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Helping decision makers discover unique and disruptive business innovations to today's challenges.
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What are the high-priority challenges that today's innovators are facing? Get the answers & insights to the future as these topics and more are discussed with Jim Pogue from Dassault Systèmes CATIA brand. To learn more about the design process for autonomous vehicles of the future, please visit
In this latest entry into our Transportation and Mobility industry podcasts, we connect with Robert Solomon, responsible for SIMULIA CAD Strategic Planning do discuss latest trends and advancements that the T&M industry are taking head on in order to deliver the vehicle of the future that customers will want and love. To learn more about the design process for autonomous vehicles of the future, please visit
Listen in as we dive into the Transportation and Mobility industry's big new ideas, trends and challenges through this insightful discussion with experienced and industry expert, Rick Sturgeon - Dassault Systèmes Sr. Director for the T&M industry. To learn more about the design process for autonomous vehicles of the future, please visit
Staying Agile To Win

Staying Agile To Win


Is your company software design team agile & have the flexibility & ability to adapt to today's ever-changing market and user demands? Join us in our discussion with Dr. Karine Cosse-Gobine, Director, High-Tech Software Industry Solution Experiences, as she shares her insights as to how today's high-tech companies MUST become agile if they hope to have killer products. Learn more at:
Customer demands for tailored solutions is here to stay. Will your company keep up and adapt to the required changes? Listen in to this discussion with Mashesh Deshpande, Senior Director of High-Tech Industry Business Consulting, as he details the ingredients to the secret sauce that you need-to-know. Learn more at:
From software to hardware engineering - today's solutions are complicated and require multidisciplinary efforts. In this panel discussion, learn why Mechatronics Engineering is so important today for companies looking to succeed in today's cut-throat business environment. Learn more at:
Next-generation vehicle success requires advanced creative design, shared intelligence, systems engineering and multi-domain collaboration. In this podcast entitled, "Electric, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Part I", SIMULIA Transportation and Mobility Enablement Organization Technical Director, Brad Duncan and Transportation and Mobility Aerodynamics Organization Senior Manager, Jonathan Jilesen address the challenges that car designers face today as they conceive and develop the cars of the future. Learn more:
The automotive, transportation and mobility industry is being turned on its head with totally new challenges with the rise of Electric Vehicles. In Part III of this podcast series, SIMULIA Transportation and Mobility Experience Senior Technical Manager, Adrien Mann discusses new design challenges that are coming with the market shifting to Electric Vehicles. Learn more:
Driverless, connected cars are ushering in a new era of travel that is efficient, affordable, clean and green. In Part 2 of this Transportation and Mobility podcast, SIMULIA Director of Transportation and Mobility Strategic Initiatives, Fabien Letailleur details how automotive designers need to take on radical new ways of thinking and conceiving the cars of the future to plan for success. Learn more:
Hi Podcast listeners - this is Matthew, your host. Just taking a moment here to let you know that we will soon have more podcasts published in the coming weeks. We will continue the conversation on transformational topics and trends that are impacting and shaping the designs and innovations across all business industries and the products and services that will be delivered to customers. So, stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to the 3D Design and Engineering podcast from Dassault Systèmes!
Capital facilities and related projects are becoming increasingly complex. To help address complexity, leading construction companies are turning to digital platform technologies. In this podcast entitled Gaining Business Intelligence Insights on Capital Projects listen as Christophe Roy, Head of V+R Business Intelligence Portfolio at Dassault Systèmes explains how a platform-approach that offers better project intelligence boosts project agility and speeds up decision making to fast-track projects and reduce costs. Learn more at
In this podcast entitled Meet Requirements with Confidence, Dassault Systèmes business consultant Paras Trivedi offers his insights on the challenges companies face managing requirements during the construction phase of capital projects. This podcast discusses the challenge of requirements management, traceability and cross-discipline communications to ensure capital projects meet project and regulatory requirements. Learn more at
How do successful companies in Energy & Materials (E&M) industries address the specific industry challenges associated with multi-year projects? In this podcast entitled Best Practices for Successful Capital Projects, Simon Huffeteau, Dassault Systèmes Senior Director discusses his experience in the nuclear industry as an engineer and a project manager and more recently his consulting work with E&M companies on the challenges and potential solutions related to multi-year capital projects. Learn more at
Engineering companies and operators of large facilities must ensure their structures are safe, environmentally sound and comply with time and budget constraints. In this podcast entitled Simulation Driven Plant Design and Operations, Dale Berry, Senior Technical Director for Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA brand discusses how the role of simulation can reduce risks such as costs, safety and operation and improve the design and operation phases of capital projects. Learn more at
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