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You're in the woods with your best friends, the campfire is roaring, and you’re telling scary stories. If that’s your thing, then this podcast is for you. We tell first and second hand stories in a non-dramatized setting. 3AM is the telling of supernatural occurrences and exploration of the unknown hosted by Charles Hatch, DeeJay Pasikala, & Sean Gassaway. Want an extra story with every episode? Click here!

192 Episodes
Our best friend Janelle graces us all this episode. Travel, the great outdoors is strange if you're from the east coast, cults, high fashion, Hollywood elites. STORIES START @ : 38:12:12 00:00 - Intro 00:13:08 - Intro Janelle 02:15:04 - What Kind of Bros Are You Into? 04:11:05 - Janelle Teaches the Boys About Females 05:54:17 - The Boys, Janelle and the Great Outdoors 19:51:00 - Travel Adventures STORIES 38:12:12 - SEAN : The Narco Satanist Cult 01:07:13:16 - Dice Roll Intro - Deejay v. Charles 01:07:13:16 - Dice Roll 01:07:45:13 - CHARLES : Aztec Sacrifices 01:25:59:08 - DEEJAY : “Elite” Witches 01:42:28:27 - Marina Abramovic 01:47:38:11 - Closing 01:48:46:01 - End Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aliens, UFOs, PsyOps, Conspiracies, Therapy, Purpose, Family, Creation, Entertainment Industry, Assault Allegations! STORIES START @ : 00:00:19:07 - Flood Number Four 00:01:08:01 - Dinosaur Movies 00:10:18:00 - First Time Seeing Mature Content 00:17:02:13 - Seans Scandal 00:31:02:05 - Deejay’s Nightmare Trip to Walmart 00:39:48:18 - Movie Talk 00:48:45:04 - What Does the Future Look Like for Creatives STORIES 00:53:15:03 - Charles "Peruvian Aliens pt. 1" 00:55:27:29 - Sean "Peruvian Aliens pt. 2" 01:02:21:16 - Opinions about Aliens 01:12:03:03 - Alien Conspiracy Theories 01:18:58:02 - Todays Social & Political Climate 01:29:07:17 - Duncan Trussell & Thoughts on Religion 01:36:20:12 - Therapy Session with 3AM 02:04:12:19 - Parenthood 02:05:29:18 - Closing Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
161 - Listener Submissions 5 We love sports and are very athletic! We're eating crazy foods! And our listeners keep sending in very fun stories! They've seen their dogs and cows stolen, they've been naked and afraid, they've also been close to becoming a Missing 411 case. Truly scary! STORIES START @ 00:57:25 00:00:10 - Instagram Beef 00:08:05 - Earliest Childhood Memory 00:13:24 - Craziest thing you saw someone eat 00:20:46 - SMELL-O-VISION 00:23:34 - Sports Growing Up 00:34:09 - Big TTs Police Academy 00:35:35 - Adults smashing children in sports 00:40:25 - Martial Arts experience 00:43:44 - Crazy LDS peoples 00:47:33 - Food stuck in orifices 00:49:44 - House Keeping shit 00:55:51 - Dice Roll STORIES 00:57:25 - CHARLES : “Rez Encounter” 01:05:37 - DEEJAY : “Vegas Hotel” 01:08:23 - BONUS : “Home Strange Home” 01:08:39 - SEAN : “SAR stories” 01:14:32 - Closing Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What the hell is going on with these billionaires in a submarine?? We also visited St. Augustine. It's a lovely gem of a town with history that delves in debauchery and degeneracy. Perfect place for Charles to make his new home. 00:00 - Intro 00:00:26 - Titan Sub 00:15:38 - Boys Trip to Florida STORIES START : 00:18:21 - DEEJAY : “Fountain of Youth” 00:18:21 - SEAN : “St. Augustine Haunted History” 00:44:03 - CHARLES : “Haunted Tour” 00:48:15 - “The Flaglers” 00:50:35 - “The Graveyard” 00:55:39 - “Steve the Pirate” 01:02:10 - “The Old Jail” 01:05:27 - “The Rum Runners” 01:07:47 - “Priest Pieces” 01:11:05 - “Saved By the Bell” 01:12:57 - BONUS : “Lighthouse Tour” 01:14:11 - Closing Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
AAPI Heritage Month is like an ultra charged crystal for Charles and DeeJay. We quiz Sean on his AAPI knowledge. The Florida enigma. Driving cross country with Kevin. Legends from St. John, Trinidad, and Virgin Islands. Moko Jumbie. Shitty haircuts. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
158 - Somebody take us to Wrestlemania. Dinner date with Reid Moon. Upload a picture of your ID to look at porn. Tristan is in the producer's seat tonight with Sean and DeeJay. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
It was great to sit down with the BrownSeñoritas & hear scary stories from their home countries. Stories ranging from pink dolphins in Brazil, “duendes” braiding horse hair at night in Guatemala, and a haunted house in Mexico where the family couldn’t keep maids due to paranormal activity. We also talk food, culture, scary dreams, our own personal spiritual journeys and lots more! It was a fun episode to do together with the señoritas  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
157 - Kalima is in tonight and we're covering the potential flooding that Utah is on the verge of experiencing. All because of The Church of the Sacred Whale. Angel talk. Are they all the same? We heard some are false. Some of us have been in the presence of an angel. A listener called for one and something came in response. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
156 - Sex and Mormonism. We put the hole in loophole. Ouija boards and Witches, Florida Fantasma, Queen Mary Hauntings. 00:00 - Intro 00:51:20 - Roll Start 00:51:59 - SEAN : “Florida Fantasma” 01:02:34 - CHARLIE : “Louise & The Witch” 01:14:36 - BONUS : “Supernatural Family Connections” 01:15:03 - DEEJAY : “Queen Mary Haunting” 01:25:12 - Close Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
3PM: DeeJay on Japan Trip

3PM: DeeJay on Japan Trip


America is the best country in the world. But even the world's best is fallible. For what is an eagle to a Godzilla? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Friend, & incredible podcaster Blake from The Tone Mob stops by to talk all things music, growing up in Portland & spookiness. He shares his accounts of the paranormal, cults, mysterious lights, close encounters & more. Big thanks to Blake from The Tone Mob Podcast. 00:02:40 - How 3AM Met Blake 00:06:22 - The Tone Mob Podcast 00:13:10 - Getting to Know Blake 00:25:43 - Who’s your dream Interview? 00:28:26 - Rage Against the Machine in Utah 00:33:28 - What’s on your Rider 00:41:16 - Blakes connection to spookiness 00:44:11 - Scary Movie “Martyrs” 00:51:46 - Intro to Stories 00:54:38 - Hummus Update 01:03:24 - Randonauting 01:09:08 - STORY 1 “Halloween Encounter” 01:23:50 - STORY 2 “The Light in the Forest” 01:29:49 - STORY 3 “Night Time Visitor" 01:37:17 - STORY 4 “Business Cult” 02:00:10 - Frequencies 02:10:08 - Close Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
After their “failed” attempt, the Roerichs returned to the far east but this time with additional knowledge, capital, and purpose. This time the fate of nations hung on their ability to find Shambhala and some holy relics with heavenly powers. 00:00 - Intro 00:00:33 - Shambhala Recap 00:07:01 - The French Man 00:15:54 - Agartha 00:23:40 - Same legend all over the world 00:32:08 - Roerichs 2nd Expedition 00:33:51 - Cintāmaṇi Stone 00:57:08 - Closing Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The affluent, established, and smart Roerich family immigrated from Russia to New York City in 1920. Following a certain vision they set off on a journey for years in search of the fabled city in the mountains of Tibet. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Concluding this round with Tristan covering Grandpa’s run in with a Phim Nyuj Vais, auntie’s wandering thru the Queen Mary, how your dominant hand is determined, and the flying vagina. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
With warmth and open arms we welcome back Tristan. In this two part series, Tristan dives deep into the paranormal covering a wide range of family related stories. Encounters with a shape shifting witch, a unique Hmong creature called the Poj Ntxoob, and his great grandma’s sad but terrifying funeral. 00:00:22 - Intro 00:04:12 - Intro to Tristan’s Family 00:28:16 - Stories Intro 00:30:44 - STORY 1 : “GMA’s Funeral” 00:51:46 - STORY 2 : “Tristan’s Aunt Meets a Witch” 01:00:28 - STORY 3 : Hmong Folklore 01:16:07 - Close Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Thanks to our research team we were given a resource filled with 70+ years of personal stories from Utah. Here we discuss the infamous serial killer, skinwalkers, and some Utah history. 00:00:08 - California Weather 00:04:48 - Coincidences 00:13:55 - What makes you cry? 00:30:05 - Not a Better Help Ad STORIES START @ 00:30:56 - SEAN : “The Legend of Mount Timpanogos” 00:38:25 - CHARLES: “AF Canyon Skinwalkers” 00:48:36 - CHARLES : “Lil Johny Utah Urban Legend” 00:54:06 - DEEJAY : “Mountain Meadow Creek / Skinwalker Ranch Cattle Mutilation” 01:02:18 - SEAN : “Campfire Light Close Call” 01:06:25 - CHARLES : “Ted Bundy Close Call” 01:12:53 - BONUS STORY : “AI Cryptid” Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Diving into the rich background of Hawaii as a foundation for the diverse supernatural events and beliefs that follow it. 00:01:57 - Manifesting 00:05:01 - Post Malone Guest, Dybbuk Box STORIES START @ 00:26:32 - DEEJAY: “Obake Files Intro” 00:26:52 - DEEJAY: “Immigration to Hawaii” 00:58:05 - CHARLES: “Haunted Hawaiian Attack!” 01:05:51 - SEAN: “The Kasha Ghost” 01:26:52 - BONUS: “Deejay on: Twitter Ghost” 01:27:12 - Close Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Everything, Everywhere 2022 and the biggest moments good and bad. A listener recorded a story of his encounters on a horseback WHILE on horseback. Another listener gives us a depiction of what she sees when astral projecting. 00:03:32 - 3AM CHARTING 00:10:00 - Roll Start 00:10:21 - 2022 Draft STORIES START @: 00:42:29 - DEEJAY “Hallway Encounter” - Listener Kestral (sp?) starts to astral project at the age of four and encounters a terrifying creature 00:58:55 - “3 Coyotes” 01:14:03 - Closing Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Tis the season and we're picking teams for the holidays. Incoming video and photo evidence of the hag story. Glitches in the department store matrix. 00:00:39 - Christmas Character Draft 00:26:32 - SEAN : “The Old Hag” 00:38:50 - DEEJAY : “I Got it at Lost!” 00:53:19 - CHARLIE : “Bruja Encounters” 01:01:35 - Close HAPPY HOLIDAYS Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Some sick frick is sending letters, pulling strings and causing chaos in each of our stories tonight. If you came here for answers your barking up the wrong tree bucko. From Ohio to Ohayo we cover some pretty crazy cases. 00:00 - Intro 00:00:47 - Nolan Intro 00:01:29 - Sanger California 00:03:30 - Boys Thanks Giving Recap 00:08:38 - SEAN : “The Circleville Letters” 00:37:26 - CHARLES : “The Monster With 21 Faces” BONUS 00:41:43 - DEEJAY : “The Watcher” 01:11:50 - Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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