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Top Gun (1986)

Top Gun (1986)


During the summer of 1986, Tom Cruise entered the Danger Zone and flew movie audiences up with the best of the best.  Come join us as we give the behind the scenes stories with the US Navy's Top Gun program, the actors and actresses that became stars from this film, and the ultimate crash and burn of Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer.  We also cover the iconic soundtrack!  Now, its time to Buzz the Tower!  Great balls of fire! See for privacy information.
In 1977, fueled with the power of the Bee Gees and tremendous disco songs, the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack was released.  Since its release it has sold more than 40 million copies showcasing the pinnacle songs of the disco era.  In this episode we discuss the incredible success of the album, the rise, fall and revival of the Bee Gees and celebrate songs that make you want try to understand the New York times effect on man.  Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin' and get the wings of heaven on your shoes for this episode! See for privacy information.
This week we tackle the fourth best selling albums of the 1980s!  This album contains iconic top ten hits from the 50s, 60s and 80s but the stories behind the music will blow you away!  This week we run the gamut covering triumph, tragedy and true crime.  We even sprinkle in tidbits from the Beach boys to early hip hop as we cover the best selling soundtrack of the 80s!  Nobody puts Surely in a corner! See for privacy information.
Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother you will enjoy this week's podcast matching up two pop culture nuclear bombs!  This week we dive into the fascinating stories of the production, release and legacy of these two iconic films.  You might not have the wings of heaven on your shoes and you may not be able to lift your dancing partner high in the air, but you can still join us and have the time of your life! See for privacy information.
In 1977 Disco got a second life after the surprise success of the film "Saturday Night Fever".  This pop culture nuclear bomb also made John Travolta a movie star.   Similarly in 1987, "Dirty Dancing" was surprise success that vaulted Patrick Swayze to A list movie star.  Join us as we celebrate the 45th and 35th anniversaries of these iconic, impactful movies.  We discuss their beginnings, the castings and the incredible stories behind the scenes!  It'll make you feel like dancing! See for privacy information.
In 1982, Duran Duran released their second album, "Rio".  Sparked by wonderful, catchy pop songs and fueled by some of the first creative videos on MTV, the album would make them superstars.  Join us this week as we venture to Anitgua, Sri Lanka and everywhere in between to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of the album, while exploring the stories behind the making of these ageless songs and videos.  Don't say a prayer for us now.  Save 'til the morning after! See for privacy information.
When Duran Duran hit the airwaves of MTV in 1981 it was a marriage made in heaven (despite having the first video banned by MTV).  Join us as we discuss each of the Fab Five, how the ended up as the house band at the Rum Runner and ultimately how they took America by storm in 1982.  Along the way they dated famous women, were the favorite band of a Princess, gave us one of the best Bond songs of all time and were nearly collateral damage in an international assassination plot!  Save a prayer and stay for their ultimate comeback in the 90's.   See for privacy information.
The guys in Toto, who may have done more to shape the sound of the 80's than anyone else, set out in 1982 to make an album with a "produce hits or else" mission.  The album that they released, "Toto IV" (reaching its 40th birthday in April of 2022) includes some of the most enduring songs of that generation.  Join us as we take a deep dive into the stories behind songs like "Africa", "Rosanna" and "I Won't Hold You Back" and why they still endure today.  We also also discuss the production of the Thriller album on which they played and the tragic premature death of the leader of the band, Jeff Porcaro.   See for privacy information.
Toto is one of the great under appreciated bands in all of the 80's.  While playing as session musicians they impacted countless albums and artists before creating some of the most unforgettable 80's classics themselves.  Join us as we take a deep dive into their history, discussing the crazy stories along the way, the famous people they impacted along the way, before ultimately ending up in a make or break situation before their smash, "Toto IV" and possibly the most viral song from the 80's! See for privacy information.
Fifty years ago in 1972, modern cinema was changed with the release of "The Godfather".  In this episode we will continue our conversation discussing and comparing "The Godfather" vs. "The Godfather Pt 2" vs. "Goodfellas".  Join us and weigh your own opinion on which of these is the great.  Just remember, always keep your mouth shut and never rat on your friends! See for privacy information.
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  This week we tackle some of the greatest movies of all time as The Godfather reaches it's 50th anniversary!  We will discuss the incredible behind the scenes stories and the amazing efforts it took to get these films made.  We will discuss the cast (including one of the best casts ever assembled) and the what ifs involved.  Join us as we tackle these epic groundbreaking movies! See for privacy information.
Near Next to Perfect on Rotten Tomatoes?? Do not watch The Batman until you have checked out this episode! We have put together all the background info you want, seen the movie, and will give you the full review including our judgment on how this Batman ranks up next to Batman '89 and The Dark Knight! Hear everything you need to know before you see The Batman. #TheBatman See for privacy information.
We are back again with bats in our belfry for episode 3 of our comparison of Batman (1989) vs. The Dark Knight (2008).  In this episode we wrap up our discussion covering the key composers, picking apart the problems that we have with each movie, and finally giving our final judgement!! See for privacy information.
Oh we've got a live one here!  Which of these classic iconic 80's Batman movies do you like most?  In the episode we dive into the casting of both movies and the drama and controversy that that caused.  (Beetlejuice as Batman, anyone?!). We also take a look a what could've been with different personnel.  The stories will give you a grin, again and again! See for privacy information.
Have you ever danced with the Devil by the pale moonlight?  This episode we tackle the Caped Crusader and his nemesis, the Joker!  We discuss a little bit of Batman comics history, how comics became mainstream and how Batman '89 came to be.  Join us for Episode 1 of 3, as we discuss all things Batman and Joker!   We may even discuss 2022's "The Batman"! See for privacy information.
We are less than a month away from the world's biggest sporting event, The Super Bowl!  Some people watch for the football, some people watch for the commercials, and some watch for the iconic musical performances (and the mishaps that sometimes happen).  Join us on this bonus episode as we break down and discuss the best, the most iconic and the most infamous musical performances in Super Bowl History (and who we want to see take the stage next)! See for privacy information.
In 1985 the Chicago Bears were the biggest, baddest, meanest football team in the NFL so they decide to rap, sing, and dance in a music video! Join us as we revisit the "Super Bowl Shuffle" 36 years after its release! We ain't here to cause no trouble... See for privacy information.
Oh Fudge!  Home Alone and A Christmas Story are holiday favorites now but how did they do during their initial run at the theaters?  We will dive into the stories behind the production and ultimate performance at the theaters.  After that we will give our final judgment between these two along with our ranking of the five Christmas movies/shows that we have covered so far during this, our season finale. See for privacy information.
"A Christmas Story" and "Home Alone" have become some of the most beloved holiday classics of all time!  They are both played relentlessly during the Christmas season.  This week we dive into the stories behind their creation, the actors who almost got the parts (some of the names are incredible) and their battle to get to the big screen.  It's the time of year to eat junk, watch rubbish and listen to part one of this podcast! See for privacy information.
In 1986, Run-DMC, along with visionary producer Rick Rubin, changed the face of popular music by fusing Rock and Rap in the game changing "Walk This Way" remake.  This song, along with other classics on this album, cemented rap as a genre that was here to stay for generations to come.  Join us on this episode as we explore the stories behind the songs from Run-DMC's groundbreaking album, "Raising Hell"! See for privacy information.
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