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Author: Sandy Sanderson

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Welcome to Elektra Magnesium podcasts. In the series we will examine how the presence or deficiency of magnesium in the body affects different areas of health, and what we can do to keep energy and youthfulness at optimal levels – naturally!
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Hormone disruptors are pervasive chemicals that can make their way into our body via our everyday environment, food, water and what we put on our skin.  Over time these chemicals can change our hormone balance and suppress metabolism, causing debilitating symptoms like excessive weight gain, diabetes and obesity.      My special guest today is Kristina von Oertzen, a certified nutrition coach with over a decade of experience guiding midlife women through peri to postmenopausal changes so they can embrace menopause with confidence and positivity, making it a period of renewal rather than decline.
When exercise is done the right way you can leverage the benefits and get a big result from surprisingly little effort.  The point is we need to move our body, our muscles, and our circulation to maintain good mobility and flexibility.  The less exercise and the more sedentary we become, the stiffer, weaker and more prone to injury we become.  Even if you are recovering from an injury or are in your senior years with aches and pains that don’t leave you alone, Pilates exercises can help you maintain fitness in a gentle, enjoyable and sustainable manner. My special guest today is Kate Boyle, a Nutritionist and Pilates Instructor that focuses on effective lifestyle practices and strategic body movement to eliminate pain and build strength.
Many people have trouble with magnesium tablets and powders because they are quite difficult to digest and absorb, and the gut wall is not well suited for high concentrations of magnesium to be absorbed to the interior, so the majority of ingested tablets and powders is wasted by the digestive system. It has been thought for a long time that the skin cannot absorb magnesium minerals, and that it can only go one way, which is out during perspiration. However recent studies have confirmed that the skin can absorb significant amounts of magnesium when magnesium chloride salt is dissolved in water. This happens when we go swimming in the ocean, soaking in mineral springs, or having a magnesium bath with magnesium chloride or magnesium sulphate (epsom salts). Dissolved magnesium chloride (magnesium oil) can also be absorbed into the epidermis when lipids (fats) are present. Without the lipids the pure magnesium oil can sit on the surface of the skin too long and cause irritation and itchiness, especially when people have thinner and more sensitive skin types. The higher the concentration the more resistance there is - unless you have enough lipids to facilitate the absorption. This short video explains the mechanism of action of transdermal magnesium.
The symptoms of bloating and bulging belly with embarrassing gas and pain after meals, or reflux that burns your aesophagus, may be part of Irritable Bowel Disorder, SIBO, ulcerative colitis or even Crohn's disease.  Collectively they form a growing trend in western societies, with much of the blame going to increasing stress levels. Stress affects the vagus nerve - the longest cranial nerve in the body, and the one directly controlling the digestive tract.  Even if you have a great diet, it may be that stress is letting down your digestive capacity, and that can have disastrous repercussions, including sleep problems, fatigue and metabolic syndrome.      My special guest today is Lea Dombrowski, holistic health coach and nutritionist, specializing in gut health, hormone balance, fitness, and functional medicine. Through her own health journey of recovery she has worked out a natural holistic approach that helps heal and bring back peace to the gut.
Excessive weight gain can be a depressing challenge for many who grapple with hormone imbalance or other stresses that overload the body.  It can become even harder for women after menopause to maintain a healthy weight and body shape. Obesity can also lead to other disease conditions like osteoporosis and heart disease, and therefore shorten our life span.  It can feel like a revolving door of entrapment with yo yo dieting, which returns to the same predicament of excessive weight, even when a person is not actually over-eating. My special guest today is Angela Beyer, a renowned personal trainer, nutritionist and health coach who works with high level athletes, businesses and those looking to turn their health around sustainably.  After triumphing over her own personal health challenges she became passionate about sharing this knowledge with others, and founded ‘House of Shape’, which offers women the guidance they need to attain their fitness goals.
Part 2 of our dive into improving body shape and longevity is via the right kind of exercises.  My special guest, Angela Beyer, a renowned personal trainer, nutritionist and health coach, shared her successful dietary strategies in Part 1. In this podcast we will expand on the benefits of exercise and what downstream benefits there are for other areas of the body for health and longevity.
Obsessive-compulsive behaviours are rooted in a physical brain issue and therefore are not an archetypical psychological / mental health issue. That is a big difference! All the talk therapies and pharmacological therapies of every type have not been able to address the underlying brain issue, however there is a strategy that has been working to break such fixations in a ground breaking trial. My special guest today is Jason Stanley, a social scientist who began research into the cause and cure of obesity with a medical anthropology field study in 1979. Since then he has published multiple articles, two books, and conducted multiple clinical trials. In early 2022 he began a 2+ year clinical trial based in neural plasticity healing the root cause of chronic emotional eating resulting in obesity. The success is a whopping 85% compared to the standard long term success of only 3% (97% FAILURE) for the weight loss industry.
Rituals have been used for millennia in every culture and walk of life to help manifest and power up goals. Traditionally many have learned to light a candle and pray to the highest spiritual power many call God, or the God-force. There are a multitude of different kinds of rituals in this toolbox. How do rituals help the brain focus, connect and turn our goals into reality?  My special guest today is Elissa Wilson, aka The Ritual Woman, a health coach who helps others remember who they are and connect with that spiritual essence of ‘I am’.  She has developed a strategy of using certain rituals to make that connection easier.  Her own journey of awakening has helped to inspire and motivate others to find their ‘fun’.
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and bipolar disorder share certain symptoms and traits, which means they’re often misdiagnosed for one another. They can also occur simultaneously.  8.4% of children and 2.5% of adults are estimated to have ADHD. Symptoms include inattention or difficulty focusing and concentrating, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Whereas, bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression, is a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings that range from depressive lows to manic highs.  In this episode we will tease apart what may be causing these behaviours.  My special guest today is Lynda Dyer, a Master Trainer and Coach of NLP and Matrix Therapies. She is also author of 13 books for self-development and empowerment, helping you to be the master of your life and destiny.
How do excessive estrogenic compounds and chemicals suppress magnesium? How is it related to excessive weight gain, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue and metabolic syndrome. There is also a difference between natural endogenous estrogen and the synthesised version (the former working with magnesium and the latter against it). My special guest today is Falyn Morningstar, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) practitioner who graduated with a Master’s Degree from Penn State in the area of Environmental Engineering. Her research paper is centered around minerals in the environment and how they interplay in the body. Falyn’s own health journey struggling with digestive discomfort, insomnia, fatigue, hair loss, muscle soreness, irregular menstrual cycles, and emotional eating motivated her to find the solutions. Now she specialises in women’s health issues.  Instagram: @falynmorningstar
Technology can be an angel or a demon, depending on whether it supports human personal growth, happiness and prosperity, or whether it is used for criminal activity or excessive overreach in government totalitarian control. For self-empowerment people need personal freedom, which means we need tools to be free within the environment we live in, and to connect safely with other like-minded people for trade and commerce, relationship building, mental health and community support. Freedom allows us to be creative and happy. Entrapment and parasitic top-down control causes depression, excessive stress (causing magnesium deficiency) and further ill health. My special guest today is technology entrepreneur Eric McHugh. He is the President of SHOPX web3 ecommerce, and Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Dataing - an ai powered matchmaking platform. In the past, he founded a Saas platform that replaced affiliate codes for ecommerce brands, worked as a constant for Fortune 500 companies, helped Snap optimize their ad algorithm, and supported the research team at Carnegie Mellon University in their dark matter research.  or Instagram: ericdmchugh
Why are so many women suffering from energetic burnout?  Despite good nutrition and lifestyle practices, they may still suffer from stress overload due to a subconscious drive to ‘helicopter mother’ their family at the sacrifice of their own needs.  What is it that makes them feel responsible for the happiness of others?  Why do they put their own needs last, and can often suffer chronic fatigue and depletion as a result? My special guest today is Lolita Guarin, a four-time #1 bestselling Amazon author, stress management coach, and dynamic speaker. Through her journey, Lolita discovered powerful, drug-free stress management strategies, emphasizing the importance of healing childhood trauma. As the founder of Be Amazing You, she's dedicated to reducing burnout and boosting the energy of life.
Toxins, heavy metals and endocrine disruptors are notorious for blocking the activity of our vital minerals such as magnesium.  These chemicals affect hormone balance, suppress metabolism, and can be stored in excessive fat, contributing to obesity. To make matters worse, the extra fat storage makes more estrogen, dampening down testosterone, and leads to a whole cascade of problems downstream, including metabolic syndrome, diabetes, immune dysfunction, sexual dysfunction and eventually cardiovascular disease or cancer. My special guest today is Erin Souza, a multifaceted health expert, including roles such as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Registered Dental Hygienist, and Certified Mold Illness Practitioner. She is the Founder + CEO of EC RESTORATIVE.
Many office workers sit way too much during the day, sit again in transport to and from work, and sit again to watch TV after dinner. ‘Exercise Deficiency’ ages us prematurely and leads to metabolic issues, chronic fatigue, brain fog, obesity and degenerative diseases. If you are one of those finding it hard to get motivated to go out at night to the gym, or may have kids and other responsibilities where you don’t have the opportunity for outside exercise, but want to “use it so you don’t lose it,” then don’t despair, because my special guest Sheri Traxler has some tips to help you manage it all. She is an exercise physiologist and national speaker for the Medical Fitness Association, and has led fitness episodes for Viacom Cable, taught Corporate Wellness at Belmont University, and directed programs for 12 years at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Sheri holds her Masters in Health Promotion, and is a Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Nutrition Specialist, and Intuitive Eating Counselor. Her book is called, Go Forward: 28 Days to Eat, Move and Enjoy Life God’s Way.
An abusive relationship can not only happen in intimate partnerships, but also in the workforce, in business and every area where you may be working as part of a team. The abuse is part of a power play and often involves a narcissistic personality type.  My special guest is Dana S. Diaz, a wife, mother, and author of a best-selling book called GASPING FOR AIR: THE STRANGLEHOLD OF NARCISSISTIC ABUSE. Dana has had life-long experience with narcissistic abuse, beginning in childhood. Her education in journalism and psychology at DePaul University in Chicago gave her the ability to accurately recognize narcissistic abuse and how it creates confusion and conflict within victims. She now helps many to take back control of their lives with self empowerment, detach from the abusive situation, and regain confidence to live a happier and more fulfilling life.
Why can't people move forward with their lives if an emotional issue creates a speed bump that hinders focus, confidence and progress? How does one detach from the revolving door of an obsessive thought? What happens when we can see the rationale of something intellectually, but the negative emotion attached to a memory doesn't follow suit?  What happens when such an emotional memory becomes a straight jacket?  How can we untether from this kind of snag? My special guest today, Joanna Armstrong, can shed some light on how to dissolve emotional obstacles that hinder our progress.  She has become a specialist in this area using a suite of proven therapeutic techniques such as EFT-tapping, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and Positive Psychology.
According to the Australian CSIRO, at least 50% of Australians experience unpleasant gut symptoms from bloating and reflux to Inflammatory Bowel Disease, with 1 in 7 experiencing very distressing symptoms. The Lancet reported that in 2023 the prevalence of ulcerative colitis was estimated to be 5 million cases around the world, with the incidence increasing worldwide.  It involves microbiome dysbiosis, inflammation and erosion of the mucosa and submucosa of the colon, and leaky gut syndrome. My special guest today is Marc McLean, a health and wellness journalist and author based in Dumbarton, Scotland.  After copious research Marc discovered the true root causes of his own gut problems and was able to completely reverse his IBS and ulcerative colitis. He’s been medication free since 2018.  Marc has also authored the books, ‘More Than a Gut Feeling: Natural & Simple Steps For Tackling IBS and Ulcerative Colitis’, and ‘The Healing Power of Ayahuasca’, as well as numerous fitness books.
The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare recently published a report which shows that nearly half of Australian adults commonly report at least two sleep-related problems. Getting too much or too little sleep is associated with an increased risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, and stroke. The trend is on the rise due to increasing life stresses causing magnesium deficiency and premature ageing, and there are nearly twice as many men than women who suffer from sleep disorders. Sleep-related breathing disorders restrict oxygen in the body and this hypoxia can become very serious. In Australia Medicare subsidises sleep studies and treatments, so you can enquire with your GP for a referral. My special guest today is Dr Bijoy John, a US board-certified sleep specialist in Pulmonary, Sleep and Critical Care Medicine. He is also known as ‘Dr. SLEEP FIX’ with over 25 years of experience in the field of sleep medicine.  He has just published his book called NOBODY'S SLEEPING and has a successful program of ‘The 7 proven sleep strategies’ in his SLEEP NOW course.
The brain is the most fascinating and mysterious organ, and there is still a lot to learn about how it works.  A recent enigma is the inexplicable rise in the numbers of autistic children, and how best to raise them, educate and support them.  This can result in great stress for the family. My special guest, chiropractor Dr Kyle Daigle, has a fellowship in childhood developmental and neurobehavioral disorders. He is the Co-owner of NeuroSolution, which specialises in Photo-biomodulation and Neurological rehab equipment. It uses light and frequency to rebalance the brain. Dr Daigle is also the co-inventor of Neurosage, a revolutionary computer video game that harnesses targeted auditory and visual stimulus to boost functional wellness for anyone with neurological disorders or injuries.
  What happens to our emotional self when we encounter a major life-changing SHIFT-HIT-THE-FAN moment’?  What happens when a marriage fails or a business partner you trusted does the dirty on you? What happens if you were exposed to war traumas and then had to fit back into your old world outside of that battle zone?  What happens with mental health when life serves up something very different from the expectation you had in your mind?  My special guest on this podcast, John Lawyer, has been able to transform from a soldier in desert combat zones to a battle within dealing with feelings of guilt, PTSD, and eventually to a spiritual seeker. He acts as one of many guides for Kishar, a non-profit online spiritual community for people to share their journey and explore their own unique spiritual path. John is an Omnist and believes in the validity of great human thought from around the world and across time.