesn't become as irrelevant as the DVD. - 3:10Two clever things Den did when he arrived in Australia that helped kick start his business. Den did this when nobody knew him from a can of paint and his back was against the wall. Best part: you don’t need to be an expat or be starting a new business to do this. - 4:20What question to ask yourself if you're thinking of niching down your market. Once you know the answer to this question...identifying your perfect clientele is duck soup! - 6:05The #1 reason business owners hit a financial “ceiling” and can't bust through. - 7:10Exactly how many years it took Den to get to a place where he feels like he succeeded. This will encourage some of you and probably discourage those who are just starting out in business. - 7:45The tale of the Mexican fisherman. This fable contains are powerful lesson that could save you from a lot of unnecessary stress, frustration, and precious time away from loved ones. Listen up at 10:10Why Den used to be obsessed with Aussie chicks. - 12:15The “9-letter word” starting with "T" that perfectly describers Den. It's a good word, by the way, and...if this word doesn't describe you, I recommend you never try and start up a new business in another country. - 13:00Den's unique definition of the word "no". - 13:40The staggering amount of money it took Den to move to the Land Down Under. - 14:00How to not F*** up your business. - 24:55Support the show (
I break down how we set up and executed a very lucrative 1 day shoot on today's episode.Also I have 1 space available in my next intake of the Video Business Accelerator.  Click here if you'd like to schedule a focus session: the show (
Part 2 of our deep dive with Danny Lacey,  Founder and CEO of Stada Media, a fast-growing content marketing company servicing clients across the UK since 2014. A full-service marketing company working with brands of all sizes.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear: An almost forgotten way to grow your client base.  Danny used this old-school way to nab his first few clients back in the day, and it works just as good today! - 3:45When speaking before you thinking can be extremely profitable, especially when responding to client requests. - 6:50Why you should always be building your Rolodex. - 6:30How Danny bounced back with a vengeance after his business took a devastating hit. – 7:00Danny's game-changing epiphany that helped him build his business. (This eye-opening insight came at a time when Danny's business had just lost his major source of income and the wolf was at his door. - 10:05)How to get new business while eating a bowl of cereal. - 11:25The dark side of being a business owner. - 13:20A little-talked about benefit of hiring a business development manager. - 14:05The "4-word sentence" that's pure and unadulterated bull crap. If you ever hear these four words come out the mouth of a business owner, you'll know they're full of it! - 14:35Danny opens up and reveals a few business battle-scars he's got along the way. - 17:00Why you should consider moving to a small regional town if you're a video production company. - 21:00Danny's unorthodox "Next Room" marketing strategy that works like a charm. This marketing strategy may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you've got the stomach for it, follow Danny's advice at 22:15What many videographers say about marketing that makes Den want to slap them silly! - 27:40Commonsensical business advice many smart business owners blithely ignore. - 28:50Support the show (
Dave Jenyns founded  Melbourne Video Production without being a filmmaker, yet he  built a successful video production company which he then sold on the back of his very unique skill set: creating super-efficient business systems. This is a must-hear episode for anyone who managers or runs their own business or company.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear: Den and Dave have a little confab about Dave's new book. Ah, so what? Everyone's written a book these days, right? Maybe so, but not many people have written a no-nonsense book that delivers a real step-by-step guide for transitioning from freelancer (i.e., an overworked one-man band)  to business owner (i.e., owning a business that runs like a fine Swiss watch even without you!) Well, Dave has... and he's disclosed all his secrets to making the transition from working IN your business to working ON your business… all thanks to his hard-won and proven system. - 1:10Why Dave's new book is the logical next book to read after reading Michael E. Gerber's popular business book The E-Myth. - 2:35Why starting a business in an industry you have zero skill set for can be a HUGE advantage. - 3:30An almost never talked about benefit of having a highly systemized business. This benefit is perhaps the greatest reason of all to systemize your business right quick! - 5:15Why entering a bathroom, walking up to the sink, and looking straight ahead is often the best way to spot the major bottleneck in your business. - 6:00David reveals his proven 7-step process of eliminating bottlenecks in your business. (Plus... a near-perfect method for replacing yourself with virtual assistants, team members, and contractors so they can run the business for you almost on autopilot. Listen carefully at 6:50The "CCF" secret to turning your business into a sales machine that generates plump profits whether you’re there or not! - 9:28David tells the fascinating tale of how he landed a dream gig which had him working alongside the popular author and businessman Michael E. Gerber... all by sheer dumb luck! - 10:30A surprise benefit of having a systemized business that almost nobody talks about. (This amazing benefit is probably why business owners who do have a systemized business seem to always catch a break. - 11:00)How having tight, stringent, and unrelenting systems in your business can help you become more relaxed, more in control, and far more creative. - 18:05The sticker Den has on his computer that helps him run his business instead of his business running him! - 21:00What SystemHUB is and why you should care.  - 24:30The 4 stages of business development every business owner must pass through to truly have a successful business. Sadly, 9 out of 10 business owners get stuck in stages 2 and 3. Here’s how to make sure you go all the way! – 32:00 Support the show (
If you think you can multi task you are wrong..  our brains can't cope with it.  Instead if you focus on ONE thing you will achieve far more and preserve your energy.We are also celebrating the 100th episode of this show! Support the show (
Danny Lacey is Founder and CEO of Stada Media, a fast-growing content marketing company servicing clients across the UK since 2014. A full-service marketing company working with brands of all sizes.Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:Danny rattles off the list of services his production company provides. (This takes some time because his production company offers a crapload of them! If you're wondering what a good add-on service or upsell for your video production could be... listen carefully at 3:20)Why Danny's such a late bloomer in the video production business. - 5:00Den and Danny (that rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn't it?) slide their jibs about the stigma that surrounds corporate videos.The curious reason why Danny looks forward to shooting inherently "boring" corporate videos. Having to shoot a bunch of talking heads in front of a magnolia wall is like catnip for Danny.  - 8:50Why most snobbish video makers are leaving a big bundle of money on the table. - 8:20Danny's “secret sauce” for making videos so engaging that even folks who don't want to watch it can't look away! - 9:00The surprising Christmas Eve phone call that dramatically changed Danny's business. (This unexpected phone call was a huge shot in the arm for Danny's business and took him from being a one-man-band working from his bedroom to becoming a serious business owner who works in a "real" office with his 9 employees. - 14:00)Ever wonder if you're cut out to be an entrepreneur? Then do this test: ask yourself if you possess the two characteristics mentioned at 16:00. If you do have these two characteristics... congratulations... you've probably got the stuff!A laughably simple recruitment "tool" that helps you know when to hire and who to hire. - 22:10The case for journaling. If you're a business owner who would rather gargle battery acid than write... you may change your tune after you hear this... - 25:50The REAL rich dad revealed! Den talks about the man who the popular Rich Dad Poor Dad book was based on, and why you should care. 26:30A secret way of using an ordinary chair to increase your IQ and decision making. - 27:10Support the show (
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