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31 Thoughts: The Podcast

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Jeff and Elliotte discuss Canada's legalization of marijuana and how it might impact pro sports and larger society, as well as the NHL's stance on the subject. Former NHLer and co-founder of Athletes For CARE ( Riley Cote joins the show to talk about his advocacy for weed and his usage while playing.

Also, Connor McDavid is carrying the Oilers on his back, Auston Matthews is making history and what it really means that Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas went to Switzerland to further negotiations with RFA William Nylander. All of that plus #Ask31.

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Outro Song: Mike Edel - 31

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Comments (5)

Joel Brideau

about 30 min too long

Oct 18th

Jeremy Leduc

Fnally back

Sep 27th

Tim Cestnick

Ya, you gotta know that was tongue in cheek when Jeff said that was the intro

Jul 8th

Andy Martin

I love the 1hr intro. Welcome to 31 thoughts

Jul 6th

Gordon Witt

Great to have a hockey podcast actually be about hockey for the entirety of the show. Marek and Friedman are excellent hosts. Really enjoy the interviews with people within the industry.

Feb 21st
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