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Money You Should Ask Podcast gets down to the nitty-gritty aspects of life, money, success and abundance. Host Bob Wheeler, a CPA, author of The Money Nerve and CFO of the greatest stand-up comedy club in the world #TheComedyStore connects with guests from all walks of life-from the average Joe to the outrageous celebrity, radiating his infectious curiosity around money and life. Take a listen as Bob delves deep into each guests personal journey exploring money beliefs, money blocks and their unique successes & challenges in life.
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Our relationship with money goes deeper than numbers on a spreadsheet? It all starts in our mind. My guest today is award-winning financial educator and author of the book "Mind Your Money," Yanely Espinal. She joins me to spotlight the emotional and psychological aspects that influence how we manage, spend, and even talk about money. Yanely shares openly about growing up below the poverty line, only realizing she was different when applying for financial aid programs in high school. She unpacks the guilt and scarcity mindset that held her back along with the shopping addiction tied to wanting to feel normal.  Now a leading voice in financial literacy advocacy, Yanely is on a mission to transform money mindsets through education. She offers tangible advice around childhood financial trauma, automating your savings to avoid temptations to spend, finding community support, and the importance of making money conversations mainstream. In this vulnerable conversation we explore the roots of financial trauma and how becoming aware of our own money stories is the first step toward real change.   Resources Mentioned Yanely's Book: Yanely's Website: Californian's For Financial Education Initiative: Take a few minutes to uncover the cost of your money story? More about this episode:   Wishing you all a joyful and prosperous new year! We will be back in February 2024.  
If you could travel back in time and give your 18-year-old self one piece of money advice, what would it be? Would you tell yourself to save aggressively, avoid debt traps or utilize frugal living hacks or invest in assets destined to explode? In this episode, I am joined by Dan Sheeks, a high school teacher and Author whose mission is to educate young people to think like millionaires. Dan Sheeks is the author of "First to a Million: A Teenager's Guide to Achieving Early Financial Independence," He wrote this and the accompanying workbook specifically for Gen Zr’s to introduce money management concepts for early financial independence. Dan shares his motivation for teaching and giving back, as well as his own personal financial journey. He discusses the advantages and challenges for Gen Z when it comes to finances and the impact of social media on their money mindset. Dan emphasizes the importance of finding balance and enjoying the journey to financial independence. He also highlights the value of community and support in pursuing non-traditional goals.    Resources Mentioned Dan's Website: Join the Sheeks Freaks Community: Dan's book - First to a Million: A Teenager's Guide to Achieving Early Financial Independence: What is your money story costing you? More about this episode:    
Today I'm thrilled to welcome leading financial advisor Brad Barrett. As founder of One Capital Management, Brad takes a holistic, personalized approach to financial advising that examines the emotional and psychological aspects behind money. With nearly 20+ years experience empowering clients, Brad shares game-changing perspectives on achieving financial freedom by resetting your money mind. In this episode we delve into how our upbringing and early life experiences shape our core money beliefs. Whether it was a parent’s job loss or childhood money quarrels, those formative moments mold our mindsets as adults. We also explore the disconnect between wanting wealth yet judging the “rich.” And why time is the most precious commodity and how investing buys future time. So lets dive into ways to avoid money stress, find fulfillment beyond dollars, and reboot harmful money mentalities. The money mindset reset you need, starts now. Lets transform those pesky money patterns holding you back.   Resources Mentioned Website: One Captal Management You Tube: Make Your Money Matter Free Money Mindset Quiz: Test Your Nerve  
Can you relate to feeling undervalued or underpaid in past jobs or careers? How might that experience influence the career and money-making opportunities you pursue in the future? Sex work. The world's oldest profession, shrouded in controversy. Enter Phoebe, a spokesperson for the Prostitute Information Centre in Amsterdam, an activist working to empower sex workers and create change.  In this eye-opening interview, Phoebe pulls back the curtain on the adult entertainment industry - its financial realities, social stigma, and her advocacy for destigmatization. This conversation explores the complex relationship between sex work, money, and morality. Phoebe shares how she started doing online sex work in Thailand as a viable way to make money during COVID. She also explains how sex work changed her perspective on fair pay and value of work. We discuss the difficulties in getting loans and financial access in the Netherlands, despite legalization. And Phoebe offers tips like having multiple income streams and always having "get the f*** out" money.   Resources Mentioned: Prostitute Information Centre Website: Transform your money story - More about this episode -  
The stories we believe shape what we achieve, yet rarely do we question the narratives that we tell ourselves. Our guest Paolo Selletti assists purpose-driven clients in clarifying the narratives that form their reality. By getting to the heart of their unique stories, he helps unlock creative potential to transform how people see themselves and how others see their businesses. Paolo reveals how becoming conscious of our inner narratives is key. By examining the stories keeping us stuck, we can re-author our path aligned with bold visions in all areas, including financial potential. Tuned into people’s stories with profound curiosity, he shares the winding journey that led him to establish Hypnotic Design, specializing in purpose-led story shaping for entrepreneurs. Dive into rich perspective on getting unstuck from limiting identities, understanding your gifts to serve others, and above all, embracing curiosity. Links mentioned: Hypnotic Design website - Transform your money story - More about this episode -
Money, money, money! It's the thing that makes the world go 'round, yet it's also the source of stress, anxiety, and conflict for so many people. How should we think about money in a healthy way? What money beliefs are limiting us from reaching our full financial potential? in this episode of Money You Should Ask, recorded at FinCon 2023 in New Orleans, I roamed the halls of the nation's biggest personal finance conference, getting up close and personal with attendees and speakers to uncover their deepest money beliefs, biggest money mistakes, and most insightful money lessons learned. You’ll discover practical tips and thought-provoking perspectives that will help you shift your relationship with money and ignite your financial potential. Get ready for an eye-opening and ear bending episode of Money You Should Ask that will shake up how you think about your money.  A huge thank you to all of the generous attendees who opened up and shared their stories, wins, failures and lessons learned when it comes to personal finances. In order: Clifton Corbin, Diedre Tshien, Lauren Cobello, Robert Croak, Austin Hankwitz, Amy Smith, Steve Chou, Brenton Harrison, Scott Carson, Sean Pan, Jeff Underwood, Joe Saul Sehy, Khadijha Stewart, Philip Taylor (aka PT), Nathan Barry, Lily Vittayarukskul, Jeff Moore, Gordon Firemark, Jay Narvaez, Zinnia Adams, Ericka Young, Paula Pant, Sebastian Guerra, Wendie Veloz & Steven Jarvis.  To learn more about this episode and our guests visit:
Do you feel like a circus performer, frantically juggling motherhood, business, and personal finances? Our guest Virginia Elder has lived this struggle. She joined me at FinCon 2023 to share her story. While raising infants, coping with family crises, and working full-time, this mompreneur and founder of Podcast Abundance, accumulated over $80,000 in debt. Her rock-bottom breaking point became the catalyst to completely transform her money mindset. Virginia's story provides a roadmap for moms on how to master finances while succeeding as a mompreneurs and as a parent.  Learn Virginia's tips for overcoming financial shame, setting boundaries, making tough choices all the while successfully balancing business, motherhood and money.  Join us as Virginia's shares her vulnerable insights and wealth wisdom.   Links Mentioned: Virginia's Website: Could one dollar change your financial story? - More on this episode -
What dreams do you have for your family’s generational wealth and financial freedom? Entrepreneur, wealth strategist, and personal finance content creator, Acquania Escarne joined me at FinCon 23 and shared her life lessons in building wealth for herself and her family.   After watching loved ones and close friends struggle around financial security, Acquania was inspired to take control of her financial future. At just 16 years old, she opened a Roth IRA - taking the first step into understanding her own ability to build wealth.   Aquania runs the financial literacy platform The Purpose Of Money, focused on helping women of color Build Generational Wealth One Dollar at a Time. Discover Acquania’s inspirational path to building generational wealth through education, investing, entrepreneurship, and protective assets. Learn practical tips and mindset shifts that allow you to earn more, budget better, teach your kids about money, and protect your assets through any life transition.   Resources Mentioned: Acquania's Website - Acquania's Podcast - The Purpose of Money Podcast Could one dollar change your financial story? - More on this episode -        
In 2022, Financial fraud exploded into a $9 billion per year criminal enterprise and the psychological tactics being used to groom trusting elders are disturbing. Even worse is how our society tends to blame the victims, leaving them silenced by shame and embarrassment instead of showing empathy. While financial fraud affects people of all ages, elders typically lose far greater life-altering amounts when targeted by scams.   My guest today is a true advocate working on the front lines to support those affected and push for real change. Kathy Stokes is the director of AARP's fraud prevention programs and she joined me at FinCon 23 to have a frank discussion about the elder fraud epidemic in America. She explains the importance of awareness and knowledge around financial scams and why we desperately need greater empathy and advocacy to combat these predatory schemes.   Join us as we shine a light on this crisis and explore how even small acts of empathy and advocacy can help safeguard the wellbeing of those we cherish.   Resources mentioned: AARP Fraud Watch Network - AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline - 877-908-3360 Transform your money story - More on this episode -  
What fuels someone to hustle their way out of childhood adversity and achieve massive financial success as an adult?   Our guest today transformed periods of homelessness as a child into laundromat riches as an adult. Danny D’Angelo’s unpredictable upbringing shaped his pragmatic money mindset and hustler mentality from a very young age. After experiencing homelessness, Danny went on to make over $1 million in a single year in his late 20s after building a laundry empire and now mentors others in the business.   Now the self-proclaimed “King of Laundry,” Danny shares his rags to riches mindset. He emphasizes taking big risks and having “balls” in business and money.   Join us as we explore Danny’s incredible journey and unconventional philosophies around entrepreneurship and prosperity. His tenacious spirit provides powerful lessons for anyone striving for success.   Resources Mentioned: Danny's King of Laundry YouTube Channel - Change your money story for $1 - More on this episode -
Get ready to expand your thinking around what’s financially possible and achieve personal freedom with Christopher Howard, a global phenomenon in the personal development industry who’s helped millions transform their lives through his seminars, books, and coaching. With 25+ years of success, black belts in martial arts, NLP, and experience working with politicians, celebrities and Fortune 500 companies, Christopher provides transformative wisdom on unlocking human potential as he shares the principles that enabled him to overcome early financial struggles and build an 8-figure coaching business.   In this episode we delve into the power of changing subconscious financial associations through mindset shifts, gaining momentum by taking action despite fear, and adopting a student mindset to accelerate growth. Tune in to explore how to Unlock Your Financial Potential with Christopher Howard.   Resources mentioned: Free Gifts From Christopher: Transform Your Money Mindset for $1- More on this episode: Leave us a review:
Do your kids think money comes out of thin air? Or a magic machine in the wall that just prints money when ever they want to buy something.   This week's guest Mari Collins Harris is the co-founder of Ketshop, an app designed to teach kids financial literacy. Mari shares her journey about creating Ketshop to bring more consistency and clarity around spending in her own household. She provides insights into how the app helps kids learn key money skills like budgeting, saving towards goals, and decision making in a fun and safe environment.   Our conversation also explores how to talk to kids about money in an age-appropriate way, balancing needs vs wants, and overcoming money mindsets from our own upbringing.   Let's shift the way your kids think about money with Mari Collins Harris.   Resources mentioned Mari's Website: Free quiz: Test your money nerve - More on this episode:
Raise your hand if you've ever felt shame or embarrassment around money. I know I sure have.   In this episode, I’m thrilled to be joined by intuitive healer and women’s empowerment leader Alara Sage. She's here to shed light on why so many of us struggle to fully own our financial power, and how suppressing parts of ourselves keeps abundance at bay.   Get ready to get real about releasing ancestral shame, embracing our messy humanity, receiving vs giving, getting intimate with money, and healing money wounds.   Resources mentioned Breathing into Connection & Power - Alana's free video series  Alara's podcast: The Ecstatic Woman Alara's website: Free quiz: Test your money nerve - More on this episode:      
Building wealth doesn’t require a math degree or having a large amount of capital upfront. Even small, regular investments can turn dimes into dollars.   Our guest today, trader, entrepreneur & Author of the book, Prepping For Success: 10 Keys for Making it in Life, Anmol Singh, stresses the power of regular micro-investing, no matter how small the amount. He suggests automating a portion of your income into the stock market each month.   So how can you start investing with just a little bit each month to make your money work harder for your future?   Anmol shares that even setting aside $10 or $20 each month, invested automatically over the course of years, can compound into significant savings for your future.   Resources mentioned Anmol's Book: Prepping For Success: 10 Keys for Making it in Life  Anmol's Website: Test Your Nerve: More on this episode visit:    
Nightlife pioneer Tommy Greco has seen it all. Now celebrating 17 years in business, he's nurtured New York City's iconic gay bar The Ritz Bar & Lounge - from its early days of lines down the street to surviving a year like no other. Tommy shares the hustle, resilience, and vision it takes to create something legendary and keep it going in the wildest of times. From sleeping on boxes in the back of bar, dealing with constant uncertainty to never accepting failure. Tommy's stories deliver a rare glimpse of unscripted nights only a true nightlife OG could provide.   Strut into the Ritz Bar & Lounge - join the 17-year legacy of glitz and glam at Tommy's acclaimed NYC party palace. @ritznewyork  
Do you feel torn between following your dreams and being practical? Our guest, Jeff Krauss has walked that tightrope.    Growing up, Jeff never imagined throwing parties for a living. His parents envisioned a traditional 9-5. But in college, Jeff discovered a passion for bringing people together. He began promoting events on campus, then marketing venues, and ultimately producing celebrity functions. In this epsiode, Jeff shares the realities of producing events, the allure of celebrity, and why he invested in growth over inflating his lifestyle.   Jeff is the Managing Partner at IE Group, a unique entertainment and hospitality company, specializing in special event planning. He is also the co-founder of FanRoom Live.    FanRoom Live offers intimate, meet and greet style hangouts with your favorite celebrities online. Get up close and personal with actors, comedians, athletes and musicians without leaving your home!    More on this episode at:    
Does the idea of investing make you feel anxious, overwhelmed, or just plain confused? Do terms like stocks, bonds, and portfolios make your eyes glaze over? You're not alone!    For many people, investing seems intimidating, exclusive, and downright scary. But it doesn't have to be that way! In this episode, we're exploring how to cultivate an empowered money mindset and make investing accessible for everyone. Our guest Investment Coach & founder of The Happy Investor Method, Ange Matthews went from first generation investor to financial freedom, and she's here to share her journey to an abundant mindset. Whether you're a total newbie or experienced investor, this episode will inspire you to find ease, joy, and purpose in your financial life.    Learn the 7 mistakes keeping high earners from building a high net worth by downloading Ange's free audio and discover how to create exponential wealth for you and your family.   Feeling bold? Uncover the dirty truth around your money story.  Create a new chapter and change your financial future with The Money Nerve's free quiz.  
What does it take to teach positive money habits to someone else’s traumatized child?    Raising another person's child comes with unique money challenges. Debbie Ausburn opens up about paying for unmet needs and having tough conversations about finances. As a foster parent, she had to creatively manage limited resources while parenting traumatized youth. Her experience provides rare insight into the financial complexity of caring for someone else's children.   If Debbie's wisdom and experience resonated with you, be sure to pick up her book "Raising Other People's Children" for an honest, practical handbook on foster parenting. To learn more about Debbie visit:   If financial struggles have you feeling overwhelmed, there is hope - uncover your money story with The Money Nerve's free quiz ( By becoming aware of where you stand today, you can take empowered steps towards financial security and stability tomorrow.
Do you ever feel held hostage by your own negative thoughts? Does that cruel inner critic keep you stuck in self-doubt and fear? In today's episode, we're exploring how shifting your mindset can transform those destructive voices to unlock your full potential.   Our guest, Jeremy Clark is a motivational speaker and author of the book Did You Know You Are the Sh*t? Positive Affirmations Overcome Self-Doubt".   After a profound personal loss, Jeremy courageously reevaluated his life, and left his corporate job and pivoted to find his true purpose. He now speaks and writes to help others overcome limiting beliefs, practice self-love, and unlock their full potential through shifting mindset and the power of affirmations.    What if a simple 5-minute quiz could unlock hidden insights about your money mindset? This isn't about right or wrong answers. 🤓 It's about self-discovery of unconscious money blocks holding you back from financial freedom. Don't let fear of failure of the unknown stop your growth! Take the quiz now!  
If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. Does this sound familiar? You’ve been told that success in business lies in following the traditional path, and by sticking to tried-and-true methods. But despite your best efforts, growth remains stagnant and innovation feels elusive.   Meet Catherine Cantey, a corporate strategist and fearless disruptor in the business world recognized for her unique way of challenging the status quo of business norms, through the power of new thinking. Catherine has successfully consolidated 20+ years of corporate best practices in a simple framework called Business Vitality. Let’s get ready to break free from the chains of conventional wisdom and unleash enhanced business growth through curiosity and disruptive thinking.   For more info on Catherine and this episode visit:   Stop mindlessly managing your money. The Money Nerve quiz at will reveal your financial drivers in a few minutes - take it now before this episode leaves your mind!
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