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Every week we open the Bible to gain insight on how to face the challenges of daily life. Our teaching focus is a literal interpretation of Scripture brought into the relevancy of our culture. Our mission, to introduce, baptize, and teach people to follow Jesus. To learn more about Mountainview Church, visit
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It's hard to wrap our minds around the concepts of time and mortality. When this life is over, what's next? Is there really an eternity? And if so, what does it look like? As we unpack Ecclesiastes 3, we'll discover two important perceptions about time and mortality, and how they point to answers related to eternity.
What’s the one that will bring you great pleasure, so that I’ll finally be satisfied? Is it a possession? An experience? A certain amount of money? A relationship? What's your pleasure?
If you could know everything, would you want to? If you could have all the wisdom in the world, would you want it? In this episode, we learn about King Solomon, who searched the world over for all wisdom and knowledge. In the end, he was left in vexation and sorrow. Tune in to find out why, and how Jesus can shift that outcome.
If you had wisdom and wealth, power and pleasure, would life get better? Would it be more fulfilling? What if you had a different career, relationship, or a new experience; would you feel like you have arrived? You actually wouldn't. Life would still be a struggle; and all fo it would become as fleeting as what you had before. Over the next few months, we'll be studying Ecclesiastes, where "the Preacher" (most likely King Solomon) had wisdom and wealth, pleasure and power. Yet, at the end of his life, he writes that it's all vanity (a vapor). But there's something more...Ecclesiastes points us forward to a time (and a person) who will bring something a deeper meaning, and greater substance. Do you know who it is? If you only had today? What would you choose? Who would you choose? make it count.
Who are you when life becomes unstable? Who do you become when you’re losing control? What happens when you were planning your life on a certain trajectory, then all of a sudden it's been derailed? What happens when there's no way to manage or manipulate your way out of it? Who do you become then? Join us, as we study a passage from 2 Peter 3, to discover how the grace and knowledge of Jesus can bring stability to our lives, even during this unstable cultural moment.
In this episode, find out how Jesus can give us a diligence in purity, peace, and patience, that can lead to healthier self-isolation. Find out how you can actually experience spiritual growth during this time of crisis, and uncertainty.
Risen (Sermon Audio)

Risen (Sermon Audio)


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Mountainview Church hosted a special Easter online gathering. In this episode, we consider Paul's words to his young apprentice Timothy. In 2 Timothy 2, Paul calls us to remember the Risen King Jesus; who is the source of our celebration, even in times of struggle and uncertainty.
During the COVID-19 crisis, there has been an increase in questions about the Bible, Jesus, church, and eschatology (the study of end times). In this episode, we unpack 2 Peter 3:9-12, providing some answers to big questions.
In this episode, we unpack the Biblical truth of Christ's return within our current global reality. Will we lean to crisis, complacency, or Christ?
By looking at the scripture 2 Peter 1:19 - 2:3, it gives us some tools to use when we are looking at media broadcast, watching news, or scrolling social media feeds. We will be able to see what is false prediction, false teaching, and myths by determining what is the truth we really should be following, and what can lead us to hope and freedom.
Who in your life needs Jesus? Who will you invite THIS Sunday? The mission of the Gospel is for all of us.
Jesus consistently chose a position of humility. He then calls us to take on a humble position. Maybe humility is part of the path toward finding true, and lasting hope?
The pastor pointed out three main points to help us learn how suffering can transform us. 1. God has a purpose for our suffering 2. Suffering in the name of Jesus legitimizes our identity in Him 3. We are not alone in our suffering
Learn how to live for God in the face of persecution, as if your actions will be judged, and as gifts of love.
A look at how we are to respond to suffering verbal abuse despite doing good, seeing it as an opportunity to show the hope we have in Christ.
What do you put your hope in? Where do you find your value and identity? A celebrity? A relationship? An experience? A career? Is that hope living or dead? Today we continue 1 Peter, asking some tough questions about our life and where our hope is found!
Fully Embracing God's Gift

Fully Embracing God's Gift


What will 2020 look like? How is God planning on using you this year? How will experience spiritual growth this year? We’re asking (and answering) these big questions today on Vision Sunday!
This week, we move into our 4th Advent, answering the question "What Child is This?" from the perspective of Joseph.
Who was Jesus to his mother, Mary? How did she know Him? Who was He to her? Join us for our 3rd Advent experience!
Canada's Christian landscape has changed drastically over the past few decades. According to research, Church attendance fell from an average of 88% in 1975 to 66% in 2011, and has continued to decline. Within the Millennial Generation, church attendance has sunk to 35%, and the rising Generation Z is trending lower. Clearly there's a problem. Will 2020 be a year of further decline or revitalization? We, the Canadian Church, face a choice with 3 options as we move into a new decade: We can (1) get discouraged, (2) get apathetic or (3) get motivated. Jesus is calling us to get motivated.
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