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Listen to today’s episode as Derik Fay shares his amazing life story. He started with a tough childhood and learned to be strong, make friends, and grab opportunities. Hear how he succeeded in different businesses by being flexible and making good relationships. Learn about Derik's talent for making friends and growing small companies. Find out how he turned $70 into $5 million in real estate. Discover tips for negotiating with companies and avoiding common business mistakes. Understand why having a strong company culture and being responsible are important for business growth. Plus, stay tuned for part two of Derik's amazing journey! About: Derik Fay is an experienced entrepreneur who started a venture capital firm called “3F Management” in 2002. He's successfully built and sold over 30 companies and helps young entrepreneurs grow. His goal for partners is to achieve growth and profits and sell their businesses within 3-5 years. Derik and his partners also give back by donating millions to local charities, emphasizing the importance of resilience, innovation, and making a positive impact. HIGHLIGHTS: Derik Fay's journey from a challenging childhood to success How Derik adapted and thrived in various business ventures Derik's knack for connecting people and identifying opportunities The incredible story of turning a $70 investment into $5 million in real estate Profitable negotiation experiences with companies Insights into common mistakes entrepreneurs should avoid The importance of a consistent company culture and vision The role of accountability in business growth   SOCIAL MEDIA: Website URL: & Derik Fay IG 👉 Derik Fay Facebook 👉 Derik Fay YouTube 👉 Derik Fay Twitter 👉 Derik Fay LinkedIn 👉 Derik Fay TikTok 👉   TIME STAMPS: 00:00: Intro 00:49: Introduction to Derik Fay 01:28: What does Derik do as an adult entrepreneurial man? 02:57: Entrepreneurship, investing, and personal finance 06:05: Childhood abuse and resilience 08:11: The importance of finding inspiration and redirection in difficult moments 11:38: Eric’s advice when you’re in a bad situation 12:45: Overcoming abuse and finding strength 15:24: Dealing with past trauma and abuse 21:44: Abuse of power in religious organizations 28:27: Meeting needs with products or services 30:20: The value of being a connector 36:59: Leadership styles and approaches 43:54: Entrepreneurship and opportunity recognition 47:07: Business deals 49:45: Things that motivated Derik to save money to be ready to go 54:09: The importance of Networking and conversations in finding opportunities 55:31: Real estate deals and ethics 58:54: Recognizing opportunities and taking action 1:01:59: There's massive value in being first! 1:03:19: The shadow CEO 1:06:16: Leadership mistakes in business 1:08:12: How people are treating employees and the resulting impact 1:11:30: The importance of clarifying the company's culture and vision 1:13:53: Chick-fil-A closes on Sundays to stay true to their values 1:14:57: Going against one's culture and values can lead to instability 1:16:02: END Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career? If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at
Join us for an enlightening podcast with Ray Higdon as he shares his life story and Network Marketing journey. Ray stresses the importance of being genuine and open. He also delves into their unique approach to Network Marketing, setting daily rejection goals to boost resilience, and reconnecting with family. Ray underscores the value of staying open to learning and staying motivated in Network Marketing. The conversation turns to leadership in Network Marketing, where they discuss challenges posed by influencers and the pandemic. They draw a clear line between earners and leaders, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and team development.on improving product quality. A central theme is Ray's personal journey towards faith and kindness, which has significantly impacted his life and career. He highlights the role of faith in decision-making and addresses various topics, including confidence, overcoming obstacles, and integrating spirituality into personal and professional growth. Ray's journey serves as a powerful example of how personal development and spirituality can transform one's business and life.  About: Ray Higdon is a bestselling author, motivational coach, and philanthropist. He went from facing financial difficulties to achieving multimillion-dollar success in just a few years. His latest book, "TIME MONEY FREEDOM," co-written with his wife Jessica, helps people achieve their dreams with actionable steps. Ray is also a top keynote speaker, sharing the stage with renowned thought leaders. He's a dedicated philanthropist, raising over $600,000 for charitable causes. Ray is the founder and CEO of Higdon Group, a fast-growing company specializing in sales training and coaching. He lives in Florida with his family. HIGHLIGHTS: Ray Higdon's life journey: From challenges to Network Marketing success Keys to triumph: authenticity, self-awareness, and openness A powerful story of forgiveness and reconnection with Ray's estranged father Building resilience through daily rejection goals and continuous self-improvement Leadership in the Network Marketing industry Earning vs. leading: What sets leaders apart in Network Marketing? Advocating for a focus on product quality and research over distributor commissions Ray's switch from money to faith and how it changed him How kindness and biblical ideas help in work and life Building confidence, surmounting obstacles, and faith-based decision-making Ray's inspiring journey highlighting power of growth and spirituality in achieving success   SOCIAL MEDIA: Website URL: Ray Higdon IG 👉 Ray Higdon Facebook 👉 Ray Higdon YouTube 👉 Ray Higdon Twitter 👉 Ray Higdon LinkedIn 👉 TIME STAMPS: 00:00: Cold open intro 00:30: Introduction to Ray Higdon 02:21: Ray’s origin story 08:03: Sacred wounds 09:20: Awareness is the first step to changing your habits 11:40: The concept of being aware and getting better 13:18: Childhood trauma 16:45: How did Ray get into real estate? 19:37: Went through a divorce and into foreclosure 20:25: Becoming interested in Network Marketing 23:08: Reuniting with his father 25:53: Ray’s advice for those who have an estranged family member 28:36: Turning 20 noses a day into a big income 32:25: The importance of team building and recruiting 37:12: The importance of staying in your position 38:57: Learn more about how Eric can help you grow your business 40:46: Making the decision to leave the field 42:52: Ray’s decision to merge into a bigger company 47:33: The decision to make the leap of faith in 2016 48:43: The lessons Ray has learned from teaching people 54:45: Four languages of leaders 1:01:30: Challenges in the Network Marketing profession 1:04:44: The difference between the Hall of Fame and all-stars 1:09:19: The difference between 10 one-year careers and a 110-year career 1:10:46: The difference between an earner and a leader 1:12:09: How some people are upset when the comp plan changes 1:14:16: The typical commission structure  1:20:51: Growing a Network Marketing company is far from predictable 1:23:46: What's the best way to navigate the current regulatory environment? 1:26:10: Watch what they say and their disclaimers 1:29:05: Ray’s personal journey and how it has become part of his personality 1:31:19: How Ray got baptized and accepted God 1:38:14: How has faith impacted his career? 1:41:41: learning about kindness 1:44:16: How to support Eric Worre 1:44:57: End   RESOURCES: Books that influence Ray Higdon as an entrepreneur: Building Wealth, Russ Whitney:  Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki: Check out Ray Higdon’s book: Go For No, Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz, Ray Higdon, Galel Fajardo:   Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career?   If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. 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Patrick Bet-David Unleashed

Patrick Bet-David Unleashed


Join us as we're honored to welcome Patrick Bet-David, an entrepreneur with Iranian roots and an advocate for the American Dream. The episode dives deep into the subjects of free speech and why immigrants, like PBD, often hold a unique and passionate appreciation for the liberties offered in the United States. Patrick brings a unique perspective to the discussion, championing capitalism while advocating for regulations that keep large corporations accountable. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he sheds light on what it takes to launch a successful business and assemble a winning team, highlighting key traits such as willingness to learn, coachability, and the drive for success. In addition to dissecting the world of Network Marketing, both Eric Worre and PBD share their top book recommendations and delve into the power of literature in shaping minds and characters. PBD gives listeners an exclusive glimpse into his journey in content creation and reveals exciting future secret plans for his upcoming media project, which promises interviews with compelling personalities. About: Patrick Met-David, PBD, is an immigrant from Iran who arrived in the U.S. at the age of 10 during the Iranian revolution, seeking refuge. After serving in the military, he entered the finance sector and founded PHP Agency Inc. before turning 30. Today, PHP is one of the fastest-growing financial companies. He is widely recognized for his Valuetainment Media brand, which inspires individuals with content focused on entrepreneurship and personal development. He is also a sought-after speaker on these subjects and has conducted interviews with influential speakers like Joe Rogan, Andrew Tate, Jordan Peterson, Kobe Bryant and many more.   HIGHLIGHTS: Patrick Bet-David's journey from Iran to the USA and his deep appreciation for the country Discussion on free speech and its potential consequences Patrick's strong support for capitalism and competition Insights into entrepreneurship and the importance of strong teams Key qualities for success: willingness, coachability, and hunger Patrick's experience with Network Marketing Patrick's content creation journey, from motivation to discussing controversial topics Patrick's future plans, including a media campus and consulting firm Interest in interviewing various prominent figures   SOCIAL MEDIA: Website URL: Patrick Bet-David IG 👉 Patrick Bet-David Facebook 👉 Patrick Bet-David YouTube 👉 Patrick Bet-David Twitter 👉 Patrick Bet-David LinkedIn 👉 TIME STAMPS: 00:00: Cold open intro 00:45: Introduction to Patrick Bet-David 04:28: Where does Patrick's patriotic nature come from? 09:37: The mindset of America today 11:25: Some people are determined to provide heavy consequences 15:31: The hole in the minimum wage argument 18:22: Why is Patrick a capitalist? 23:37: The desire to compete is a very unique feeling 25:40: Should there be any guardrails on capitalism? 27:45: What will Apple do if they are the only ones with this kind of control? 32:01: Can anybody build a sustainable team? 36:19: Making money by knocking on doors 40:07: Art Williams story 44:24: What gives Patrick the courage to start his own company? 48:26: What has he learned about building teams? 51:06: Less distractions, highest amount of fire 54:57: What makes Patrick different from others who haven't done what he did? 57:49: Why did he choose a Network Marketing model for distribution? 1:01:20: What improvements does he want to see in Network Marketing 1:03:57: The first question to ask yourself is, what do you offer? 1:06:29: Books that influenced Patrick as an entrepreneur in his life 1:09:50: Pay attention to social media 1:13:40: Risk of having a podcast 1:17:05: The importance of building a following 1:22:17: What happened during the conversation with Anthony Weiner on his podcast? 1:24:54: Building a media and content company 1:27:51: Is Patrick ever going to run for office for The United States? 1:29:51: Patrick's defining moment, which happened and shaped him 1:35:06: Who would Patrick like to interview that he hasn't interviewed yet? 1:37:19: How to support Eric Worre 1:37:36: END RESOURCES: Books that influence PBD as an entrepreneur: The Hypomanic Edge, John D. Gartner:  Barbarians to Bureaucrats, Lawrence M. Miller: The 33 Strategies to War, Robert Greene:  Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chan Kim and Rene Mourborgne:  The Laws of Success, Napoleon Hill: Psycho-Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz: Power vs. Force, David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.: Unreasonable Hospitality, Will Guidara:  Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career?   If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at  
In this episode of "The Excellence Project", join Eric Worre as he chats with Network Marketer Robin Frank. From being a stay-at-home mom to navigating financial hardships during the 2008–2009 economic crisis, Robin shares her amazing journey. Discover how a serendipitous encounter with a $5 jewelry booth turned into a successful Network Marketing venture. Despite challenges like buyer's remorse and health issues, Robin's focus on community-building and adaptability drove her success. She emphasizes supporting team members, believing in oneself, and continuous learning.  Tune in for an inspiring story of resilience, even in the face of setbacks like real estate crashes and health struggles! About: Robin Frank is a former real estate enthusiast who thrived on transforming houses into artistic masterpieces alongside her husband. When the market shifted in 2008, everything changed—they lost it all. Amid financial struggles and fading self-esteem, Robin discovered Paparazzi. For just $5, she adorned herself with confidence and purpose. With Paparazzi, Robin not only found financial stability and flexibility but also a way to uplift women by sharing stylish accessories. This journey reflects her resilience, reinvention, and the art of helping others love themselves.   HIGHLIGHTS: Robin Frank's journey from homemaker to successful network marketer Overcoming bankruptcy during the 2008-2009 economic crisis Discovery of network marketing through a chance encounter Converting challenges into opportunities, including health issues Emphasis on community, adaptability, and personal growth Nurturing team support and self-belief Finding gratitude through setbacks like real estate crashes and health struggles SOCIAL MEDIA: Website URL: & Robin Frank’s IG 👉 Robin Frank’s Facebook 👉 Robin Frank’s YouTube 👉 Robin Frank’s TikTok 👉 TIME STAMPS: 00:00: Introduction to Robin Frank 01:23: Being a stay-at-home mom 08:37: Employment is necessary in some ways, but security in others 11:41: How Robin started flipping homes 13:53: The economic crisis in 2008 and 2009 18:25: How to deal with stress and stressors 22:49: Surviving in the pit of despair 25:23: Going back to Network Marketing and getting stronger 27:58: How Robin made the business connection to the trade show 31:12: Selling the jewelry for $5 37:07: The importance of having a Network Marketing strategy 39:48: How long did it take to build a team? 42:30: How long before her team's income surpassed her personal sales 45:30: Being diagnosed with cancer 47:54: How she learned to love everybody 50:24: The value of community and leadership 52:53: Robin’s lessons learned over the last 10 years 55:31: The biggest mistakes made by Robin for the past 10 years 1:01:08: The importance of the feedback loop 1:06:05: Robin’s message to the people who are going through a struggle 1:07:10: Like and Subscribe! 1:07:40: END   Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career?   If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at  
In this episode, Eric Worre interviews Sean Cannell, the author of YouTube Secrets, who shares valuable insights on utilizing YouTube to expand a business. They highlight the significance of YouTube for Network Marketers, providing guidance on getting started and creating successful content. Strategies include adopting roles like knowledge broker, reporter, or expert while understanding the audience's needs.  Don't miss the insights from the Think Media Podcast, offering practical advice for YouTube success. Elevate your business game by mastering YouTube's dynamics and revolutionizing your growth strategy. About: Sean Cannell is a successful YouTuber, speaker, and coach. He specializes in guiding entrepreneurs to enhance their impact and earnings through online videos. With a substantial following of over 1 million subscribers and a remarkable 100 million video views, Sean's expertise has earned him recognition, including being featured in Forbes' list of "20 Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business." HIGHLIGHTS: YouTube strategies for business growth: Tips from Sean Cannell. Getting started: Why Network Marketers should use YouTube and how to begin. Creating successful videos that resonate and deliver results. Roles to embrace: Knowledge broker, reporter, or expert—which one suits you? Tailoring content to connect with your viewers effectively. Recommendations from the Think Media Podcast for enhancing your YouTube presence. Insights on fair use, React channels, content curation, and collaboration. Exploring lists of videos, challenges, and comparisons for engaging content. Discussing content censorship on platforms like YouTube and Rumble. Building online influence and income through powerful video content. SOCIAL MEDIA: Website URL: Sean Cannell’s IG Sean Cannell’s Facebook Sean Cannell’s YouTube Sean Cannell’s Twitter Sean Cannell’s LinkedIn TIME STAMPS: 00:00: YouTube Secrets for Network Marketers 00:30: Introduction to Sean Cannell 02:17: When did video become a passion and specialty for Sean? 04:54: Video podcasting and live streaming 08:17: The power of rumble 12:57: How Twitter is different from other platforms 13:47: Leveraging on every platform 17:38: How to get started on YouTube 21:09: Best practices for creating content 25:29: How to narrow down your audience 28:06: It would be a mistake to have no vision. 30:30: The three P's of branding 33:42: The importance of being a curator 37:00: The key is that you have to be a few steps ahead. 38:12: The power of fair use content 41:26: Dive into content and curate it 44:50: Eric’s advice 45:42: Free one-hour training 48:30: Reverse engineer success for Network Marketing 54:02: How to get the most views 57:34: Do you want to sell products or grow your team? 1:00:38: Opportunities in Network Marketing 1:05:31: You only need one video to build a team. 1:08:00: How to integrate your content into your business 01:12:33: The sweet spot for YouTube videos 1:15:21: Podcasts in general pay a higher rate than cat videos. 1:17:43: The one thing you need to do to get started 1:22:20: Bringing value to people without keeping score 1:24:57: Education products and courses 1:27:27: Create YouTube Strategies 1:30:40: Do we need to have more different channels for different things? 1:34:16: The four elements of a new channel 1:38:59: How to Support The Excellence Project 1:39:20 - END Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career? If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at
Description: In this inspiring episode, join us as we feature Colten and Pricilla Echave, successful Network Marketers who share their stories of overcoming challenges to achieve success. Learn about the importance of effective strategies, learning from experts, and staying committed. Colten's journey from financial struggles to triumph and Pricilla's partnership based on ambitious goals and mentorship highlight the value of determination. Discover parallels between athletes and Network Marketers, emphasizing consistent effort for growth. Colten and Pricilla's insights underscore the role of faith and relationships in their success. Whether you're in Network Marketing or seeking inspiration, this episode offers practical wisdom and a fresh perspective on achieving success. Don't miss out on this amazing story of faith, relationships, and success!   About: Colten Echave, a former professional beach volleyball player for Team USA, transitioned to personal training after injuries halted his sports career. Introduced to network marketing at 22 in 2012, he initially struggled with just one sale in his first year. By his second year, he had embraced simple systems, earning over six figures and becoming the top Recruiter in his company. Now 33, his team, including his wife Priscilla, boasts 30+ six-figure earners, generating $110 million in sales. Colten and Priscilla reside in Newport Beach with their two children, 3-year-old Penelope and 6-month-old Preston. Priscilla Echave is a Network Marketing professional and the wife of Colten Echave. She has played a significant role in the success of their Network Marketing team, contributing to their impressive achievement of over 30 team members earning six-figure incomes annually.   HIGHLIGHTS:   Colten and Priscilla's challenges turned into stepping stones for success. The significance of mature awareness, expert learning, and unwavering discipline. Explore the four main aspects driving Network Marketing success. Insights into faith and relationships' roles in accomplishments. Overcome struggles through resilience and resourcefulness. Shared goals and learning led to a meaningful connection. Set emotionally charged goals and find mentorship. Leverage competitive spirit and expert guidance for business success. Parallels between athletes' dedication and Network Marketing journeys Sustained commitment to mature awareness, expert learning, and disciplined perseverance SOCIAL MEDIA: Colten Echave’s IG 👉 Colten Echave’s Facebook 👉 Colten Echave’s YouTube 👉 Colten Echave’s Twitter 👉 Colten Echave’s LinkedIn 👉   Priscilla Echave’s IG 👉 Priscilla Echave’s Facebook 👉 Priscilla Echave’s YouTube 👉 Priscilla Echave’s TikTok 👉 TIME STAMPS:   00:00: Introduction to Colten and Priscilla Echave 02:16: Priscilla’s story growing up 08:46: Colten's entrepreneurial journey from age 11 to 33 12:32: How did Colten decide to attend college? 15:17: How Colten got involved in Network Marketing 20:58: Doing business like a business 27:06: Being kicked out of the gym and not being allowed to work or be a member 31:19: Obstacles lead to opportunities 34:43: Difference between being a Network Marketer and being an athlete 39:19: The journey of an athlete 42:50: How Colten met Priscilla and how she became his business partner 46:35: Proving faith through logic 49:02: Blind faith and marriage 56:39: The Cold Case of Christianity 59:09: How therapy helped Colten accept a God 01:01:19: The importance of a marriage mentor 01:05:41: Colten’s realization that he needed to make systems that made sense and what to do about it 01:08:25: The importance of having a mature amount of awareness 01:10:51: How Colten knew Priscilla was the one for him 01:14:41: Finding a way to make it work 01:16:08: Commit to systems, take risks, and bring value 01:23:03: Advice for people who are stuck in their comfort zone 01:28:44: Build relationships, set boundaries, and be willing to be uncomfortable. 01:32:27: How they waited until marriage to have sex 01:36:36: Colten’s advice to someone who wants to build a Network Marketing business 01:39:29: How to Support The Excellence Project 01:39:51 - END Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career?   If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at  
Join Eric and Marina in this episode of "The Excellence Project" as they engage in a dynamic conversation with Tom and Lisa Bilyeu. Tom and Lisa, co-founders of the billion-dollar Quest business and hosts of Impact Theory and Women of Impact share insights on risk-taking in the business world. They explore navigating global, political, and cultural risks, touching on the intriguing concept of protection money. The discussion expands to encompass decision-making, emotional comprehension, the scientific method, and the pivotal role of defining decisions in shaping one's life. They conclude by delving into the significance of trust and respect in relationships. Tune in for a thought-provoking dialogue on business, decision-making, and personal growth.   About: Tom Bilyeu co-founded the billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition and hosts Impact Theory. He aims to broaden the concept of wellness, focusing on both body and mind. Through Impact Theory, Tom empowers individuals to enhance themselves and the world. His content and speaking engagements motivate global audiences to unleash their potential. He's been recognized as a top influencer by Success Magazine and named Entrepreneur of the Year by Secret Entourage. Lisa Bilyeu is cofounder of the billion-dollar company Quest Nutrition and co-founder and President of Impact Theory. She is the host of Women of Impact, a show featuring women who have overcome incredible hardship to achieve massive success. Her mission is to empower all women to become the heroes of their own lives. HIGHLIGHTS: Emphasizing the role of risk-taking in business growth Navigating global, political, and cultural risks as entrepreneurs Exploring the concept of protection money for business security Understanding emotions and effective decision-making Applying the scientific method to entrepreneurial success Making life-defining decisions and their impact Lisa's recognition for her contribution to women-owned businesses Discussing trust and respect significance in relationships   SOCIAL MEDIA: Website URL: Tom Bilyeu’s IG 👉 Tom Bilyeu’s Facebook 👉 Tom Bilyeu’s YouTube 👉 Tom Bilyeu’s Twitter 👉 Tom Bilyeu’s LinkedIn 👉 Lisa Bilyeu’s IG 👉 LisaBilyeu’s Facebook 👉 Lisa Bilyeu’s YouTube 👉 Lisa Bilyeu’s Twitter 👉 Lisa Bilyeu’s LinkedIn 👉 TIME STAMPS: 00:00: It has nothing to do with luck 00:30: Introduction to Tom and Lisa Bilyeu 02:57: How Lisa and Marina met 04:34: The story behind Lisa's book 08:35: The origin story of Tom and Lisa becomes successful 11:20: - Doing things for the greater good 15:02: Deciding who you want to be 18:16: The importance of asking the right questions 21:43: When someone says no, you choose to either not act or propel yourself forward. 25:20: Risk of taking on outside capital 29:08: Risk factors in a business 35:31: You have to know what your metric is. 37:47: The need for compassion and leadership 40:36: How much we can be influenced by the media 44:40: Freedom of speech and consequences 47:41: The duality between male and female and how it perpetuates corruption 52:59: The two-party system in the United States 56:05: The Rise of Mao: The Unknown Story 1:04:41: The three qualities of successful people 1:08:18: Can you really learn new things as you get older? 1:15:32: The Physics of Progress Philosophy 1:25:20: What allows people to make different choices and decisions? 1:29:04: How to overcome your emotions 1:32:26: The only belief that matters 1:38:23: Defining Moments in Lisa’s Life 1:43:14: The importance of being ourselves 1:47:38: How Tom and Lisa decided not to have kids 1:50:52: Waking up every day and learning something new 1:55:14: Going from a stay-at-home wife to being his business partner 2:00:58: How do you build trust through vulnerability? 2:07:38: Subscribe and share 2:07:59 - END   Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career? If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. Questions or Comments? Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share? Email me at
In this episode, Darnell Self shares his life journey, highlighting the importance of faith, family, and finance in his success. He discusses the power of forgiveness and gratitude and how a life-threatening incident led him to pursue Network Marketing. Darnell reflects on the inclusivity in the Network Marketing community and his early struggles, emphasizing the significance of personal development and resilience. He achieved a million-dollar income through dedication and learning from money management mistakes. Darnell stresses the need to inspire and motivate team members, while also addressing cultural decisions and the challenges of race and discrimination. The episode offers valuable insights for entrepreneurs and leaders, celebrating wins and finding one's passion in Network Marketing.   Whether you're a seasoned Network Marketer or an aspiring entrepreneur, join us to glean insights from Darnell Self's remarkable journey and embrace the principles that lead to success, both in business and in life.   About: Darnell Self is a graduate of Bowie State University and joined LegalShield in 1998. With a passion for team building and personal development, he crafted a successful duplicable system, earning recognition as Entrepreneur of the Year by the National Black Chamber of Commerce. Darnell has mentored thriving entrepreneurs and inspired business students. He believes in providing opportunities for success to all, resulting in numerous LegalShield Ring Earners and Millionaire Club Members. Together with Michael Humes, he co-founded Fertile Ground, empowering others through the power of giving. Darnell's dedication to helping others has made him a true inspiration in entrepreneurship.   HIGHLIGHTS:   Darnell Self's life journey and experiences emphasize faith, family, and finance in his success. A life-threatening incident led him to pursue Network Marketing and find success. The Network Marketing community embraces inclusivity and acceptance for people from diverse backgrounds to succeed. Darnell shares struggles and financial difficulties, supported by his wife during tough times. Focusing on personal development and skills brought him significant success in Network Marketing. Darnell highlights the importance of inspiring and motivating team members to achieve more. A successful team emphasizes professionalism and respect in their cultural decisions and leadership qualities. He encourages finding passion and using Network Marketing to fuel it. Identifying the real driving force for action, even when unmotivated, is crucial. Darnell addresses the challenges of race and discrimination   SOCIAL MEDIA: Website URL: Darnell Self’s IG 👉 Darnell Self’s Facebook 👉 Darnell Self’s YouTube 👉 Darnell Self’s Twitter 👉 Darnell Self’s LinkedIn 👉 TIME STAMPS:   00:00 - How to be an inclusive leader 00:21 - Introduction to Darnell Self 03:47 - Growing up in a middle-class family 06:46 - The impact for Darnell as an only child when his parents broke up 08:38 - Darnell’s interests and hobbies 10:45 - What did he do after college? 12:21 - The story of why he quit his job at the mall 15:10 - How Darnell got into Network Marketing 18:25 - The importance of faith in his career 21:04 - How Network Marketing has helped create a community where people can come in 23:44 - How Network Marketing allowed them to expand their networks 26:54 - Darnell’s and his family’s first thoughts about the presentation 30:30 - What kind of success did he have in the first 90 days? 32:34 - The turning point in his financial life 36:21 - What happens in those 90 days for Darnell? 40:35 - He took his attention off of his personal production and put it on his team 41:44 - The importance of knowledge in the preparation season  42:46 - Hitting $100,000 a year to always hit a million 44:02 - The first vehicle he bought 50:05 - Darnell's some of the biggest mistakes made when it comes to building team 52:16 - Build at once and have it forever is an absolute myth 54:57 - Developing edification within the team 56:31 - The level of respect is important. It diminishes gossip and being judgmental 1:00:19 - Defined failure in winning the wrong 1:01:37 - No one wants to live in a neighborhood called failure 1:02:21 - What blows up most organizations 1:05:47 - Apologies for your mistakes 1:07:58 - Darnell learned to have a serious conversation as quickly as possible 1:09:06 - Sometimes the issue that comes to you as a leader is not even the real issue 1:10:02 - The percentage of black organizations in the United States 1:11:54 - Lesson learned as a leader and advice for white people 1:16:18 - The challenge of going into a market with the team and not being accepted 1:18:27 - There is still so much inequality and people are not treated the same 1:19:49 - Telling the truth about discrimination 1:22:16 - How can I get better every day? 1:25:42 - Darnell's advice to newbies in Network Marketing 1:28:38 - How to support The Excellence Project? 1:28:58 - END Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career?   If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. 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join us as we welcome Dr. Robb Kelly, an addiction expert with a staggering 97% success rate in helping people overcome addiction. Get ready to be amazed by his groundbreaking approach that goes beyond the norm, rewiring the brain for transformative results. Dr. Kelly's personal journey from alcoholism to recovery is a powerful testament to his methods. He shares his struggle, hitting rock bottom, and the spiritual awakening that changed everything. Discover the connection between genetics, brain science, and addiction as Dr. Kelly unveils his revolutionary program. He dives into the root causes of addiction, including childhood trauma, and how to break free from its grip. Get practical tips to kickstart your recovery journey, and find hope in his empowering message of self-worth and transformation. Don't miss this inspiring episode that can change your life and lead you to a brighter, addiction-free future. Tune in now! About: Dr. Robb Kelly is a renowned addiction consultant with a PhD in Psychology from Oxford University, advocates treating addiction at its core, not just its symptoms. After battling and overcoming alcoholism himself, he became a triple threat against addiction, dedicating his life to helping others recover. Through his Robb Kelly Recovery Group, he employs unconventional methods, earning him the nickname "The Gordon Ramsay of the Addiction World" for his candid and direct approach. His gripping journey from success to failure and back to success inspires and changes lives, as chronicled in his book "Daddy, Daddy Please Stop Drinking. HIGHLIGHTS: Dr. Rob Kelly shares a groundbreaking approach to tackling addiction with a 97% success rate. His program goes beyond traditional methods, rewiring the brain and changing DNA for transformative results. He opens up about his personal journey from alcoholism to recovery. Dr. Kelly challenges the notion that alcoholics can never recover, offering hope and a different perspective. His approach involves understanding root causes like childhood trauma and using personalized guidance and accountability. He emphasizes rewiring the brain through routines and habits for transformative change. He discusses the idea of scaling this approach to help more people struggling with addiction and childhood trauma   SOCIAL MEDIA: Website URL: Dr. Robb Kelly IG 👉 Dr. Robb Kelly Facebook 👉 Dr. Robb Kelly Twitter 👉 Dr. Robb Kelly LinkedIn 👉   TIME STAMPS: 00:00 - Alcoholics that are brilliant 00:21 - Introduction to Dr. Robb Kelly 01:07 - Dr. Kelly’s success rate for his career 03:40 - Understanding the neuroscience behind alcoholism 04:55 - The three parts of the brain of an alcoholic 06:27 - When he started drinking at the age of nine 09:12 - Dr. Kelly’s obsessive thoughts regarding alcohol 10:43 - The most misunderstood illness in the world 13:25 - How alcoholism is genetic 14:18 - The three stages of alcoholism 16:17 - How to identify a heavy drinker vs an alcoholic 20:29 - What other addictive behaviors are there? 22:03 - Prefrontal Cortex is the decision maker 23:54 - The difference between healthy excellence and unhealthy excellence 26:09 - Childhood trauma is the gateway to addiction 27:51 - Babies are born with two fears 28:28 - The safe bet is to never drink again 30:30 - How did Dr. Kelly become a recovered alcoholic? 33:10 - Seven suicide attempts 35:01 - John’s story 37:00 - How Dr. Kelly got his first full-time job 38:46 - How did you know you were meant to help people? 41:44 - Formal education and helping others 44:13 - There's no cure for alcoholism but there’s a reprieve 46:57 - The difference between what they do and the system 48:31 - The process of rewiring the brain 49:36 - A typical example of a young girl in a dysfunctional family 52:28 - The difference between male and female addictive behaviors 54:36 - The most dangerous drug to mankind 55:25 - The most intoxicating part of the drug journey 59:06 - How Dr. Kelly helps people get to the next step in their journey 1:01:15 - The things to do at the beginning of the program  1:04:21 - Accountability is a big deal 1:06:50 - Three things to do to rewire the brain 1:10:21 - Creating rigid accountability and high consequences 1:14:29 - The three parts of the brain that carry a default setting 1:16:33 - What percentage of people have trauma? 1:17:34 - Examples of childhood traumas 1:18:35 - Recognizing childhood trauma 1:21:16 - The importance of finding one person in your family to help you succeed 1:22:24 - What does nurturing look like? 1:23:10 - The reconciliation of Dr. Kelly and his daughter 1:26:23 - One big trauma takes on loads of big traumas 1:28:31 - Dr. Kelly’s golden rule 1:29:37 - The power of the mindset 1:32:04 - Dr. Kelly’s message to an addict or struggling person 1:35:15 - How to support The Excellence Project? 1:35:39 - END   Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career? 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Join us in this episode as Rakan Khalifa shares his six-year adventure in Network Marketing. From overcoming skepticism to experiencing personal growth, Rakan's story is a testament to the transformative power of the industry. Discover the importance of finding your identity, attracting the right people, and setting ambitious goals. Learn from his challenges during major company changes and how he found inspiration in the Middle Eastern market. Despite financial obstacles, Rakan's unwavering commitment led him to rebuild his team in just 90 days. Gain insights into leadership growth, avoiding excessive control, and maintaining humility. Rakan's advice reminds us that it's never too late to start over and find our tribe. Embrace risks, invest in personal growth, and attend events consistently for long-term success in Network Marketing. Are you ready to rewrite your own success story? Tune in and let Rakan's inspiring journey ignite the fire within you. The world of Network Marketing awaits your triumphant arrival! About: Rakan Khalifa is an entrepreneur who started from scratch and made a name for himself in the digital world. Born in Saudi Arabia, he moved to Canada in 2013 and ventured into various opportunities. Rakan founded Game Changers Worldwide, a successful organization focused on helping people improve their financial statuses through digital platforms. His leadership and expertise have earned him the title of "Millionaire Mentor." Rakan aims to inspire millions of individuals to take action and achieve success. His vision includes expanding his company globally and empowering over a million users with trading and investing skills. HIGHLIGHTS:   Rakan Khalifa shares his six-year journey in Network Marketing, discussing skepticism and personal growth. Importance of finding one's identity, attracting the right people, and setting ambitious goals. Rakan's persistence leads to success as a top earner, demonstrating the power of Network Marketing. Challenges faced during company changes, finding inspiration at a Go Pro event, and targeting the Middle Eastern market. Overcoming financial obstacles and rebuilding the team in a 90-day mission. Lessons learned about leadership growth, avoiding excessive control, and separating personal/professional relationships. Advice on starting over, finding a supportive community, taking risks, investing in personal growth, and attending events consistently. SOCIAL MEDIA: Website URL: Rakan Khalifa IG 👉 Rakan Khalifa FB 👉 Rakan Khalifa TikTok 👉 Rakan Khalifa YT 👉 TIME STAMPS: 00:00 - What I love about Network Marketing 00:21 - Introduction to Rakan Khalifa 02:47 - Rakan growing up in Saudi 05:02 - What was Rakan’s mindset when he was growing up? 07:53 - Moving to Canada to have stability 10:40 - How he fell in love with learning 11:23 - His philosophy of being a billionaire 13:14 - A combination of credibility and a system that made sense 15:14 - Building a business in six months 16:32 - What part-time looks like to Rakan 17:00 - Seeing his mom work for the first time 19:07 - Being the oldest child in the family 21:06 - His first time in the States 23:23 - Big events are where big decisions are made 24:39 - Rakan’s first home event 27:17 - How was Rakan’s presentation? 28:29 - Building an income on a part-time basis 30:21 - The myth of being part-time and building a big income 32:27 - Finding his happy place in recruiting 33:50 - Prospecting in his natural environment 34:31 - Rakan’s other happy place was soccer 37:46 - Leading a team for the first time 39:20 - When did Rakan’s business step outside of Canada? 41:46 - A new owner came in and changed everything 43:39 - The importance of having a strong foundation 45:13 - The importance of doing due diligence 46:47 - Making almost 9% less on his team 49:04 - Going to a GoPro event in Las Vegas 52:15 - Connecting with leaders in the Arab world 56:22 - How the vision helped Rakan get back on track 57:44 - The first 90 days of the vision 59:46 - The importance of sharing belief in others 1:02:40 - The resistance to Network Marketing in the Middle East 1:03:21 - The cultural differences between Western and Middle Eastern values 1:04:43 - The importance of promoting outside of the company 1:05:27 - Staying in the Middle East for four months 1:06:56 - First time training in Arabic 1:07:42 - Setting a target for your team 1:10:20 - Rakan’s lessons learned during the season 1:13:03 - How to say no to people when taking photos 1:15:17 - Being the face of the company in the Middle East 1:17:33 - Mistakes leaders have made in the past 1:18:44 - Next Level mastermind group 1:21:57 - How did you come up with the idea of furry slippers? 1:23:25 - The transition from English to Arabic 1:24:54 - The rapid pace of marketing in the Middle East 1:27:33 - Building a community through Network Marketing 1:28:56 - How Network Marketing embraces different cultures 1:32:32 - Network Marketing is a vehicle for growth 1:36:06 - Rakan;'s advice to anyone who wants to be successful 1:38:53 - Longevity will always be more important than anything else 1:40:42 - How to support The Excellence Project? 1:41:29 - END Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career? If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. Questions or Comments? Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share? Email me at
In this episode, we welcome Dan Fleyshman, the host of the popular podcast "Money Mondays." Join us as Dan shares expert strategies for thriving in today's digital world. You'll gain invaluable insights on standing out, creating valuable content, and building genuine connections with your audience. Drawing from his experience, Dan reveals the perfect content length for each platform, ensuring you capture attention and maintain engagement. We'll also delve into the do's and don'ts of social media branding, highlighting examples from top brands like Nike and Tesla. Dan will inspire you with stories of successful influencers who transformed their passions into profitable ventures, while sharing the potential earnings from sponsored posts. You'll even get a glimpse into the extraordinary journeys of super influencers like Mr. Beast and Logan Paul. Get ready for an episode packed with tactical growth strategies and personal branding tips with Dan Fleyshman. About: Dan Fleyshman is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and angel investor. He gained widespread recognition as the youngest founder of a publicly traded company at the age of 23. Dan is known for his expertise in brand building, marketing, and business development. He has founded multiple companies, including Victory Poker, which became one of the top online poker brands.  In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Dan is also involved in philanthropy and has set a goal to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people. He is a sought-after speaker and mentor, sharing his knowledge and experiences to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. HIGHLIGHTS: Dan emphasizes the importance of real-life moments and emotional connections with your audience. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Snapchat can amplify your brand message. Secrets behind successful content creation: teach, entertain, and provide value. Audience-centered content is key when building a brand. Adapting content to different platforms maximizes engagement and reach. Clear calls to action guide viewers and deepen brand connection. Emotional relevance and consistency are crucial on social media. Masterminds accelerate growth and create valuable connections. Dan discusses influential mastermind groups, technical knowledge, and the role of a CEO. Passion for angel investing, philanthropy, and businesses like Elevator Syndicate and Elevator Rolling Fund. Dan's wild jungle ranch, philanthropy, and managing multiple projects. Network Marketing and social media's role in building trust. Poker's parallels to decision-making and human behavior in business.   SOCIAL MEDIA: Website URL: Dan Fleyshman IG 👉 Dan Fleyshman FB 👉 Dan Fleyshman Twitter 👉 Dan Fleyshman LinkedIn 👉 Dan Fleyshman YT 👉   TIME STAMPS: 00:00 - Being in a room with influencers 00:12 - Introduction to Dan Fleyshman 01:53 - Everyone is a personal brand, whether they like it or not 03:51 - How to use social media for free 05:18 - Affiliate deals for Postmates, DraftKings and Lyft 06:47 - How does social media influencer marketing work?  08:14 - The story about Dwayne Johnson 09:21 - Biggest success stories in the sports industry 10:52 - Getting famous is worth it to get famous 11:52: - The importance of sharing your passion 13:48 - Showing the reality of life vs showing a selfie 14:41 - Show them something interesting! 15:34 - How Eric got started in Network Marketing 17:27 - The first mistake Eric made 19:25 - How to build a brand 21:42 - Building emotional attachment and top-of-mind awareness 22:52 - People buy from people they trust! 23:55 - How the personal brand affects the business 25:09 - Iconic global people and single moms 26:18 - What platform should your content be on? 29:25 - How important is Twitter to the future? 31:42 - Being on all major social media platforms 33:28 - Your profile should look the same on all platforms 34:33 - How different outfits impact engagement 36:30 - Podcasts are the most interesting platform 37:30 - How podcasts convert for niche and mass audiences 40:06 - Every deal leads to a deal 42:24 - Think about the call to action 44:10 - How to make 100 videos from 100 things 46:14 - How long-form videos should be on social media 49:23 - The biggest mistakes people make when trying to build their brands 51:40 - Polarizing content on social media 53:41 - Why polarizing content can be dangerous 54:36 - Keep in mind the people who agree with you 55:31 - Polarizing content is a war 57:32 - The pros and cons of social media 58:10 - The problem with profanity and cursing 1:03:58 - Posting once a day to keep top-of-mind awareness 1:06:38 - How to get consistency on social media 1:07:53 - Building an email list 1:09:49 - Nike is the brand that transcended time 1:11:10 - First form is a cultural brand 1:13:13 - How much can an influencer make for posting for brands?  1:15:21 - The size of an influencer depends on the niche 1:17:26 - How to determine how much to charge for influencers 1:19:49 - The biggest land grab in history 1:24:18 - How Dan started the business 1:26:53 - Investing in the ice ball chain 1:29:37 - Dan’s whole mastermind model and how he sets it up 1:31:25 - The 10-year anniversary toy drive 1:35:36 - The importance of being a master before starting a mastermind 1:38:50 - Five masterminds that had a big impact on Dan 1:44:44 - The importance of having a CEO run the business 1:46:48 - Sneaker con, beard club, private equity group, etc 1:50:18 - What is Dan's opinion of Network Marketing? 1:53:45 - How he got started in poker 1:58:09 - Lessons learned from poker and Network Marketing 2:00:06 - Understanding human behavior in poker 2:01:30 - In the poker world, you have to understand what someone is willing to do 2:03:07 - The handful of players that Dan's admires 2:05:50 - How to support Eric?  2:06:07 - END Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career? If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at  
Susan Sly joins us and shares her incredible journey of overcoming challenges and excelling in various aspects of life. She's a true powerhouse who knows the dangers of obsessing over money and believes in defining oneself and not letting past experiences hold you back. Prepare to be inspired as she shares her athletic pursuits, Network Marketing career, and even her role in Artificial Intelligence. Despite being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Susan refuses to let it stop her from reaching her goals. She'll teach you the importance of resilience, finding inspiration from others, and maintaining a positive mindset. Susan also dives into the world of influencers and how things are changing. She's all about integrity and genuinely helping others, and she'll make you think about the true meaning of influence. Susan is also an expert on AI in business, and she'll blow your mind with how it can supercharge operations and decision-making. Wait until you get all the AI tools she recommends to better your business! About: Susan Sly is a multifaceted individual with notable accomplishments. She is the co-founder and Co-CEO of RadiusAI, a tech investor, bestselling author, and renowned speaker. Susan has appeared on CNN, CNBC, and Fox, and featured in publications like Forbes. With certificates from MIT, she is an expert in management, technology, and strategy. Susan is also an athlete, philanthropist, and a mother of four. Her journey inspires others to achieve success in different areas of life. Highlights: Susan Sly discusses the dangers of worshiping money and the importance of excelling in various areas of life. Despite facing hardships, Susan overcomes challenges and takes responsibility for her own success. She emphasizes the significance of resilience and finding inspiration from others. Susan shares her thoughts on the value of being coachable and maintaining a positive mindset. She emphasizes integrity, ethical practices, and the desire to help others in the evolving perception of influencers. Susan recognizes personal growth and making meaningful contributions as vital for success in the Network Marketing profession. She explores the role of AI in enhancing business operations and decision-making. Susan suggests AI tools for implementing AI in business and encourages learning through experimentation and seeking guidance.   Social Media: Website URL: Susan Sly IG 👉 Susan Sly FB 👉 Susan Sly Twitter 👉 Susan Sly LinkedIn 👉 Susan Sly YT 👉   Time Stamps: 00:00 - Worshiping at the altar of money 00:12 - Introduction to Susan Sly 02:15 - Susan shares her background and childhood trauma 04:49 - What kept her going 05:42 - How she overcame low self-esteem and abuse 08:34 - Taking responsibility 100% of responsibility 09:29 - Jumping from abusive alcoholic into another relationship 11:15 - Being shut down for failure to pay taxes in 2000 12:13 - Everything that could go wrong went wrong 17:47 - The difference between success and failure is executing 18:41- The origin story of Susan overdoing it 22:01 - How do you biohack this day? 25:58 - The turning point in Susan’s career 27:06 - How she got into triathlons 28:44 - Being diagnosed with MS and losing her husband 32:00 - The power of being intentional and taking a step in the right direction 34:29 - Susan’s first thought, feeling sorry for herself 36:39 - Successful people don’t negotiate with themselves 38:36 - Treating every day as a project 39:23 - The importance of asking yourself different ‘what if’ questions 41:14 - Who do I need to show up as? 43:44 - The importance of being open and clear 45:47 - Qualifying for next year's Boston Marathon 47:23 - The second bomb goes off 48:01 - Running marathons and Network Marketing 50:42 - How Susan first got introduced to the business 51:54 - How she became the number one sales manager 54:14 - The early days of the company 57:29 - The first two people she enrolled 58:28 - Being coachable and having multiple coaches 59:51 - An energy exchange, mentoring relationship 01:01:15 - Coaches and mentors are like a time machine 01:03:03 - An energy exchange mindset 01:04:52 - The risk tolerance of an entrepreneur 01:06:40 - What Susan loves most about Network Marketing 01:09:43 - The stigma around money in influencers 01:10:49 - What needs to change about Network Marketing 01:13:46 - The common denominator of the legends of Network Marketing 01:16:33 - The importance of contribution 01:17:58 - Fuel is better than proving them wrong 01:20:09 - What changed things for Susan 01:21:33 - The importance of having small goals 01:25:31 - How Susan got connected with AI 01:29:39 - Raising money for a new company 01:31:10 - Enrolling in MIT 01:32:19 - Being the only woman in the room 01:38:16 - How to get started with AI 01:40:45 - Generative AI and how it works 01:42:50 - How to use the paid version of ChatGPT 01:44:47 - Connecting APIs to APIs for a self-learning loop 01:47:18 - Why company owners make excuses for why they're not working 01:49:11 - Give distributors tools to use Google trends 01:50:36 - Raise your level of awareness around AI 01:51:21 - Learn from doing, play with it, get feedback 01:54:41 - Learn about AI from real sources 01:56:29 - We’d love to hear your thoughts 01:57:02 - How to support Eric 01:57:17 - END   Resources: Chat GPT: Motion App:   Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career? If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. Questions or Comments? Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share? Please email me at
SEO and Internet marketing expert, writer, speaker and co-founder of DigitalMarketer Perry Belcher recounts his underprivileged yet enterprising youth, shares a shocking yet successful pick-up line and BLOWS MY MIND with his revelations about AI. (2:13:38) Show Notes:  0:19 - Eric introduces Perry. 2:21 - Perry talks about his underprivileged upbringing and what he learned from his abusive yet charismatic stepdad. 5:25 - Perry reveals that he was kicked out of high school twice for selling things at school. 7:44 - Perry shares something that happened to him when he was a kid that profoundly affected him.   9:37 - Perry tells us about when his mom received his $800 phone bill, and how during his senior year in high school he made $88,000 and out earned his principal..  13:04 - Perry details the company he started when he was only 15 years old.  15:57 - Perry recounts why he quit high school just 2 weeks before graduation.  25:01 - Perry recounts opening his first “chain by the inch” jewelry kiosk in a mall and how he ended up making $800,000 that year - then blew it all.    30:29 - Perry recalls the moment he decided he would never have another employee and decided to start driving a coal truck - until a stop in Gatlinburg, TN changed his destiny. 35:35 - Eric shares a profound life-changing moment.   40:47 - Perry reveals how everything he has learned in life was from failures and how his hot dog cart became wildly successful. 45:19 -  Perry recounts selling all of his businesses when the buzz about the Internet began and how he lost everything and almost went to jail.  51:27 - Perry explains why he reserves his capital for scale and shares his life rules. 56:50 - Perry tells us why if you have to split a nickel, you should always give 3 cents to your business partner and why he prefers to own the minority share of a business.  1:03:33 - Eric and Perry discuss the explosive success of minority and female entrepreneurs and Perry shares his thoughts about Network Marketing. 1:10:23 - Perry shares what may be the best, yet most shocking pick-up line ever and Eric reveals the 4 simple things Network Marketing Professionals do. 1:21:12 - Perry peels back the layers on the beginning of his relationship with AI. 1:26:20 - Perry debunks a common misconception about AI and explains exactly how he uses it right now. 1:31:27 - Perry details how he used AI to create an entire website in 20 hours, how he could automate the process and how you can make a personalized video for 19 cents. 1:39:58 - Perry asks an intriguing question - if you had 10,000 of the smartest, most loyal people willing to work for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for free, what would you have them do? 1:44:15 -  Perry tells us we don’t have to understand AI to use it to our benefit. 1:49:22 - Perry gives us 2 great AI tools to look into.  1:51:37 - Perry pulls back the curtain on the scary part of AI and all of the problems it could solve. 1:56:06 - Perry discloses how AI combined with 3D printers can be used in homes. 2:00:21 - Perry shares an astounding fact about how fast a robot bricklayer can build a house and some of the ways AI could be dangerous. 2:06:48 - Perry explains that we should teach our kids how to use AI. 2:11:12 -  Perry wraps up by telling us to study human behavior, and why. Resources From This Podcast:  OpenAI Make Midjourney Auto-GPT .bubble Glossary of Terms: Prompt engineering - A concept in artificial intelligence, particularly natural language processing, when the description of the task that the AI is supposed to accomplish is embedded in the input. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Software technology that's easy for anyone to use to automate digital tasks. Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career? If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal  goals faster than you ever thought possible. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at  
Brandon Dawson, Co-founder, CEO & Managing Partner of Cardone Ventures, shares his proven business systems that have allowed him to propel numerous  businesses to unprecedented heights, his ingenious strategies for nurturing exceptional talent and cultivating a powerhouse team, and his thoughts about the limitless potential of Network Marketing. (1:24:09) Show Notes:  1:12 - Eric welcomes Brandon to the podcast. 2:28 - Eric and Brdon are surprised to discover their common origins. 3:50 - Eric and Brandon share some fascinating stories about Brandon’s stepdad Bill Austin, Founder & CEO of Starkey Hearing Aids. 10:42 - Brandon details how having “a rich dad” and “a poor dad” influenced him.  12:31 - Eric and Brandon discuss how your upbringing can impact your path in life - for good or bad. 14:35 - Brandon and Eric share varying opinions on whether entrepreneurs are “made” or “born”.   16:30 - Brandon tells us how he barely made it through high school and about the sales job he got after he dropped out of college that led to a breakthrough that serves him to this day.  21:42 - Brandon unveils his secrets to starting a business and the 10 Elements to Growing and Scaling a Business. 29:42  - Brandon recounts how he came up with the 10 Elements to Growing and Scaling a Business and the 11 Breakpoints Between Start-Ups and Billion-Dollar Companies. 34:13 - Brandon explains how he decides what the product should be for a new business and what’s hot right now. 38:56 - Brandon discusses how leadership and meeting employee’s personal, professional and financial goals can lead to the success of a company. 46:38 - Brandon shares an incredible story about a migrant worker who now works for him and makes $750,000 a year. 51:09 - Brandon pulls back the curtain on his ingenious strategies for developing personal, professional and financial goals with your employees. 57:20 - Brandon discloses why if you are not making $100,000 in revenue per employee, you aren’t making any money. 59:30 Brandon discusses tracking employee productivity and behavior depending on whether they are in-person or remote. 1:03:33 - Brandon gives us the 5 things a business must do to attract, hire and keep great talent.  1:09:22 - Brandon reveals his motivation and mission for why he does what he does.  1:13:41 - Brandon shares what he loves about the limitless potential of Network Marketing and how his business systems can be applied to it.  1:19:24 - Brandon explains why, in business, velocity is EVERYTHING and how he relies on the 4 A’s when he’s up against pressure and he’s trying to sort through things. Resources From This Podcast:  Cardone Ventures: Glossary of Terms: Kanban System: An inventory control system used in just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing to track production and order new shipments of parts and materials. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at  
Eric and Marina Worre interview Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of the billion-dollar brand Quest Nutrition and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory, about his intriguing relationship theories. He talks about his worst ever fight with his wife Lisa - over a cup of tea - and reveals the number one predictor as to if you will be in the half of couples who get divorced or the half that stay together. (1:03:20) Show Notes:  00:00 - Eric introduces Tom. 01:41 - Tom explains why although he is actually a lone wolf, his relationship with his wife Lisa is the number one priority in his life. 05:26 - Tom talks about how the worst fight he and his wife Lisa ever had - over a cup of tea - led to a relationship breakthrough. 11:38 - Tom details how arguments between significant others are actually caused by each person’s insecurities and how realizing this and articulating it can improve the relationship.  15:25 - Tom unveils how he and Lisa decide who wins an argument. 18:19 - Tom reveals his fascinating ideas about how to make a relationship work.  19:31 - Tom divulges the number one predictor as to if you will be in the half of couples who get divorced or the half that stay together.  23:44 - Eric shares what has worked for him and his wife Marina in their relationship. 28:32 - Tom discloses that he underwent ritualistic scarification when he got married and how marriage evolves over time and why it’s important to realize that going in. 34:56 - Tom explains what to do if only one person is willing to work on a relationship. 38:03 - Tom explains that we all have hidden values that we aren’t aware of and reveals how they affect us and our relationships. 46:44 - Tom tells us about how he thought 2022 was the best year ever while his wife Lisa felt it was the worst year of their marriage. 53:41 - Marina asks Tom to share his wife Lisa’s “couples playing tennis” analogy.  59:21 - Tom wraps up by giving us some of his ideas for how to navigate working with our significant other. Resources From This Podcast:  The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell Glossary of Terms: Tragedy of the Commons: Refers to a situation in which individuals with access to a public resource (also called a common) act in their own interest and, in doing so, ultimately deplete the resource. Steel Man Argument (or Steelmanning): Steelmanning is the practice of addressing the strongest form of the other person's argument, even if it's not the one they presented. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at
Sandro Cazzato became a 7-figure earner in Network Marketing with almost 100k people in his organization within two and a half years of joining the profession. He reveals why he left his highly successful career for Network Marketing, how he got 26 distributors within his first month, how he lost 60% of his business the summer after he started and how 90-day runs have been key to his success. (53:23) Show Notes:  0:00 - Eric welcomes 7-figure Network Marketing Earner Sandro Cazzato. 2:54 - Sandro details what he did before he got into Network Marketing. 3:22 - Eric asks Sandro why he left his successful career for Network Marketing. 7:41 - Sandro recalls wanting to live up to his parents' traditional vision for his future and how most people around him thought he was crazy for joining the Network Marketing profession.   12:03 - Sandro tells us about his first experience with Network Marketing when he was 21 years old and what he didn’t like about it.  15:26 - Sandro explains how he launched his Network Marketing business with an Excel spreadsheet and how he brought on 26 distributors in his first month, during lockdown. 20:20 - Sandro reveals how he became involved with a company that sold cosmetics and perfume and how he didn’t even know it was a Network Marketing company. 22:41 - Sandro recounts his big game changer and what Eric had to do with it. 24:14 - Eric asks Sandro how important being unreasonable about his expectations was when he was starting his business. 26:32 - Sandro recalls losing 60% of his business the summer after he started - when the pandemic restrictions were lifted - and how he made training a priority to get through it. 33:51 - Eric asks Sandro what his superpower is and he gives us 3! 39:29 - Sandro shares how STRUCTOGRAM® helped him learn how to recruit different types of personalities into his team. 45:55 - Sandro describes the emotional moment when he knew he had found himself again through Network Marketing. Resources From This Podcast:  Eric’s Book: “Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional” by Eric Worre - STRUCTOGRAM® -  Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career? If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at  
Sales Savant Brad Lea

Sales Savant Brad Lea


Sales savant, entrepreneur, speaker, influencer, and host of the highly rated podcast Dropping Bombs, Brad Lea peels back the layers of his life including his decision to live on the beach while pursuing his dream of making it big in Hollywood, the script that made him the top salesperson in his ELEMENTARY school, and how he got his wife to say “Yes”. He also shares why he wouldn’t trade lives with Warren Buffet, how his kids won’t get a penny if he dies under suspicious circumstances, and why he always picks up the check.  (1:07:42) Show Notes:  0:00 - Eric Worre welcomes this week’s guest Brad Lea to the podcast. 2:23 - Brad recounts some surprising pieces of his upbringing including how they shaped his ethics and integrity.  5:48 - Brad talks about how he moved to L.A. and lived on the beach when he was 17 after his father kicked him out of the house.  9:05 - Brad recalls his foray into selling cars.  10:03 - Brad shares the script that made him the top salesperson in his elementary school when he sold candy bars door to door. 12:41 - Brad discloses how and why he stopped lying to people about everything.  16:27 - Brad shares how helping someone out became a major turning point in his life.  17:29 - Brad gives us his insight on what 3 things everyone should focus on in life.  20:22 - Eric and Brad discuss the politics and complications of children and money.  25:14 - Brad explains that, in one way or another, everyone is in sales.  28:04 - If given the opportunity to trade lives with Warren Buffet, Brad shares why he’s not interested.  31:11 - Brad tells us how and why he started his first company and why being an entrepreneur beats working for someone else.  35:46 - Brad reveals the real reason he is known as “The Real Brad Lea”. 37:19 - Eric and Brad debate the positives and negatives of “keeping it real” with your opinions.  47:29 - Brad gives his opinion on when and when not to lie or use profanity. 52:15 - Brad reveals the key role confidence plays in being successful.  55:06 - Eric and Brad have a lively discussion about picking up the check.  59:36 - Eric recounts a funny story about Larry King, Muhammad Ali and Harvey Mackay.  1:02:58 - Brad wraps up by sharing some life lessons he has learned.  Resources From This Podcast:  Brad’s Book: “Lessons I’ve Learned the Hard Way So You Don’t Have To” by Brad Lea - Brad’s Podcast: Dropping Bombs - Brad’s Business: LightSpeed VT -  Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career? If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal goals faster than you ever thought possible. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at  
Top Network Marketing Leader and Multimillion-Dollar Earner Jeremy Stansfield shares his secrets to success, how he’s using AI to stay on the cutting edge, video games, Burning Man, Polyamory, and staying excited about Network Marketing. (1:27:06) Show Notes:  00:00 - Eric Worre kicks off the episode by introducing us to top Network Marketing earner Jeremy Stansfield. 02:06 - Jeremy gives us some insight into his background and his biggest influences while growing up. 04:48 - Jeremy shares how redesigning video games made him super popular. 07:40 - Jeremy details how Network Marketing came into his life. 13:23 - Jeremy reflects on his Network Marketing recruiting efforts including what worked and what didn't. 15:58 - Eric recalls how prejudging prospects caused him to make a $30 million mistake. 18:41 - Jeremy explains his “looking zone” concept, a process that determines if/when a prospect is ready to consider an opportunity. 20:37 - Jeremy details how to stay in contact with someone without making them feel like they’re being harassed. 26:19 - Starting at the age of 23, Jeremy reveals how long it took him to become successful in Network Marketing, how many times he’s had to rebuild his business, and how he deals with various team challenges. 35:16 - Eric shares what it’s going to take to get people to toughen up in a time when everyone’s gone soft. 39:57 - Jeremy unveils something new that is working for him in these changing times. 44:49 - Eric switches the conversations to Jeremy’s love for extreme sports and all his “toys”. 50:00 - Jeremy shares the role the Burning Man festival plays in his life, what lessons he’s learned from the Burning Man community and how he was introduced to polyamory. 01:05:35 - Jeremy and Eric discuss discovering your unique speaking personality and being authentic in it. 01:13:42 - Jeremy reveals what keeps him so excited about Network Marketing after all these years and he and Eric discuss the newest tools for success. 01:22:34 - Jeremy gives some closing thoughts and advice to those who want to become involved in Network Marketing. Want to Achieve More Success in Your Network Marketing Career? If you are specifically involved in Network Marketing or Direct Marketing, go to to learn how I can help you achieve your business, team, and personal  goals faster than you ever thought possible. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at
Anti-Aging Expert Gary Brecka shares fascinating insights on our bodies and health, small things you can do immediately to elevate your mood, and what it takes to beat the longevity odds. (Run Time: 1:06:55) Show Notes:  Gary shares how he predicted UFC President Dana White’s death and how that changed Dana’s life. [0:01:47]  Gary details the science behind how he can accurately predict -  within a month - how long someone has to live. [0:06:06]  Gary reveals the shocking leading cause of death in the U.S. - and it’s NOT what you think. [0:11:15]  Gary explains what mortality factors are and how oxygen is the key to the absence of disease. [0:15:33]  Gary shares how much longer he was able to extend Dana White’s estimated life expectancy in just his first year working with him. [0:17:38]  Gary pulls back the curtain on what factors indicate life expectancy. [0:19:03] Gary shares the surprising reason why some people have a hard time sleeping even when they’re exhausted. [0:20:16] Totally helpless to use his knowledge and expertise for good, Gary recounts his departure from the insurance industry and how his impact in the wellness industry is changing and saving lives. [0:24:51] Gary discloses the reason most people are not living their healthiest lives is because they are missing just a few simple things from their body. [0:26:35] Gary demonstrates what a person can do to increase the oxygen in their body. [0:28:06] Gary prescribes the 3 types of lab tests we should have taken to find out what is going on in our bodies so we can improve our health. [0:30:18] Gary provides a roadmap of practical things people can do to take charge of their health. [0:36:53] Gary blows Eric’s mind by explaining that aging is simply the aggressive pursuit of comfort - the more aggressively we pursue comfort, the faster we age. [0:42:46] Gary goes on to shock Eric again by revealing that the more stressed we are, the more we should strengthen our body instead of allowing it to rest. [0:46:53] Gary details how flooding the brain with oxygen can elevate our mood and change the trajectory of our day. [0:49:53] Eric and Gary discuss the most exciting advancements that are happening in longevity. [0:53:32] Gary shares the basics of nutrition and why it’s OK to be hungry. [0:56:58] Gary wraps up the conversations with some straight talk about our health. [1:03:01] Resources From This Podcast:  10X Health Website:  Wim Hof Method Website: Glossary of Terms: Catecholamines: Hormones made by your adrenal glands that are released into the body in response to physical or emotional stress. The main types are dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine, also known as adrenaline. Methylfolate: A form of vitamin B used to treat depression, megaloblastic anemia and renal and hepatic impairment. Mitochondrial Function: Parts of a cell that make most of the energy for the cell and have their own genetic material that is different from the genetic material found in the nucleus. Many diseases are caused by mutations in the DNA of mitochondria.  Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP): An organic compound that provides energy to drive and support many processes in living cells. Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN): A naturally occurring molecule called a nucleotide that powers your body and plays many other roles in the body, including as the building blocks of DNA. Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD): An alternative form of the B3 vitamin that determines the speed of aging process. In younger cells and tissues, the levels of NAD are higher.  Telomeres: Stretches of DNA at the ends of the chromosomes which protect our genetic data, make it possible for cells to divide and hold some secrets to how we age and get cancer. Exosome: A tiny sac-like structure that is formed inside a cell that contains some of the cell's proteins, DNA and RNA. They get released into the blood by many types of cells and travel through the blood to other parts of the body. Questions or Comments?  Do you have questions you would like me to answer in future podcasts or comments on the show you'd like to share?  Email me at
On this episode of Go Pro with Eric Worre, I sit down with my friend and Top Network Marketing Leader Danien Feier. During our discussion, Danien shares details of how he found Network Marketing, his transition from part time to full time in the Profession, and the challenges and successes he experienced during his first 90-day run.
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Kourtney Hunt

Awesome episode. Thanks Eric. Growth and Contribution.

Feb 1st

Yasser BuSaleh

i love u man

Aug 20th

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Jun 30th

Bea Ireland

Love you both Eric and Lisa. you both are amazing! Thank you for all you both do.

Mar 17th

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great episode

Mar 13th

John Wood

best speech I've ever heard. thank you eric for giving us that

Jan 29th

Melissa Huffman

So, so good!!🔥🔥 1.If you need a paycheck, something is wrong, a paycheck is paid slavery 🤯😮😮😮 (this finally makes so much sense to me) 2.NWM is the way of the future 3. Birds of a feather stay broke together lol, surround yourself with like minded, successful people! 4.building a business takes time and money, it's not a get rich quick 5. Help people💙

Jan 18th

Maab Mohammed

why episode doesnot open

Nov 26th

Kathryn Parker Rede

this is amazing! I'm so glad so many have helped Jim Rohn live on and continue to inspire

Sep 27th

Kymberly Botelho

This might say building your network marketing business, but these are life lessons I thankfully heard when I was 19 years old & have used my whole adult life.

Sep 25th

Kathryn Parker Rede

I absolutely love the content shared! Eric has a passion for the network marketing industry and we are blessed to have such an advocate!

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This is fantastic! I love it! This podcast is very important for everyone who want to grow and improve. I love the podcast with the legendary Larry King!

Sep 12th

David Zbojek

AMAZING podcasts!! i allways listen to them when driving a car or when i am not able to read or watch his shows on youtube.. ;-) (he also got thousands of videos on youtube)

Sep 12th

Jayme Daugherty

Insightful, timely, on-target training every network marketing person NEEDS daily!!! Huge plus...It's FREE!!! Thank you Eric Worre for all you give back to each of us! just finished the John Maxwell of wisdom! looking forward to meeting you one day!

Sep 11th

Noe Galindo

love his podcast. especially love the Magic johnson and Grant Cardone. would higly recomend listening to Eric Worre

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Jaime Morales

I love his enthusiasm...

Sep 4th

Jaime Morales

loved it Eric! Thank you for having John C Maxwell on!! 👷

Aug 19th
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Denise Jenkins

I find value each and every time I hear or read. your shared information, thank you for helping me to become a better leader of myself. Awesome personal development opportunities!

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Great Podcast to learn and grow with network marketing! He is the Pro and brings the best of the best to Interview. Thank you

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great content!!

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