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3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms

Author: Rachel Nielson

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30-minute podcasts with 3 doable takeaways to make your family life a little better each week.

Hosted by Rachel Nielson, a mother, writer, and podcaster
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Do you feel intimidated by the idea of teaching your children about racism and bias? Do you feel that this is an important social justice topic to teach your kids, but you are unsure how?  Today's Martin Luther King Day in the United States, so I wanted to continue the conversation that we started on the podcast a few months ago with Episode 101: Why and How to Talk to Your Kids about Skin Tone and Race. If our children aren't comfortable having conversations about skin tone and learning about the difficult realities of racism in our society, then they will never be able to make conscious decisions about how they want to operate in the world. Today's episode is for any mother who feels the weight and importance of teaching our children about racism but feels unequipped to have these difficult and sensitive conversations.  Three Takeaways to Teach Your Kids About Racism   1) Teach your children that race is a social construct that was used to justify slavery. 2) Teach your children about implicit bias--what it is and how to combat it.   3) Teach your children to respond with humility when they make mistakes or hurt someone.  Quotes from this episode: “Race is not real.” “[Race] has value because we gave it value as a society.” “Which you can see right there, just ‘degeneration of the ideal’ is going to lead to some problematic beliefs about different human beings if they are "degenerate." “So that's what we mean when we're saying that race is a social construct that was created to justify slavery. Because you can't have slavery in a place where all men are created equal. But if enslaved people are not necessarily men, then it doesn't mean that you're breaking with your values.” “Racism existed and then we created race to kind of explain it.” “Implicit biases are just the attitudes and stereotypes that affect your understanding and your decisions in a manner that's unconscious."  “Racism as like a smog. Sometimes it's really, really thick and we can see it, and we can reach out and touch it.” “Another thing that you can do is get on a first name basis with people who are different from you.” “Little children as young as two and three years old are starting to put people into categories based on what they're seeing. So segregation is that tool that is used to perpetuate these things within us that we don't even know about.” “It's okay if I feel a little uneasy about these conversations and about this topic; what matters is that I want to learn and I want to be better and I'm willing to sit in the discomfort for the sake of becoming a better human and learning.”  Full Transcript For a full transcript of the episode, click here. (  Online Workshop! I am teaching my full Declutter your Motherhood workshop live and ONLINE on Tuesday, January 28th, and I would love for you to join us. Go to ( to reserve your seat. Links Mentioned in Today’s Show Free e-courses from Podcast U ( First Name Basis Podcast ( Episode 101: Why and How to Talk to Your Kids about Skin Tone and Race.  ( Human Genome Project ( Declutter Your Motherhood Workshops (   Implicit Association Test (
Does your daily schedule feel deeply fulfilling, or do you often feel like life is a bit of a runaway train? Are your authentic values reflected by how you spend your time, or are your days filled up with things you've said yes to just because you felt that you "should"? Today's episode on how to declutter your schedule is for any mother who is searching for more intention, clarity, and calm in her day-to-day life. For the past few months, I’ve been working on a special project behind-the-scenes: a private coaching program for women who have attended a Declutter Your Motherhood workshop ( . I am currently working with 18 women, and we meet virtually once a week to explore topics of decluttering our mindsets and our lives. In December, our group had a private masterclass with podcaster ( who specializes in decluttering your home AND your life so you can design a life of intention. Truly, I don’t know anyone in this world who lives with more intention than Miranda. This episode is an excerpt from her masterclass where she shares 3 takeaways to declutter your daily schedule. Let’s dig in!  Three Takeaways on How to Declutter Your Schedule: 1) Remember, everything is optional. 2) Time is a cycle, and it's important to respect your seasons. 3) Put the "big rocks" in first every day--and remember that one of the big rocks is YOU.   Quotes from this episode: "It was the first time I realized that life isn't just about always adding more and more and more. At some point, I needed to actually make decisions and not just choose everything. I had to choose what was not going to fit in my life." "As humans, we want to do what's comfortable, even if it's not working. We will opt to do the things that we're already doing because we know what the outcomes are and not knowing the outcome is scary enough that it keeps us from making changes. But if we make changes, that is the only way to understand what we're actually capable of." "I think if you allow yourself to consider that every single thing on your schedule is optional, you are immediately able to feel some freedom. You clear everything off of your schedule and you decide what actually adds value." "I think that we owe it to ourselves to understand that we can say no, we can clear things off, we can discontinue things that we've been doing for a long time." "We often want to just replicate this ideal of what we think we should be accomplishing, doing, feeling. And if we have a little bit of perspective on the seasons and the cycles of time, we know that, it's just all going to flow back around, and that where we are right now is just right." "What do you want your life to feel like? Think about the feeling that you want in your life, and then build a life around that feeling." Full Transcript For a full transcript of the episode, click here ( . Freebie I created a worksheet for you to APPLY what you learned from Miranda. You can download that for free at ( . Online Workshop! I am teaching my full Declutter your Motherhood workshop live and ONLINE on Tuesday, January 28th, and I would love for you to join us. If you enjoy the content and the format of this discussion with Miranda, I know you will love my online workshop, so go to ( to reserve your seat. Links Mentioned in Today’s Show Declutter Your Motherhood ( Live Free Creative Podcast ( Live Free Creative Blog ( Miranda Anderson’s Instagram ( 7 Habits of Highly Effective People...
Do you feel that you are on the verge of major mom burnout? If so, you are not alone. All mothers go through stages of exhaustion, discouragement, and overwhelm. But this should not be our everyday norm! This episode features three simple strategies for building more daily rest and self-care into your mom-life, so you can feel more happiness, fulfillment, and contentment every day: Three Simple Ways to Avoid Mom Burnout1) Spend meaningful time with your kids. 2) Spend meaningful time without your kids. 3) Say aloud what you need. To get all of the concrete ideas that go along with each takeaway, listen to the full episode! And don't forget to sit down after you've listened to make a plan for one action step you can take in each area. You are meant to thrive, not just survive. We are rooting for you! Show Notes -Join us for a live ONLINE "Declutter Your Motherhood" workshop on Tuesday, January 28th! Information and tickets available at ( . -Episode 33: How to Get your Kids to do Quiet Time ( . How do you overcome mom burnout? Let me know in a comment below!
I love this time of year when the whole world seems to be more focused on reaching out to our neighbors and making a difference in our communities.Today on the podcast, I am so honored to have my life-long friend Meg Martin with us. Meg is a certified peer counselor and social worker who is a founding member and the Executive Director of Interfaith Works Homeless Services ( in Olympia, Washington. After recovering from her own battles with mental illness and addiction, she felt compelled to help those who often struggle with the same issues but who don’t have the family and financial support to get the services they need to get well. I hope today’s episode will make it feel much more possible to reach out to a group of people who need the support and assistance of their communities-- not just during the holidays but all year long with these three takeaways for how to compassionately respond to homelessness:  Meg Martin's 3 Takeaways on How to Respond to Homelessness1) Learn about the reasons why people end up experiencing homelessness  2) Do not repress the desire to be generous 3) It’s okay to have boundaries Use this link to donate to the Interfaith Shelter Works Project: ( What did you learn from Meg Martin today? Let me know in a comment below! **Many thanks to Shine Cosmetics ( for sponsoring this episode of 3 in 30. We love their makeup!
Whether or not you are a runner, you are going to love this episode about lessons that Taffy Micheli, a mother of five, learned about gratitude while training for the Boston Marathon. Listen in to hear her thoughts on 3 truly life-changing mantras that she has relied on to get her through long runs. They are equally applicable to all of the difficult experiences in our lives! 3 Takeaways from Taffy Micheli1) Notice the tailwinds. 2) Look up. 3) Run the mile you're in. I’ve heard from many listeners that this is one of their all-time favorite episodes–so don’t miss it! Show Notes 3 in 30 episode about “looking up” from our phones: ( “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread” by D Todd Christofferson: ( Many thanks to Shine Cosmetics ( for sponsoring 3 in 30 this month. We love their makeup!
Last week in the first episode of this series ("//"") , my sister Sarah McKenna and I talked about strategies you can use in your own self-care in day-to-day life if you are struggling with depression and anxiety. Today we are going to talk about how to get help for mental illness. We hope this episode will be a blessing to women who are struggling and don’t know what to do. Sarah's three takeaways for how to get help for mental illness:1) Don't be afraid to try medications 2) Therapy is your friend! 3) Find a creative outlet (and remember, creative doesn't just mean visual arts! This can be musical, cooking, etc.) Sarah's website: Bombshell Bling ("//"") Sarah's Instagram: @bombshellbling ("//"") Thoughts on Thoughts podcast Episode #16: Finding a Therapist and Different Types of Therapy ("//"") Don't forget to listen to part 1 of our conversation: Surviving Depression in Motherhood. ("//"") **Please pass this episode along to anyone you know who may be suffering.** I am so grateful for this month's sponsor,  here ( .) My absolute favorite product is the BB Cream, which is like a mix between tinted moisturizer and foundation. It's lightweight but with great coverage, and it has SPF 15! I also love their Lip Lasts which really do stay on all day. This makeup would make great stocking stuffers or gifts for friends this holiday season! Use the code 3IN30 for 10% off! What are your takeaways from this episode about how to get help for mental illness? Let me know in a comment below!
My older sister, Sarah McKenna, has battled depression and bipolar disorder from a young age, and she has helped me and countless others in our own mental health journeys by being open about hers. I have never known anyone as brave and tenacious as Sarah, and I’m honored to have her as a guest on the podcast this week; and listen to what she has to share on surviving depression in motherhood. While the subject of mental illness is heavy and sometimes hard to want to talk about, it is so necessary. I am grateful it is my sister who gets to address this tough topic with me! In this discussion, we aim to build awareness for moms who may wonder if they are struggling with depression, as well as to provide hope for moms who know they are in the midst of it and crave to be understood. Sarah offers three takeaways for basic coping skills and self-care while dealing with depression, and she is sure to acknowledge that while these tools sound simple, they are certainly not easy (especially when you are struggling to simply get through the day!) 3 Takeaways on Surviving Depression in MotherhoodEat: Have easy-to-grab and nourishing foods on hand for when preparing food feels like an impossible task. Sleep: Pay attention to too much/too little sleep and aim for a regular sleep schedule. Move: Keep it simple. A walk or gentle yoga totally counts! Be sure to join us for part two in this series next week, where we will be discussing medication, therapy, and some of the darkest moments of our journeys. Wherever you or a loved one is at in the mental health journey, please know that there is hope!!   Show Notes: Sarah’s Instagram: @bombshellbling ( Sarah’s website: Bombshell Bling ( For more on this topic, listen to my newguest interview on The Virtual Couch ( with Tony Overbay. Episode 33: How to Get Your Kids to do Quiet Time (   Many thanks to this month’s sponsor, ( ! And don’t forget to use the code 3IN30 for 10%! My absolute favorite product is the BB Cream, and I also love their Lip Lasts! (Who am I kidding?…I love it all!) What were your takeaways from this episode on Surviving Depression in Motherhood? Let me know in a comment below!
I know this is not news to anyone, but…caring for our marriages is SO IMPORTANT (and not always easy)! Which is why I’m so excited to share three ways to improve your marriage today. I had the opportunity to attend “An Evening with the Gottmans” date night in October, and I decided to do a followup Zoom call to discuss my takeaways with anyone from my email list who wanted to join. I included a worksheet for fill out during the call to make this as actionable as possible because, as I’ve mentioned before, we all know that marriage gets put on the back burner way too often. This week’s episode on 3 in 30 is a replay of that Zoom call, so you can ALL participate! >>Click HERE to download the worksheet if you want to fill it out as you listen or after you listen!<<< Here are my three takeaways from a night with the Gottmans… 3 Ways to Improve Your MarriagePlay with your spouse. Consider: What are you currently doing to play with your spouse, and what can you start going? Listen to your spouse. Consider:When is your spouse most likely to talk to you, and how can you make yourself more emotionally available during that time?  Express gratitude for your spouse. Consider: What are 3 reasons you are grateful for your spouse right now? TELL THEM. Show Notes: Eight Dates by John and Julie Gottman (their newest book!) Episode 95 with Nate Bagley: 3 Rituals of Connection for your Marriage I want to hear how YOU put these takeaways into action this week! Follow along on Instagram and join the conversation. Also…do you have any tips on ways to improve your marriage? If so, share in a comment below!  
105: For the Mom of Littles

105: For the Mom of Littles


If you’re anything like me, you sometimes realize with surprise that you’ve entered a different (and easier) phase of motherhood. You didn’t even notice it slowly shifting. But you suddenly realize that your babies have started sleeping longer stretches at night. Or, they have really learned to put their shoes on by themselves. Or they are beside you helping prepare their lunch for school the next day. (What the heck??) Transitions like these are often very subtle. But when we take a moment to reflect on it, sometimes it feels like a miracle that we made it to where we are, doesn’t it? I am in a new season of motherhood and have been reminiscing on what life was like when I had two very young, spirited children, and I wanted to share three articles I wrote for the website Power of Moms during this rewarding but equally trying season of my life. I hope that these reflections are helpful for the moms of littles. Or for whatever season you’re in that sometimes feels a little (or a lot) blurry: My Articles on Power of Moms-The first article is called, “The Best Year of My Life?” -The second article is called “It Is What It Is.” -The third article is called “How My Son’s Routine Chart Makes Me a Better Mom.”  Check out all of my articles from Power of Moms, many of which were written during naptimes while I was in the midst of parenting littles, here: And don’t forget, I want to hear YOUR three takeaways this week as we finish up celebrating the second birthday of 3 in 30! Visit for more details, or scroll through the hashtag on Instagram for a good dose of inspiration and a reminder that we all have unique wisdom to share. Have you read anything on Power of Moms before? If so, what did you read? Share in a comment below! Last call for Podcast University! If you have been thinking about starting or growing a podacst, join us this week for a free class. Or enroll in one of our comprehensive courses! Enrollment for this session ends November 1st and won’t open again until the spring.
“The quickest way for anyone to reach the sun and the light of day is not to run west chasing after the sun, but to head east, plunging into the darkness until one comes to the sunrise.” -Jerry L. Sittser National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day was October 15th, and I wanted to honor this sacred day by dedicating an episode to mothers who walk through life with a piece of their heart and soul missing. If this is you, I hope that today’s episode on how to move through grief might offer some comfort. Today’s guest is Anna Packard, a mother of four who lost her infant son Charlie when he was four months old. She also has a PhD in clinical psychology and is a therapist at Balance Health and Healing, so she has both personal and professional experience in how to move through grief toward joy after immense loss. How to Move Through GriefRemember, the only way out is through: practice willingness, prioritize self-care (which includes finding a support group of other mothers who have lost children), and allow all emotions. What we resist, persists. Look for beauty, gifts, and meaning along the way. Assigning your own meaning to your experience can be a powerful step toward healing. Remember that you are stronger than you realize. (This is very hard to hear in the early stages of grief, but you will find that it is true with time.) Show NotesAnna’s website: Anna’s Instagram: @balancehealthhealing A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss by Jerry L. Sittser Grief support for parents who have experience loss through miscarriage, stillborn, or infant loss. Utah SIDS parents group on FB Episodes from 3 in 30: “Three Messages of Hope for the Darkest Times“ “How to Support a Loved One who is Grieving“ -Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? Or do you already have a podcast but are frustrated because it isn’t growing as much as you’d like it to? Podcast University is open for enrollment again now through November 1st! Podcast U is an online school for all things podcasting that I run with my dear friend, the host from About Progress, Monica Packer. -Join us for one of our FREE courses this month both about starting a podcast AND growing a podcast. Go to for ALL the details. -We are celebrating the second birthday of 3 in 30 this month! Please join 3 in 30 listeners around the world in sharing your own three takeaways. Go to for all the details on how to participate. Do you have any personal experience with grief? What have you done or are you doing to move through it? Share in a comment below.
This week marks the SECOND BIRTHDAY of 3 in 30! Sometimes I feel like I’ve known the amazing women in this community forever, but we’re only just getting started! To celebrate, I want to start off by having four women share their three takeaways from various topics: Vanessa Nielsen is the mom to three little girls. She was born and raised in Mexico, and her husband was born in Ecuador. They are raising their girls in Phoenix, Arizona as bilingual English/Spanish speakers as a way to honor their roots. Vanessa is sharing her three takeaways for how to mother differently than everyone around you:  You don’t have to do it alone. Brainstorming ways to get help, support, and encouragement makes momming differently much less overwhelming and exhausting. Focus on the similarities, not the differences. It’s easy to feel isolated, but finding commonalities helps both friend and family relationships thrive. Focus on your why, and keep it close. Vanessa’s Instagram: @solbookbox Vanessa’s blog: Kristen Goodman lives in Mesa Arizona with her husband and four daughters. Kristen understands how fun, busy, and EMOTIONAL life can be, so today she is sharing three takeaways for how to allow your children to feel their emotions: Acceptance: expect and accept the fact that your children are going to feel negative emotion Use the thought, “My kids can worry and I don’t have to.” Getting to a place of peace, trust and love helps so much more than being sad and worried with them. Non judgmental listening: listen to your kids without offering advice! Kristen’s website:  Kristen’s Instagram: @kristengoodmancoaching Katie Rössler is a licensed professional counselor from the USA living in Munich, Germany with her husband and two young daughters. Katie is sharing three takeaways for using family meetings to build connection and trust:  Family meetings/couples check-ins are a great way for everyone to get on the same page Family meetings create space for communication: we all just want to be heard, but we’re so busy! Family meetings build trust through accountability and routine Visit Katie’s website to learn more and find great resources like a Family Meeting Success Blue Print Katie’s Instagram: @katie.positive.connections Joanne Jarrett lives in rural Montana with her husband and two teenage daughters. She is a family physician turned stay-at-home mom. Joanne’s takeaways are 3 tactics for raising honest kids: Teach your children to say something honest when they are making verbal amends for wrong doing Teach your children something honest and thoughtful to say when they are receiving a gift Model honesty by refraining from making empty threats Find Joanne at: Joanne’s podcast: Fancy Free –And now I want to hear about YOUR 3 takeaways! Share on Instagram with a picture of yourself holding up three fingers, and don’t forget to use the hashtag: #my3in30. I will respond to every single post I see! So if I haven’t left a comment, I haven’t seen it yet. Tag me again, or take a photo and send it to me if you have a private account. I can’t wait to learn from all of you! Visit for more details!
As moms, we often wrestle with the desire to find a better balance for work and motherhood. We want to honor our professional lives and personal development, while also giving our children the love and care they deserve. But what if it isn’t really about “balance” after all? Crystalee Beck, co-founder of The Mama Ladder, is here to shift our perspectives by teaching us that both work and motherhood are valuable parts of living our purpose. We can find ways to protect time for both so we can be “powerfully present” in whatever we are doing. Key Takeaways on Finding Work Life Balance from Crystalee:1. Release the need to be balanced and feel like you have to devote the same amount of time and energy to work and kids. 2. Protect time for the areas that matter to you. 3. Put your ideal week on repeat: it minimizes decision fatigue and guilt in motherhood. **Many thanks to The Mama Ladder for sponsoring 3 in 30 Podcast this month!!** For information on The Mama Ladder’s 6-month business accelerator program for mom-entrepreneurs, please visit For a FREE 15-minute business consult with Crystalee, sign up for a time here.   Resources mentioned in this Episode on How to Find Work Life Balance:Jody Moore podcast about “Busyness”:
How comfortable are you talking about race? Up until recently, I have NOT been comfortable talking about this topic because I recognized how uninformed and privileged I am–and that made me feel a little ashamed. Because this topic matters. SO MUCH. It’s really common when we realize we’re uneducated in certain areas to stay quiet–because if we open our mouths and start learning and asking questions, we might say something that is offensive or hurts someone. But staying quiet is not the answer: Answers come from seeking learning and asking for help. That is why I invited Dr. Lucretia Berry on the podcast to teach us. Dr Berry is the founder of Brownicity— Many Hues, One Humanity, an agency dedicated to advocacy, education, and support for racial healing and anti racism. She has dedicated her life to developing and teaching anti racism curriculum to college and high school students, adults through ministry and online, and of course within her own home as the mother of three beautiful daughters. In this episode, Dr. Berry teaches us how to talk to our kids about skin tone and race through these three takeaways: How to Talk to Your Kids About Skin Tone with BrownicityReject the colorblind approach as a solution to racism. Normalize conversations about skin tone and race with your children so they can consciously, fluently, and confidently navigate our hyper-racialized society.  Invest in an anti race/ism education to gain understanding (e.g. books, classes, podcasts, teachers, not informal discussions). Website: Instagram: @lucretiaberry-Become a member of Brownicity! In 3 simple stages, we guide you through fundamental understanding to practicing transformative change in your spheres of influence. Visit for more information. To find children\'s books on this topic, please visit: First Name Basis Podcast (search on any podcast app!) Make sure to check out the other episodes in this series “You Are Your Child’s Most Important Teacher:” How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex with Kristin Hodson and How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography with Dina Alexander. -This month’s episodes are brought to us by MAMA POWER, a revolutionary six-month membership program by The Mama Ladder® that helps mamapreneurs GET. MORE. DONE. There’s no other business accelerator program like it for women, anywhere. Enrollment for Mama Power is open from September 14 to October 18. I have worked with The Mama Ladder® for over a year, and I was the founding member of Mama Power. To learn more about my experience, go to How do you talk to your kids about skin tone? Do you use Brownicity? Share in a comment below!
Today is the second in our series of episodes titled “You Are Your Child’s Most Important Teacher.”  Dina Alexander is a mother of three teenagers and the founder of Educate and Empower Kids, which is an incredible resource for those “difficult conversations” we all need and want to have with our kids, but we’re just not sure where to start. On this week’s episode, Dina is teaching us how to talk to our kids about pornography. I am so grateful for her expertise and confidence on this topic. This is a heavy, intimidating topic for me to cover. I want to be so careful with what I put out there on this topic because I know it’s triggering for people who have experienced this within their families, and I know there are a lot of different opinions on the best ways to handle the topic of pornography when talking to your kids. If anything, I hope the episode gets you thinking and gets you talking with people you trust about how you want to handle this topic within your home. How to Educate and Empower Kids About PornographyDina’s three takeaways for talking to your kids about pornography: Define pornography for your kids and discuss possible places your child may be exposed. With your child, create a plan when they are confronted with porn (what will they say and do? how will they tell you what they’ve seen?) In conjunction with talking about pornography, you must talk about its opposite: Healthy sexual intimacy. Show Notes:  Dina’s Website: Facebook: For Parents: How to Talk to Your Kids About Pornography 30 Days of Sex Talks 30 Days to a Stronger Child  Children’s Books: Petra’s Power to See: A Media Literacy Adventure Noah’s New Phone: A Story About Using Technology for Good Messages About Me: A Journey to Healthy Body Image (find the boys’ version HERE) And newest book: Conversations with My Kids: 30 Essential Family Discussions For the Digital Age The first episode in this series, “How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex” with Kristin Hodson had incredible response. Give it a listen if you haven’t already! -This month’s episodes are brought to us by MAMA POWER, a revolutionary six-month membership program by The Mama Ladder® that helps mamapreneurs GET. MORE. DONE. There’s no other business accelerator program like it for women, anywhere. Enrollment for Mama Power is open from September 14 to October 18. I have worked with The Mama Ladder® for over a year, and I was the founding member of Mama Power. To learn more about my experience, go to Have you talked with your kids about pornography yet? Share in a comment below!
Do you consider yourself the sex expert of your home? Today we are discussing how to talk to your kids about sex. I know it seems like a big role — but it’s possible. Ninety-nine percent of what our kids need when they ask questions about their bodies is to know that we won’t shut them down.  Today is the first in a series of episodes that I’m calling “You Are Your Child’s Most Important Teacher.”  I am so grateful to have Kristin Hodson, certified sex therapist and mother of three, as our first guest in this series. Kristin is a true expert in the field of sexual health as she frequently teaches workshops to parents on this topic, writes for publications, teaches at the university-level, and counsels individuals about their sexuality in her private practice.  Kristin’s three takeaways for becoming the sex expert of your home include… Expand your definition from sex to sexual health, and have a thousand one-minute conversations with your children about sexual health over the course of their lifetimes.  Become comfortable with your own sexual history and development so you’re comfortable talking about these topics with your kids. (For Kristin’s guide to figuring this out, make sure you’re subscribed to our emails here.) View talking to your kids about sex as a skill you will get better at with practice.  Kristin is a wealth of knowledge and resources around sexual health, so make sure you check out her website or find her on Instagram!  Show Notes: Kristin’s website: Kristin’s Instagram: @kristinbhodson To get Kristin’s questions about your sexual history and development, sign up here. To see Rachel\'s recommendations for the best children\'s books on this topic, please visit Announcements: -Check out to see a list of my upcoming workshops! I am so happy to say I have an option for EVERYONE! -This month’s episodes are brought to us by MAMA POWER, a revolutionary six-month membership program by The Mama Ladder® that helps mamapreneurs GET. MORE. DONE. There’s no other business accelerator program like it for women, anywhere. Enrollment for Mama Power is open from September 14 to October 18. I have worked with The Mama Ladder® for over a year, and I was the founding member of Mama Power. To learn more about my experience, go to Do you have any tips on how to talk to your kids about sex? Share in a comment below!
Aside from the things you need to do and the things you think you should do, what do you actually want to do? Take a dance class? Meal plan? Interior design? Create a new spreadsheet? Catch up on your journal?  Today I have my childhood best friend, Elizabeth Bergeland, a stay-at-home mother AND a professional artist, and Ben Brashares, a stay-at-home father AND an author, on the show to talk about holding space for creativity in your life. Despite their busy schedules, they continuously chip away at working within their creative fields. Together they recently published a beautiful book called Being Edie is Hard Today.  Separate from your work status and the things that keep you busy as a parent, here are three things Elizabeth Bergeland suggests to help you hold space for your creativity as a parent:  Manage your expectations. Is there a way that I can still do this but in a medium or method that’s more conducive to family life?  Carve out a designated time and space for your creativity. Make sure it fits you and your unique creative personality.  Find ways to hold yourself accountable to your creativity. Show Notes Elizabeth’s website: Elizabeth’s Instagram: @elizabethbergeland Ben’s Instagram: @bbrashares Book: Being Edie is Hard Today   My last in-person workshop for 2019 is being held on Saturday, October 12th and there are TWO sessions available so you can find the time that’s right for you! Also, “Declutter Your Motherhood” is happening ONLINE for the first-time ever! There will be two online live Zoom sessions held on October 19th and October 23rd. Check out for more information on ALL my workshops!  How do you make space for your creativity? Share in a comment below!
Most of us had some experiences or people in our childhoods that left a heavy mark. Making today\'s topic on how to let go of hard stuff so important. Sometimes we minimize these difficult moments because “it could have been worse.” But no matter what you faced growing up, we all need to process our experiences from childhood and examine how they\'ve shaped us. I was raised in a loving home with amazing parents, but a lot of my early years were spent worrying about my mom as she battled breast cancer for thirteen years; and then passed away when I was nineteen. This experience impacted me more than I ever realized until I went to counseling years later. In this interview with Monica Packer of About Progress, I share the breakthroughs I had in counseling and three tools that taught me how to \"let go\" of hard stuff and move forward into healing: How to Let GoWrite letters (that you never have to send!) to process experiences or feelings that are burdening you. Think back to those activities and passions you loved as a child, and do them again. Envision yourself as a child and give yourself the grace, comfort and protection that you would a child in your life. I hope this episode prompts some deep-thinking and deep-healing in your own life. Show Notes **Tickets for my final in-person workshop of 2019 are on sale TODAY! Early bird pricing for the next two weeks. Visit Monica’s Instagram: @aboutprogress  Monica’s podcast: Original episode aired on About Progress: \"Overcoming the Complexities of Our Childhood\"
Close your eyes and envision your ideal morning with your children. Would you get up before them or wait for them to crawl into bed with you? What routines would you have in place to limit chaos and contention? Now work backwards and envision, step-by-step, what you would need to do the night before in order to make your ideal morning a possibility. If this seems like a far off dream, I get it. Mornings are some of the hardest times in our house (and I am too embarrassed to tell you how many tardies my son had last school year!). But today\'s guest has given me hope that our home and our routines can be much more organized this year! Mika Perry is a former professional organizer turned podcaster, lifestyle blogger, and organization expert. And yes this is thee Mika Perry, with whom I am hosting the Declutter Your Motherhood workshop in Gilbert, Arizona on September 21st! Here are Mika\'s 3 takeaways for how to organize yourself and your home for the new school year: Create calm mornings with a solid night routine. Implement simple solutions for all the paper - and you’re still a great mom if you throw it away. Create zones in your home to help eliminate decision fatigue and create predictability Show Notes Come meet me and Mika at our Declutter your Motherhood workshop! Mika\'s website: Instagram: @mikaperry podcast: first episode on 3 in 30: \"068: Healing after Betrayal in your Marriage\" Week Start Checklist blog post  The Female Brain by Dr. Louann Brizendine Essentialism by Greg McKeown Chore Board tutorial blog post   How do you organize yourself and your home? Share in a comment below!
I\'m so excited to have Nate Bagley on today\'s podcast. But before we dive right in, did you know that Drs. John and Julie Gottman are going to be in Utah in September to speak about “essential conversations for a lifetime of love?” This. Is. Huge. Whether you’re able to come to the event or not, I have Nate Bagley, founder of Utah Date Night and the Loveumentary podcast, here to talk about strengthening our marriages. We could talk about kids and parenting all day long, but we’ve all been told how vital it is to keep our marriage at the forefront of our priorities. I don’t know about you, but mine gets neglected all too often in the midst of the busyness of raising children. Nate Bagley teaches us about 3 simple “Rituals of Connection” for our marriages: The 6-second passionate kiss The weekly “State of Affairs” or “Marriage Meeting”  Connecting questions or power questions you can ask your partner every day that will make them feel loved and appreciated And don\'t forget to go to to get a ticket to see Drs. John and Julie Gottman speak AND meet me! I can\'t wait to give you a hug!   Show Notes See the Gottmans speak in Utah! for tickets and more information! Nate\'s website: What insight(s) from Nate Bagley did you like most? Share in a comment below!
Do you have a teen who is struggling, floundering, or fighting with you constantly? If so, do you find yourself wondering how to help your teen see within themselves the hero of a truly great story? In today's episode, Rachel explores how to help your teen transition into a better story. She shares three takeaways from one of her all-time favorite books, (  by Donald Miller: Trust the story that your teen wants to create. Create an opportunity for your child to live a better story. Improve your current story with your teen by embracing whimsy and adding in memorable scenes. Please tell us in the comments your biggest "ah-hahs" and applications as you listen. We love hearing from you! ( Show Notes by Donald Miller ( Audiobook version here ( Bob Goff's book, Everybody Always ( **Sign up for my weekly email to receive a worksheet to help you figure out how to help your teen live a better story: (
Comments (15)

Joany Tolosa

Amazing Podcast! We need to be talking more about this topic.

Jan 22nd

Lesli John

I love this podcast so much! So many helpful takeways given in a really useable and easy to remember format. Thank you!!

Jan 7th

Danielle Evans

I love this podcast. 30 minutes seems to be the perfect length for folding laundry or making some other tasks fly by. Rachel always has amazing guests and I love the knowledge shared. This podcast is in my top 3 favorites and I am so grateful for it.

Dec 24th

Brook Bashaw

Thank you for this series on mental health. You are the reason I am currently seeking the help I've truly needed. You are a blessing. BOTH of you.

Dec 7th

Scott Sonderegger

These sound like ideas that might work well for ONE specific couple. I don't think these ideas generalize to all personality types.

Sep 18th
Reply (1)

Jen Anderson

Love these ideas. The only thing i would say is, instead of the mom doing all the night before prep, have the KIDS do the night time prep. They can fill their own water bottles and pack their own lunches (mostly), etc.! Let kids help take responsibility for making the morning better. It's not just mom's job.

Sep 4th
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loved this episode. it's so hard for me to make a list of my strengths. I need to work on that.

Jun 5th

Selina N

Binge listening to these. Such fantastic tips and ideas. so helpful. Thank you Rachel.

Jan 24th

J.D. Barlow

All my friends listen to you almost every week! great information, great guests and you are a great host! Love your podcast. Thanks!

Dec 13th

Randi Oswald

I loved this episode! Thank you!

Nov 29th

Jessica Miller

so very insightful... never 💭 of some of these things. I do put my phone down more often but so many tips to see and connect with my kids and to know them better.

Jul 30th

Mairead McCarthy

I recently went through a change in my life that made me focus on who I wanted to be as a person. This podcast has helped me so much! Often the topics are something I wouldn't think are relevant to me or wouldn't be something I'd usually choose to listen to, but they are the ones I find myself enjoying the most. Rachel seems so genuine and tries to make each episode relatable and way to implement. I've been playing catch up with the episodes as I've only recently stumbled across it and I'm dreading having to wait a week for every episode!! Great concept, great execution.

Jul 24th

Bri Keasbey

This podcast is changing my life. I specifically love that the episodes are shorter than the other 60+ minute channels I often listen to. The topics Rachel chooses to discuss are perfect for mothers from many different walks of life, and the advice and wisdom offered in most episodes is truly helpful in upping my game as a mom and a spouse.

Jun 30th
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