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40 Acres & a Fool is a weekly podcast hosted by Cam Edwards, host of NRA News Cam & Company on SiriusXM/Sportsman Channel/, exploring rural life, food, family, firearms, and freedom with a sense of humor and a natural curiosity.
238 Episodes
Ep 39 | Possum Problems

Ep 39 | Possum Problems


It's been a brutal fall on the 40 Acres, at least for Cam and Miss E's flock of chickens. The pair are doing battle with possums and other predators, but for now the possums are winning. Plus, Cam's got the latest on the aftermath of the Virginia elections, while Miss E has some great fall recipe ideas. 
It's not gold and jewels, but Cam and Miss did find an artistic gem in a very unlikely spot not far from the 40 Acres. Plus, Miss E's craftiness is paying off, and the pair talk over her latest challenges in her fight with cancer. 
With Halloween just around the corner, Cam and Miss E are getting into the holiday spirit with a trip to a local theater to catch a production of The Crucible, putting up their Halloween decorations, and spinning tales about the ghosts that allegedly haunt Corny Goat Farm. The pair are also conjuring up a witches brew (if witches brewed tomato wine) and have a truly scary story about Virginia's upcoming elections.
Cam and Miss E are reunited after a few days apart, and they both have a few stories to tell; Miss E's trip to America's midsection and Cam's first visit to the Virginia State Fair. Plus, after the popularity of the tomato wine podcast, Cam has a new bottle to sample/finish on the show. 
Cam and Miss E learn a valuable lesson in real time on this week's episode: Just like you should never go to the grocery store hungry, you should never try to do a podcast with dessert staring you in the face. The pair have plenty of fall treats and tales from the 40 Acres, but no more tomato wine (at least for the moment).
After a visit to a local wine festival, Cam and Miss E are uncorking an unconventional wine made from (no joke) tomatoes and raisins. Does it taste like an alcoholic V8 or something worse? Tune in for the taste test, as well as the latest adventures from the 40 Acres! 
After Hurricane Dorian put a stop to their beach vacation, Cam and Miss E had to improvise their time away, and ended up exploring their near frontier. From Virginia orchards to North Carolina BBQ, the pair have plenty of tales from the road, the kitchen, and the 40 Acres on this week's podcast.
Cam and Miss E are back with tales from the farmyard, an update on Miss E's health, amusing memories of a well-lived life, friends old and new checking in from around the country, and yeah, an actual Thumb Drive of Doom.
Ep 31 | Freebird!

Ep 31 | Freebird!


Cam and Miss E are increasingly desperate to figure out how their chickens keep escaping from the coop, and their recent chick experiment has come to a not-so-happy ending. Despite those setbacks, the pair are still smiling through another week's worth of adventures on the 40 Acres. 
No, Cam wasn't hitting on the lady behind the checkout counter. Six new chicks have arrived on the farm after he and Miss E visited their local Tractor Supply Store! Plus, the pair talk fall planting, runaway chickens, and more. 
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