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Conversations with the smartest people in tech. An irregular, interview-style podcast by the Editorial Team at ⚡
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OKAY - you get ten guesses. We'll be talking about 🥁🥁🥁 ALL THINGS STARTUPS. This Week On Planet Internet, Natasha Nel, Kien Dao, and Amy Tom talk about validating startup ideas, structuring startups, and the latest startup funding news. 🔥 THIS WEEK ON PLANET INTERNET: What went into the design process behind Startups Of The Year by HackerNoon? Kien's on the case (3:10) 👷‍♂️ Why does Algolia sound familiar? (9:45) 💯 What the heck is the Delta-4 Wealth Creation Theory? (15:05) ⁉️ Hierarchy in a startup? Say what?! (24:00)⁉️ 🗒️ SHOW NOTES: Kien's story on HackerNoon about creating the Startups Of The Year branding: Check out the story about the Delta 4 Theory by Rishikesh on HackerNoon: Read the Term Sheet newsletter: Let's Talk About Startup Structure by Lomit Patel on HackerNoon: READ HACKERNOON.COM 🍊 START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🦁
Amy Tom chats with David Smooke (co-founder and CEO of HackerNoon) about his founder's journey with HackerNoon, and with Storm Farrell (Software Developer at HackerNoon) about developing Startups of The Year by HackerNoon. 💚 On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast: How did HackerNoon start? 🚦 (01:08) Wait - Storm, the dev mind behind the Noonies, didn't originally join HackerNoon as a Software Developer!? 🐸 (03:41) How would Storm and Amy describe their experiences with working at HackerNoon? 🌵 (08:03) Why did David choose to involve the readers to fund HackerNoon's move off Medium? 💶 (09:10) When was the most difficult phase HackerNoon has been through? 🐛 (13:02) Storm announces Startups of The Year by HackerNoon! 🍾 (15:56) Storm talks about taking what he learned from the Noonies and applying that develop Startups of The Year ✅ (19:02) David talks about how Startups of The Year will elevate people community voting ☘️ (22:31) What's the future for HackerNoon? 🐉 (25:59) Connect with David & Storm: You can follow David's work at You can follow Storm on Twitter @StormFarrell Learn more about HackerNoon and Startups of The Year: For more information visit To read HackerNoon stories, check out 🤯 Earn $600 in Rewards at Bybit -
Limarc Ambalina, Ellen Stevens, and Amy Tom chat about data privacy ☠️ Humans are in loooove with the internet, and data production is becoming more rampant and autonomous. How has this process affected our daily lives, and is it a good thing or a bad thing? Let's find out. 😵 🤌 THIS WEEK ON PLANET INTERNET: How do you control your digital footprint? 👣 (01:20) Is downloading apps that aren't from the Google Play Store safe? 🧐 (08:15) AI might be better than people at spotting wildfires thanks to data 🤯 (14:57) If there was an AI that could detect danger in public spaces, but first needed hours and hours of video of public spaces, is that okay? ⚖️ (18:49) Breaking down the TikTok algorithm and its use of AI 👩‍🔬 (24:16) What's the problem with Bezos and space? Here goes Amy on another space war rant 😂 (34:45) 🗒️ SHOW NOTES: The story about Digital Footprints: The Android privacy story by @pizzapanther on HackerNoon: The AI & Wildfire story by Louis Bouchard on HackerNoon: The AI & TikTok story by Edwin Lisowski READ HACKERNOON.COM 🦊 START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🐨
Amy Tom welcomes Sarah Day, Technical Writing Manager at LaunchDarkly, to talk about a career in technical writing. What's it like being a technical writer, and how do you become one? Join Amy on this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast while she finds out what it takes to cut it in the big world of technical writing. cue Rocky stairs training montage music 😤 What are Sarah and Amy's grammar/English pet peeves? 🤭 (03:57) How is language evolving? (06:59) How does technical writing differ from other kinds of writing? 📝 (08:59) How do you write for a more technical audience? (14:01) What kind of people are technical writers? 👩🏻‍💻 (19:30) When should you hire a technical writer? (25:13) How much technical knowledge do technical writers need? 🧠 (31:06) What is Sarah's advice for people who want to become technical writers? (37:55) Follow Sarah Day and LaunchDarkly: Connect with Sarah Day on LinkedIn Follow Sarah on Twitter @scribblingfox Visit Sarah's Website at Follow LaunchDarkly on Twitter at @LaunchDarkly Shownotes: Sarah mentioned the Documentation as a Care Profession talk by Amelia Abreu: Read HackerNoon Slogging stories: Learn more about LaunchDarkly at READ TECH STORIES AT HACKERNOON.COM Want to become a HackerNoon contributor? Anyone can! Start now at
Oh, baby! We are cracking down on Big Tech. Amy Tom, David Smooke, and Hang Ngo talk about Biden's Executive Order on Big Tech, more space war dram, and decentralization & blockchain technology 🥳 Facebook sells its internet satellite orbit team to Amazon for an undisclosed sum. So of course - Amy, David, and Hang try to guess what the undisclosed sum was 🛸 (00:41) Also, between Amazon and Facebook - who benefits in terms of stock price? 📉 (04:57) What does Biden's order to crack down on Big Tech actually mean? 🔨 (09:51) Apparently, 2020 was a stock super sale. Hang shares her experience with investing in crypto😱 (16:20) Is Amy finally going to invest in crypto? She gets the "how-to" on crypto investing (22:03) Is decentralization & blockchain here to stay? 🤞 (23:26) Oh yeah, guys, this is not official financial advice 😂 🗒️ SHOW NOTES: Facebook & Amazon getting incest-y for space: Biden's Executive Order to promote competition: The best time to buy crypto is right now, or at least so says Crypto Badger on HackerNoon The blockchain will aid in decentralization efforts because it buts the power into the users' hands - Nicholas Resendez on HackerNoon: READ HACKERNOON.COM 🤓 START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🥇
John McAfee talks about making more money than God on the Hacker Noon podcast hosted by David Smooke. McAfee starts off with the impact of one's childhood and how it shapes perspectives. He shares his experiences as an entrepreneur and what it takes to become a multimillionaire. John McAfee also provides a take on the number one danger of the modern Internet and presents an opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement. McAfee shares anecdotes from his life, how he became the self proclaimed richest man in South Virginia before hitting 18; his recent escape from the United States, his first job at General Electric, where he learned programming and the importance of math in life. "I'm the best coder alive" "Don't schedule an interview with this guy again, he's too smart" - John McAfee  Continue reading about entrepreneurship, business, startup lessons, and privacy on Hacker Noon. Also, check out Hacker Noon via the NOONIFICATION, Giphy (ahem Facebook and/or Instagram), Twitter, or just get a technology story published today.   
The Dogecoin Salut

The Dogecoin Salut


Welcome to this beautiful corner of the internet - Dogecoin meets partying & decentralization. Amy Tom talks to Gary Lachance, a Vancouver-based Dogecoin millionaire and the founder of the Decentralized Dance Party, about how he invested $300 into Dogecoin in 2014. Now, he's launching his latest project - the Million Doge Disco. On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast: What happens at a Decentralized Dance Party? (04:06) "Decentralized parties are cool but have you seen decentralized currency?" (09:10) So what's the deal with the Million Doge Disco? (15:33) The future is a "doge-verse, meta-verse, party-verse, good-time-universe layer" (22:37) Gary's advice for people who want to launch their side project (29:00) Is Gary nervous about Elon's sway over Dogecoin and the fact he's built his platform entirely around Dogecoin? (30:05) Gary talks about the strongest brand in the world (33:14) Connect with Gary Lachance & the DDP: Follow Gary on Twitter @GaryLachance Learn more about the Million Doge Disco at   READ TECH STORIES AT HACKERNOON.COM 💻 Follow HackerNoon on Twitter @HackerNoon
Hacker Noon: Retro Edition! COO Linh and CEO David talk with Genesis Investment about everything from business to personal life and all things in between. Viewers young and old will be astounded by what you hear. We cannot promise this episode will cure whatever ails you, but it certainly will not make it any worse. You will leave this episode a changed person, so much so that if your ex-wife will only take you back if you "make some serious changes," just listen to this podcast and that'll be all the personal growth necessary to win that charming lass back.   Recorded on the Beautiful, Sunny Monday Afternoon of March 22, 2021, in the heart of the Colorado Wilderness.
The Investor Next Door

The Investor Next Door


Would you risk it all on a trading bot? 🤖 David Smooke, Amy Tom, and Guy (the Cher of HN - jk his last name is Torbet) talk about special purpose acquisition companies, culture & novelization, equity crowdfunding, and trading algorithms. This Week On Planet Internet, David, Amy, and Guy are getting into the hard-hitting questions: What was up with the SPAC deal with NextDoor? 🚪 (01:06) Uhmmmm quick side note, did Zuck ruin foiling? 😅 (07:44) Do we stan novelization as hard as Quinten Tarantino does? 😤 (10:42) Should software users be able to own part of the companies they support? 🤝 (15:50) Are you confident enough to bet all your capital on a self-built algorithm trading bot? 🥵(22:20) What kind of tech are we into at the moment? Amy's tech purchase is coming in the mail, Guy is learning something new, and David has a new tech tool (lol) 💰 (27:30) 🗒️ SHOW NOTES: NextDoor's merge with a SPAC (special purpose acquisition company): Mark Zuckerburg & his foiling lol: Quentin Tarantino’s novelization of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: "Let Users Own the Tech Companies They Help Build": Peregrine Buckler's HackerNoon Article on his trading algorithm: READ HACKERNOON.COM 🤳 START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🏄‍♀️
Utsav Jaiswal is joined by Sam Kim, Founding Partner at Umbrella Network, and Miguel Morales, Technical Advisor to Umbrella Network, to talk about flash loans on the blockchain. They discuss how flash loan attacks happen, the implications of flash loan attacks on the finance market, and the relationship with the blockchain. 🔦 On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast, Utsav talks to Sam and Miguel talk flash loans: What is a flash loan attack? 💥 (02:37) Is there a world where the communications can be streamlined that ensures pricing is always fair? 💰 (06:53) Do I need to be a programmer to take out a flash loan? 🧑‍💻 (10:11) What happens when people like Elon Musk tweet about certain coins? Also, what the hell is a Floki? 🐥 (18:24) Can flash loan attacks be traced? 🕵️ (27:34) Why would people use Oracles? (38:22) And is there a use case for Oracles and the Binances of the world? 👀 (43:50) Connect with Sam Kim: Follow with Sam Kim on Twitter @samislucid READ TECH STORIES AT HACKERNOON.COM 🦄
Ahh, parenting - something 2 people on this podcast episode know a lot about 😂. Linh Dao Smooke (Mama Bear of 1), Richard Kubina (Papa Bear of 2), and Amy Tom (definite Baby Bear) talk about parenting in the age of the internet and the pandemic 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. What happens when a teen is up against the Supreme Court for an internet freedom-of-speech case? How are kids learning during the pandemic? Find out This Week on Planet Internet. 💩 We are bringing the parents together (& Amy LOL) to talk about: Teen Angst vs. Supreme Court: the case that riled up all the Karens in the highest court of the land 👑 (03:50) The tech and super-parent strength behind supporting children and learning during the pandemic 💻 (11:11) How did the kiddos learn from home? 🏠 (14:50) "The pandemic didn’t start educational disparities—but it has made them worse" - a HackerNoon story from this week ⚖️ (21:22) What was it like to be a kid in a non-technical family? 📚 (28:51) Markdown for what? Richard talks about creating the HN Markdown editor - Editor 3.0 ⁉️(31:39) It's summer, so we're doing heatwave updates fun summer plans ☀️ (40:50) SHOWNOTES 🗒 Supreme Court speech case with teen: "The Pandemic of Childcare" by Linh Dao Smooke on HackerNoon: "Already Struggling with School? The Pandemic Made it Worse." by The Markup on HackerNoon: "Markdown For What? HackerNoon Text Editor Now Supports Markdown" by Richard Kubina on HackerNoon:
Yoz Grahame, a Solutions Architect at LaunchDarkly, joins Amy Tom on The HackerNoon Podcast this week to talk about bugs and debugging. Yoz — who is somewhat of a bug fanatic — explains software, bugs, and what happens when bugs derail a system. 🕷 This week on The HackerNoon Podcast, Amy and Yoz talk about: What is dev culture like around bug blaming? 🐛 (05:00) Amy cracks open Yoz's database of bug knowledge (08:30) Why does it take so long for bugs to get fixed? 🐜 (16:08) If developers and bugs go hand in hand, why do software debugging tools suck? (21:50) Yoz talks about building custom tools and the tool he'd recommend building on your own 🐞(27:36) Connect with Yoz and LaunchDarkly: Follow Yoz on Twitter @yoz Follow LaunchDarkly on Twitter @LaunchDarkly Shownotes: READ HACKERNOON.COM ☀️ START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🚀
Hacker Noon's Gaming Editor Limarc Ambalina talks to Video Game Blogging Fellows Jack Boreham and Nicolas Ng about the times video games may have crossed the line. Warning: Due to the topic of discussion, this episode will go over scenes of extreme violence, homicide, and suicide in video games. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. In this episode, Limarc, Jack, and Nicolas discuss: EA Games and lootboxes Oldschool flash games and Gratuitous violence in video games Call of Duty's 'No Russian' Mission ...and more Top 3 Quotes from the Show EA Games' loot boxes crossed the line and created one of the most infamous moments in gaming No Russian put you in the shoes of a terrorist and didn't give you the choice to play the hero As VR games become more immersive, we have to define what boundaries games are willing to cross. When have #videogames crossed the line? Games like #callofduty #gta and more have been accused of doing so on more than one occasion. When have #videogames crossed the line? Games like #callofduty #gta and more have been accused of doing so on more than one occasion. In this podcast, we talk about the ethics of #lootboxes in games, as well as some of the most infamous depictions of gratuitous violence in #gaming history.
Natasha Nel, Amy Tom, and Ellen Stevens are talking about BIG MONEY. 🤑 Yeah - we're talking layoffs and payoffs at and American Airlines, the massive petition to stop Jeff Bezos from returning to Earth, and the fallout from China's ban on crypto mining. THIS WEEK ON PLANET INTERNET 🌎 Ellen weighs in on the latest American Airlines debacle and the "not so good optics" of the situation ✈️ (01:45)'s hot mess - more rich stealing from the poor despite #globalpandemicvibes 💸 (04:23) Should Bezos should be left in space? 👩‍🚀 (06:53) Amy talks about the disparity of power and money ⚖️ (11:10) What's the latest with Bitcoin and China's crypto-mining crackdown? ⛏ (14:39) The podcast's resident "Tinder superuser" talks about the pandemic-altered online dating landscape 👩‍❤️‍👨 (18:12) Natasha kicks off HackerNoon Reviews with Polar Vantage M2 Sports Watch (22:18) and Ellen's article: Biohack a Super You ⌚️ (24:59) Amy, of course, is on a cleaning hype with an in-wall vacuum (26:21), her TikTok tip of the week (27:12), and a passwordless future 🧹 (28:10) Ellen reminds everyone that it's okay to cover your webcam 📹 (32:55) SHOWNOTES 🗒️ American Airlines CEO casually took home $10 mil USD in compensation last year - Italy announced they're investigating over suspicion of $180 million dollar tax evasion - Dutch politicians noticed's CEO Glenn Fogel and CFO David Goulden had super casuallycompensated themselves over $32 million - Bye-bye Bezos. There is a petition with more than 100,000 signatures to leave Jeff Bezos in space - Bitcoin drops following China's ban on crypto mining - "Tinder wants you to actually talk to people before you match" from the Verge - The Elimination of Cybersecurity's Status Quo – Passwords by Misan Etchie on HackerNoon - Check out Ellen's article about Biohacking - Get up to speed on the HackerNoon contests & get some free HN gear - READ HACKERNOON.COM 😏 START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🥷
The Blockchain bros are in the house! 🏠 Utsav Jaiswal talks to Tim Frost (CEO of Yield App), Arun Philips (Community Manager at Polygon), and Miles Anthony (CEO of Decentral Games). On this episode of the Hacker Noon Podcast, we're offering unsolicited advice on explaining Blockchain to your Indian mom and magical Blockchain Genies 😂 Utsav asks Tim, Arun, and Miles: Okay so... we're asking the experts in the Blockchain industry: how do you explain what you do to your mom? 😅 (03:29) If you could go back 5 years ago, what would you have done differently? (09:49) What is the future of the Blockchain & application industry? 🔮 (16:24) Utsav conjures a magic Genie who makes Tim, Arun, and Miles pick between the BSC or Ethereum Blockchain, OOP (36:10) What have you learned from building your Blockchain applications? 📚 (43:04) Follow Tim, Arun, and Miles: Follow Tim on Twitter @TimYIELD and Yield App @YIELDapp Follow Arun on Twitter @arunphilips and Polygon @0xPolygon Follow Miles on Twitter @miles1dg and Decentral Games @decentralgames
Amy Tom talks to Mark Gamble, the Product & Solutions Marketing Director at Couchbase, about data-for-good initiatives and creating a Multi-Cloud Strategy. In this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast: Mark talks about the data-for good and the initiatives he is passionate about (01:57) Data visualization is a skill (08:31) Multi-Cloud vs. Hybrid-Cloud (12:30) Does Amazon/AWS do this internationally as well? (21:23) How do the Kubernetes Containers connect across multiple platforms? (25:30) As a CTO, do I have to worry about the connection layer between clouds? (28:50) Is it difficult to get my Couchbase database to connect with another AWS location? (30:00) Where will Multi-Cloud go in the next 5 years? (35:20) Connect Mark Gamble: Email him at Shownotes: Learn more about Couchbase:
Every AUDL game is a party according to Steve Hall, the CEO of the American Ultimate Disc League. 🎉 From releasing their first NFT to taking live games to live streams, AUDL is a very digital organization. Despite being in the sports & entertainment industry, Steve tells Amy about his strategic focus on building digital engagement with fans. In this episode of the Hacker Noon Podcast: How do you get into the CEO mindset? 🧠 (03:29) COVID-19 pushed AUDL to create the Athletic Care Network - a virtual healthcare system for the players (5:05) Pivoting to live stream events after the loss of in-person events and building electronic engagement 📺 (06:58) AUDL launched AUDL MoMintz, their player video-highlight NFTs. Steve talks about how they were inspired by NBA Top Shot (12:34) Steve says, "Entertainment is digital now". AUDL takes its digital strategy beyond social media marketing 📲 (17:28) To keep your customers, you need to digitally innovate or you will get left behind. Steve talks about AUDL upcoming digital plans (21:00) Setting a corporate vision, motivating employees, and establishing trust are important aspects of the CEO role 👀 (25:49) Diversity in hiring is important - 35% of AUDL are women, including women who hold leadership positions (28:32) Connect with AUDL: You can connect with AUDL on Twitter @theAUDL Shownotes: Learn more about AUDL MoMintz: -first-collection- non-fungible-tokens Connect with AUDL: Become a Hacker Noon contributor READ HACKERNOON.COM 🤖
Do Aliens exist? 👽 Limarc Ambalina, David Smooke, and Amy Tom talk about storming area 51 and the Pentagon's upcoming UFO report, El Salvador's adoption of Bitcoin, and the return to the office. 🤪 This Week On Planet Internet 🎧 How will the return to the office affect workplace culture? 😭 (01:56) Maybe this will lead to a rise in coworking spaces 🤔 (06:20) The President of El Salvador declared they will soon accept Bitcoin as legal tender. What does this mean for Bitcoin? 📈 (08:03) Amy tries to wrap her head around governmental backing of cryptocurrency 🤯 (10:58) Limarc, Junior UFO Hunter, discusses the Pentagon's upcoming scheduled release of a report on UFOs 🛸 (15:44) LET'S STORM AREA 51 🏃‍♂️ (18:39) Tech of the Week: Amy just discovered some new exciting settings on her Android (23:55), David's been considering buying his daughter her first computer (25:59), and Limarc is playing a new VR game that sounds pretty cool 🖥 (27:59) 🗒️ SHOW NOTES: The Back to the Office Maximum by Anne Helen Petersen on Substack: Babysitter Managers Are in Trouble and They Know It by Anthony Watson on Hacker Noon: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Latin American Politicians Embracing Cryptocurrency by Claudio Cossio on Hacker Noon: The Pentagon Could Finally Tell the Whole Truth About UFOs by Matthew Gault: READ HACKERNOON.COM ☀️ START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🚀
Amy Tom talks to Yoz Grahame, a Solutions Architect at LaunchDarkly about feature flags. 🏴 Yoz has worn many hats in his tech career - from programming to movie production to developer advocacy - he seems like he's done it all! Yoz talks about his career and how he ended up at LaunchDarkly. Amy gets curious about feature flags and how they work. 🤓 In this episode of The Hacker Noon Podcast: Yoz says that as you become a more experienced engineer, you realize that it is your ability to communicate with others that is important 🗣 (5:40) Yoz took an interest in tech at 5 or 6 years old and learned basic programming on a Sinclair ZX80 (09:15) Yoz talks about how he worked on The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy in the late '90s 👍 (12:39) Amy asks if Yoz has suffered from switching projects too many times and gets his thoughts on corporate loyalty (16:20) Sooooo Amy wants to know Yoz's process for evaluating project opportunities 🤔 (21:14) What's tech scene like in London? (27:30) Amy attempts to explain feature flags - it actually goes pretty well 😎 (30:30) Yoz talks about the idea of testing in production (36:28) Is there a situation where feature flags don't make sense? ⛳️ (41:10) Connect with Yoz and LaunchDarkly Follow Yoz on Twitter @yoz Follow LaunchDarkly on Twitter @LaunchDarkly Shownotes: Yoz mentions Today in tabs by Rusty Foster: Yoz mentions Dave Pell's newsletter: Sign up for the Hacker Noon newsletter:
Amy Tom talks to Anil Kumar, the Product Manager at Couchbase, about becoming a Product Manager, writing his book: Couchbase on Kubernetes, and creating a multi-cloud strategy. 😁 This week on The Hacker Noon Podcast: Anil has been at Couchbase for 8 years, and prior to that was at Microsoft for 7 years. Amy needs to know - what is it like to grow within a company? 🤯 (05:25) Anil did his Bachelor's and Master's in Computer Science. Amy asks if he has any regrets about his education experience (10:10) Anil talks about the book he wrote: Couchbase on Kubernetes 📗 (12:03) Anil talks about what you need to manage the database and the levels of complexity with databases and multi-cloud strategies (16:00) What are the trends around Kubenetes containers and databases? 📈 (19:42) Anil gives advice to businesses looking to move their database operations to Kubernetes (27:15) Follow Anil Kumar and Couchbase: You can follow Anil on Twitter @anilkumar1129 You can connect with Anil on LinkedIn: You can follow Couchbase on Twitter @couchbase Shownotes: Check out Anil's book: Couchbase on Kubernetes on Amazon: Become a Hacker Noon contributor READ HACKERNOON.COM 🤖
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the ads overlaying on the interview were so annoying for this episode that I had to stop listening halfway through..not sure what happened during editing but that needs to be fixed

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