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Find out how technology is reshaping our lives every day and explore the new powers of governments and companies.
18 Episodes
PI's Reproductive Rights and Privacy Project speaks with Lintang Setianiti and Miftah Fadhli from the Institute for Policy  Research and Advocacy (ELSAM) in Indonesia about reproductive rights in  the country.
PI's Reproductive Rights and Privacy Project speaks with Maite Karstanje  and Nadia Ferrari from Equipo Latinoamericano de Justicia y Género  (ELA) in Argentina, which works with Latin American feminist  institutions to promote and defend human rights and gender justice in  the region, about reproductive rights in the country.
PI's Reproductive Rights and Privacy Project speaks with Dr. Subasri Narasimhan and Dr. Dabney Evans from the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in the US about their paper which documents how  misleading health information about reproductive health can flow into  policy and legislative debates. 
Immunity Passports

Immunity Passports


This week we talk to a whole host of guests, including María Paz Canales Executive Director of Derechos Digitales, about the issues with coronavirus immunity passports and whether the digital ID industry is capable of rising to the moment.
Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning


This week we talk to PI's Tech Co-ordination Groups to bring you tips and tricks about how to start cleaning up and securing your phone or computer. Episode notes Useful info How to minimise targeted ads: Protect yourself from online tracking:  Social media account settings:  Our Onion address: privacyintyqcroe.onion  Episode Info 3:24 - reasons to delete apps you’re not using  6:18 - 4 things you should do first 6:37 - Updates  7:59 - Password managers Keepass, 1password, Lastpass 11:40 - Has your data been breached? 12:56 - Backups  19:05 - Apps 20:52 - Firewalls  Netguard -  Clamwin -  28:45 - When is too old too old  31:12 - iPhone  Better Blocker -  36:27 - Android  40:29 - Social Media  40:29 Facebook/instagram  Facebook TOR address: facebookcorewwwi.onion  Zynga hack:  45:20 - Twitter  MicahFlee - delete your tweets:  Social media monitoring by local authorities -  49:40 - Email  51:35 - Desktops  51:50 - Windows  CCleaner -  WinDirStat -  55:42 - Mac OS  Little snitch -  58:20 - Linux  Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW) -  Firewall D - 1:01:40 Encryption  Veracrypt -  Bitlocker -  
Why do Google want to buy Fitbit? What do they get out of it? And why should competition regulators be concerned? Gus talks to two of PI's lawyers - Ailidh and Ioannis - to ask why we're telling the EU commission to block the merger. Find out more and sign the petition at: Music: Last Chance Saloon by Sepia
PI's Reproductive Rights and Privacy Project speaks with Ruth Taylor, the CEO of the UK-based charity Abortion Support Network about how  opposition groups are using misinformation to delay people from  accessing safe abortion care. 
From double registration to exclusion and discrimination - this week we talk to Yusuf Bashir, Executive Director of Haki na Sheria, and Keren Weitzberg, an academic from UCL, about the trouble with Identity in Kenya.  You can find out more about Haki na Sheria here: Find out more about double registration in Keren's piece "In Kenya, thousands left in limbo without ID cards" in CodaStory: Find out more about the Huduma Namba case on our website:
With huge numbers of people out on the streets standing up for their rights in the US and Hong Kong, and around the world - we take a look at  the surveillance tools police and security forces round the world have been using to monitor people as they exercise their civil rights. Given everything that's happening at the moment around the world, we've decided to postpone our episode on ID in Kenya until next week. Some of the resources we mentioned in the episode can be found here: ACLU: know your rights: EFF Attending a protest tool: Netpol - know your rights: Motherboard:
A quick catch-up on the state of play of apps round the world - though we end up mostly discussing India and the UK - and we celebrate a very special birthday. You can find a much deeper and more detailed look at the various questions and concerns around coronavirus apps on our website: and all the latest news in our tracker
Covid-19 news

Covid-19 news


This week Gus chats with Edin, PI's Advocacy Director, about the latest Covid-19 news and the trends we're seeing around the world.  Find out more about coronavirus apps around the world: and keep an eye on the global responses: Music by Glass boy - licensed under creative commons Find more from them here:
PI's Reproductive Rights and Privacy Project speaks with Tasneem Mewa and Ambika Tandon from the Center for Internet and Society about data  exploitation in reproductive rights in India.
We're happy to announce, we're launching a new mini-series!  Every last monday of each month we'll be releasing a new podcast - focusing on reproductive rights and privacy across the world, from Indonesia to  Chile to Kenya and more.
Tech companies, governments, and international agencies have all announced measures to help contain the spread of the COVID-19, otherwise known as the Coronavirus. Unprecedented levels of surveillance, data exploitation, and misinformation are being tested across the world. Many of those measures are based on extraordinary powers, only to be used temporarily in emergencies. Others use exemptions in data protection laws to share data. Some may be effective and based on advice from epidemiologists, others will not be. But all of them must be temporary, necessary, and proportionate. Tracking the global response to Covid-19: Fighting the global Covid-19 power grab:
Locked down

Locked down


This week: it's a weird one - rather than our normal look at technology, we've got recommendations for movies and games you might enjoy while you're locked down.  Music by Simon Mathewson, you can find more from him here:  Recommendations include: Sorry to Bother You Legally Blonde S-Club Seeing Double Snowpiercer  Broforce Ultimate Chicken Horse Hidden in plain site Don't starve
Recorded 12th March.  We can’t believe we’re having to say this, but the hours after giving  birth are private. If you’re a parent, you may have heard of Bounty, a  sales and marketing company allowed access to hospital maternity wards and approach women who have just given birth. This doesn’t happen on any other hospital ward. Can you imagine coming round from major surgery to find a stranger trying to sell you stuff? The physical invasion of  privacy is bad enough, but delving into the company’s relationship with you and your baby’s personal data reveals some surprises.
Phone Extraction

Phone Extraction


You’re a witness or a victim or a suspect of a crime; or even just travelling going on holiday. Officials demand your phone, then disappear with it. What happened to your phone? What happened to your data? What will happen to you? We all generate vast amounts of data using our mobile phones - more than most of us are aware of - and that data has become increasingly attractive to law enforcement agencies around the world, enabled by ‘extraction technologies’ supplied by companies like Cellebrite. But what can those agencies see, and what does that mean for us? Find out more: Music: Last chance saloon by Sepia Photo by Antoine Beauvillain on Unsplash
Low Cost Tech

Low Cost Tech


Find out why 53 organisations from all over the world  are telling Google it's time they take action on pre-installed apps  (bloatware). Sign the petition: Music by Glass Boy, find more of their work here: (
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