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Warrior Life - Tactical Firearms | Urban Survival | Close Quarters Combat

Author: Jeff Anderson

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Bullets, beans & band-aids baby! Oh yeah! If you love AR's, Glocks and freedom, then the Warrior Life podcast is for you. Each week, Jeff Anderson and his rag-tag team of hairy-backed mooks bring you "no b.s." tips, tricks, and tactics you can put to use right away from the world's top experts on tactical firearms training, urban survival, escape & evasion, and close quarters combat self defense. Plus - be sure to join us at for our free digital magazine and podcast freebie bonuses.
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The smartest preppers realize that you should constantly be reviewing your evacuation plan to find new, more efficient ways to level-up your gear and the actions you'll take when it's "go time" in a disaster. That why I love it when our followers and Academy members ask me to review their current prepping plans and offer my advice on ways they can upgrade their level of preparedness. And that's where I met Joshua, and in this week's show, I'll take you on a 10-point journey through the highlights of his plan so you can see where there may be some crossover with YOUR current plan - and give you some actionable advice that COULD just be the difference between you and your family reaching your Plan B bugout location safely... or being trapped with the other evacuees who were ill-prepared for the danger they didn't expect.
You and I both know that MOST people don't even HAVE a plan to respond with their families to a "forced evacuation" scenario. And for those who DO, the vast majority have never "tested" it to confirm its effectiveness. Well, last weekend, I had a chance to test my OWN bugout plan when I drove out-of-state trip to a firearms course I was attending with some other preppers. This week, I'll share what parts of my plan WORKED - and what DIDN'T work as expected - in the areas of my ROUTE SELECTION, PACKING PLAN, NAVIGATION, FUELING UP, and dealing with DEAD STOP TRAFFIC... so YOU can learn from my own test results.
Like most of the hairy-backed, knuckle-dragging, crotch-scratching men out there... I'm relatively hopeless when it comes to "fashion". But while I might not know the struggle of picking the perfect outfit that screams both 'chic' and 'I can handle myself,' I do understand that women face unique challenges when it comes to concealing a firearm for personal defense. You see, it's not just about finding the right holster or firearm. It's about being "armed" while remaining "elegant" - projecting confidence and "warrior-readiness" without sacrificing your femininity. Fortunately, for all the "women warriors" out there who follow our show, Natalie Strong is the perfect guest to help us unravel the mystery of fashion-forward, firearm-friendly attire for women.
The recent hostage situation in Israel, where Hamas terrorists have abducted nearly 200 men, women, and children has brought more awareness to the need to be prepared for any threats of being taken against your will. It may not be from a terrorist attack, but with 1 out of every 6 women facing forceable rape, child being targeted for human trafficking, or even entire families being held captive in their own home by sadistic home invaders, the danger isn't as far off as you may think. The skills you need to survive a hostage scenario aren't difficult to add to your Warrior Tool Box... but it does take a concentrated look at the dynamics of abductions to know what to expect... and a special set of tactics to escape your captors and evade them until you can make it to safety.
Whether it's a targeted attack by a flash-mob of violent rioters, or the spillover from a protest-gone-wild at a political event, the threat of being surrounded by the "enemy" and forced to escape and evade the area to get yourself and your family to safety is (unfortunately) a very real scenario these days. In this peek back into our archives, former LA street gang member, Marc MacYoung offers some unique escape and evasion tactics for urban environments that will give you a different take on this critical Warrior skill-set.
Happy Veterans Day to my brothers- and sisters-in-arms out there. This week's podcast episode is a deeply personal one for me and I have some unique stories to share with you that are going to highlight the positive impact that 3 very important warriors have made in my life, and in the lives of others - and share with you 10 lessons that YOU can take from these stories that WILL - I 100% guarantee you - make you a better protector and better prepared to live YOUR life like a warrior.
What does it take to be a "strong" man? Well, that's the question posed to a cop and two combat veterans by Lora Thorson, host (and strong female herself!) on the Defenders Live podcast roundtable. I'm not sure we have all the answers... but we all really opened up with our own personal experiences, the ups and downs, the wins and losses, and the challenges we face as "men" in being strong providers and protectors. Get an inside peek under the hood of some "strong men" (who aren't afraid to tap into their "soft man" side) and have a few laughs with us!
In the late 1700's, there was a unique group of colonial settlers who were specially-selected... specially-trained... and ready to beat feet out the door with their musket and pack at a moment's notice to protect the colony from threats. They were the best of the best... the Minutemen! To them, the threats we prepare for today - like surviving a grid-down blackout... defending our homes, families and lifestyle... home medicine and first-aid care... these were all just "daily living". And this week, I have a special guest who's just released a book that brings the skills and mindset of these early warriors to modern times, and helps us all tap into our OWN inner patriot to THINK and PREPARE like a modern day Minuteman.
It's a skill that's CRITICAL for first responders, or ANYONE who regularly finds themselves in situations where you're face-to-face with an aggressive individual who may - or may NOT - be a physical threat and attack you or someone you're with. And it's a skill that FEW civilians KNOW about... and even FEWER "get right", and it can have DISASTROUS consequences for them. I'm talking about the skill of being able to read another person's "body language", and even MORE specifically, their silent "attack cues" that can be a warning sign that a confrontation is about to get violent - allowing you to take fast, decisive action to either ESCAPE the situation or launch your OWN attack to preemptively STOP your attacker before he's able to gain the offensive advantage over you. This week's guest, Sean Grogan, has made STUDYING these silent "attack signals", and teaching them to law enforcement and civilians, his personal passion and mission and for our show, we're going to dig a LOT deeper into the science of how to decode a prospective attacker's hidden warning signs so you're never caught in a no-warning ambush that you COULD have seen coming.
So I got something a little bit different for you this week. I recently was a guest on the Defender's Live Show with Laura Thorson to talk about the importance of self-reliance and how to become less dependent on the systems that so many have become accustomed to taking for granted. Well, the conversation took a few turns along the way as I'm sure you've come to known that I'm prone to do from time to time. I really enjoyed the show. And this week, I would love to share this interview with you on the topic of building self-reliance in your life.
Self-Defense Lies

Self-Defense Lies


You should already know that unarmed self-defense skills are a critical part of your protection plan - even if you carry a gun for everyday carry (EDC). But are your skills TRULY "Warrior-Ready" for the reality of a violent street attack? Overconfidence is risky. This week, I talk with Damian Ross of about the evolution of "self-defense"... how it got twisted... and a better way to plan out your personal hand-to-hand combat skills to keep you and your loved ones safe.
We're back! This week's episode is with Melissa Norris, a fifth generation homesteader! She has an amazing amount of information for newbies, like me. One of the areas that I'm really going to be digging into is our back-up medicine plan and how to grow and use herbs in place of over-the-counter and prescription medicines when none might be available. Let's get into this critical area of your survival medicine plan!
If you're following any kind of a prepping path, I'm sure at some point you've heard of the need to develop a "survival mindset". And I know that term has a LOT of different meanings attached to it, all of them basically coming down to the principles of "NEVER give up" and "do whatever it takes to stay alive". But have you ever really thought about EXACTLY what that means? Because the survival mindset has a second factor to it, that's actually a LOT harder to process, and for MOST people, also a lot harder to develop. I'm talking about your "COMBAT mindset" - and in this week's episode, I'm going to explain to you WHAT that is... WHY you need it... and also share some tips on how to DEVELOP it, EVEN if you don't consider yourself to be an "aggressive" person or someone who even wants to THINK about "combat" in any way, shape or form.
So everyone loves the "idea" of stockpiling ammo… and it’s a good idea because if the sh*t hits the proverbial fan, you’re probably NOT going to wish that you had LESS ammo on hand, right? Especially when everything you have in your home can easily be taken from you by a single maniac – or a whole group of them. Like money, you really can’t ever have enough ammo. The reality of stockpiling ammo can be daunting, though. Maybe you feel like you have to invest 10 grand in six different calibers so you just end up buying nothing? Maybe you simply don't know how much you need... or what type of ammo is best to load up on? Well, "Ammo Dan" Morton is the founder of a company called and he’s got an innovative solution to help you stockpile brass for the end of the world as we know it and take advantage of spikes in the price of ammo even if you don’t want to empty out your two-car garage and fill it up with .223 and 7.62×39mm.
Kevin Reeve was a one-of-a-kind instructor, friend, and family man. As a featured guest on our podcast over the years, Kevin always shared his real-world experience in some of the most esoteric "survival sciences" you'll ever find - from remote tracking, to his signature "Urban Escape & Evasion" class. Kevin passed away this month after a long battle with illness and as a tribute to his legacy, we're bringing back a "members-only" Q&A he did with us several years ago. It's a great look into the widely-varied skills and experience Kevin had, and brought to all of his students - whether they were military units he was called in to train... or the civilian "Warriors" he loved to rub elbows with. Enjoy this special broadcast... and Rest In Peace Kevin. You'll be missed brother.
Now when life as we know it changes, practically overnight, the supply lines that our society as a whole depends upon just for our basic needs to survive will be shattered and citizens will be forced to fend for themselves for food, water, and security in a new reality where there may be no grocery stores for food, no running water for staying hydrated, and no law enforcement or other security presence to keep the rule of law intact. This world is why we prep in the first place. And one of the ways that we prepare for these scenarios is by arming ourselves with one or more weapons that we can use to provide for ourselves and our families and protect us from the desperate masses of the unprepared, who could be a threat to our stockpiles and our safety. Now, for most people, any kind of firearm is going to come in handy for keeping you and your loved ones safe. But for those looking to take their arsenal and their skills to the next level, mastering the use of a long range precision rifle is going to be an extremely valuable tool to have in your toolbox. In this week's episode, we're gonna be talking about that first important step to mastering the art of long range rifle shooting, with tips on how to pick the best rifle for your arsenal, as well as what accessories are worth your investment to help you learn faster and shoot more accurately at farther and farther distances.
As we saw just a short time ago, protests can happen anywhere... any time. In fact, in the summer of 2020 after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, 2000 cities saw protests - many of them turning VIOLENT and innocent citizens were TARGETED in public and even in their HOMES and VEHICLES. The fact is, these protests can QUICKLY turn into full-blown riots and it seems that NO ONE is immune from looking out their front door and seeing the signs of burning buildings, looting, and even mobs of people indiscriminately attacking ANYONE who's not on their side. To be "Warrior Ready", you need the strength, the skills, and the strategy to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. In 2020, I did a 3-part podcast series on ways that you can protect yourself when you're out traveling in your vehicle. In fact, one of the most POPULAR and FUN topics I covered was simple ways you can "James Bond" your OWN vehicle, in order to escape and evade a mobile attack. Well, we decided to bring back that episode for this week's show to give you a sneak peek with some non-tech things you can DO to trick out your ride with gear that really CAN help you defend yourself if you're attacked while in your vehicle - whether that's a mob of protesters, or even a road-rage attack that threatens your life.
Now, there's a truth in the combatives world that a lot of martial artists still refuse to believe. No matter how much you can make your training partner wince in pain when you are practicing that joint lock or that pressure move in that relaxed atmosphere of your local school. There are a number of individuals out there who no matter how much you try and Steven Seagal their joints they are not going to feel any pain; they simply won't be affected by your moves. But who are these pain-resistant attackers and more importantly how can you defeat them when you're forced to defend yourself against them? Find out with Jeff Anderson and Loren Christensen.
As you know one of our most basic needs, just to survive, is food. Judging from our climbing obesity rates, it's kind of obvious that food isn't hard to find. Whether it's at your local grocery store or any of the endless options of fast food restaurants that are out there. Now, we're very fortunate to be able to live in the land of plenty. But it's also made most citizens dependent on a re-supply chain that during disasters and other crises could come to a screeching halt, and force everyone to live off of only the food that we have accessible right now in our pantry, refrigerator, and cupboards to feed ourselves and our families. That's why one of the first actions prepared citizens begin to address for hard times is mapping out and alternative food plan that they can depend on when the grocery stores are picked clean, and there's no re-supply on the way. But while putting together your Plan B food options may sound simple, there are common mistakes a lot of people make that can sabotage your efforts when you most need to tap into your stockpile.
The End of PTSD

The End of PTSD


Yes, there really is a method for ending the suffering and symptoms of combat PTSD for our brave men and women who have sacrificed so much in defense of our country and our ideals. Better yet, the results from a breakthrough new method can erase symptoms that have plagued a veteran for decades permanently, without drugs, and all in just as little as one hour! Sound impossible? It’s not. Joining me for this week’s show is the creator of this powerful new treatment protocol, Michael Cortina. Whether you are a veteran looking for help, or someone who knows or loves a veteran that you’ve seen suffering, or even if you’re just a patriotic citizen who truly wants to support our troops and make a real difference, this episode could literally change your life.
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useless podcast, no mention of vaccination.

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your political views render you zero credibility, you are naive and gullable therefore a danger not only to yourself, but everyone in your surrounding environment. best of luck, youre going to need it.

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over all the information is solid but it is irrational & honestly complete BS to use the LIES spewed from MSNBC & CNN talking points. Let's be real at the end talking about the travel targeted 7 countries NOT all 48 Muslim majority countries. Let's also be real about the Terrorist Group ANTIFA that has started a lot of those protests in 2016 & forward. I do agree we are getting more & more divided & the MSM (NPR, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, CBS) does NOT help & it definitely doesn't help using their talking points!

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with the store advice, I heard if you are being stalked to ask if they can go through the backdoor.

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Listening to a few episodes and I'm enjoying it. A lot of these style podcasts the hosts tend to ramble on a lot and they last hours these guys get straight to it.

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great podcast, thanks fellas!

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I definitely reccomend you take the time to listen to this podcast. I loved it!

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