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A Tale of Two Hygienists Podcast

Author: Andrew Johnston, RDH - One of the Two Dental Hygienists

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Welcome to the world's #1 dental hygiene podcast! You will get up-to-date information with some real life application. Andrew and his panel of cohosts are exactly where you are, dental professionals looking to get better! We may not be experts, but we will do our best to get them on the show! Please rate and review us on iTunes or your favorite podcast app and enjoy the show!
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We talk a lot about the mouth and screening for oral cancer, but how does our work with controlling the mouth's microbiome impacting the risk for other cancers like colorectal cancer? Machell@rdhhealth
The conundrum we are currently facing is that dry mouth - xerostomia - isn't just "dry mouth", it is a wide range of severity and accompanying symptoms. We cant treat everyone the same, and we are learning that the products from 20 years ago, maybe aren't keeping up with the symptoms manifesting in today's patient. What should we do? In this episode we answer some key questions: What is the prevalence of dry mouth in our patients; how often should we expect to see our patients presenting with them? Is there an increase in prevalence or just better clinical detection? What are the top reasons people experience xerostomic effects? Do patients understand how much dry mouth they really have?  Water vs Lipid based products for our patients - which is better? How important is the role of the RDH in detection? Resources: @pharmacologydeclassifed on social media Our partners on this episode Aquoral -  
Anna, Heather, and Lizz are back with an episode that opens them up to whatever crazy questions the group might have for them! Join them as they give their best responses! RDH Rant:  
We continue our myofunctional therapy series this month with a focus on children. Heidi Giasson and Leslie Farrin return to talk about screening and assessing, treatment, unique cases, nasal breathing and so much more.  Resources: @myo2health on insta Leslie- Heidi- Paula- Youtube video mentioned in the episode: Finding Connor Deegan  
Pediatrics can be a cornerstone to many practices but RDHs don't always love treating them. Val Dangler joins us today to talk about what happens in the DSO setting and what you should expect. Contact Val: Sonicare Support Materials -
Listener Mail! In this episode we hear from Cindy Midgett who heard a recent episode on becoming an educator at a traditional RDH program, and wanted to let people know of another option in education in case that setting isnt for you. Give this episode a listen about CTE (Career and Technical Education) program career options! You MUST watch this video! Contact Info: Cindy Midgett, M.ED, RDH, CDA, PHDHP LinkedIn @cindy midgett classroom account on Instagram is @mbit_dentaloccupations Personal Cell 610-297-2057 Personal Email School Email
Today is a continuation of last weeks episode where we talk about the foundational moments of a babies life that can shape the anatomical features and future habits of adults. Huge thank you to Heidi and Leslie for bringing amazing topics to the table and for connecting us with Paula Norcott. Be sure to check out the show notes for their contact info! Resources: Link to CE Test: @myo2health on insta Leslie- Heidi- Paula-
Pediatrics, Surgery, Restorative, Perio... so many times to use local anesthetics but how much should we be using? Is less more? Be sure to check out what Tom Viola is up to by visiting or email him -
New Podcast Alert! Tina Clarke and Kim Augustus have a newer podcast called RDH Coast to Coast. It's in video format on Spotify and YouTube and they tackle the tough questions facing the professionals of today! Be sure to check them out! Reach out to them! Podcast: RDH Coast to Coast on Spotify and Youtube Tina: @teachertina on all socials Kim: @bloomrdh on all socials
Today is an interesting discussion because it is foundational to everything that we see as dental professionals. We are talking myofunctional therapy but with babies. I am joined today by Leslie and Heidi again but they also brought in Paula Norcott who works as a lactation consultant. We covered lots of topics and it was such an interesting conversation that we broke it up into two episodes. We talk about what the evaluation looks like, whether the issues are mechanical or anatomical and what is happening causing the issues to arise, we talked about body work and what that means. Resources: Link to CE Test: @myo2health on insta Leslie- Heidi- Paula-    
Cavities are for dentists, perio is for the RDH, right? Unfortunately lots of people people actually believe this! There is no room to just stay in our lanes on this one so please listen to Katrina Sanders as she answers, "Do cavities affect periodontal disease?" Resources:More Fast Facts: Katrina Sanders Website:  Katrina Sanders Instagram:  Loesche, W. (2007). Dental caries and periodontitis: contrasting two infections that have medical implications. Infectious disease clinics of North America, 21(2), 471-502.
On this episode Andrew Johnston, RDH talks about the level of influence clinicians have in their own operatory. We don't need to rely on the person who has the most clicks or the most likes, we can rely on ourselves to get our patients happier and healthier.
Welcome to the first part of the Myofunctional Therapy Series of 2024. Heidi Giasson and Leslie Farrin join me to lay down the baseline conversation about this space. They are doing really cool things, they are collaborative with healthcare professionals from other spaces, and really want to help everyone out. Be sure to reach out to them! Contact Info: @myo2health on insta  
What do you do when you're sick? There is an expectation that you will just power through it and get to work but ethically you should NOT be spreading disease. That is a tough one... In this Ask The Experts we cover recovery time - is getting plenty of rest and fluids really helpful?
How are you getting along this new year? Any goals or resolutions for you? This week Heather, Lizz, and Anna talk about some great ideas to think about! RDH Rant:
In this episode we chat with Cindy Gaskill, RDH about what her experiences were like being an educator. She answers questions about salary and benefits, work/life balance, pathways, educational requirements and more! If you wanted to reach out to her, you can email her -  
We know we are supposed to educate our patients on how periodontal disease impacts our heart health, but how do we approach the subject, where do we start? How about endothelial dysfunction which leads to arterial disease. Machell joins us this week to give you the talking points you need so grab a pen and paper to be sure you take notes! Reach out to Machell -
In this episode we welcome in Amber Auger, RDH to talk about risk assessments (starting around minute 10). Before that, we catch up on what its like to be a KOL, how to develop yourself and how to partner with great companies like VOCO.  In addition to perfoming the risk assessments, we need to be prepared to treat what we find and has so many options to care for your patients so a special thank you to them for their partnership on this episode! If you have questions for Amber be sure to check out her website or find her on Instagram @amberaugerrdh  
How do we get our patients to buy the products they need or commit to the procedures they need to have performed? Join Andrew Johnston, RDH for 6 tips to help you help them.
It's not easy getting older... said every old person ever. One of the responsible things to do as we age is to work with a doctor and a team of specialists as needed to keep your health in check. This week's episode, Andrew did just that. He got some bloodwork done for the first time ever and had a friend join him on the podcast to discuss the results.  Megan Barnett is a valuable resource, please reach out to her if you have any questions or would like to see if you can partner with her on your own health journey!  CE For this episode - ***This is not medical advice, only your doctor can diagnose and treat you***
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Elizabeth Irving

Thank you for this information! I am in pain most days and even after a month off my I feel what hygiene has done to my body. I will be looking at the publications you discussed.

Apr 24th

Alysa Jordan

Could we get a podcast relating to the COVID-19 . With Hygienist being the #1 at risk job it's only right. Thank you a concerned Hygienist.

Mar 16th

Maritza Britton

100% my go to dental podcast! Such fantastic formation from very motivating professionals 😊

Nov 13th
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