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Every week we open the Bible to gain insight on how to face the challenges of daily life. Our teaching focus is a literal interpretation of Scripture brought into the relevancy of our culture. Our mission, to introduce, baptize, and teach people to follow Jesus. To learn more about Mountainview Church, visit
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Have you ever been wrongfully accused? Have you ever been mistreated for no reason? Perhaps you became the subject of a slanderous conversation, and you overheard false or hurtful things being said about you? Perhaps you lost relationships over it, and even friends rejected you? We start wondering, “Why is God letting this happen?” Why doesn’t He step in and rescue us? Why doesn’t He make things right? We pray, and pray, and pray, but there’s only silence. Today, we enter the third week of our Psalms series. We’ll look at the response of David, when he faced wrongful accusations and slander. He was asking the same question that perhaps, you have asked: “When Will God Help Me?" David’s response, written in Psalm 7, can sustain us and believe it or not, even help us grow during times of accusation, slander, and rejection. #Psalms​ #Psalm7​ #David​ #Accusations​ #Slander​ #Lies​ #Relationship
If you were to ask someone walking on the street, “Who is your king?”; how do you think they’d respond? They might reply quickly, “I don’t have a king!” What if you asked a clarifying question: “Who rules over you?” That question is almost offensive. The likely answer to that question would be, “No one rules me! I rule myself!” Which wouldn’t and shouldn’t be surprising to us. In our self-motivated, self-driven culture, we should expect a response like that. Today, as we continue our study of Psalms, we’ll be confronted with these tough questions of kingship in our lives. We’ll unpack a text that pushes against our culture and causes us to reflect on who’s leading us and who we’re following. And whether we like the question or not, who rules over us? Then we’re going to ask and answer the toughest question of all: “Who Is Our King?” #king #queen #royalty #kingjesus #jesus #Psalm2 #Psalms
Streams represent life. A stream can bring nourishment for new growth, but also sustainability during times of drought. This week, we begin a new series on the Book of Psalms; 150 chapters of Sacred Songs, Poems, and Prayers. We start at Psalm chapter 1. In the first few verses, the Psalmist paints a picture in the mind of the reader, of a tree that’s planted beside a stream, growing and thriving! The hook is that this poetic tree metaphor is about you or me. The obvious next question is, “If I’m the tree, who or what is the stream? What am I planted beside? What are my roots growing into? What brings me nourishment of new growth? What will sustain me in times of drought?” #Psalms #Psalm #Psalm1 #Bible #Sermon #BibleStudy #WordOfGod #GodsWord
If you're watching this, you're likely here for one of two reasons: You're either watching in celebration, or you're watching in skepticism. You're either here to revel in the truths that have spiritually set you free, or you're here with questions that could impact the rest of your life. For those who believe, you approach today with jubilation that He is risen! For those who doubt, you approach today with reservations, asking has He risen? And some of you might be in between these two experiences; either returning to the faith, or perhaps wanting to believe, waiting for that Spiritual awakening. Wherever you're at today, I am so glad that you're here. You belong here, with your joys and fears, questions, and inquiries; whether you're here to remember the story, or you're here to examine the evidence, you are welcome! Join us this Easter, as we explore the Scriptural account and the historical evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. #HeIsRisen​ #Apologetics​ #Resurrection​ #Jesus​ #JesusChrist​ #Gospel​ #Easter​ #EasterSunday​
Today, we focus on the Cross. Today, we remember what Jesus accomplished and why we consider it "Good Friday". #GoodFriday​ #Jesus​ #Cross​ #Crucifixion​ #Gospel​ #SundaysComing​
What makes a culture? What defines one culture versus another? How do cultures change? Or perhaps the better question is how does a culture resist change? Our Western culture is becoming defined as a “Cancel Culture”. But what we’re all finding out is that culture is complex, it’s powerful, and it is not easily altered or broken. That is, unless a culture can learn to act with grace and sacrifice. Today, in our final week with The Good Samaritan, we’ll look at the Cultural Cost of Loving Our Neighbour. That sometimes sacrifice is required of us, to go against an established culture, in order to help someone in need. #TheGoodSamaritan #GoodSamaritan #Luke #Culture #CancelCulture #Grace #Sacrifice #Gospel #Jesus
What’s in your past? What’s in your background, or maybe your family history? What are you ashamed of? Whatever it is, Jesus wants to redeem it, and redeem you; giving you a new heart, a new identity, and a new future! The Good Samaritan is a redemption story! In this episode, we’re looking at the Social (Societal) Cost of Loving Your Neighbour. #GoodSamaritan #Samaritan #Shame #Identity #Value #NewHeart #Jesus #Gospel
How much time and energy do you have these days? How much are you willing to give away? And who would receive that precious time and energy? Family or friends? Sports or clubs? Church community? Netflix? What if a total stranger needed your time and energy? How much would you be willing to sacrifice? What would the cost be? Would it be worth it? This week, in part 2 of The Good Samaritan, we consider the physical cost of our time and energy. #GoodSamaritan #TimeAndEnergy #Time #Energy #Jesus #Luke #Neighbour #Neighbor
The Good Samaritan is one of the most well-known parables of Jesus. The Good Samaritan has been painted into famous works of art by some of the greats, like Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Hospitals, medical centres, and treatment facilities have been named after The Good Samaritan. We have have Good Samaritan laws and moral codes weaved throughout our culture. How can a character from a story, who doesn't have a name be so well-known? Why is he so famous? And for those of us who claim to follow Jesus, should we be paying more attention to him? Find out the answers to all these questions and more, as we begin a new series titled "The Good Samaritan: The Cost of Loving Your Neighbour". #TheGoodSamaritan #GoodSamaritan #Luke #Parable #Jesus #Gospel #ConsiderTheCost
Maybe you’re enduring something terrible right now? Maybe it's mental or emotional? Financial? Maybe it's a health crisis? Related to the ongoing COVID and restriction fatigue? Maybe it's a relationship crisis? Maybe you’ve been asking, “Why don’t you just fix this God?" When life is falling apart, and the future looks grim, why can’t we just pray, and then God could swoop in right away and fix everything? Today, in our final week with the Prophet Habakkuk, in our series, “When God Seems Unfair”, we’re going to tackle our final big question: “Why Doesn’t God Fix This?” #Habakkuk #WhenGodSeemsUnfair #Bible #FixThis #GodPleaseFixThis
This Sunday: "Why Doesn't God Move Faster? Pt.1" by Luke Henderson, Hab. 1:12-2:5 "Habakkuk" graphics and media obtained through Life.Church Open Network. Background music, "NightWatch" by Blue Dot Session, "Down to the Street" by Cory Gray, and "Fragments" by Coldnoise, obtained free of rights through
This Sunday: "Why Doesn't God Move Faster? Pt.1" by Luke Henderson, Hab. 1:12-2:5 "Habakkuk" graphics and media obtained through Life.Church Open Network. Background music, "NightWatch" by Blue Dot Session, "Down to the Street" by Cory Gray, and "Fragments" by Coldnoise, obtained free of rights through
What do you think of when you hear the word, “discipline”? Training and working out? The discipline of mathematics, engineering, or science? A parent punishing a child? What about discipline within our relationship with God? In this episode, Part 2 of answering the question, “Why Doesn’t God Seem Fair?” in our series from Habakkuk. #Habakkuk​ #WhenGodSeemsUnfair​ #God​ #Bible​ #Discipline​
Most of us have had moments in our lives where we’ve witnessed a wrong go unpunished. Where injustice is taking place. Unfortunately, too often the situation is too great, and the problems too many for us to tackle on our own. Who will help us? Surely God sees it all! He sees everything, doesn’t he? It doesn’t seem fair that He could step in and fix it all, but that He’s hasn’t...or has He? This Sunday, we’re going to cry out to God and ask, “Why?” Search "MountainviewWhitehorse" on Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo, or visit #Habakkuk #God #WhenGodSeemsUnfair
You see it every day. Bad people taking advantage of the weak. Good people down on their luck. Innocent people suffering. War. Injustice. Ever get the feeling God isn't fair? Discover how an Old Testament prophet can inspire a modern day faith in God's Promises. Series starts Sunday, January 31st at Mountainview Church ( *Physical or Digital Gatherings Available
Are you experiencing peace these days? Are you looking for peace? Are you writing a peaceful chapter to life’s story? There’s an old Christian tradition, as a form of goodbye, people would say, “Go in peace.” The peace they were referring to was rooted in the person and power of Jesus Christ. The kind of peace that only the Gospel can bring. Join us this Sunday as we make a decision to Go In Peace.
How’s this chapter of life going? Is it difficult? Are struggling to keep the important things in focus? Do you feel like quitting and walking away? You don’t have to; you can keep going! You can decide to STAY the course toward the goal, writing a better chapter, to a bigger story. #MyStory #Legacy #Story #DecideToStay #Gospel
There’s a huge difference between intention and direction. Intentions, even good intentions are still really a focus on self. At some point we need to STOP living for self, and change those good intentions into Gospel direction. At some point we need to write a new chapter to a better story. #MyStory #Gospel #AllAboutJesus #AllForJesus
What’s your story? What is the story of your life? Each of us has a story, and our stories are made up of choices. Some choices, we’re proud of, and others we keep hidden away. What’s fascinating is how a small, seemingly insignificant choice can have a massive impact on our story! In this week's episode, we bring in the new year with a new series titled, "MY STORY: Living the Story You Want to Tell".
How would you describe true love? Would your description include themes of faithfulness and sacrifice? If so, why? Where do you think that stems from? As we enter into week 4 of the “Our Coming Saviour” Advent series, we’ll study Joseph and Mary, and the theme of love. Video and audio content and rights were purchased through Skit Guys Studios. (Jeremy Norton, Lead Pastor, Mountainview Church)
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