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Author: Hunter Himel

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This is a podcast based out of Las Vegas. I want to interview local artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, etc. To get an idea where my guests come from and how they got to where they are.
5 Episodes
This episode features Preston Watson! An amateur drift race car driver out of Las Vegas. He always had a love for cars. At a young age collecting toys and being inspired by race films he bought his own race car. His S14 that he basically built from stock is now a completely custom drift monster. Preston has competed for some years now and has traveled all around the country in doing so. What was once a dream is now his reality. He still has a way to go but he has hopes of going pro! Tune in to see what his world is all about! Find Preston Watson on instagram: @pwatson_s14
Danny Calderin is an aspiring business owner working straight out of his home. A kitchen, some pots, and lots of POT is just a couple things to get him started. During this interview we talk about how he markets and sells his products. Who his customers are and how it benefits them. Also what it takes to keep moving forward because coming close to 2 years in the cannabis game, you don't just throw in the towel. Follow Danny and Calderin Cannabis Coconut Oil on their journey. Instagram: @calderinscoconutoil & @calderindanny Twitter: @calderinsoil
DJ Mixxwell - 2cents

DJ Mixxwell - 2cents


DJ Mixxwell is a music artist out of Las Vegas. He has always been influenced by music but has been creating music of his own for close to 10 years now. From wild child to ambitious musician we cover his story and go in depth on his journey on where he is today to where he wants to go. Find Mixxwell on all social media: @djmixxwell
Jordin is a Las Vegas native athlete and entrepreneur with clear goals for himself to transform the fitness industry. From a kid to young adult he was made for the PerFIcT Lifestyle. PerFIcT Lifestyle is his very own brand that he truly started for the ground up and the ceiling is endless. Enjoy this episode of the 2cents podcast. Find Jordin Ramirez and follow/join team PerFIcT on Instagram: @JordinRamirez @perficttraining @perfictseasonings @perfictsupps #teamperfict
Cory Sudbury  - 2cents

Cory Sudbury - 2cents


This is episode 1 of the 2cents podcast! Cory Sudbury is a filmmaker creative out of Las Vegas with big plans for the future. He tells us his unique story from filming homies to filming and editing professionally. Find Cory on Instagram: @suds_prod
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