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Each week join Retired Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell, Melanie Luttrell, and Producer Hunter Juneau as they’ll take you into the "briefing room" to chat with incredible guests who share their greatest never quit stories. This humorous, heartfelt, and entertaining podcast is changing lives and has become a beacon of hope and resilience to those who are facing the impossible. One of the best ways we can support our community is to share their stories so that we might inspire others to Never Quit.
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From Service to Trauma to Triumph. In this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, Marcus brings to the table Mack Alexander, who persevered through a traumatic brain injury while serving in Special Operations as a Navy SEAL. He was medically retired after an injury while deployed in Africa. Mack initially turned to leather crafting as a therapeutic activity following his injury. His creations started with repurposing old belts from the Salvation Army into dog collars. However, his trajectory changed when a former teammate requested a belt for an upcoming deployment. Drawing from his military experience, Mack designed a belt he knew could meet the demands of an operator's life. The quality and durability of his belts gained widespread popularity, setting the stage for the inception of Mack Belts. His commitment to quality and patriotism he sourced his materials exclusively from the United States and started Mack Belts.  At the core of every handmade Mack Belt are vintage American-made machines, some of which date back to 1940 like this Brown & Sharpe automatic screw machine below. These resilient machines, with their sturdy steel frames and timeless designs, are more than historic; they embody a time when meticulous craftsmanship was the norm, and these vintage marvels are the machines that guard the legacy of Mack Belts. Mack embarked on a mission to become the new leader of the American belt industry. In a world dominated by mass production and dwindling quality, Mack Belts emerges as a beacon of American craftsmanship, blending heritage with innovation under the visionary leadership of Mack Alexander. Join us this week as we delve into Mack's inspiring journey from Navy SEAL to founder of a burgeoning belt company, rooted in patriotism and dedication to quality. In this episode you will hear: • If I was gonna give my brother something, it had to be perfect, because with a charge, if it’s not built correctly, somebody gets hurt or it doesn’t work. (1:16) • The attraction of the SEAL Teams – Did you have what it takes to make it through that training. To be in a group of men like that doing what we do, was like a dream. (13:06) • No matter where you are in life, grab a mentor, and then when you get to that place where you think you can give back, be that mentor. (17:35) • In a [one] year time frame, I had 3 pretty bad TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injuries). (28:54) • [Due to] post concussive Syndrome, I kinda lost my mind. (29:25) • I got to a point where I didn’t want to live anymore because my purpose – I wasn’t ever gonna find it out there. (32:55) • The first time you see an American service member who’s give his life for freedom, with an American flag covering his body coming home – and you’re standing watch over him – that American flag means something completely different after you’ve experienced that. (33:18) • You gotta be grateful. I have a second chance at life, and I need to make the most of it. (34:31) • I went from hero to zero. I went from this dude with a title and status, and here I was living in the back of my truck. (37:44) • I try to love everybody and anybody that I can, and try to be that good example and be the change I wanna see. (38:31) • Leathercraft felt good to me. I’m a Breacher, and high RPM machinery gets me jacked up, there’s no peace there for me. (44:50) • I created a lot of my own problems because I was just a mess, on a bunch of pills and kinda off my rocker. (45:23) • With $41, and I’ve hit a million dollars in revenue. (58:11) • Everything bad I had to go through, led me to where I am right now, which is sitting in a chair in front of Markus Luttrell. (60:51) • When I buried my old self and put on this new way, and rebuilt on the word, everything fell into place. (61:25) • I put John 3:16 on every box. (62:37) • God has a plan for my life. He’s put this passion in my heart & given me this skill. (66:24) • I was redeemed by putting my faith in Christ. (66:54) Socials:   -   - macks_belts   -   - team_neverquit , marcusluttrell , melanieluttrell , huntero13   - Sponsors:   -          -   -   -   - [TNQ]   - [TNQ]   -   - [TNQ]   - [TNQ]   -   - [TNQ]   -
Thriving Across Sea, Air, Land, and Space. In this week's Team Never Quit episode, we are honored to host a true hero of our time, Captain Chris Cassidy. With a decorated dual career as a U.S. Navy Captain (SEAL) and NASA Astronaut, Captain Cassidy's journey across the sea, air, land, and outer space is nothing short of inspirational. Captain Cassidy shares his remarkable journey from the U.S. Naval Academy to becoming NASA’s 15th Chief Astronaut. He delves into the transition from serving as a member of the U.S. Navy SEALs to embarking on spaceflight missions, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and perseverance in the face of challenges. As a proven leader of diverse teams, both in the military and at NASA, Captain Cassidy provides invaluable insights into effective leadership. Drawing from his experiences as a commander of the International Space Station and various military deployments, he highlights the significance of collaboration, communication, and developing trust in achieving common goals. Captain Cassidy empowers the never-quit mindset and supports others on their journey to success. He emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community and serving as a source of inspiration for future generations. As we look to the stars and beyond, his story serves as a reminder that with determination and leadership, anything is possible. Join us for an unforgettable conversation with Captain Chris Cassidy, as we explore the depths of the ocean, the heights of space, and the limitless potential of the human spirit. In this episode you will hear: • Looking for a way to pay for school is what led me to the Navy. (5:58) • In a small town in Maine, people play football and soccer, and Friday the season ends, on Monday basketball starts, and when that season ended, baseball started. (6:41) • I didn’t even know [the SEALS] were a thing. I just knew I could be in the Navy and they would help me pay for college. (7:18) • If it’s the head of human resources voice you hear [on the phone], you’re not gonna be an astronaut, but if it’s the chief astronaut, like the commanding officer, then it might be a good call. (23:01) • Come to work with a good attitude and grind, and you’ll be asked to do things, and doors will open. (26:47) • I wanted to go to space. It was really that simple. Once I got selected, I just wanted to do my first mission. (29:11) • If you don’t have a little pucker factor, you don’t understand the physics that are going on behind you. (34:15) • A rendezvous to the Space Station is kinda like that line drive throw. We have to launch at exactly the right moment when the Space Station is in the perfect spot in the sky, so that we rendezvous together. (38:43) • When you land on water, it might be softer, but the mission is not over until you’re on the ship. (45:21) • [After a space mission] you’re very uncoordinated, very wobbly, very unstable. We’re not allowed to drive a car for 2 weeks, or ride a bicycle for2weeks. It takes about a month to be normal again. (45:47) • If you have a fire, you gotta put it out. If you can’t put it out, you close hatches, and isolate compartments. If it overcomes the whole thing, you gotta leave. (50:04) • There’s no air molecules around you, so, if you kick, you’re not pushing against anything – there’s no force to react against. (53:38) Sponsors:   -          -   -   - [TNQ]   - [TNQ]   -   - [TNQ]   - [TNQ]   -   - [TNQ]   -
In this week's Team Never Quit episode, Marcus dives into a fascinating discussion with our special guest, Chris Gothro. With an impressive 40 years of combined service, including 26 years in active military duty, Chris brings a wealth of experience and fascinating stories to the table. Chris's journey began in the US Navy, where he served in various critical roles. With a focus on force continuity of operations and critical infrastructure protection, Chris operated under an active DOD Secret Clearance, highlighting the gravity of his responsibilities. As a Logistics Management Specialist for the Naval Special Warfare Command, Chris navigated the intricate logistics web of one of the most elite branches of the military. Rising through the ranks to become a Master Chief SEAL, Chris's expertise and leadership were instrumental in managing the undersea mobility program, a role that demanded precision and strategic planning. Throughout the episode, Chris regales us with captivating tales from his time in service. From seemingly ridiculous operations to high-stakes missions, each story offers a glimpse into the dedication and ingenuity required in the world of military service. As a Master Chief SEAL and logistics specialist, Chris delves into the intricacies of leadership and effective management, offering valuable lessons for leaders in any field. Join us as we uncover the world of government service with Chris Gothro, a true testament to dedication, service, and the pursuit of excellence. His stories inspire and enlighten, offering a glimpse into a world few have the privilege to experience firsthand. In this episode you will hear: • The guys [SEALS] are smarter, more well prepared, built harder and ready to go from day one. (28:01) • I did 40 years combined government service. I did 26 active duty.(30:28) • Frog Men – if they’re smart – when they get into trouble and get caught. If you’ll say these mortal words – and the officers will laugh at this – “Well, XO, it seemed the logical thing to do at the time, but in retrospect I see the folly of my decision-making and I will stand accountable for my actions. (36:03) • “Okay, you had your fuck up, prove it’s a hiccup and it’s not a habit, because if it’s a habit you’re gonna be very short lived in this community. (36:51) • “I love being a team guy.” (40:21) • [Melanie] Can you walk us through that bank robbery?” (54:24 – 56:40) • [Marcus] We’re on this race track, and there’s 3 cars – side by side. We’d be driving down this track at full speed, and then they’ll be like: “You got shot – you’re out. And he would lean on the steering wheel while we’re racing and we’d have to pull him into the back seat. Meanwhile, the other guys are shooting us with paintballs. (60:35) • Don’t be that guy that has the only information. Pass it on to everybody so everybody knows. (64:08) • The combat swimmer – no bubbles. You don’t want to be seen. You don’t want to have bubbles come up. (66:49) • His [Marcus’] Trident award was the last one awarded by the team. (70:28) • [Marcus] “You’re not allowed to touch a Trident or go near one. (74:40) • Chris’ involvement with Red Wing (84:44 – 99:00) • I’ve got some good news, and bad news. Bad news is we’ve gotta tough job and there’s no way around it. You’re the junior guy and it gonna fall on you. The good news is you’re a perfect fit for it. (101:53)    Socials:   - team_neverquit , marcusluttrell , melanieluttrell , huntero13   - Sponsors:   -          -   -   - {TNQ]   -   - [TNQ]   - [TNQ]   -   - [TNQ]   -
The Power of Perspective. Join us for a deeply moving and inspirational Team Never Quit episode featuring Mason Sawyer, a resilient individual who has faced unimaginable tragedy with unwavering strength and purpose. Mason's personal and professional life blossomed as he married his high school sweetheart, Kortni Atkinson, and embarked on a journey of education and coaching. After earning his college degree, Mason returned to his Alma Mater, West Jordan High School, as the head coach of the Varsity Basketball team while Kortni pursued her Nursing degree. In the summer of 2021, Mason's life took a devastating turn when his family was involved in a fatal car accident in St. George, Utah. The accident claimed the lives of his brother, nephew, wife, and two of his children, leaving only his son Blue as a survivor. This unimaginable loss shattered Mason's world and altered the course of his life forever. Despite his grief, Mason has devoted himself to raising his son, and honoring the memory of his loved ones. Inspired by the 10/90 Principle—believing that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond—Mason has channeled his pain into a mission of helping others. He has launched a podcast, "The10ninety," and emerged as a compelling public speaker, sharing his message of resilience, hope, and the power of perspective. Join us as Marcus and Mason discuss the journey of tragedy, resilience, and profound transformation, and discover how Mason continues to inspire others through his unwavering courage and commitment to living the 10/90 Principle.   Socials:   - 10ninetyrule   - masonsawyer91   -   - team_neverquit , marcusluttrell , melanieluttrell , huntero13   - Sponsors:   -   -   -   - [TNQ]   - [TNQ]   -   - [TNQ]   -   In this episode you will hear: • I’m very much in the thick of my grief still… (7:04) • [My dad used to tell me] I have you, and your brothers and your sisters, and your mom. I have it all. That’s kinda what I had to shape my perspective. (10:54) • The number one thing. That’s what makes someone rich is good quality relationships. (11:09) • Being a good dad – That’s the number one, best, quickest way to make a difference in this world. (17:02) • A big dust storm got kicked up, and it just covered the highway. It caused a 22 car pileup and it killed 8 people. And 5 of those 8 people was my family. (21:54) • We were high school sweethearts. I never dated another girl. She was it. (31:15) • You wake up, and you get your ass kicked today. You’re not gonna get any of ‘em back. You’re gonna lose, but you still fight on. It the best you can do. (38:23) • That’s why I love the whole buffalo metaphor. The buffalos know they’re gonna get their ass kicked. But they get the good shit with the storm. The cows that run away from it get the snow or the rain or the shit part of the storm. But like if you embrace it, yeah you’re gonna get fucked up, I’m not saying you’re not gonna get hurt, but you’re also gonna get the benefits of it. (38:54) • You’re never gonna get to those good parts, if you run away from the bad parts, ‘cause the bad and the good are located in the same spot. (39:52) • If you’re running from the pain, you’re running from the growth. (40:02) • [Marcus] Oh, by the way, you and I also got the death penalty. That’s the only way we check outta here. (41:28) • [Marcus] You wake up, and you have a bad day or a hard day - -that’s gonna remind you how good your good ones are. (49:07) • Your life – it doesn’t mean anything. It’s up to you to make it something. (56:47) • That’s the point of life – handling shitty moments the best you can. (57:57) • I learned that opportunity can come from the absolute worst thing. (60:25)
Life's Precious Second Chance. In this week's powerful episode, we are honored to have former Royal Marine Toby Gutteridge, an extraordinary individual who defied the odds after being paralyzed by a shot through the neck during a night raid in Afghanistan. Paralyzed instantly with a shattered C2 vertebrae, Toby's survival was miraculous. He details the harrowing moments, the support of his colleagues, and the grueling journey of rebuilding his life. Toby battled mental health issues, but his determination led him back to education, earning a first-class business degree at Bournemouth University. Reflecting on the fragility of life, Toby expresses gratitude for his second chance and emphasizes the preciousness of every moment. Toby's resilience extends to entrepreneurship, as he founded an extreme sports clothing brand that echoes his optimistic outlook on life—finding light even in the darkest times. Tune in to this episode to witness Toby Gutteridge's remarkable journey from the battlefield to rebuilding a life filled with purpose, determination, and a profound appreciation for the precious gift of life. Socials:   - Bravery_UK   -   - team_neverquit , marcusluttrell , melanieluttrell , huntero13 Sponsors:   -   -   - [TNQ]   - [TNQ]   -   - [TNQ]   -   -  In this episode you will hear: • When I left South Africa, I was so determined, come hell or high water, I was gonna get into the British Marines no matter what. (13:11) • My determination was a lot higher than probably 80-85% of the recruits. (15:47) • As a Royal Marine, it was a reality check. All of the sudden, the movies and all that goes out the window, and reality kicks in. (16:58) • Where the Hilos landed, there was no cover, and they left us there. It was as flat as a pool table. We couldn’t go back; we couldn’t go left or right; so the only thing we could do was a full frontal assault on this compound.  [We] Just showed the enemy what we’re made of. (34:10) • [As we broke through a door] They just opened fire on the first team that went through the entryway, and I happened to take a round through the neck that hit me square in the spinal cord, and that was me – lights out. (44:45) • The next thing I remember was waking up probably about 3 months later. (46:36) • [My recovery was] hell on earth, man. (46:47) • You’re fighting for your survival, fighting for your life, using everything you’re got, just to not give in. (47:14) • They couldn’t do an MRI because of the metal that was still stuck in my neck. (49:06) • I spent 12 months on my back, staring at the roof. (57:28)  • I’m not be the man to let the team down let the legacy of who we are down. I’m not gonna be that soldier. (58:57) • I think my brothers in arms – the support I got from them – is what probably got me through it. (60:24) • I just crossed a point where I decided I’m gonna make the best of it.  (60:59) • It’s inspired the next generation of Special Forces Operators to go “Damn, look what these guys have done. Look at that legacy they left behind.“ (62:02) • I lost all my physical capabilities, but I still have my mind. (63:31) • I put all my energy, all my focus into education. (66:15) • [Marcus] That SF attitude they put inside of us when we get in there is a game changer. (67:38) • A big part of being in the SF world is being brave, and facing challenges. (70:45) • Living life to the max. That positivity, spinning that into people – is what the brand is all about.)  (71:55) • Live life to your fullest, because you never know when it’s gonna be taken away. (73:41)
Navigating the Legislative Landscape. Welcome to the Team Never Quit Podcast with your host, Marcus Luttrell. In this week's episode, we dive into the intricate world of the House of Representatives with our special guest, and Marcus’ twin brother, Morgan Luttrell, the dedicated representative from District 8. Join us as Morgan sheds light on the inner workings of the House, providing valuable insights into how laws and bills are crafted, the collaborative efforts involved, and the day-to-day functioning within the hallowed halls of Congress. Ever wondered how things actually get done in the House of Representatives? Morgan provides a behind-the-scenes look at the strategies and negotiations that take place, offering an insider's perspective on the art of getting things done in the complex world of politics. Learn about the various stages and committees involved in shaping legislation, and how representatives like Morgan play a crucial role in this intricate dance of democracy. Morgan opens up about the challenges faced by representatives and the triumphant moments that make the journey worthwhile. Discover the highs and lows of navigating the political landscape and advocating for the needs and concerns of District 8. Whether you're a political enthusiast or just curious about the inner workings of government, this episode is sure to leave you with a deeper appreciation for the democratic process.   Socials:   - mojoluttrell   -   - team_neverquit , marcusluttrell , melanieluttrell , huntero13 Sponsors:   -   -   - [TNQ]   - [TNQ]   -   - [TNQ]   -    In this episode you will hear: • Everything I say is Morgan’s opinion. It’s Morgan’s perspective. (6:24) • Candidate Morgan is different now because I have such a depth of what actually happens in the halls of congress. (7:21) • You have to convince all the other members about what you think. (8:58) • I’ve had conversations where the individual on the other side of the table is like “I don’t want a border. I don’t care about laws on the border. Anybody that wants to come across and plant a flag has the right to do so.” Those conversations happen. (10:16) • It’s not Morgan representing the entire country. It’s Morgan representing District 8. (13:10) We create appropriations bills, and appropriations bills fund the government. (14:31) • I’m doing every single day – as hard as I can – to move laws in order to protect the people of Texas. (32:53) • We have a spending problem. The process itself works, if you realize you can’t spend more than you have. (33:58) • Learning to be a congressional member. You have to understand your role. (57:26)  • It can get interesting on the committees. (61:16) • I tried never to get hit in my blind spot. I tell my staff: “Don’t ever let me get caught off guard. I don’t want to embarrass the district.” (61:30) • I want House Resolution 2, the Border Bill to come across from the senate. And I want this to be signed by the President, so we can enforce it. That’s primary goal #1. (65:22) • [Melanie] Q: How long do you see yourself as a congressman? [Morgan] A: 3 terms. (66:17) • They chose me, and I’m doing my absolute best to widen the road that those went before me paved. (68:25) • After I leave - if somebody was to say anything about me, the response that I’d be honored to hear would be “I wish he was still here.” (70:12)
Unveiling Stories of Courage and Adventure In this week’s Team Never Quit episode, Marcus and Melanie sit down with Eric Blehm, an acclaimed author whose storytelling prowess has carved a niche in the realms of adventure, courage, and the human spirit. With a track record that boasts New York Times bestsellers and accolades like the National Outdoor Book Award, Blehm's narrative skills have captivated readers across the globe. A groundbreaking moment in his journalistic career was in 1999 when he became the first journalist to accompany and keep pace with an elite Army Ranger platoon, setting a milestone in American war journalism. His immersion with the Special Operations community led to gripping accounts, including the story of eleven Green Berets who changed the course of history in Taliban-held southern Afghanistan just weeks after 9/11 (The Only Thing Worth Dying For). Fearless and Beyond delves into the inspiring story of Naval Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Adam Brown, showcasing resilience in the face of addiction and devastating injuries. Eric's storytelling prowess extends to Legend, an account of the U.S. Army’s 240th Assault Helicopter Company and Green Beret Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sergeant Roy Benavidez. In his latest work, The Darkest White, Blehm returns to his mountain roots to recount the life of snowboarding’s original superstar, Craig Kelly. The book explores Kelly's journey from being the sport’s first true professional to his tragic end in the powdery backcountry that initially drew him to his calling. Both Fearless and Legend are currently in the process of being adapted for film by major Hollywood producers and studios, attesting to the cinematic appeal of Blehm's storytelling. Join us for an episode filled with riveting tales of courage, adventure, and the human spirit as Eric Blehm takes us behind the scenes of his extraordinary storytelling career. Socials:   - ericblehmofficial   -    - team_neverquit , marcusluttrell , melanieluttrell , huntero13 Sponsors:   -   - [TNQ]   -   - [TNQ] In this episode you will hear: • I want to not only hook a reader with something interesting, but I want to give them a reason to finish the book. (7:15) • I always try to get some sort of a cliffhanger, something early on that will keep someone reading. (7:20) • If someone comes back and asks me where this sentence came from, or where this quote from, • I want to have an answer. (9:18) • I would rather have a hole in my story than fill it with bullshit. (9:46) • Some stories that are very true cannot be told true, because certain people don’t want shit told. (11:01) • At some point in your life, you’re taken away by a story.  (12:24) • I wanted to be a pro snow boarder in the 80s. (13:26) • I do not even know the whole story of how Lone Survivor came together. (23:44) • [Marcus] When it was time to do the movie, I got to live with [Director] Peter Berg. (26:41) • I was chatting with one of [Ted Nugent’s] bandmates. [I asked] Is it true that he will only shoot something he eats? And he said “It is absolutely true. Sometimes I wish he’d shoot a salad.” (34:57) • To die a hero [Adam Brown] with all those skeletons buried. (37:29) • People often ask if there’s a common thread to all these special ops or operators, and it seems to me that everybody has overcome something already. Someone once said: “Children of Adversity.” (37:40) • A woman will change a man’s religion and his politics. (39:58) • There’s 2 heroes in Fearless: Kelly Brown and Adam Brown. (41:13) • [Melanie] Now you get the Trident when you graduate BUDS. (44:05) • There’s a certain personality that the SEALs have. They are people people. It’s very much a mental game. (48:26) • There’s always a choice between making something “Wacky Hollywood” vs “This is what really happened.” (52:04) • Roy Benavidez was a real badass. He’s the one person I’d want beside me if I was surrounded by the enemy and running out of ammo. (53:04) • You {Marcus] are a household name, and people look to you as someone who stands for America. (95:39)
From Navy SEAL to Entrepreneur: Jeff Gum's Journey of Perseverance, Purpose, and Sungas Welcome, friends to this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast with your host, Marcus Luttrell. In today's episode, Marcus has the honor of hosting a true hero and inspiring individual, Jeff Gum. Jeff is not only a former US Navy SEAL with two deployments to the Middle East but also the founder of Sunga Life, a swimwear and athleisure brand that goes beyond fashion to support causes close to his heart. Jeff takes us on a riveting journey from his ten years as a US Navy SEAL to his entrepreneurial venture with Sunga Life. Hear about the challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned along the way. Supporting Forgotten Heroes: Adaptive Training Foundation: As a board member of the Adaptive Training Foundation, Jeff sheds light on the incredible work being done to empower amputee and spinal cord injury veterans and civilians. Discover how these individuals undergo training and embark on transformative experiences through mountain and ocean therapy. The Power of Persistence: Overcoming Challenges in SEAL Training: Jeff shares a personal story of resilience during SEAL training, where he faced significant health challenges but persisted, ultimately graduating with a group of elite SEALs. Learn how the mindset of never quitting has shaped his approach to business and life. Sunga Life: More Than Swimwear - A Lifestyle Brand with Purpose: Explore the evolution of Sunga Life from its roots in the Brazilian Sunga to a comprehensive lifestyle brand. Jeff discusses the brand's expansion into 4-way stretch board shorts, silkies, and shirts, and how it has become a symbol of freedom and confidence. Championing Veteran Causes and Charity Challenges: Jeff's commitment to supporting veterans extends beyond his business. Dive into his involvement in epic charity challenges like the Hudson SEAL Swim and his role as a scientific master diver with the Force Blue Team, where former special operators work alongside scientists for ocean conservation. The Urgent Need for Veteran Support: Jeff passionately addresses the lack of support for veterans post-service, emphasizing the importance of community and a sense of purpose. He discusses the factors contributing to veteran suicides and advocates for governmental planning to keep skilled individuals engaged and active. Follow Your Bliss: Jeff's Inspirational Advice: Jeff leaves us with words of wisdom inspired by Joseph Campbell's philosophy: "Follow your bliss, and doors will open." Learn how being true to oneself and pursuing what makes your heart glow can lead to positive change, both personally and in the world. Thank you for joining us on this powerful episode with Jeff Gum. Be sure to check out Sunga Life and the incredible veteran foundations he supports. Remember, being your own person and creating positive change starts with embracing your uniqueness. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe, and leave a review. Until next time, be the light in the darkness and inspire others on their journey. Socials:   - jeffgum , , pewuniversity   - team_neverquit , marcusluttrell , melanieluttrell , huntero13 Sponsors:   -   -   -   -  In this episode you will hear: • [In BUDS] I’d always make the decision: “I’m not coming up for air until the task is done. (3:25) • I can’t just go and have a normal job. I need the biggest challenge in order to be fulfilled. What’s the hardest thing I could do? And I became obsessed with hell week. I almost wanted to do hell week more than be a SEAL (16:55) • I told everyone I wanted to be a SEAL, and then, a year and a half later, 9-11 happened and it just reaffirmed it 100-fold. I don’t want to go be a Navy SEAL to do hell week, and learn how to skydive and scuba dive, and blow stuff up and shoot guns, all these really bad-ass things. I wanted to do it to hunt the most evil people in the word, and make sure 9-11 never happens again. (17:33) • I will never, ever quit. (34:43) • [Kyle Maynard –has no arms or legs - and I] start talking. We become friends. We start hanging out a lot. I start bringing him in to speak to my students and motivate them. We traveled around the world together. I took him diving at the Great Barrier Reef, climbed the highest mountain in Australia and went to 20-plus countries with him. (70:07) • I was having major [back] issues. Even trying to do basic workouts it would pop and go out on me. I went to Columbia to the bio accelerator, and they did stem cells in my spine. I’m like a new person after that. (74:40) • I swam Alcatraz, and swam it in one of my Sungas. That was the coldest swim I’ve done. (94:55) • I’m a board member for the Adaptive Training Foundation in Dallas, helping with athletes. After 9 weeks of training - spiritual, mental, physical. Literally, they perform miracles there.  They’ve been 20-30 years and haven’t walked, and at the end of 9 weeks they’re walking. (97:06) • I never felt so much love and gratitude for everyone who’s been in my life. Of all the people I could’ve been born to and I was born to my mom. All the siblings I could’ve had, and I had my sister and my brother. It was hard to think of my dad and brother without being sad because I miss them so much, but it made be so unbelievably grateful for the time I had with them. (102:10) 
Transforming Smiles and Lives: A Conversation with Sherri Reuland. Welcome back, faithful listeners, to another exciting episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast with your host, retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. Today, we have a truly inspiring guest joining us - Sherri Reuland, a remarkable individual making a significant impact in various fields. From her work as an Orthodontist to her involvement in charitable efforts like the Boot Campaign, a non-profit organization supporting military veterans and their families. Learn more about the incredible initiatives of the Boot Campaign and how Sherri contributes to making a difference in the lives of those who served. Sherri is also the author of the JIC (Just in Case) book. Tune in as she discusses the inspiration behind the book, its purpose, and the valuable lessons it imparts. The book is not only a guide for emergency preparedness but also a testament to Sherri's commitment to helping others lead safer, more secure lives. Sherri's diverse interests also extend to the world of film, where she is involved in an exciting project promoting the benefits of Ibogaine. Learn about her investment in this promotional film and how she sees it as a platform to raise awareness about the potential therapeutic uses of Ibogaine. Don't miss this insightful conversation with Sherri Reuland, and be prepared to be motivated to make a difference in your own unique way! Subscribe, share, and join us next time for another engaging episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast. Socials:   - silverpickranch_   - team_neverquit , marcusluttrell , melanieluttrell , huntero13 Sponsors:   -   - [TNQ]   -   - [TNQ]  In this episode you will hear: • We wanted to use our collective skillsets to find a way NOT to start a charity or to raise money, but to start a movement - a campaign about putting yourself in their [veterans’] shoes. Empathy – how do we connect with this community we don’t know a lot about. (15:29) • Our goal was to exploit them [our veterans] in the benefit of the military. (24:24) • A lot of the executive functions of my family fall on my shoulders, and I thought “I’ve got to write so much down, [thus the JIC Book was created] because if something happens to me my family is gonna be very, very lost.” • My son has a lot of the entrepreneurial spirit. (57:05) • I bought the land and a car wash; invested a little bit in new equipment, and then turned my son and three of his friends loose on it. They had to understand customer service, and how to be polite, and they did it flawlessly. They learned how to grow up. (57:44) • I think that we are facing a mental health crisis. Then I see this Ibogaine - It has applications to treat a very large spectrum of symptomology. (62:57) • I’m investing in a film that’s gonna tell the story about the beginnings of Ibogaine. (64:04) • My role in this is to bring awareness to some of what the research is showing. And to get it known and seen by people who can make a big difference. (69:09) • [Marcus] It gets to the root of what’s bothering you - Not all those layers you’ve put in there, or that other people put in there, or that life’s put in there. (70:46) • [It’s] absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me. (71:27)
Join us for this week’s exhilarating episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast as Marcus sits down with Randy Beausoleil, a true American hero and former Navy SEAL of 34 years. In this gripping conversation, Randy shares insights from his remarkable mission to Panama, where his mission was to take down dictator and drug lord, Manuel Noriega, by blowing up his boat. Listening to Randy’s compelling, firsthand story offers a glimpse into the mindset that defines a warrior. Discover the principles of teamwork, adaptability, unwavering determination, and the mental toughness required to navigate high-stakes situations. Listening to Randy reveals insights into the discipline, focus, and resilience that set Navy SEALs apart, and be inspired by how these principles can be applied to everyday challenges. Unleash Your Inner Warrior: Tap into your own inner warrior spirit. Whether you're facing personal challenges or striving for self-improvement, Randy's insights provide a roadmap for unlocking your full potential.   Sponsors:   -   -   -   - Follow us!   - In this episode you will hear: • You’re gonna make it no matter what happens. You just have to believe. And the Navy doesn’t train that into you. (12:45) • In order to make it through BUDS, you gotta believe you can do it. (13:32) • People quit when they don’t believe. (15:48) • The work is being miserable, cold, wet, tired. You still have to perform. (18:37) • Hell week is what separates us from the rest of them [other Special Forces]. It gives you a weird mental ability that no other training can give you. (19:50) • Everybody compares themselves to SEALS. SEALS don’t compare themselves to anybody else. (20:35) • We have to train so hard that no matter what we do, we’re way better at it than anyone else. (23:59) • When we do actually go into combat, combat is easier than the training. 24:09) • My desire was for their best interest [as an instructor]. We’re gonna train hard, but we’re gonna stick together. You need to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. (29:46) • You need to be training everybody that is below you to replace you. (34:59) • As the leader, I’ll help who needs help. (37:29) • I don’t want to talk specific tactics because there’s still guys on active duty deploying those tactics. I don’t want the enemy to hear it. (50:22) • [Marcus] If you close your eyes and drop underwater, you know how many kicks it takes to get 100 yards. (51:46) • Okay, this is why we’ve been doing what we’re doing. We’re getting on the C141, and that night, we’re getting in the water and we are diving on these boats. (67:05) • If something happens, it’s my fault. If we didn’t get there, it’s my fault. If we got compromised, it’s my fault. I’m not gonna sit there going “it’s his fault.” (77:00) • Once we go in the water, it over, that boat is blowing up. (79:46) • There has to be a level of finality to whatever you’re doing. If I don’t do this correctly, things aren’t gonna work out so well. (130:37)
Welcome back, loyal listeners to another episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast!  Join us as Marcus and Melanie sit down for a conversation with wounded warrior and U.S. Navy SEAL, Joey Hahn. Having lost his mother at 4 years of age to cervical cancer, his father was unable to care for him and his two siblings, and they were placed in foster care where they lived in dozens of homes across Texas until he graduated high school. Despite the turmoil in his life, Joe graduated third in his high school class, earning multiple scholarships to attend Texas A&M University to pursue a Biomedical Science Degree. Joe was attending college when the 9/11 attacks occurred. He enlisted and spent 13 years in the United States Navy as a Special Operator First Class (SEAL). He deployed multiple times in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and he then deployed three more times to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and to other undisclosed locations worldwide.  During two separate freefall workups for specific missions and deployments, Joey was catastrophically injured, shattering his left and right legs individually. Each injury required several surgeries and months of recovery time before he was able to return to his unit. After two more deployments, the extent of his injuries was discovered, requiring more surgeries. Unable to fully recover and having sustained several TBI’s from explosions and IED’s while overseas, Joseph Hahn was medically retired in 2017.  Joey currently subcontracts with various entities conducting training, personal security, and consulting while continuing to pursue his degree. Tune in and be inspired. Until next time, NEVER QUIT! Sponsors:   -   -   -   -   - Follow Us On Socials:    -   - Support Us On Patreon, and ask a question of the week!   - In this episode you will hear: • I can remember the day I got picked up [by CPS Foster Care]. I was in Kindergarten. (9:20) • The foster home that took me in was my baseball coach. (18:02) • I was constantly the new kid. My average stay at a home was 6 months. (20:38) • The whole image of 9-11 and the invasion of Iraq was all over the TV. Stuff like that ate at me, especially being young, able-bodied, male Texan. I kept thinking to myself I need to do something now if I’m gonna do it because I’m physically capable now. (26:36) • What attracted me to the whole community was combat diving. I loved water growing up. You couldn’t keep me out of a body of water: lake, pond, tank, trough. I was always trying to find a way to get wet. (32:02) • Growing up as a child, I didn’t have any connections to anybody. I rarely saw my actual brother. There was no consistency as far as people in my life until the very end of my foster kid career. (73:51) • I never really bonded with anybody until I went to BUDS. I can tell you everybody I went to BUDS with. They made a lifelong imprint on my life. (74:15) • The only way to survive this situation [in battle] is to be with your brothers, and be ready for it, but accept that death is a possibility. (76:15) • Instructors were telling us, “You’ve gotta be prepared to shoot somebody in the face. If you’re not mentally prepared for that, you’re in the wrong line of work. (78:28)
Buckle Up for Life: The Kailee Mills Foundation Story Welcome to another impactful episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast. In today's episode, we shine a spotlight on the crucial importance of seatbelt safety, exploring the heart-wrenching story of David Mills and his family. Their tragedy led to the creation of the Kailee Mills Foundation, a beacon of hope and advocacy for seatbelt awareness. The Mills family's tragic journey begins with the heartbreaking story of losing their beloved 16-year-old daughter in a car accident. This devastating event became the catalyst for change in their lives and ignited a passion for preventing similar tragedies, in memory of their daughter. Through educational programs, events, and collaborations, the foundation continues to make strides in promoting seatbelt safety and saving lives. We discuss tangible ways our listeners can contribute to the Kailee Mills Foundation's mission and promote seatbelt safety within their own communities. Join us as we honor the memory of Kailee Mills and support the Kailee Mills Foundation in their tireless efforts to make our roads safer. Every buckle can make a difference. Check out the foundation here: - Sponsors:  -  -  In this episode you will hear: • The whole Team Never Quit mindset started for me when we lost our daughter. Our 16 year old. It was at that point that I realized how short life is. (14:31) • A lot of my friends that were way less smart than me, weren’t as hard of workers as me, were doing way bigger things. I was like why can’t that be me?   That’s when I why decided to grow my company and things really took off.  At the same time, we were building a foundation in our daughter’s name. (14:48) • Even from a young age she [Kailee] could talk to anybody. She was like an adult, she would go into a room and make her presence felt. She was outgoing, bubbly, a light in a dark room. She had a large personality, a big smile, a loud laugh, and was larger than life. (19:26) • She also didn’t mind being the butt of a joke. (21:40) • It’s a parent’s worst fear – losing a child. (28:17) • Your odds [of survival in a crash] go up exponentially if you have your seatbelt on. (33:34) • I’ve never been comfortable with public speaking but I just felt like these kids [gathered at the crash site days later] needed to hear a message of how important it is to be safe in the car. (34:51) • I told ‘em you’ve gotta be selfish when it comes to your safety. (35:36) • Who do you buckle for at home that loves you that’s counting on you to make it home safe? (41:45) • I’ve done way worse, and got away with it. (63:14) • I’m shaving getting ready for the memorial service and I’m thinking to myself of all those stupid choices I’ve made and got away with, and I thought it’s not fair. I’m a Christian. What is the foundation of my faith? It’s the Lord’s Prayer - Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. (63:28) • I called him [the driver’s father] and said I want you to know that I forgive your son. I want him to know that If he wants to come pay his respects, say his goodbye’s We’re gonna welcome him with open arms. We’re gonna love on him. We’re gonna tell him it’s gonna be okay. We forgive him. (64:17) • If there’s somebody in your life that you’re holding hatred or a grudge on, just consider forgiving that person. (64:45) • Raising awareness is about creating conversations and reminding people what’s important. (72:12)
Welcome to this week's Team Never Quit Podcast episode! Marcus’ guest, Anthony Mortillaro, widely known as THASM, is a seasoned artist hailing from Queens, NY. With a colorful and creative journey, he has achieved international acclaim for his incredible work. Anthony has received commissions from notable figures: film-makers, actors, military heroes, and sports team CEOs. These collaborations not only showcase Anthony's artistic prowess but also highlight the diversity and impact of his craft. Anthony runs an online art gallery on ETSY, aptly named THASMgallery. Boasting over 30 five-star reviews, the gallery is a testament to Anthony's exceptional skills and the quality of service he provides. Beyond his artistic endeavors, Anthony has a fascinating background. After a successful career in the United States Navy, he retired and now calls Norfolk, VA, home, where he resides with his family. His journey from military service to a thriving artistic career is sure to inspire and captivate. Join us for an insightful conversation with Anthony Mortillaro as we delve into his artistic evolution, memorable commissions, and the unique intersection of military service and artistry. This episode is a blend of inspiration, creativity, and the triumph of following one's passion. Don't miss out! Socials:  - THASMgallery.     * Check Instagram for giveaway rules! Sponsors:   -   - In this episode you will hear: • Not having a male role model led me in a different path. (7:17) • [Marcus] “at the very least, when I’m trying to be a father – at least I’m sitting there.” (7:43) • I was in more than 11 elementary schools. We moved around a lot. It was constant changing. Now that I’m older looking back - that wasn’t normal. (8:55) • [Graffiti] was our social media. Graffiti was an outlet to express and to cope. To escape reality. (11:33) I just did it as more as an outlook to get away from what was happening in the home front. And then it fast forwarded and wound up opening the door to other avenues that I wasn’t anticipating. (13:24) • This is the first time I’m coming out publicly that I was in the Navy. I never told anybody. (16:20) • …when he {Morgan Luttrell] stared at me, he stared into my soul with the thousand yard stare. (22:32) • It went from Graffiti to making a piece that actually shared a story. (24:57) • I think the paintings that I do will describe identity, a story, and express someone’s life. (27:48) • Joining the military – hands down - was the best decision. (34:15) • Partying became my own worse version of me. (34:27) • Things started smoothing out when I had a friend of mine actually start witnessing to me. (34:34) • I joined the military to better to better myself. Most people do. (35:08) • I believe Morgan [Luttrell’s] heart is bigger than his body. (37:06) • Money – it matters, buts not everything. (39:28) • Everybody goes through something. Everybody has that “now what?’ - That uncertainty. (47:36) • My kids don’t have a trident together, but they have their bond. (49:44)
Unleashing the Warrior Spirit with Clint Bruce In this week's episode, Marcus and Melanie are thrilled to host Clint Bruce, a former Navy SEAL and co-founder of Carry the Load. Clint brings a wealth of experience and insight into leadership, resilience, and the warrior spirit. Join us as we delve into his journey from the elite ranks of the U.S. Navy SEALs to his impactful work in professional football as well as the veteran community. Clint discussing the challenges, triumphs, and the mindset that sets these warriors apart.  As a successful entrepreneur and leader, Clint reflects on the leadership principles he learned in the SEALs and how they apply to various aspects of life. Discover his insights on leading with purpose, building high-performance teams, and navigating adversity. Clint co-founded Carry the Load, a non-profit dedicated to honoring and remembering the sacrifices made by military, law enforcement, and first responders. He explores how the warrior spirit isn't exclusive to the battlefield but can be applied in everyday challenges. Gain practical tips on fostering resilience, discipline, and mental toughness to overcome obstacles and achieve personal and professional success. Hear how he manages the demands of a high-stakes career while staying connected with his family. Join us for this powerful and inspiring conversation with Clint Bruce as we unlock the secrets of the warrior spirit and learn how to apply these principles to lead more fulfilling lives. Whether you're a leader, aspiring warrior, or someone navigating life's challenges, this episode offers valuable lessons for everyone. Tune in and unleash your own inner warrior! Sponsors:  - Socials: - IG: team_neverquit - Realclintbruce In this episode you will hear: • My gift is not being gifted. I’ve always had to figure it out. (13:15) • Being not good made me good. (15:12) • Leaders talk about what they don’t want to talk about, they say what they don’t want to say, they listen to what they don’t want to listen to, and they plan for what they don’t want to happen. And the willingness to do that is what makes them a leader. (16:44) • I’ve always wanted to a part of something bigger than me that scared me a little bit that I was gonna have to work hard to keep up with. (22:08) • [I went to the Naval Academy because] I wanted to take care of my family, and I wanted to see how good I was. (28:58) • I told my service academy coaches all the time: You got guys ready for war as much as you did football. You have no idea how many lives you saved on the battlefield, because of what you taught us on the ball field. (30:05) • I gotta go where it’s harder, because you’re gonna learn about yourself when you go where you don’t know. (33:23) • Ray [Lewis] stood up, and he grabbed me by both shoulders, and he said “Go be great! Go be great!” (33:38) • Think about what happens if you catch what you’re chasing. (35:04) • I love doing something where every day you don’t know how it’s gonna end, and if you don’t pick the right people along the way, you’re not gonna make it. (44:47) • One of the things I love about our community is that the mission’s bigger than any of us. (45:49) • When you lose people that you love sooner than you should, the worst thing you could ever do is waste the time you have that they don’t. (52:56) • My favorite weapon is a map. (53:32) • I define my life as having live on 4 maps: the ball field, the battle field, the boardroom, and the breakfast table. (54:23) • The business plan is real simple:             Psalm 1:27             1 Peter 5:6-7             Galatians 6:9             Proverbs 22:29             Proverbs 27:2 (60:56) • C4 stands for Career, Compete, Contribute, have a Catalyst. (66:54) • Who are you chasing? Who are you keeping pace with? Who are you pulling behind you? (87:40)
In this week’s Team Never Quit episode, Marcus and Melanie have the pleasure of hosting Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, a well-respected functional medicine practitioner and the founder of the Institute for Muscle-Centric Medicine®. Dr. Lyon is a leading expert in brain and thyroid health, lean body mass support, and longevity. Her insights into optimizing health and vitality are grounded in a wealth of knowledge and experience. She challenges the notion that becoming frail is a passive process, emphasizing the power of choice in shaping one's health and longevity. By identifying emotional, environmental, and psychological barriers to lasting health, Dr. Lyon guides individuals in designing personalized action plans and advanced nutrition interventions. Her philosophy revolves around the idea that vibrant health and longevity are achievable by unlocking one's potential for wellness through dedicated effort and personalized strategies. Join us in this enlightening conversation with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon as we explore the dynamic relationship between personalized health interventions and the foundation of an exceptional life. Learn how you too can unlock your potential for vibrant health and longevity. Sponsors: - -  In this episode you will hear: • I don’t make resolutions. I set standards. (1:34) • I never changed my direction. From 17 to where I am now, my direction never changed. I studied nutritional sciences. I was lucky enough to train under one of the world leading experts in protein metabolism. (10:46) • I was very unimpressed with the physical ability to be good at sports. (11:32) • I’ve always been interested in being of service. The worst thing someone could be is not be useful. (15:45) • I was always interested in being fit. (18:44) • I had this moment – “What the fuck are we doing?” You’re telling people to do these things, they’re following it, and we’re not telling them the right information. (22:12) • The biggest piece of advice as people are thinking about the new year: Don’t be surprised that you don’t want to go to the gym. Everybody is shocked. Plan for your weaknesses. (26:37) • There’s a lot of misinformation in the nutrition space. (27:33) • No, red meat is not killing the planet. (27:43) • Eat for strength. Everything else is a smokescreen. (27:45) • Policy, politics, money influences everything. (29:50) • There’s a lot of talk about eating for your blood type.  There isn’t evidence to support it. (35:46) • I take care of special operators, and early cancer detection. (49:54) • The other group of individuals are very entrepreneurial, motivated, mavericks, innovators, and moms. It’s an architect of a person. (50:23) • You wanna know our family motto? DBAP - Don’t be a pussy. (60:24) • This is about a mission that could change the narrative of medicine. (61:42) • Dr. Lyon’s Supplement recommendations: Mitopure (Urolithin A - a postbiotic), Vitamin D, Fish Oil, and a good multi-vitamin. 
THIS VIDEO IS ESSENTIAL VIEWING: A Leader’s Testimony Unleashing the Power of Transformation in the Depths of Darkness! | Mighty Oaks Testimonials POLARIS GROUP WEBSITE: POLARIS GROUP INTERNATIONAL INC is a dedicated organization committed to community service, emphasizing integrity and compassion, particularly in the realm of disaster relief. Our team comprises highly skilled veterans, including JSOC tier 1 operators and special operators, with extensive real-world experience. Focused on preserving lives, our missions unfold in challenging environments. Presently, we're establishing a forward operating base along the Ukrainian Poland border, featuring a comprehensive command operations center and logistics base. Our active missions encompass triage, evacuations for vulnerable individuals, security measures, and targeted humanitarian aid for orphans and children. By fostering a culture of empathy and lifesaving efforts, we aspire to inspire collective assistance, contributing to the overall well-being of those in need. In this week's episode of the Team Never Quit Podcast, join Marcus in an exclusive one-on-one conversation with Dennis Price, a USMC Force Recon, Scout Sniper, Ranger veteran, and the International Program Manager for the Mighty Oaks Foundation. With six military deployments and three stints as a Private Military contractor specializing in sniper/mobile DDM roles, Dennis brings a wealth of experience to the table. Having attended various Special Operations schools and served as the Head instructor for Field craft and stalking for the Army's Special Forces Sniper Course, Dennis shares his personal journey, including the difficult decision to end his military career to be close to his daughter battling two rare diseases. A devoted Christian, loving husband, and father of four, Dennis is also a martial arts enthusiast—engaging in boxing, Muay Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu, and actively participating in various tournaments. Tune in to hear Dennis's inspiring story of resilience, faith, and commitment. Sponsors: - In this episode you will hear: • If another man comes to me and tries to steal what is mine in front of my children, do I have the self-confidence to stop him?  I’m a man of violence. I know what I can do to him. Now I don’t have to back up in fear. (10:07) • I try to encourage males to take up Jiu Jitsu – anything – because you shouldn’t have to live in fear. (12:43) • If the only tool in the toolbox that you have is a hammer, then everything’s a nail. (14:43) • How do I say my story and not be too bible thumping. However I tell it, it leads to one conclusion. (17:03) • God uses war-torn warriors and exposes us to certain things and then uses us through Christ. (18:23) • We’re coming back here, trying to fit in; we came back to what we thought we left. (21:24) • Taking Christ out of the household, and taking the man out of the household is why we’re seeing chaos. (22:38) • On a dark night, I almost took my own life and that’s when I came to God and gave it all to Him. (26:21) • Guys like us come back and we’re looking for something to fill this void. Only a relationship with Jesus Christ and God will quench that thirst. (47:08) • My co-partner is a Green Beret. We teach “dual survivor”. Marine special operations, Army Special Forces; we teach of both of our experiences in combat, and we give you formal instruction. (65:47) • Alphas, when they walk into a room, they assess the possible threats. (76:24) • Speech made in anger will be the best speech you ever spoke that you’ll regret. (89:05 • Years of love are forgotten, in minutes of anger. (89:18)
Welcome listeners, to a special edition of the Team Never Quit Podcast. As we approach the end of another incredible year, it's time to reflect on the most powerful, informative, and downright motivating episodes that have graced our airwaves. From enlightening conversations with thought leaders to heart-pounding success stories that redefine what's possible, this recap is a celebration of the wisdom, inspiration, and transformative moments that have defined our journey together. We revisit the remarkable insights shared by our guests, the game-changing lessons learned, and the unforgettable stories that have left an indelible mark on our minds and hearts. Whether you're a longtime listener or joining us for the first time, we welcome you to the Team Never Quit Podcast. This is more than a recap; it's a celebration of the extraordinary, the enlightening, and the empowering. Sponsors: - Socials: - Team_neverquit In this episode you will hear: • I think something happens when you get to that age – they love sitting around talking, and I think there’s a certain age when you’re supposed to sit around and listen. (4:22) • When military people get together and names start getting dropped – when the civilian world and the military world clash, you hear about these guys that somehow, someway manage to get into every kind of environment. (5:11) • Get along with people but be yourself while you’re trying to get along with ‘em. That’s an actual skill set you have to have. (49:19) • For us, we just conversate - we get to know people, and that’s what our listeners come on for – to get to know who these people are, and get to know their stories. (50:03)
In this week’s incredible Team Never Quit episode, legendary bull rider and Netflix reality superstar Dale Brisby (How to Be a Cowboy) brings a brand of toughness, determination, fun, truth and faith to the table. From Facebook to Snapchat to TikTok, this guy has attracted thousands with his hilarious cowboy-lifestyle videos. Brisby is the self-proclaimed greatest rodeo cowboy on the planet, and shares an engaging conversation with Marcus Luttrell in the Team Never Quit studios. You’ll see pretty quickly that Dale Brisby is not your typical rancher. And you’ll hear - firsthand – how a future bull-riding rodeo comes to life at Dale’s Radiator Ranch. Dale Brisby: - - IG: dalebrisby Sponsors: - In this episode you will hear: • I didn’t come here to get hurt. I came here to hurt you. (1:43) • There’s 2 opposite ends of the spectrum in our community. What happened to me is the worst, and it lets you know how much we can take, and Robby’s [O’Neill] lets you know how great we can be.  (6:07) • I probably cost the taxpayers a lot of money. (6:35) • I remember walking onto a village and they’d never seen a white dude. You could tell by the look on their face. (9:09) • Short of ray guns, we got all kinds of toys. You can’t believe it. (9:45) • You look completely different when you climb on that bull. • I could give you the world, but if I don’t give you any discipline, you won’t own anything. (13:25) • When you step into the arena you’re supposed to be in, you light up. (14:00) • If you’re standing there and there’s someone taking pain with you, especially if there’s other dudes dying, and they don’t go anywhere, it changes everything. (20:02) • The greatest gift I ever got is when someone knows not only will I take pain with them – I’ll die with them. (20:10) • A little suffering goes a long way. (20:52) • Jumping on a grenade is the epitome of a servant’s heart, but he only had two seconds and that was his knee jerk reaction, because his brothers were in there. (21:40) • Most of our life is picking on each other. That’s how you know they love you. (24:26) • Once you get your ass kicked in the military - if you come back with a good attitude, that’s good. (31:28) • Jocko took his boys in there. He would go out in the daytime and run an American flag to start a fight. He was like “C’mon bitches. You wanna start a fight? I’m here.” (33:12) • The Navy owns us, but the Army and Marine Corps own the battle spaces, so when we get put in there it’s at the behalf of them. (34:35) • If God puts an elk within bow range of you that is God telling you that is your elk for this hunt. (39:38) • There is being humble, and then there’s being so humble you don’t use the gifts you’ve been given. (39:46) • We all appreciate each other’s world because we appreciate how hard something is. (40:22) • The perspective it (hell week) gives you in your life, is you can do anything. (43:54) • There’ll be some stuff you go through that’s simple for someone, but difficult for you. (44:34) • Everyone fails down here. That’s part of life. Get that out of your head. (45:55) • There’s a big difference between training to fight and actually being in one. (64:09) 
In this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, Marcus and Melanie are honored to have Cole Lyle, a passionate advocate for veterans' well-being and the driving force behind Mission Roll Call and the PAWS Act. Cole speaks of the experiences that led him to become a tireless advocate for veterans, including the inception of Mission Roll Call, shedding light on its mission to connect veterans with resources, support, and a community that understands their unique challenges. He also has been actively championing the significance of the PAWS (Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemembers) Act, which aims to provide service dogs to veterans struggling with physical and mental health challenges. Marcus and Melanie extend their heartfelt gratitude to Cole for his unwavering dedication to supporting veterans through Mission Roll Call and the PAWS Act. If you'd like to learn more or get involved, visit: Sponsors:   -   -   -  In this episode you will hear: • I’m a 7th generation Texan (3:46) • I actually joined the military straight out of High School. (7:03) • I was an Eagle Scout.  (8:11) • When you enlist, they give you a rank for it [Being an Eagle Scout]. (8:27) • I didn’t have a positive male influence except for my scout masters and football coaches. (9:11) • There’s a tangible benefit of having a group of people that come from all walks of life. You come from such diverse backgrounds, you forget all your differences and your bullshit to accomplish a mission. (10:35) • 67% of Gen-Z does not know a veteran or someone on active duty. (11:56) • That [Marine] uniform has gotten so many guys and girls. (15:05) • The majority of casualties in GWOT came from fuel convoys. (17:15) • Men and women get out, and they have to learn how to be an adult again. (25:53) • One night I spiraled down about that far away from being a suicide statistic. Another marine came and banged on my door. I was actually surprised that him banging on the door didn’t jerk my finger. (28:42) • My mindset went from ”I have nothing” to “I have the opportunity to do anything.” (29:05) • 2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. (29:16) • She [Kaya) was specifically trained to recognize when I was having a nightmare and she’d jump on the bed and lick my face, wake me up, and stay with me until my heartrate went down. Or she would recognize when I was having an anxiety attack and would do animal assisted intervention, where she’d get up in my face and distract me to keep the snowball effect from getting worse. (31:38) • You may have kids, you may have a wife that love you very much, but there’s something not wired right and you’re going down this path, so having a dog there you look down at the dog and think “this dog loves me.” (34:42) • Our connection with dogs is a lot like our relationship with God. (36:14)
In this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, Dr. Kirk Parsley joins Marcus in the podcast studio to share his journey from living a seemingly hopeless childhood, to becoming a Navy SEAL, to becoming a leading authority on the importance of quality sleep for overall well-being. Learn about the pivotal moments that led him to focus on sleep as a critical factor in human performance. Dr. Parsley breaks down the alarming statistics and dives deep into the sleep crisis and discusses the societal and medication-related factors contributing to the widespread lack of quality sleep, and the profound impact it has on physical and mental health. As a former Navy SEAL, Dr. Parsley understands the significance of peak performance. Discover his insights into how optimizing sleep can enhance cognitive function, physical endurance, and overall resilience. Dr. Parsley has dedicated himself to developing effective sleep remedies to address the challenges many face in achieving restorative sleep. He brings to light the science behind his remedies and how they can be integrated into daily routines for improved sleep quality. Whether you're a high-performing individual seeking optimization or someone struggling with sleep issues, this episode offers valuable insights to help you unlock the full potential of a good night's sleep. Sleep Remedy Link: - Socials: - kirkparsley - team_neverquit Sponsors: - -  In this episode you will hear: • I was terrible student my whole life. (5:10) • I got told I was stupid all the time; felt I was stupid but I was fast, strong and athletic. I used to get in lots of fights. (5:33) • Our families values were if you can serve in the military, you should. (6:10) • I didn’t have any good male role models. (6:21) • [My mom and stepdad] were married 8 years. I was grounded for 7 years and 6 months of that. (8:19) • I literally had my 3rd grade teacher yell to the whole class that I was the dumbest kid she ever taught in her life. (8:57) • My stepdad told me I was dumb every day. (9:03) • {After excelling academically in military training] I thought “Well shit, maybe I’m not so dumb after all.” (11:46) • They walked us around to the different SEAL teams, and they said, “Here’s your dream list; put down what SEAL team you want to go to. It was at that moment I realized, “I don’t know what a SEAL does.” (12:35) • I didn’t know I was getting paid. I figured they’re gonna give me a place to live, a uniform, a place to eat. What do I need money for? That’s how naive I was. (15:01) • [When I learned that the] military had its own medical school, I figured I‘d give back to the SEAL teams - I’ll give back to the community that made me who I am. (21:12) • Because I had been a team guy, and guys trusted me, 1 guy comes in [with a problem], then 2, 4, 6. Within a month I gad 100 guys come in telling me the exact same issues. I thought they were rehearsed. (24:01) • I got to learn a lot pretty quick, and learned a lot of non-traditional stuff. [Because] I can’t put people on prescription medication either. (25:19) • It turns out that Ambien destroys 80% of REM sleep. (20:04) • [Melanie] Q: So you have a branded sleep supplement? [Dr. Parsley] A: Yes. Doc Parsley Sleep Remedy. • This is the most vindicating story of my life. SOCOM hired me, and they had all of the healthcare providers in one room and I did a six hour lecture, and they still use it to this day. (40:18) • We need a pipeline [for veterans dealing with mental issues]. Right now the only pipeline is once people have the barrel in their mouth. (59:11)
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why don't you talk about current war in Israel? why do you pretend it is not happening?

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this is such an awesome interview

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This was a beautiful episode. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful heart-warming stories. From the jokes that Taya likes to play on others, to the tears that you two shared during the talks. 💗

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sorry Marcus. Love your show but cant stand jj watts views and what he promotes. Your too great a dude to have a AntiAmerican lefty like him on your show. Trump 2020

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this is one off very few podcasts I've actively gone back and listened to again.

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Mike Day... cause even Chuck Norris needs someone to fear.

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Just listened to the mamma. Great great interview. She is the bad ass in that family but as sweet as apple pie. Get well Mamma. Loved the stories and look forward to hearing more from you.

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Thank you for this episode! She is definitely a badass and such a great message of "I Can and I Will!" I needed this today, thanks!

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Ever wonder where the baddest men on the planet come from? The baddest women on the planet.✌

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What a moving story!!!!

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Travis Tripp

One of the best shows

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just lost some respect for this show after seeing a mike pence intvw. fuck that war mongering Israeli cuck

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God bless

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Love ya brother Gary

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amazing leadership and heroism

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One of the most motivating and amazing interviews! i couldn't stop listening!!

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Asian pussies

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