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3 Pagans and a Cat

Author: Car An Dagda

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Three family members embroiled in wildly divergent traditions gather in one room to discuss, debate, and flat-out argue about their magical, mythical, and mundane lives. Also, there's a microphone.
69 Episodes
Ode and Jax discuss four interesting deities, including Thoth, Hathor, Cangjie, and Terminus. Special Guest: Jax.
Gwyn and Ode talk about each of the cards in the Cups suit.
Gwyn and Ode tell the stories of prophets, including Daniel, Cassandra, Melampus, and Nostradamus.
Gwyn and Ode talk about a couple of frameworks for understanding the Major Arcana, and then give a quick overview of the baseline interpretations of each card in the sequence and how they relate to each other.
Gwyn and Ode (+ Jax!) talk about various pagan organizations, discuss the differences between groups for activism and groups for community, and cover some of the big red flags in assessing whether a group is good for you. Special Guest: Jax.
Gwyn and Ode talk about Pele, Papa, Marzanna, and Boreas.
Gwyn and Ode (+Jax!) talk animals in mythology, religion, and magic. Content warning for discussions of animal death. Special Guest: Jax.
Gwyn and Ode talk about the concept of a pilgrimage, what distinguishes it from other types of travel, some famous pilgrimage sites, the history of pilgrimage and its effect on culture, and the ways pilgrimages have evolved in the modern day.
Gwyn and Ode talk about their latest godly interests, including Mefdet, Chernobog (+ Belobog), Hypnos, and Cliadhna.
Gwyn and Ode tell some of their favourite spooky stories in honor of Halloween, including The Engima of Amigara Fault, Dead Man's Curve, The Architect's House, The Voice In The Desert, and La Llorona. Content Warnings for: Body Horror, Infanticide, and Suicide.
Gwyn and Ode talk about various Punishment Afterlives, with a particular focus on the Christian Hell and how it was influenced by and developed out of a boiling cauldron of various competing influences, as well as their perspective on its place in modern Christianity. Viki Vaughn's GoFundMe:
Episode 202: Dragons

Episode 202: Dragons


Gwyn and Ode talk about how cool dragons are for like an hour.
Gwyn and Ode talk about the original Building Your Book series, the development of the BYB class, what our books look like 4+ years out, and what we'd change about those early episodes now that we have 200 episodes under our belt!
Gwyn and Ode talk about why binding and banishing are considered baneful, if they agree, why you might do bindings and banishings, and some of their favourite techniques.
Gwyn and Ode (+Jax!) discuss Inanna, Ninshubur, Epona, Manannan Mac Lir, and Ba'al Hammon. Special Guest: Jax.
Episode 197: Buddhism

Episode 197: Buddhism


Gwyn and Ode discuss Buddhism, from their limited perspective as non-Buddhists.
Episode 195: Satanism

Episode 195: Satanism


Ode and Jax discuss the history and current trajectory of Satanism, from the baffling orthodox Church of Satan to the wildly chaotic Satan Reddit. Courtesy of fact-checking in our Discord server, challenges to The Satanic Temple: Special Guest: Jax.
Episode 194: Deep Dive 1

Episode 194: Deep Dive 1


Gwyn and Ode talk about Charon, Praxidike, Demeter, and Vidar in the first episode of the Deep Dives series.
Gwyn and Ode spend the first half of this episode (22:06) talking about the 2022 SCOTUS ruling about Roe v. Wade, and the dangers that ruling presents. The second half is a discussion of how to consider queerness as part of your practice, even as a cis or straight practitioner.
Gwyn and Ode tell the tales of the Nonbinary Pharaoh, Krishna-Mohini's Month-Long Mourning, Hermaphroditus' Transformation, and Thor's Wedding.
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