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Every week we open the Bible to gain insight on how to face the challenges of daily life. Our teaching focus is a literal interpretation of Scripture brought into the relevancy of our culture. Our mission, to introduce, baptize, and teach people to follow Jesus. To learn more about Mountainview Church, visit
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Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I suffering? Why do I fail?” Have you wondered why humanity can’t seem to achieve perfection no matter how hard we try? What if humanity has a deeper problem?
Why was I born? Why am I here? Why do I exist? WHO AM I? In this episode, we’re searching for answers to these tough questions related to Our Identity. #WhatIsTheGospel?
How do we respond when God calls us to action? In our heart we know we should move, but the Enemy uses fear and anxiety to keep us from forward-motion. In this episode, we conclude our series, “When the Enemy Attacks” discussing Satan’s scheme of “DELAY”.
"Defeat" James 1:12 by Brent Ristau
Diversion is defined as "the action of turning something aside from its course." Doesn't this feel like a descriptor for life right now? Don't you feel like you're off course, diverted down paths that you never imagined you'd be headed? Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what direction to travel? This week's message is for you.
Matt 11:1-5 "Be encouraged" Jesus responds to the John Baptists discouragement.
Do you have doubts? Are you discouraged? Do you seek out diversion? Are you feeling defeated? Do you delay instead of taking action? This series is for you! WhenTheEnemyAttacks starts August 2nd!
Solomon concludes his message with a sober warning of the brevity and life and where we fit into this passing life under the Sun
According to the Oxford Dictionary, "folly" is defined as a "lack of good sense, foolishness" or a "foolish act, idea, or practice." Where do you see folly in our world? Maybe in the life of others? Or perhaps, where has folly taken hold of your life? This week, we jump back into Biblical wisdom literature, Ecclesiastes, and take a deeper look at how folly plays out in everyday life. But more importantly, how to prevent it.
Do you ever notice, how quickly news media cycles; constantly pushing the next big story, or the next famous person? People who were never known are suddenly thrust into the spotlight, for a variety of reasons, some good and some bad. Then all of a sudden, they're gone. "Who were they again? What was it they did?" The reality is that people are fickle. We're fickle. The fame and favour we have in others fades quickly. This isn't a new problem. It's something that was written about long before they had news broadcasts and social media. This week, we look at Ecclesiastes 9, to discover why people are so fickle, and why fame always seems to fade.
Have you experienced loss in your life? Have you faced trial after trial, and can't seem to find peace? Have the difficulties of life overwhelmed you? Do you find yourself asking, "Why is life so hard? Why is life such a struggle?" In this episode, we're opening Ecclesiastes again, in our "make it count." series. We're asking what many of us have asked ourselves before; "Why am I struggling?" And we'll search a few important biblical texts to provide some answers to that question.
As parents we want to shelter our children from sorrow and struggle. Why is that? Is it because, if we had the choice, would we shelter ourselves from sorrow and struggle? What if leaning into the sorrow and struggle was more beneficial? What if it would provide a more meaningful future? Would you do it? This week, we're back in Ecclesiastes, chapter 7, learning how to lean into sorrow, and why it's important for us, and the next generation.
How many people follow you? How many people do you direct, or manage? Who do you lead, or influence? How important is your career, and position? How many degrees, and achievements are on your wall? How many followers, likes, and subscribers do you have on social media? How much value do you place on all of these? In this episode, we dive back into Ecclesiastes, to discover the true worth of honour, status, and influence. Just because we achieve the highest positions, with the greatest accolades, satisfaction is NOT guaranteed. And we'll find out why!
How much money is enough? How much stuff is enough? It has been called Gold Fever, Afluenza, Thing-itis; the insatiable, emotional high that comes from chasing the next pay-out or possession. This week, at Mountainview Church At Home, we dig into Ecclesiastes 5 to figure out why money is so infectious, how it spread and where we might find immunity.
Have you ever been lost? You set out knowing that you were alone, but didn't feel alone until you didn't know where you were going. Life can be like that. Sometimes we feel lost, without purpose or meaning; no idea where we're headed. We suddenly feel very alone. In this episode, we'll focus on Ecclesiastes 4, to discover a pathway back to meaning and purpose, and why we shouldn't never have to be alone.
It's hard to wrap our minds around the concepts of time and mortality. When this life is over, what's next? Is there really an eternity? And if so, what does it look like? As we unpack Ecclesiastes 3, we'll discover two important perceptions about time and mortality, and how they point to answers related to eternity.
What’s the one that will bring you great pleasure, so that I’ll finally be satisfied? Is it a possession? An experience? A certain amount of money? A relationship? What's your pleasure?
If you could know everything, would you want to? If you could have all the wisdom in the world, would you want it? In this episode, we learn about King Solomon, who searched the world over for all wisdom and knowledge. In the end, he was left in vexation and sorrow. Tune in to find out why, and how Jesus can shift that outcome.
If you had wisdom and wealth, power and pleasure, would life get better? Would it be more fulfilling? What if you had a different career, relationship, or a new experience; would you feel like you have arrived? You actually wouldn't. Life would still be a struggle; and all fo it would become as fleeting as what you had before. Over the next few months, we'll be studying Ecclesiastes, where "the Preacher" (most likely King Solomon) had wisdom and wealth, pleasure and power. Yet, at the end of his life, he writes that it's all vanity (a vapor). But there's something more...Ecclesiastes points us forward to a time (and a person) who will bring something a deeper meaning, and greater substance. Do you know who it is? If you only had today? What would you choose? Who would you choose? make it count.
Who are you when life becomes unstable? Who do you become when you’re losing control? What happens when you were planning your life on a certain trajectory, then all of a sudden it's been derailed? What happens when there's no way to manage or manipulate your way out of it? Who do you become then? Join us, as we study a passage from 2 Peter 3, to discover how the grace and knowledge of Jesus can bring stability to our lives, even during this unstable cultural moment.
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