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A podcast no one asked for; a podcast you never knew you didn’t want. A podcast where friends try to review local Texas beers in between roastings.
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The Return of Einhorn

The Return of Einhorn


In this episode, we drink Einhorn, a berliner weisse from Austin Beerworks.Last year we had the Einhorn. Whereas on this night, we try the newly canned Tropical Einhorn, Ginger Lime Einhorn, and Sour Cherry Einhorn. While drinking we discuss weisse beers, untappd adventures, the 2000 NFL draft, the Raiders, and 'Papa' John Gruden. And then we wonder why people would want Cutter's face on clothing.The Cool Guys in this episode are: Ross, Joel, and Cutter
A little while ago Cutter went on a long journey to throw his beard into a volcano before it destroyed the world.He didn't make it there because on the way he stopped for a drink.He stopped at Amor Artis and tried their Sospeso Coffee Blonde. He liked it so much he brought back a crowler of it. We discuss blondes, and coffee, and how to milk a cashew. And Cutter and Clint disagree.The Cool Guys in this episode are: Clint, Ross, Joel, and Cutter
One night we decided to try something new and something old.So we try Remedio, a southwest wit featuring sage and Texas lavender from Hop & Sting Brewing. While we drink we talk about soap, diabetes, American Gods, gruit, and Clint gets amped up thinking about children having more than one crayon.And remember, you should always ask what's in Cutter's food.The Cool Guys in this episode are: Clint, Ross, Joel, and Cutter
One night we decided that 12oz cans weren't going to cut it and we found 16oz cans of Juicy Blonde Ale from Lake Austin AlesOf course, we drank it all and talked about Kris Gray and Lake Austin Ales. We also talk about trains, hops, IPAs, NXNW, and Whitestone. Clint tries to make sense of the Matrix sequels and Joel predicts the ending of Game of Thrones. And check out Grandr for all your grandma needs. The Cool Guys in this episode are: Clint, Ross, Joel, and Cutter
One malty, summer day we visited the new space for Funky Picnic Brewery and CafeWe took a journey with Samantha and Harper from Funky Picnic. We talk about how visiting Funky Picnic is a better alternative to heroin while trying some of their offerings. We discuss recipe formulation, malts, non-trademarked hops, gender equality in brewing, and Harper explains to Samantha what the internet is. Then we figure out which Gilmore Girls character we would be. And be sure to check out Harps by Harper for all your harp needs. "It's an embarrassment of harps!"The Cool Guys in this episode are Ross and ChanceWith Special Guests Samantha Glenn and Michael Harper
One night we decided to do a lot of recording. This was one of those episodes.We tried Can You Dig It Amber Ale from 4th Tap Brewing Co-Op. We talk about 4th Tap, the Five-8, Celis's bankruptcy, and Joel says watered-down a lot when he means light-bodied. And we discuss the similarities between ambers, browns, reds, and pale ales.And Cutter spills his beer everywhere but you won't hear that. The Cool Guys in this episode are: Clint, Ross, Joel, and Cutter
One day some of us went down to the grand opening of Nomadic Beerworks.And we brought back beer!On this episode, we drink Sunrise Getdown a Kolsch from Nomadic Beerworks. And we talk about Cutter's travels, modern nomadism, how good ice cream and beer is, and how much Clint hates the idea.The Cool Guys in this episode are: Clint, Ross, Joel, and Cutter
One early summer day we visited the famous Driskill Hotel.We sat down with executive chef Christian Apetz and sampled their upcoming Craft Series at 1886 featuring a specially prepared menu with beers from Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co.We talk about the Driskill's history and the inspiration for their monthly beer dinners. Chef Christian talks about the work that goes into pairing great food with some of the finest, local craft beer, and how they try to always promote the art and artistry of Austin and central Texas. Find more information here: The Cool Guys in this episode are: Clint, Ross, Joel, Cutter, and TonyWith Special Guest Chef Christian Apetz
8th Wonder - Dome Faux'm

8th Wonder - Dome Faux'm


One hot day we tried a new brewery and a new style of beer. Well, it was new to us. We drink Dome Faux'm a throwback cream ale from 8th Wonder Brewing. We throw around ideas about what a cream ale is and then we taste it. We also talk about the Incredible Hulk, the Credible Hulk, and Hawkeye sadly eating hotdogs. We also talk about Bun B, the Houston Rockets, and having too much lean in our cups.Will this lead to chopped and screwed episodes?!!!No. No, it won't.That's the way we do it.  The Cool Guys in this episode are: Chance, Ross, Joel, and Tony
In this episode, we tried a selection of beers we left in the fridge for a very long time.We tried Acadie and Swamp Thing Ale from Bayou Teche Brewing and an amber ale and a nut brown ale from MT Carmel Brewing Company.We talk about farmhouse styles, Jester King, browns, IPAs, being fooled by CCR, and temporary license plates.  The Cool Guys in this episode are: Ross and Cutter
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