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Conversations with the smartest people in tech. An irregular, interview-style podcast by the Editorial Team at ⚡
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That's right, media conglomerates are taking over the world... or at least are trying to. This Week on Planet Internet, David Smooke, Amy Tom, and Ustav Jaiswal dive into the world of big media - think Facebook, Disney, Comcast, ATT - about the policies, who owns them, and more. 🌎 THIS WEEK ON PLANET INTERNET: What is a media conglomerate? (02:10) What's the deal with Special Purpose Acquisition Companies? Examining the Forbes "business combination" (08:43) Which are the largest media conglomerates? (16:30) Who owns what in the big media world? (22:52) How to explain NFTs to people who think they're just JPEGs (32:30) Utsav makes a cheeky blockchain joke that needs a full explanation (40:32) 🗒️ SHOW NOTES: Forbes SPAC: What is a media conglomerate: media conglomerate%2C media group,theme parks%2C or the Internet Media ownership: How to Explain NFTs to People Who Think They're Just JPEGs on HackerNoon: READ HACKERNOON.COM START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP
Annie Rauwerda is a neurology student by day and an Instagram curator by night. Since the pandemic, Annie has grown her Depths of Wikipedia Instagram page to 376k followers and counting. Amy Tom talks to Annie about how she grew her page, how she connects with her followers, and how she decides what to post. 🏋️‍♂️ On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast: What is the Depths of Wikipedia's Instagram page all about? (00:50) 📱 How did Annie grow her Instagram page? (02:22) 🤳 How does Annie decide what to post? (08:32) 🙊 What is the Wikipedia community like? (15:16) 🤝 How does Annie diversify her content? (20:10) 🍀 What is Annie’s advice for hacking the Instagram algorithm? (24:04) 🌟 Follow Annie Rauwerda: Follow Depths of Wikipedia on Instagram @depthsofwikipedia Check out Annie's website: READ HACKERNOON.COM 🍌 START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🍒
Utsav Jaiswal sits down with Amber Ghaddar, Founder at AllianceBlock, about building the AllianceBlock Protocol, understanding money matters, and getting down to business. 🤝 On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast: How did Amber get her start? (02:50) 🧑‍🏫 Can we democratize capital itself? (13:23) 😱 How does Amber get people to open up to the idea of Bitcoin regulation? (28:25) 😵 What is the economic effect of making Bitcoin a legal currency? (42:33) 🤭 How do Amber's AllianceBlock tokens work? (53:05) 🤑 Follow Amber Ghaddar: Follow Amber on Twitter @amber_ghaddar READ HACKERNOON.COM 😬 START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🥺
Nicolas Ng, Hang Ngo, and Ellen Stevens examine the details of how HackerNoon is controlling the social media empires, the specs of the Facebook whistleblower video, how the rise and fall of the Soviet Union lead to a crypto-obsessed population. Also, why we plan to host our conferences in a space hotel. Hope you join us! 🌎 THIS WEEK ON PLANET INTERNET: Gen Z does NOT use Facebook! (05:09) 😵 How frequently do you actually see hateful content on Facebook? (08:35) 🤔 Do you think allegations should be treated as facts? (9:27) 🤔 How much responsibility should private companies have for the things that people choose to do? (13:31) 🤔 Why you should quit social media permanently! (17:50) 😂 Why are Ukrainians among the top adopters of cryptocurrency in the World? (18:51) 🤟🏻 Would Nicolas stay in a space hotel even? (29:03) 🤗   🗒️ SHOW NOTES: Whistleblower says Facebook sucks, big time!: Crypto and Ukraine, a match made in Soviet : A space hotel is cool and all, but what happens if there's an asteroid?: What do you think about floating cities? READ HACKERNOON.COM 🤳 START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🏄‍♀️
Meet Scott D. Clary! Scott is a long-time HackerNoon contributor with over 20 published stories about business strategy. Amy Tom chats with Scott about hosting his podcast, building his career, and why he writes. ✍🏻 On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast: Why does Scott write? (02:00) 🧑‍🏫 What is Scott’s writing process? (08:07) 🧑‍💻 How did Scott learn to be a content creator and thought leader? (14:33) ✨ What is Scott’s secret to success? (21:49) 🤫 What is the coolest opportunity that Scott’s writing brought him? (27:17) 😱 What is Scott’s advice for other writers? (35:23) 🥰 Follow Scott D. Clary: Check out Scott's HackerNoon stories: Read Scott's Meet the Writer story: Connect with Scott at Want to submit your Meet the Writer story to HackerNoon? We want to hear from you! Follow our Template (Just Click and Start Writing). READ HACKERNOON.COM 🖥
Utsav Jaiswal sits down with Aaron Lint (CISO at Anchorage Digital Bank and Leslie Ankney (the Communications Lead at Anchorage Digital. Aaron leads banking security operations at the first nationally chartered crypto bank. Leslie comes to Anchorage by way of Ditto PR, where she was Director of Blockchain and Digital Currencies Practice and Associate Vice President. Visa-backed Anchorage has safely held billions of dollars in crypto for institutions. On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast: What is Aaron’s favourite blockchain? (02:36) 🥰 Where does DeFi innovation come into the picture? (8:11) 🔨 What does regulation mean to Anchorage? (13:06) ⚖️ What’s the deal with ATM security? Lol (21:17) 🔐 What is the future of finance? (23:36) 🔮 Are decentralized bridges safe? (27:30) 😳 Follow Aaron Lint and Leslie Ankney: Follow Aaron on Twitter @lintile Follow Leslie on Twitter @CryptoLeslie Recommended Reads on HACKERNOON.COM 🤸‍♀️ START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🥇
Are NFTs Here to Stay?

Are NFTs Here to Stay?


Limarc Ambalina, Ellen Stevens, and Amy Tom debate the future of NFTs. This Week On Planet Internet - are NFTs here to stay? Will the hype die down? 🌎 THIS WEEK ON PLANET INTERNET: How do you determine which NFTs are million-dollar investments? (02:01) 😵 What gives art value? (08:37) 💰 How can you invest in the metaverse? (11:15) 🤑 Is the metaverse even real? (14:32) 🤟🏻 Is there value in metaverse land? (21:10) NOT OFFICIAL INVESTMENT ADVICE LOL 😂 How hard do we have to look out for NFT scams? (24:05) 🤔 How to embed NFTs into your HackerNoon story (32:30) 🤗 🗒️ SHOW NOTES: Start embedding NFTs into your HackerNoon stories: Get started with the metaverse on HackerNoon: OK Tim Sweeney, WHATEVER: Monkey JPEGS, who knew? READ HACKERNOON.COM ❇️ START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP ✳️
Utsav Jaiswal talks to Mitja Goroshevsky, Free TON's CTO, and Ben Sunderland, Free TON's Senior Community Manager, about building Free TON. 🪜 On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast: How was Free TON launched? (03:34) 🥳 Is your blockchain technology working for you or against you? (13:43) 🙊 How does Ben position Free TON against Blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethtereum, etc? (23:52) ⛓ Mitja talks about gossip-based blockchains (33:36) 🏔 Where does the TON Crystal get processed? (42:02) ⚙️ Connect with Mitja and Ben: Follow Mitja on Twitter @Futurizt Follow the Free TON community on Twitter @CommunityTon Check out Ben's crypto podcast, NeverMind the Shitcoins
Linh Dao Smooke chatted with Liz Eddy, Co-founder and CEO of Lantern, THE company that helps death-planning easier. 💆‍♀️ On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast: When did Liz get her start? (01:14) 🍬 How did Liz found her business? (10:50) 🤯 How did Liz know she wanted to solve societal issues with entrepreneurship? (15:35) 🥺 How did Liz find her co-founder? (20:39) 👌 What is Liz's advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? (26:50) 🙋‍♀️ 🐙 Lantern was nominated for startups of the year in Brooklyn, New York: 💎 Get approved for 10-20x higher credit limit with Brex - 🦑 Learn more about Liz's story's here:
That's right - everyone is getting called out This Week On Planet Internet and no one is safe. Natasha Nel, Amy Tom, and Daria Kulish get so real, it will hit you deep in the heart. 😵 We're talking about our relationships with social media, New Hollywood, and other forms of mainstream media. 🌎 THIS WEEK ON PLANET INTERNET: Has New Hollywood taken over? (03:06) 🎥 Natasha gets profound (09:50) 😇 Escaping mainstream marketing slush (12:00) 🥤 How to hack your quarterly performance review (20:00) 🙊 What are we listening to/reading this week? (28:40) 😍 🗒️ SHOW NOTES: Why the 2021 Emmys are a Victory for New Hollywood by David Deal on HackerNoon: Natasha recommends Offline Matters by Jess Henderson; The less digital guide to creative work. She also recommends the Sounds like a Cult Pod 🐯 You also gotta check out this acceptance speech: Hacking Quarterly Performance Reviews by John on HackerNoon: And on that - check out to see how these work and which companies are getting on the bandwagon Amy's reading recommendation - "Bitcoin saved my life": If you want to check out Amy on the Bits and Bytes podcast, you can do so here: Daria's reading recommendation: Humankind: A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman READ HACKERNOON.COM 🐄 START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🐓
Hey hackers! We thought you’d enjoy this episode from the archives. This episode was originally released on August 31, 2020. Enjoy!   Natasha Nel from sits down with Sarah Evans—tech industry PR legend and strategic communications startup founder—to talk all things branding and influence: from personal to B2B. In this podcast: How to accumulate 100k *genuine* followers on Twitter What “newsworthy” looks like today How to increase credibility when you’re not getting traditional media coverage Where to pitch stories to build real brand validation Moving from being a Manager to being a Master Collaborator Hacking evidence of the work experience employers are looking for online Creating a company-wide ‘Emotional Compass’ for more mindful communications Why and how to start building a network—especially when you don’t need one How to grow your influence by amplifying the voices of those around you READ MORE ON HACKERNOON.COM: KEEP UP WITH SARAH EVANS:
Who wins in the battle of the internet and freedom of speech? 🥊 Amy Tom, Ellen Stevens, and Zaeem Shoaib chat about censorship and the internet. We all know that fake news = bad, but how do we stop it from being spread without limiting freedom of speech? 🌏 THIS WEEK ON PLANET INTERNET: The ensuing battle between freedom of speech and protecting people (01:07) ⚔️ What is the dealio with freedom of speech on the other side of the world? (05:39) 😼 Wait, what even is Litecoin? (08:55) 😂 What does Zaeem, resident journalist, say about fake news & fact-checking? (14:20) 😵 Uh oh marky mark, Facebook is under fire AGAIN this week (19:42) 🔥 Who gets to decide what is okay and not okay? (27:47) 👀 Republican leaders in Texas sign off on a new bill about social media content moderation (33:22) 🤯 🗒️ SHOW NOTES: "Fake News Vs. Censorship in the Battle for the Internet" by Sharmini R on HackerNoon: lol sorry guys, Walmart will NOT be accepting Litecoin: Here's that insider link to a story about WSJ's report on Facebook (cause no paywalls 🙅): A new bill that requires tech giant social media companies to disclose more info on their algorithm: READ HACKERNOON.COM 👊🏻 START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🤟🏻
Utsav Jaiswal sits down with Joseph Weinberg, the co-founder of Shyft Network and an OG Bitcoiner. As an early investor in Bitcoin in 2010 and director at Coinsetter until its acquisition by Kraken FX in 2016, Joseph knows what's up in the digital currency world. 🥇 On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast: "The blockchain doesn't care what we think," says Joseph (02:30) ‼️ Does more blockchain regulation mean more fees? (05:43) 🥺 Joseph breaks down the FATF - Financial Action Task Force (08:54) 🔨 How can the ecosystem continue to succeed as regulations come up? (13:50) 🤝 "What we are seeing right now is something that crypto has never been faced with before," says Joseph (20:24) 😍 Will there be regulations on P2P transactions? (25:41) 😬 Connect with Joseph and Shyft Network: Follow Joseph on Twitter @josephweinberg Follow Shyft Network on Twitter @shyftnetwork READ HACKERNOON.COM ☘️ START WRITING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🌴
OKAY - here's what you need to know before you start your open-source platform. On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast, we hear from Ben Bromhead, CTO of Instaclustr, and Ev Kontsevoy, CEO of Teleport, about how they started their open-source platform. 🙀 On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast: What was Ev's very first job? (01:44) And Ben's? (03:50) 🚣‍♀️ What are the roles of different co-founders? (10:31) 🏃 What do you do when you can't afford to hire new staff but you still need to GSD? (16:59) 💥 How do you maintain a unique startup culture? (25:44) ❄️ What did Ev learn from developing an open-source platform? (36:41) 🍭 If open-source is so amazing, why WOULDN'T I make my product open-source? (41:50) 😵 Why does Ben choose to follow the open-source movement? (43:46) 🧚‍♂️ How do open-source companies make money? (49:37) 💰 VOTE FOR INSTACLUSTR FOR STARTUP OF THE YEAR: 💎 Get approved for 10-20x higher credit limit with Brex - VOTE FOR TELEPORT FOR STARTUP OF THE YEAR: Connect with Ben and Ev: Connect with Ev at Connect with Ben at Follow Ben on Twitter at @BenBromhead Learn more about HackerNoon and Startups of The Year: For more information visit To read HackerNoon stories, check out
Is decentralization fair for everyone? This Week On Planet Internet, Utsav Jaiswal, Sidra Ijaz, and Amy Tom talk about the decentralization movement. What's the latest with DeFi? Can AI & decentralization be friends? 🥺 🌍 THIS WEEK ON PLANET INTERNET: The great debate on whether to use social financing options or stick to personal financing 😵 Are trusted AI models fair? ⚖️ Is it possible to create a successful decentralized video platform? 🎥 Are social media algorithms biased? 😪 What's going on with Thailand's digital currency? 💳 🗒️ SHOW NOTES: The debate between personal finance and social finance on HackerNoon: AI & decentralization on HackerNoon: Decentralized video on HackerNoon: Thailand's digital baht on HackerNoon: The tweet that tests the Twitter algorithm: READ HACKERNOON.COM 🧜‍♀️ START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🧜
Big money, get paid. Tom Sosnoff, Co-CEO of tastytrade, and Sean Salas, CEO of Camino Financial, join Amy Tom this week to discuss FinTech startups. What is Wall Street REALLY like? How has the finance industry evolved? Listen to find out - DUN DUN DUNNNN 😵 On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast: What was Tom's very first job? (01:15) And Sean's? ✨ (02:10) What was Wall Street like in the '80s? 👯‍♀️ (07:51) Why did Sean start Camino? 👩‍👦‍👦 (10:10) How has diversity changed in the finance industry over the years? 🌈 (15:58) Tom talks about what he wishes he knew at the start of his career 🍳 (23:15) How should we think about financial education for minorities? 🤔 (30:48) What does the future of FinTech look like? 🤯 (35:03) 🫐 Vote for Camino Financial for Startup Of The Year in LA: Brex - 🍅 Vote for tastytrade for Startup Of The Year in Chicago: Connect with Tom and Sean: Check out Tom's live content on Follow Sean on Twitter @seandsalas Check out Sean's podcast: Learn more about HackerNoon and Startups of The Year: For more information visit To read HackerNoon stories, check out
Humanoid Natasha, Amy, and Katarina (from the future) say that the robots are taking over This Week On Planet Internet! These days, if you think about anything too hard, you might just explode. But fret not, one day we will all live in robot bodies and no one will be able to touch us. 🦾 🌎 THIS WEEK ON PLANET INTERNET: What's the latest with the tech behind the pandemic? 🦠 (00:42) TL;DR: Robots are coming 🤖 (07:44) Will Elon Musk's robots make our beds for us? 🛏 (11:38) What's up with the love-hate relationship that we have with working? 👩‍❤️‍👨 (16:16) 🗒️ SHOW NOTES: "Tiny, Fast, & Strong: An Insect-sized Robot that Mimics Cheetah" by ROBOfluence on HackerNoon: Elon Musk is planning to build humanoid robots: We referred to a Black Mirror episode: it's Black Mirror episode (season 4, episode 5) called "Metalhead". You're welcome. READ HACKERNOON.COM 🌦 START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP ☔️
This is David's guest spot on Clever Programming that we are republishing here.
It's a man's man's world but (lol James Brown knows) it would be nothing without women! Sophie Wyne (Co-Founder and CEO of ariglad), Luna Ito-Fisher, and Ambika Miglani (Co-founders of Decrypted By Us) join Amy on the podcast this week to chat about their entrepreneurship journey 😱 On this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast: How do you know it's time to quit your full-time job to pursue your side hustle? 🥺 (05:00) Why did Luna and Ambika start Decrypted by Us? 👯‍♀️ (07:58) Why is it important for people who are part of a minority group to learn from other underrepresented communities? 🙇🏽‍♀️ (11:22) Why did Sophie become a CEO? 💁‍♀️ (13:42) What did Ambika and Luna wish they knew before they started? (17:38) and Sophie? 🧠 (21:23) How do you balance the perception of being a "non-assertive" female CEO while also getting shit done? 🧚‍♀️ (23:55) What makes a good mentor, how can I get one, and how do I maximize the value of the relationship? 🙏🏻 (25:53) Why is self-advocacy so important? 👊🏻 (31:10) Do people truly believe that young females can't be CEOs? 🤭 (37:56) 🐝 Vote for ariglad for Startup Of The Year in Vancouver: 🥳 Deposit your funds easily and securely with Brex - 🦋 Vote for Decrypted By Us for Startup Of The Year in Providence: Connect with Sophie, Luna, and Ambika: Check out Sophie's work at Connect with Sophie on LinkedIn at Connect with Luna on LinkedIn at Connect with Ambika on LinkedIn at Check out Decrypted By Us on YouTube: Learn more about HackerNoon and Startups of The Year: For more information visit To read HackerNoon stories, check out
We're talking about remote work This Week On Planet Internet (ironically while Linh Dao Smooke has her first in-person meeting with Marcos Fabian, our wonderful dev) 😂 But anyways that's neither here nor there because HackerNoon is a fully remote company and WE'VE GOT THINGS TO SAY about working remotely 😤 🌍 THIS WEEK ON PLANET INTERNET: First off, what have Amy, Marcos, and Linh's experiences with remote work been like? 👨‍💻 (01:10) How does remote work affect mental health? 🧠 (08:53) Why are all the micro-managers are panicking about trust and accountability? 😂 (12:50) How has the pandemic shaken up the physical boundaries of the workplace? 🧂 (17:45) To go back to the office or not, that is the question 🤌 (21:12) What is are our purposes for working? 🦸 (25:01) What advice does Linh (Master of Remote Work) have for companies who want to be remote? 👩‍🏫 (31:15) 🗒️ SHOW NOTES: Listen to the Planet Money episode we referenced: Check out this great related story - "Coping With Loneliness While Working From Home" by Ahmad W Khan on HackerNoon: READ ABOUT TECH ON HACKERNOON.COM 🌟 START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 💫
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the ads overlaying on the interview were so annoying for this episode that I had to stop listening halfway through..not sure what happened during editing but that needs to be fixed

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