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Author: John W. Reid

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A group of friends discuss movies that have reached their 30th anniversary this year.
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Valentine and Earl are looking to get out of Perfection as fast as they can. They probably should have left one day earlier, though, when giant underground eel creatures start killing residents. With a little ingenuity and some residual boulders, they might just make it out alive.Kevin Bacon, Fred Ward, and Finn Carter star in Tremors. 
For our second "Patreon Listener's Choice" episode, our newest Co-Executive Producer (the title bestowed upon our Patreon supporters) Jason Colvin chose Internal Affairs. Richard Gere plays Dennis Peck, a smooth but sociopathic dirty cop to Andy Garcia's fresh young Internal Affairs agent, Raymond Avilla. Can Raymond uncover Peck's dirty secrets before he's manipulated into doubting everyone and everything around him?Richard Gere, Andy Garcia, and Laurie Metcalf star in Internal Affairs.Also don't forget to check out Jason Colvin and co-host Dee Graves at the Surely You Can't Be Serious Podcast! 
Jacob Singer was intensely affected by his time in Vietnam, but until he begins to have vivid hallucinations he doesn't realize just how much. Is he on an extended drug trip or halfway between heaven and hell? Tim Robbins, Elizabeth Peña, and Danny Aiello star in Jacob's Ladder.  
Larry feels like there could have been more to his life than just building model cars in an unfinished house in the suburbs. His job is fine, but not great. The boss's wife seems more appealing than his own. Then one night, after getting fired from his job and having his car break down, he meets Michael and is given the chance to see what life would have been like if he had just hit that final pitch in the high school baseball championship game 20 years ago...Jim Belushi, Linda Hamilton, and Jon Lovitz star in Mr. Destiny.Thanks to Pádraig Donnchú (Patreon co-executive producer) for selecting Mr. Destiny as our first-ever Listener's Choice movie! 
It's the classic tale of boy meets girl, girl has abusive father, boy has weight issues, other boy has mommy issues, other boy stutters and has dead brother issues... and so on. Then there's a killer shapeshifting alien clown. You know... the usual.Harry Anderson, John Ritter, Annette O'Toole, and Tim Curry star in Stephen King's IT. 
When Luke's parents die in an accident, he travels with an elderly mentor and is pursued by an evil black-clad villain with a penchant for cutting off appendages. I just realized this movie is a copy of Star Wars! Not really... but it is the film adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic The Witches. Anjelica Huston, Mai Zetterling, Jasen Fisher, and Rowan Atkinson star in The Witches.Trailer: 
Ben Healy is a nice guy. It's hard to imagine how he ended up that way with the father who raised him or why he ever married Flo... basically everyone else around him are horrible people. When Ben and Flo adopt Junior, they think a gap has been filled in their lives. Instead, that gap becomes more like a portal sucking them all into a world of pain and misery as Junior causes one disaster after another.John Ritter, Amy Yasbeck, Michael Richards, and Gilbert Gottfried star in Problem Child.Trailer: 
Scrooge McDuck has searched for the treasure of Collie Baba for years and it's finally within his grasp. A dusty old lamp is in with the treasure and Scrooge doesn't see much value in it, so he gives it to Webby to keep. Along with Huey, Dewey, and Louie, she quickly discovers that the lamp may be the real treasure since it contains a magical genie ready to grant three wishes to each person. They may want to wish they had never found it, though, when the evil sorcerer Merlock comes looking for it. Alan Young, Christopher Lloyd, and Rip Taylor star in DuckTales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp.Trailer: 
Kevin just had one of the worst nights of his life as his entire family — and I mean ENTIRE family — ganged up on him and blamed him for pretty much everything. His worst night turns into a kid's dream and a parent's worst nightmare as his family leaves for their Paris vacation and forgets Kevin at home! Now he's got to contend with an elderly neighbor that may or may not be a serial killer, two morons who are the worst criminals ever, and aftershave.Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern, and Catherine O'Hara star in Home Alone.Trailer: 
Undercover cop John Kimble is used to dealing with the dregs of the criminal underworld. They steal, they're obsessed with death, and he's always striving to keep them under control. Now he's dealing with the same issues... from a group of five year olds. Kimble has to go undercover as the most unlikely of kindergarten teachers to save the life of a mother and son while trying to stop one of the worst criminals he's faced.Arnold Schwarzenegger, Penelope Ann Miller, and Pamela Reed star in Kindergarten Cop.Trailer: 
It's Bleek's band and he won't have it any other way. Shadow's not putting up with that anymore, though and makes it pretty clear he's angling for everything Bleek has: the band, the girl...Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, and Spike Lee star in Mo' Better Blues.Trailer: 
When a bunch of inept Martians mistakenly think they've missed the invasion of Earth, they arrive on Halloween night just in time for Big Bean, Illinois's rebroadcast of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds. Chaos ensues thanks to the lack of intelligent life in the universe and the Martian empire's penchant for micromanaging their navy.Douglas Barr, Royal Dano, Ariana Richards and Gregg Berger star in Spaced Invaders.This concludes our "Time & Space" Month which also includes Back to the Future Part III and "Star Trek The Next Generation: The Best of Both Worlds."Trailer: 
When Captain Picard is kidnapped and assimilated into the IKEA Börg collection, Commander Riker must grab his allen wrench and learn to get along with Commander Shelby so they can complete the bookcase that will stop the Börg before they can destroy Earth.Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner and Michael Dorn star in Star Trek The Next Generation: The Best of Both Worlds.This continues our "Time & Space" Month which also includes Back to the Future Part III and Spaced Invaders.Trailer: 
Last time Marty got back from the past just in time to head to the future where he would need to go back to the past in order to save the present. When Doc Brown was lost in time he needed to go further back in the past in order to bring Doc to the present... future... wow. This is heavy. Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Thomas F. Wilson and Lea Thompson star in Back to the Future Part III. This kicks off our "Time & Space" Month which also includes Spaced Invaders and "Star Trek The Next Generation: The Best of Both Worlds"Trailer: 
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water... 45 years later it's still just as terrifying. Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss star in Jaws. Trailer: 
Dick Tracy has worked to put Big Boy Caprice behind bars for good and he might finally have the chance to do it. He'll have to take on the entire gang of goons while balancing his relationship with his girlfriend Tess Trueheart.Warren Beatty, Al Pacino, and Madonna star in Dick Tracy.July is “Crime” month, which includes: The Godfather Part III, Goodfellas, Miller's Crossing, Quick Change and Dick Tracy. 
Grimm and his friends just pulled off a daring bank heist and are going to make a clean getaway... if they didn't live in New York City and need to get to the airport on time, that is.Bill Murray, Geena Davis, Randy Quaid, and Jason Robards star in Quick Change.July is “Crime” month, which includes: The Godfather Part III, Goodfellas, Miller's Crossing, Quick Change and Dick Tracy. 
Tom Reagan is willing to become a human punching bag to protect his friend and mob boss, Leo. In the process, he sleeps with Leo's girl Verna, pretends to kill Verna's brother Bernie, gets double-crossed at least four times, and we get to witness Leo — an "artist" with a Tommie gun — unleash a hail of bullets with the accuracy of a cross-eyed Imperial stormtrooper. Gabriel Byrne, Albert Finney, John Turturro and Marcia Gay Harden star in Miller's Crossing. July is “Crime” month, which includes: The Godfather Part III, Goodfellas, Miller's Crossing, Quick Change and Dick Tracy. 
Ever since he was a kid, Henry wanted to be a gangster. Personally, I wanna be an airborne ranger. I wanna be put in danger... but that's a different kind of club. Henry enjoys the allure of the gangster life for a while, but eventually it catches up with him and threatens to destroy his life and family in the process. Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro and Lorraine Bracco star in Goodfellas. July is “Crime” month, which includes: The Godfather Part III, Goodfellas, Miller's Crossing, Quick Change and Dick Tracy.
Michael Corleone is getting too old for this stuff. He's worked to keep his family safe and the business legit, but every time he thinks he's out... you know the rest. Complicating matters is his nephew Vincent who is interested in overseeing the less-reputable parts of the family business... and he's interested in Don Corleone's daughter.Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Andy Garcia and Talia Shire star in The Godfather Part III.This kicks off our “Crime” month, which includes: The Godfather Part III, Goodfellas, Miller's Crossing, Quick Change and Dick Tracy.Trailer:  
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