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The pinnacle of infotainment! Crazy stuff you didn’t know about the greatest movies and music of the 80’s, 90’s, and beyond. Hilarity ensues as a research professor and a pop culture savant are pitted against each other in a debate to determine what entertainment icons of film, music, and games are the best of the best of Generation X.
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During the summer on 1984 you couldn't go anywhere without hearing Ray Parker's chart topping hit, "Ghostbusters" and every store in the mall sold Ghostbusters gear! In this episode we talk about the single biggest risk for Ivan Reitman, the three crazy Gremlin rules and just what was going on with Dan Ackroyd and the floating ghost??Join us for part 2 of our breakdown of these supernaturally funny blockbusters.  Are you the Key Master? See for privacy information.
On June 8, 1984, two of the greatest and first and most iconic comedy/horror movies were released side by side. Join us as we discuss the stories behind their creation, production, casting, and behind the scenes details that will blow your mind. Who you gonna call? Whoever it is, don't feed them after midnight! See for privacy information.
Huey Lewis and the News hit it big with their third studio album "Sports".  It seems like everyone had a copy of this album during the summer of 1984.  This album had 5 tops 40 hits, great hooks, sweet harmonies and a heart that's still beating!  Join us today as we go track by track and discover the amazing stories behind the creation of this album and it's iconic songs.   See for privacy information.
Before Huey Lewis and the News' breakout album, "Sports" became only one of five total #1 albums of 1984, the hand a long and interesting journey.  Join us as we explore the days of young Huey the athlete, how he first realized he could earn a living by playing harmonica in Africa and how rock and roll earned him enough money to buy a passport and return to the US.  The stories of how this local bar band  went big after hiding their album from the record company will blow you away!  Let's go back in time! See for privacy information.
In 1984, Bruce Springsteen released his most successful album of all time "Born in the USA" that includes an incredible 7 top ten hits.  Jump in with us as we explore the history of the album and the stories behind the songs.  We will discuss this album's impact on MTV, Vietnam Veterans, Courtney Cox, a Will Smith show and yes, even Jean-Claude Van Damme.  Turn down the lights because we will be dancing in the dark! See for privacy information.
We kick off our deep dive into the Summer of 1984 with the Boss, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  That summer started a global sensation of what became known as "Bossmania".  "Born in the USA" was a commercial and critical success, but it was a long (thunder) road to get there.  Join us as we take a brief look at the history of Bruce and the band and what it took to get there.  It takes more than just a "hngry heart"! See for privacy information.
The Price is Wrong, Bob! (TV Edit) Welcome back, everyone, for Part 2 of the Golf Comedy Championship! We return with our friend, Adam Weinrib, host of the SportFire Podcast to continue our discussion on Caddyshack vs. Happy Gilmore. Don't forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button, so you can catch our series on the Summer of 1984 starting next week! ...Well??? We're waiting!! See for privacy information.
Hey, you want to make $14 the hard way? Join us and our guest host, Adam Weinrib, of the SportFire Podcast as we discuss the two greatest golf comedies of all time. We will dive into the creation and casting of both of these iconic movies on our journey to determine who win the Gold Jacket and who will win the free bowl of soup. See for privacy information.
Which of these masterpieces will win the day? Join us in our final episode in the Get a Grip vs No More Tears as we deep dive into No More Tears track by track, then give you our final decision as to which of these two albums we think is the best. If you haven't hear the episodes leading up to this one, go check them out! Don't forget to subscribe!!! See for privacy information.
The History of OZZ

The History of OZZ


Some blokes from Birmingham fascinated by the occult and people's interest in scary movies develop a brand new genre of music. Their lead singer, Ozzy Osbourne, becomes the Godfather of Heavy Metal. But, the Great and Powerful Oz must fall in order to rise! Come listen to the stories of Black Sabbath, Ozzy, and his triumph leading up to the album No More Tears. Check out last weeks episodes on Aerosmith and Get a Grip. And join us for the next episode where we examine No More Tears track by track and give our verdict as to which album is better. See for privacy information.
In 1993, the kings of 70's Rock put the stamp on their return to the top of the rock world with the release of the incredible "Get A Grip" album.  In this episode we go track by track, exploring the stories behind the songs and the impact that they had on pop culture.  We also discuss how this album influenced Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood and others while helping launch the careers of several young actors!  It's crazy and amazing! See for privacy information.
Born in Boston in the early 70's, Aerosmith was a force with which to be reckoned.  With a charismatic lead singer, gifted musicians and great songs, what could go wrong?  Join us a we descend into the drug fueled decline, their unlikely resurrection and a song that changed the face of rock and rap.  Walk this way with us for this and other stories that lead to 1993's "Get A Grip"! See for privacy information.
Join us for part 2 as we head to Aspen and discuss the classic 90's comedies "Dumb and Dumber" vs. "There's Something About Mary".  In this episode we continue our deep dive behind the scenes with more stories about shooting locations, secret romances and alternate endings.  We will also give our final judgment between these two movies.  So you're telling us there's a chance!   See for privacy information.
In 1994 the world was introduced to Bobby and Peter Farrelly, brothers from Rhode Island, and their zany brand of humor.  This was also the year that many woke up to the humor of Jim Carrey.  The two combined forces creating the funny, memorable (and heartfelt) comedy "Dumb and Dumber"!  In this episode we compare it to the equally memorable "There's Something About Mary".  Come with us on a behind the scenes trip examining what it took to get these comedies made and cast, how they could've looked (Nic Cage anyone?) and their lasting legacies. Which of these 90's comedies do you enjoy more?  We LIKE THEM A LOT! See for privacy information.
Who wants to live forever?  That line shared by both "Flash Gordon" (1980) and "Highlander" (1986).  Grab your katana, hop on the nearest rocket cycle and join us for our second part podcast on these two cult classics and find out which of these Queen movies is a favorite of the actual Queen!  Just don't make us get out the bore worms! See for privacy information.
Space adventures and fantasy films became the rage after Star Wars hit the screens in 1977. How do these two cult classics stack up against each other? How about the amazing soundtracks, both composed by Queen? The stories about the creation of these two movies must be heard to be believed. Flash (a-ah) or Highlander? There can be only one! See for privacy information.
The game that turned Space Invaders on its head. Join us as we discuss Defender compared to the other great games of 1981 and tell you how we would spend our 5 quarters on these amazing games! See for privacy information.
How some college undergrads took on a video game giant and won, then took the greatest video game of all time and made it BETTER! Come relive the glory days at the local arcade with us as we discuss a game that we have loved to play since 1981, Ms. Pac Man. She's still looking good at 40! See for privacy information.
Listen to hear how one young woman's courage led to the success of one of the greatest arcade games in history. Plus the music, the ways to die, and a very special high score. Grab your quarters and join us in our series of the greatest video games of 1981! See for privacy information.
1981 was the greatest year ever for stand up arcade games. That year saw the release of the game "Galaga" which took the foundation laid by "Space Invaders" and combined the colors and sounds of "Galaxian" to make an all-time classic. Join us as we take a deep dive into its creation and pull back the curtain on some behind the scenes stories you've never heard! Challenging Stage is next (just don't shoot your own ship!). See for privacy information.
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