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A daily new briefing covering the latest in Ethereum. Tune in for updates about the world's second largest cryptocurrency, covering decentralized finance, layer2 technology, web3 infrastructure, NFTs, governance, and security.

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Quick Take Adidas enters into web3 with a teased partnership with BAYC, PUNKS Comic, and Gmoney. ConstitutionDAO’s $PEOPLE token surges to a new ATH of $0.169 despite the DAO’s closure. marks the first NFT marketplace to launch on Optimism. Zapper Finance surpasses 1 million MAUs and $10 billion in total transaction volume.   Read more:
Quick Take Crypto Twitter debates over leading L1 solutions amid rising transaction fees. DeFrag launches a lending protocol for NFT loans backed by put options. Polygon submits a proposal to deploy Uniswap on the Polygon PoS network. Rarible launches a messaging feature that lets users communicate directly on the marketplace.   Read more:
Quick Take ConstitutionDAO loses the auctioned U.S. Constitution to Citadel CEO Ken Griffin. TIME Magazine adds ETH to its balance sheets from a partnered deal with Galaxy Digital. Aave launches its institutional arm Aave Arc to provide a regulated sandbox for DeFi. Connext Network adds support for bridging to Optimism directly from other sidechains and L2s   Read more:
Quick Take ConstitutionDAO raises over $40 million. StarkWare releases StarkNet Alpha 4 on the Gorli testnet. ConsenSys raises $200 million at $3.2 billion valuation. Polygon commits $1 million to Gitcoin grants.   Read more:
Quick Take NFT aggregator is now live for all users. Saddle Finance reveals the launch of its $SDL governance token and airdrop. OKEx, Houbi Global, and will add support for direct fiat off and onramps to zkSync. Polygon reveals plans for Polygon Miden, a STARK-based EVM-compatible Rollup.   Read more:
Quick Take Paraswap launches $PSP token airdrop, but less than 2% of wallets on the exchange are eligible. MetaMask works with Ledger and releases fix for Chromium connectivity issues. Uniswap adds support for single basis point liquidity pools to help reduce slippage on stablecoins. Argent releases Argent X, its first StarkNet browser wallet.   Read more:
Quick Take Ethereum Name Service (ENS) launches its public token airdrop to more than 137k wallets. Matter Labs raises $50 million in Series B funding for its zK-Sync scaling solution. Coinbase releases a fully standalone Coinbase Wallet browser extension. Across Protocol launches an Arbitrum to L1 Ethereum fast bridge. Apple CEO Tim Cook admits he owns Bitcoin and Ethereum.   Read more:
Quick Take Axie Infinity launches “Katana” DEX built on the Ronin side chain. Loopring surges amid speculation of GameStop NFT marketplace partnership. Nethermind adds composability support to its Warp EVM to Cairo transpiler. Immutable partners with instant gaming company Playco to support NFTs across mobile games.   Read more:
Quick Take Ethereum Name Service (ENS) launches a DAO and governance token airdrop to .ETH domain holders. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) will offer Ethereum micro futures starting December 6th. MakerDAO releases the Dai Direct Deposit Module (D3M) on Aave. Coinbase has launched Bitcoin-backed loans of up to $1 million without a credit check.   Read more:
Quick Take Investors of dog-themed project AnubisDAO were rugged out of $60 million. Cream Finance was hacked for $130 million, marking the protocol’s third hack this year. Uniswap surpasses $500 billion in total trading volume. DevconVI is planned for Fall 2022 in Bogota, Colombia.   Read more:
Quick Take CryptoPunk #9998 has sold for 124k ETH via a flash loan purchase. Joe Biden’s $1.85 trillion spending package extends the constructive sale rule to cryptocurrency. Ethereum’s Altair upgrade deployed smoothly with over 95% validator participation. ImmutableX partners with ESL Gaming to launch CS:GO NFTs on Ethereum.   Read more:
Quick Take Mark Zuckerberg announces Facebook will now be called Meta. Coinbase becomes #1 most popular application in the U.S. App Store amid SHIBA rally. Nifty Gateway launches an NFT aggregator to cross-list NFTs from other marketplaces. ETH stakers will be entitled to block rewards, tips, and Miner Extractable Value (MEV) after the merge.   Read more:
Quick Take SuperRare hits $34 million in monthly trading volume. SuperFarm launches NFT marketplace built on layer2 platform ImmutableX. 600k ETH has been burned since the implementation of EIP-1559. Arbitrum opens permissionless token bridging for all ethereum assets.   Read more:
Quick Take Reddit is looking for a Senior Backend Engineer to build its new NFT Platform. Mojito, the NFT commerce suite behind Sotheby’s Metaverse, raised $20 million in funding. Ethereum Altair’s upgrade is scheduled for October 27th. More than 50% of stakers have upgraded. The Weekend joins the board of directors for Tom Brady’s Autograph NFT platform.   Read more:
Quick Take Hacker steals 88 ETH in a mint scam targeting members of the CreatureToadz NFT Discord channel. Andrew Yang reveals a 1-of-1 NFT drop for his Forward Party campaign. Animoca Brands raises $65 million in new funding at a $2.2 billion valuation. WalletConnect releases WalletConnect Cloud, a new portal for developers to register APIs.   Read more:
Quick Take Facebook uses Coinbase Custody for its new Novi digital wallet. Coinbase announces a multi-year partnership with the NBA and WNBA. Martha Stewart cashes in with the launch of her own NFT collection. NY’s Attorney General orders Nexo and Celsius to cease operations amid securities claims.   Read more:
Quick Take Sotheby’s launches its own Ethereum-based NFT marketplace called Sotheby’s Metaverse. Intel will not lock out miners amid release of its new graphics cards. Ethereum Name Service metadata update includes refreshed NFT images. Hop Protocol bridge now supports ETH between layer2 networks. Read more:
Quick Take Coinbase revealed it will launch a Coinbase NFT marketplace in late 2021. Arbitrum will upgrade its network to Arbitrum Nitro, promising cheaper and faster transactions. StarkWare has partnered with Nethermind to build infrastructure elements for StarkNet. Yuga Labs, the artist behind BAYC, has signed a deal with music manager Guy Oseary.   Read more:
Quick Take Compound Finance has an estimated $150 million worth of COMP at risk of being exploited. Infinity, a decentralized NFT marketplace, launched offering an airdrop to OpenSea users. Coinbase has implemented EIP-1559 for 95% of its Ethereum transactions. Ethereum Name Service has added NFT support for ENS profiles.   Read more:
Quick Take MekaVerse marks the most anticipated NFT drop with over 172k registered wallets. Altair Beacon Chain upgrade is scheduled for late October. Validators are required to update client software. Cool Cats and CrypToadz NFTs reach their first million dollar sale. Ethereum-based blogging platform has opened up for all users.   Read more:
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