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3 Pagans and a Cat

Author: Car An Dagda

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Three family members embroiled in wildly divergent traditions gather in one room to discuss, debate, and flat-out argue about their magical, mythical, and mundane lives. Also, there's a microphone.
15 Episodes
Car, Gwyn, and Ode tells stories... adjacent to Valentine's Day. One of those stories even ends happily!Support 3 Pagans and a Cat
Car, Gwyn, and Ode discuss the terrifying conditions of Venus, what sorts of things it's associated with, and why everyone should really have more respect for love deities.Support 3 Pagans and a CatLinks:3PAAC Discord
Car, Gwyn, and Ode discuss their Christian upbringings, leaving that faith, finding new ones, and what kind of struggles they faced in doing so. Content warnings for discussions of: internalized and social misogyny, internalized and social homophobia, abuse of authority, religious abuse, indoctrination, shaming, threats of child removal, gaslighting, lying about identity.**To hear Gwyn's slash podfics talked about in this episode, visit 3 Pagans and a Cat
Episode 126: Insurrection

Episode 126: Insurrection


Car, Gwyn, and Ode talk about rioters storming the U. S. Capitol Building, the continuing need to expel white supremacists from the pagan community, and political magic.Support 3 Pagans and a CatLinks:3PAAC Discord
Car, Gwyn, and Ode talk about what imposter syndrome is, how it can affect pagan practices, demystify some of their own experiences, and discuss how to tell your asshole brain to fuck off (just like Finn).Support 3 Pagans and a Cat
Episode 124: 3 Things

Episode 124: 3 Things


Car, Gwyn, and Ode ring out 2020 and celebrate 3 years of podcasting by discussing their top 3s.Support 3 Pagans and a Cat
Episode 122: New Gods

Episode 122: New Gods


Car, Gwyn, and Ode discuss the newness of some "old" gods, how new gods come about, why you shouldn't be a dick about it, and the advent of the patron god of podcasts, public speaking, and performance. Hail Dictionis!Support 3 Pagans and a Cat
Episode 121: The Soul

Episode 121: The Soul


Car, Gwyn, and Ode solve the soul. Hail Dictionis.Support 3 Pagans and a Cat
This chat with Devin Hunter took place during the Pagan Fires Festival in 2019. While it has been over a year, we discussed alot with Devin in our short time with him (his books, the importance of festivals, podcasting) and hope you enjoy the conversation. While the pandemic has changed the possiblity of gathering together for festivals at this time, we look forward to what the future to Devin's creative ventures in regard to festivals (online and in-person), podcasting, his books, and moreDevin HunterFacebookModern Witch PodcastModern Witch VidcastSupport 3 Pagans and a Cat
Gwyn and Ode discuss the Earth as a planet, as an Anima Mundi, as personified deities, and the other deities associated with it, as well as the importance both spiritually and practically of ecological conservation.Support 3 Pagans and a Cat
Car, Gwyn, and Ode talk to Crystal of Apothecary Teas, and then ramble about the 2020 election for a bit. In related news, fuck Trump.Support 3 Pagans and a Cat
Car, Gwyn, and Ode interview Brittany and Christin about art and music-- specifically, the kinds they (3PAAC15 in the Etsy shop for 15% off your order.) (Sign up for 2 months of lessons to get 2 lessons free.)Support 3 Pagans and a Cat
Episode 115: Urban Legends

Episode 115: Urban Legends


Car, Gwyn, and Ode discuss Black-Eyed Children, Slenderman, the real origin of Dracula, and thought-forms.Support 3 Pagans and a Cat
Car, Gwyn, and Ode talk to Pride members Windy Skykicker, Gryph, and Victoria Raschke about their projects-- coincidentally, all writers! (Join the Patreon and email Windy with the code 3PAAC30 to recieve top-tier benefits for 30 days.)readvictoria.com (Use the code 3PAAC for 13% off in October and November.) 3 Pagans and a Cat
Gwyn and Ode (without Car, who was sidelined by a migraine) interview Amanda, owner of Wonderful Body Co. and Mother Multiverse, creator of Vector! Attack of the Metapirates. 3 Pagans and a Cat
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