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Coffee Convos Podcast with Kail Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley

Author: Kail Lowry & Lindsie Chrisley

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Coffee Convos is hosted by Kail Lowry of MTV's Teen Mom and Lindsie Chrisley of USA Network's Chrisley Knows Best. These two reality stars come from totally different worlds, but have become close through their shared experiences as mothers, reality stars, and women. They share who they really are and talk about the issues they face every day. They don't always agree, but they love to have lively discussions about motherhood, friendship, television, family, and life in the public eye. Coffee Convos will feature all the latest in their busy lives, recommendations for other moms, and rants about trying to balance it all.
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This week, Kail and Lindsie finally get the chance to talk about Kail's pregnancy. How is it going, and what exactly will her birthing experience be with quarantine still happening? There are also some big decisions to be made about what school will look like for their kids, and Kail and Lindsie talk about all the unknowns still to be determined. All this and more on this week's episode of Coffee Convos! Have a question you want answered? Want to give Kail and Lindsie a call? Leave them a message at ‪(609)-316-0060‬. Music by Nathaniel Wyvern ( . Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License ( .
This week Kail and Lindsie are back with more info on what they have been doing during quarantine, specifically about a show they have both been watching. Kail finally answers all your questions about the new nursery in her house, and you won't want to miss the adorable story about what Lindsie's son did when he found out there was a missing cat in their neighborhood. All this and some good old fashioned internet drama in this weeks episode of Coffee Convos!  Music by Nathaniel Wyvern ( . Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License ( .
Lindsie Chrisley and Kail Lowry are finally back and jumping right into things! There's a lot to catch up on, and this week they talk all things quarantine. How have they been doing? What have they been watching? How's homeschooling going? All this and more is discussed as Lindsie and Kail finally get back to recording new episodes of Coffee Convos! Music by Nathaniel Wyvern ( . Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License ( .
Lindsie Chrisley and Kail Lowry are back and better than ever! We know you have been asking, and we can finally say that Coffee Convos will be back starting June 18th. Lindsie and Kail could not be more excited to get back to recording, there's so much to catch up on!  Be on the lookout for new episodes every Thursday starting June 18th!
This week, Kail & Lindsie welcome Leah Messer from Teen Mom 2 back to the podcast for their one year podcast anniversary. They talk about everything, from vacationing together, to possible pregnancies and her relationship with Jeremy. The share their feelings about there not being dads on Teen Mom any longer. All this and much more!
This week, Kail & Lindsie welcome Teen Mom Executive Producer Larry Musnik to the podcast. They talk about their favorite cast members on the show, and why Larry views them all as his children. Larry's also shares thoughts on his unique role, working on the show as a "therapist", dad, and producer. You'll hear behind the scenes stories about how Teen Mom was developed, and why it’s still called “Teen Mom,”. Kail recalls her the first email she sent to the creators of 16 & pregnant. They also touch on domestic violence, negotiating with producers, and future Teen Mom reunions.
This week, Kail & Lindsie are in San Diego recording with special guest, Monica The Medium. Monica shares with us how she is able to communicate with "the other side", and how she discovered her gift. She also shares some insight into exposing frauds in the business. Monica helps Lindsie and Kail address some of their hardest struggles with people, and also performs readings on both hosts, talking directly to deceased family members, including Lindsie’s grandfather, and Kail’s great grandmother. Both Kail and Lindsie get perspective on family drama, & Kail gets insight on her mom. Monica also senses a baby energy in the room from both girls, which brings up the conversations of miscarriages & a termination. They talk about the uncertainty of Lindsie wanting to have another & what Monica sees for Kail’s future with children. Kail’s dog Bear makes a surprising communication!
Lindsie and Kail are podcasting from San Diego his week, where they're talking about pushy people at airports and vegetarian chili on planes. Kail and Lindsie both decide whether or not it's ok to allow their kids to skip school, and read some anonymous listeners opinions. The girls then share their opinions on the controversial and much discussed rapper TI's decision to have a yearly "virginity check" performed on his daughter.
As always, there's going on in Coffee Convos this week. Lindsie starts by sharing how productive her morning was, and why she feels good about herself. Kail cannot relate. Kail reveals that she has had a number of unbearable weeks, which has led to her needing double therapy sessions to recover. It was couples counseling with Javi that was the last straw for Kail. Lindsie also talks about her journey, starting therapy with a family therapist, and why she feels she needs a safe place to receive help. The ladies then discuss mothering topics, from kids toys, to sickness and the struggles of being a parent. Kail gets us caught up on the latest Teen Mom news, and how she feels about the current season. Social trolling, fan mail, and police calls, they cover it all. Along with answering listener questions! All in one episode!
On this week's Coffee Convos Podcast, Lindsie and Kail talk about laundry struggles, Teen Mom 2 reunion trouble and the difference between a nine-to-five job and working in reality television. The ladies discuss Teen Mom show crossovers and pinning girls against each other, their breakup with Starbucks and Dunkin for messed up orders, and the frustration of forgetting your phone while traveling. Lindsie follows up on the funny school pictures conversation, and Lux’s famous first school photo. The girls also share and discuss their positive experiences partnering with Blessings in a Backpack ( to give back to kids in need. Kail talks about why she feels like something is wrong with her memory. Don’t forget to check out the Coffee Convos Website. (
This week, Kail tells us about her chaotic morning & why she triple booked herself. Lindsie talks about Jackson waking up in the middle of the night & why she woke up with a crick in her neck. They talk about why they like working out with the elderly & why it’s so annoying watching people take selfies. Kail talks about taking her kids to Candytopia & why she wants to start a blog about Sunday Funday’s. They talk about going to the zoo & why Lindsie isn’t a fan of animals being an attraction. They talk about a bill that could pass that would fine parents for smoking in the car with children & why they hope it is passed. They talk about Kourtney Kardashians situation & why it wouldn’t work for them. Lindsie talks about why there should be a rule about dating & why it should be enforced. They talk about doing looks for less & how they want to be able to bargain shop & help other moms find deals. Lindsie talks about an outfit she wanted to wear for school picture day & why she was determined to go to JC Penny to get it. They talk about a family discovered in a cellar on a farm & how it got discovered. Kail talks about why she’s worried someone could be living in her house & why she needs to go therapy for paranoia. They catch up on the most recent news stories, organizing a food drive for the holiday season & ask for advice on how to make this happen. They talk about heading to NYC & what they have decided to team up with Teen Mom 2 for & more!
It's been a busy week for Coffee Convos Podcast. Lindsie's dodging calls from the media, and shares the ongoing issues she faces staying on top of false stories and reports. The couple also discuss PR leaks, and share how easy it is to tell where the leak is coming from. Kail reveals a secret as to how she figures this out! Lindsie also shares some exciting news about a TV show she's appearing on soon! Kail talks about eating leftovers for breakfast, starting therapy, and the Lisa Frank Hotel. Lindsie tells us about a crazy carpool mom, struggles at the grocery store, and Domestic Violence awareness month. This and more on this week's Coffee Convos Podcast.
This week, Coffee Convos is celebrating their 100th podcast episode! Kail and Lindsie start this monumental episode by reflecting on all the things they've filmed, and what it's been like to deal with the public's opinion along the way. Kail addresses an issue she's experiencing with her dog being up to no good. The dynamic duo also discuss having so much going on in their lives, but simultaneously feeling like nothing's actually going on at all. Can you relate? Lindsie ask for advice on how to coordinate her days when Jackson is back at school, & why it’s been such a hard adjustment for her. Kail proposes the possibility of opening a restaurant. They talk about updates in the chilling Chris Watts murder case, & give their thoughts on the most recent developments. The couple also talk about the strange process of associating emotion with “things” & why they both don’t attach themselves emotionally to houses or cars etc. Kail shares her experiences with her recent visit to PennHurst Haunted Asylum & why she has so many questions after going. Lindsie shares as to why places like PennHurst should no exploit in poor taste as an attraction that families loved ones were once housed, and restrict their labeling as a historical site only. Conversation moves swiftly on to the popular clothing company Forever 21 filing for bankruptcy, & how a lot of girls are going to suffer from this catastrophic closing. They talk about how people read way deeper into things on social media than they really should, & why they feel that friendships/relationships shouldn’t be based off of different beliefs. Kail and Lindsie round off their 100th podcast by completing a thorough clean out of a year's worth of old pictures, and laugh at their seemingly crazy collection of screenshots, that any normal person would struggle to understand. This and more, on this week's 100th Coffee Convos Podcast, hosted by Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley.
This week, Kail & Lindsie are back together & they question how Lindsie is still surviving. Lindsie addresses rumors of her going on another show & why people think she is the ladybug on The Masked Singer. Kail talks about shows that she has been catching up on via Netflix & her current potty training journey. They talk about wacky ER stories & why Lindsie almost went to the ER because of a popcorn kernel. They talk about not wearing bra’s in public & debate the social acceptability. They played would you rather about marriage, why Kail would never marry Javi again & why they think Lindsie has been married to Will three times. They talk about why they think marriage is going to phase out & become less common over time. Kail talks about why she would have a commitment ceremony & not legalize marriage. They talk about the importance of family photos in homes & children’s artwork. Kail talks about an unsolved crime that was at the ball fields her kids play at & why it’s so disturbing. Kail tells a story about her kids school & how Lincoln got lost & why this caused security concerns. They talk about how they feel about paparazzi & why it can be so violating. They talk about how they have almost been podcasting for almost two years & how they are going through a revamping phase. Kail gives a Teen Mom 2 update, her thoughts on the new season & why Lux doesn’t film every episode. They talk about production approaching Kail about Briana being on the podcast. They talk about Lindsie’s national daughter day’s drama & why she was receiving so many messages about her dad’s post. Lindsie talks about how she’s been blocked from all social media platforms & why the stories don’t match up or make sense.
Lindsie is MIA filming a project in LA so Kail has her best friend Kristen join her for a chaotic episode of Coffee Convos. Kail and Kristen have both just moved house, within weeks of each other. They laugh and reflect on the help they have given one another, decorating and getting organized. They also talk about buying homes and the “wasted space” of rooms that don’t get used. Kail shares her experience with Blinds to Go & the Neat Method Philadelphia. Skylar Brooke Richardson's case comes up in conversation and causes many questions to be asked. Kail then turns the conversation to her beautiful and crazy new puppy, who makes multiple audible appearances on the episode. The ladies also discuss the show Mindhunter and how they both have dreams of becoming a member of the FBI. Kail finishes by tackling the topics of religion and deaths in the family from a co-parenting perspective.
Lindsie talks about the misconceptions people have of her & why we make assumptions based on tv. They talk about sometimes feeling alone in your problems & how the podcast helps. Kail reveals why she struggles w/ religion. They share what fans can expect for the new season of Teen Mom 2. They talk about Javi & Jo no longer filming. Guest Kelly Murphy answers questions about surrogacy & infertility. They learn about the process & differences from carrying your children.
Kail describes the VMAs, how she & Leah got sick & had fashion mishaps. Kail updates us on her dog, why it hit her hard, & explaining death to kids. Lindsie reveals why she called 911 because of Kail. Lindsie talks about Kail's crazy life. Lindsie addresses the sex tape allegations & why the situation was in poor taste. Lindsie gives an update on her marriage, why Will has stood by her & how Jackson is doing. Kail gives us an update on Javi & Lauren & why she was called to the scene of the crime
Kail heard rats in the walls at her hotel & Lindsie found a roach on her bed. They talk about why they wouldn’t let their kids have reptiles or rodents & why Lindsie was obsessed w/ lizards. They debate the swallowing spiders myth. They discuss their experience at the crystal store & why Lindsie now believes in their powers. Lindsie reveals her plans for her 30th birthday & why it will be like The Hangover. They discuss a cruise ship tragedy, twins that died in a hot car, & the El Paso shooting
An impromptu episode this week! Lindsie takes the week off, and Kail welcomes her best friend Becky on the show. They talk about Kail’s new house & progress Kail's made over their 8 years of friendship. They discuss dirty secrets & fights. They talk about therapy, reconnecting w/ friends, and the loss of a friendship. They discuss the Teen Mom 2 reunion. Becky talks about girls questioning their sexuality when they meet her. They discuss Leah & Kail getting married, Becky's purpose in life and in starting For the Hayters.
Kail reads a listener message & they weigh in on step-parenting. Kail shares her experience with Vee & now with Lauren. They welcome guest, Brittany Price Brooker to share her story of loss & love. They talk about explaining death to a child. Brittany describes meeting her current husband, who was also a widow. They talk about being boy moms & the biggest challenges of motherhood.
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Mylee Quach

I am a hairstylist and my friend Julia is also. She made a website recently to showcase and get attention for all black owned businesses. I would love to share that with you guys. I have all races in my family, everyone is married to someone of another race so I think what Julia did was great. She took her own money to start this. I will link the site below. My IG is @myleeqsz & @HAIRBY_MQSZ Julia's is @juliathaiese @blackcreated

Jul 3rd

Katie Morgan

I love listening to you guys

Jun 26th

Kayla Lopez

You can do a citizens arrest to prevent bodily harm to someone else or yourself!

Jun 10th

Samantha Neild


May 28th

Alice Lee


May 28th

Morgan Hughes

Y'all know it's halfway through January and almost FEBRUARY right?!? Sorry, but I'm sick of listening to Dax and Joe. I need some girl time! #WhereYallAtDoeeee

Jan 19th

Stephanie Walls


Jan 6th

Tracy Vieira

when is there another episode? I'm dying

Jan 4th

Kyla Robinson

hey yall. its January 2 right meow and I'm just curious if anyone knows why we javent gotten any new podcast since like december 5th I think? I have no social media(I know what a weirdo 😂) so i wasnt sire if they announced somewhere they were taking a break or if they said it in the last podcast amd I just missed it? thanks in advance... i need more kail and Lindsey haha

Jan 2nd
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The baby will be American if born abroad. The parent needs to apply for CBRA after the baby is born. Hope that info helps Leah's sister.

Dec 12th
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Morgan Hughes

where's this weeks episode? I'm a coffee convos addict and need it!!

Dec 12th
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Lisa Touray

I didnt hear anything about Jenelles return

Dec 6th

Misty Blair

What episode # did you talk to Jeremy on?

Dec 5th

Marie Chadwick

KAIL. my son turned 10 this year and started haven headaches frequently also. so un like Joe I took him right away and they told me that when kids turn 10 they begin to have headache and it could be just a frequent as we do as adults. I did document and I will continue to do so.

Dec 4th
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Taressa Herbst

Fyi, I'm a former housekeeper with at a major hotel chain & I can tell you with 💯% certainty that the remote control is the filthiest thing in a hotel room. The toilets have less germs than the remote.

Nov 28th
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Heidi Lberg

I used to get headaches as a kid and needed glasses and then new prescriptions.

Nov 26th
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Darci Stabeno

it was all so crazy true id think its fake if i was sitting there and she was telling me about my babies i lost or my puppy watching over me

Nov 22nd

Samantha Allen

WOW!!!!! This episode was AMAZING!! I couldn't hear very well, Kail who was the 4th child on the other side coming through for you?

Nov 21st
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Erica Hanson Brown

Please please get your son's eyes checked even if you think he's faking. When I was in the grade I was complaining that I couldn't see the board and my nin thought I was lying because my cousin close to me had just gotten glasses and she thought I just"wanted" then. My mom took me to the eye doctor and she sat in the corner sobbing because I was blind as a bat!

Nov 14th

Jennifer Pickett-Dudley

Kailyn my daughter use to tell me about how she had headache, so we went to the dr and she did an eye exam. Turns out my daughter needed glasses. you should look into that.

Nov 12th
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