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I can’t think of anyone better to help bring Season 3 to a close than my guest today - Karen Darke @handbikedarke. Karen lives life as a modern-day ‘Alchemist’, passionate about turning challenge into opportunity and transforming the difficult stuff into ‘gold'. She loves to explore, have adventures, stay healthy, and to write about her experiences. As a young woman, Karen was a keen runner, climber and orienteer but fell of a cliff whilst climbing and became paralysed from the chest down - aged just 21. In her own words, at first she thought she would rather be dead than paralysed but she soon learned that with friends, creativity and perseverance so many things are still possible in a wheelchair. Karen has had a pretty extraordinary life and I really hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did!
My guest today is Laura Massey-Pugh, one half of husband and wife duo @stela_tandem - Laura and her husband Stevie are currently preparing to circumnavigate the world on a tandem bicycle in just 180 days later this year.  That means averaging over 100 miles a day across 4 continents, 22 countries to complete the 18,000 miles from start to finish!   They have set their sites on smashing the current world record of 263 days for a tandem ride and we talk about where the idea came from, how to prepare for an event as huge as this and how to handle the nervous conversation with your boss!  Check out more at their website
This week something a little different for you.  My guest today is my good friend Greg Potter PhD (@gregpotterphd).  Greg is co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Resilient Nutrition (@resilientnuts), a company that makes nutrition products that sustainably enhance both mental and physical performance. As Chief Science Officer he leads the research and development of all RN products, the first of which (Long Range Fuel) is first in my pack on every adventure and the latest, SWITCH ON, is going to change your mornings forever!  His work aims to help people better understand how to enhance their sleep, circadian system function, nutrition, exercise, and stress management.  In this episode, we talk about the power of sleep and how critical it is for our wellbeing and performance.  This is going to be another one of those episodes you want to listen back to for sure!Show notes / key topics:14:30 Sleep State Misperception and Efficiency strategies 26:05 Seasonal Affective Disorder and ways to combat SAD38:45 Impact of smartphones on our sleep quality and mental health 41:09 Caffeine, it’s good qualities and it’s relationship with sleep 49:59 Thoughts on tech based sleep trackers and understanding long term trends in sleep data 59:19 Recommended books on insomnia and sleep Weblinks mentioned by Dr P you many want to check
My guest today is Keith Burnet (@keithaurnet).  Keith is a father, husband, executive and former colleague from the fitness industry - a place where I spent more than two decades of my working life.  Since beginning this wonderful 28 Summers journey I have discovered some incredibly rich stories of everyday folks doing amazing things all around the world.  The deeper I get into this world the more I realise that incredible stories exist all around us, we just need to look for them.  Keith is someone that I have admired from afar for many years but never had a deep relationship with.  Professional interactions never made way for more meaningful connection and yet, in chatting to Keith recently I realised just how much we are kindred spirits.  We share a similar journey and mindset on life and adventure and I feel so grateful to have found this new level of connection with him.  Keith has completed the Marathon des sables, rowed the Atlantic Ocean and, later this year, plans to cycle across North America.  He has a calm, thoughtful view of the world and I absolutely loved reconnecting with him for this chat
My guest today is Saki Nakamura (@ultra_saki).  Saki was born in Japan and raised in England from a young age having lived her for more than 25 years.  After falling in love with ultra running, she realised she had lost touch with her Japanese heritage and wanted to reconnect with her family in Japan and rediscover Japan’s culture.  She continues to be blindsided by Covid travel restrictions but is currently gearing up for her Pilgrimage Run - running between 88 temples whilst covering over 1200km around one of the Japanese islands.  With a target of 50 miles a day Saki is looking to set the Fastest Known Time in under 14 days and 10 hours.  This is both an epic challenge and a remarkable way to reconnect with her Japanese heritage.  As it is a true pilgrimage there are certain rituals that she must perform at each temple, adding an element of complexity to the already exhausting plan.
My guest today is Nikki Love @nikkiloveruns - according to her website she is here to do her best, be her best, have a blast along the way and bring as many people as she can along for the ride. Put simply she is Chasing Extraordinary! Nikki’s message is simple - it’s never too late, you’re never too old and you are capable of much more than you ever thought possible.  In this awesome chat, Nikki talks through her own journey of self-doubt and discovery and how she unlocked her superpowers.  This is a must-listen, perfectly timed as we reflect back on the last 12 months and how we want to take on 2022!Nikki talks about how experiencing highs and lows, running for fun and pushing herself to the brink brought back her confidence, her daring, her passion and her purpose.
My guest today is Alex Staniforth (@Alexstaniforth_) - Alex is an adventurer, speaker, author and charity ambassador.   He has made two attempts to climb Mount Everest but this isn’t your typical story about climbing Everest.  Suffering a mild form of epilepsy at nine years old shattered his confidence and self-esteem with panic attacks and anxiety a regular theme from his childhood.   Relentless bullying throughout school and a lifelong stammer in his speech left him - in his own words - with a  ‘victim’ mindset.  After experiencing paragliding on holiday aged just thirteen unearthed his passion for the outdoors he found a way to prove himself wrong, and choose his what challenges him! He began to question these self-limiting beliefs through outdoor challenges, and learned that we can’t always choose our challenges – but we can choose how we respond.
My guest today is Belinda Kirk (@explorerbelinda) - Belinda is an explorer, an entrepreneur, and the founder of Explorers Connect, a social enterprise that connects people to opportunities for exploration and adventure.  She has spent more than 20 years leading groups into the wilderness worldwide.  Belinda is a motivational speaker, a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and has recently released her fantastic book, The Adventure Revolution, about the transformational power of adventure that she has witnessed first hand.  Belinda believes adventure is essential to our wellbeing - from managing anxiety and overcoming fear to finding self-worth and building interpersonal connections.  
My guest today is @NickButterRun - Nick is an endurance athlete, adventurer and author.  He is also the ONLY person to have run a marathon in EVERY country in the world.  A truly remarkable achievement!  But Nick didn't stop there; earlier this year he completed his epic ''Run Britain'' challenge which saw him break the record for circumnavigating Britain on foot - by covering 5,240 miles in just 128 days - that's more than 40 miles per day!  We talk about everything from his first marathon aged just 11 to his incredible @196Foundation aggregating small donations to make a HUGE difference.
Another of my campfire chats at the Armchair Adventure Festival (@ArmchairAdventureFest) last month in Cornwall.  This chat was with the lovely, inspiring and awesome Nikki Love (@nikkiloveruns) and we chat about her turning 50 being the catalyst for big challenges, silencing your critics and writing an inspiring book for young people! 
This week I have something a little different for you.  We talk a lot on this podcast about making life changes, living adventurously and not cruising through life on autopilot.  My guests this week are here to help you with the ''how''!  They are sisters, Lauren and Candice Henry - success and influence strategists and co-founders of Aretios. They hold degrees in communications, business marketing and management, as well as master’s degrees in executive leadership from Liberty University. Candice and Lauren are both top-rated college professors teaching courses in personal and organizational leadership at Southeastern University. Candice is also a published author, and Lauren has served alongside several for-profit and not-for-profit organizations raising near $1million for charitable causes. Together they also have a combined 13 years of experience as leadership trainers for young adults as well as a background serving in youth ministry. Through their company, Aretios, Candice and Lauren have done speaking and training sessions for global companies, non-profit organizations, and various colleges and universities. This is a really great chat and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
This is the LIVE recording of my chat around the campfire with the @BanwellScouts.  When I signed up to do live podcasting around a campfire in a field in Cornwall with ZERO production or audio experience I knew I was taking a huge risk.  I also knew that I might just capture genuine, honest and meaningful chats like this one with these wonderful young people.  As a father of four I've learned first-hand that when we stop to listen to our children and trust them, amazing things can happen.  I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did!  Huge thanks to the Armchair Adventure Fesitval (@armchairadventurefest) for trusting me to do this!
My guest today is Emily Scott (@adventure_scottie).  Emily is a professional ski instructor, adventure athlete, multiple ironman finisher, Team GB triathlete, mountain lover and Munro completionist with her recent and epic Project 282.  She is also a qualified accountant and made the brave move to changer her trajectory when she decided she wanted to live a life she WASN’T trying to get away from. This was such a fun chat and I hope you love it as much as I did!
My latest check-in with 28 Summers Everyday Adventure Kelly Hutton (@kel_hutton_nz).   Just ahead of this call I was devastated to learn that Kelly had received the news she was dreading...her cancer is back.   When I started this mini-series I had no idea how much of an effect these amazing women would have on me - each of them pushing their boundaries and challenging their own (and others!) beliefs around their capabilities.  Kelly is the epitome of that mindset: her energy, passion for life and resilience is a lesson to us all and I am totally inspired by her positivity.  Please listen in and send some love Kelly's way.
Not one but TWO check-in's with the very the wonderful Bev Logan @logans_running as she prepares for her first ever marathon in London!  We chat about her training, fuel strategy and general jitters as she prepares for this huge step in her adventurous journey.  Bev is a busy mum, entrepreneur and used to hate running - Bev's message and her business (Badass Mother Runners) is all about getting out there and finding your tribe as you look to be more active and adventurous.  As always I loved chatting to her!
My guest today is Cyril Derreumeaux.  Cyril is an adventurer, paddler, dreamer and entrepreneur.  French-born and now a US Citizen he has lived France, Spain, England, Italy, Argentina, Brazil and the US and speaks 5 languages fluently.  In 2016 he and his teammates rowed into the record books by taking first place in the Great Pacific race, rowing 2,400 nautical miles from California to Hawaii.  In this episode we chat as he was gearing up for a solo and unsupported Kayak attempt from San Francisco to Honolulu this summer.  This guy is 100% energy and I absolutely loved this chat!
Not one but TWO check-in's with the very awesome Anna Hughes @singpaintrun - as you listen to this episode keep in mind that just a few months ago this mum of two hated running and was lacking confidence when it came to her capabilities.   Fast forward to today and it's like I am talking to a different person; Anna is taking on progressively bigger challenges, pushing her boundaries and proving to others and herself that she is capable of so much.  If you often find yourself saying ''I wish I could do that, but I can't...'' then listen in, think again and get ready to take that first step to a more adventurous life.
My guests today are Matthew and Charis Watkinson.  Husband and wife, former vets who became increasingly frustrated with their lives, their industry and societies expectations of them.  After deciding enough was enough they upped sticks and moved to Wales, buying a plot of land and committing to live truly off the grid.  They have since had two children and continue to battle their neighbours who sadly reject their vision to live off the land.  But…as you will hear in this episode they are energetic, passionate and as committed as ever to their cause.  I really loved this chat and hope you do too!
My guest today is Laura Bingham.  Laura is an adventurer and explorer, perhaps best known for her world’s first descent of the Essequibo River - locating the source of the river for the first time on record.  Laura left home aged 18 and travelled through Europe, Africa, Asia and North America before landing in Mexico where she taught English and took part in conservation work to protect the endangered Jaguar.  When she was ready to head back to the UK, without the necessary funds for a flight, she joined a crew to sail back to England in a 38ft Trimaran!  Laura rose to prominence in 2016 when she cycled across South America with no money to raise funds and awareness for a Children's charity in Paraguay called OPERATION South America.  This is a fantastic chat where Laura shares more on her incredible story, being married to TV adventurer Ed Stafford and balancing parenthood with the life of an explorer!
My guest today is Laurie Crayston.   Laurie is the founder of Ascendany Apparel - the clothing brand for adventurers; born in 2015 out of a love for the landscapes of the English Lake District.  Earlier this year he attempted the ultimate Cumbrian challenge; a continuous, single round of the Wainwrights.  That’s roughly 320 miles, 214 summits and over 35,000 metres of ascent.  Only four people had ever completed it in a continuous single round; and Laurie was attempting to do it completely on his own without any external support. This is a really fascinating insight into what it takes to tackle something like this on your own and the impact it has on your mind and body.
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