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Self-Improvement Podcast for Contractors that want to learn about how to grow their business through management and marketing. Develop business ideas to improve your business experience and be successful. Real stories from real business owners. 

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Early Life and Career BeginningsIsmael Valdez was born in Mexico and raised in California. He always had a drive to succeed, both in academics and in making money. Despite having to make a tough decision after high school, he chose to pursue a career in the trades and started working at a supply house. He quickly worked his way up and built strong relationships in the industry, laying the foundation for his future success.Building a Business EmpireIsmael went on to start three companies, with his second one becoming one of the largest in the industry. He continued to grow and succeed, eventually starting Homecoming, which grew to 21 million in just four years and had a team of 450 employees. Despite facing a setback in 2016 when he was fired from Homecoming, Ismael bounced back and started NexGen, which is on pace to become a top player in the industry.Overcoming AdversityIsmael's story is one of perseverance and determination. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, he never let them get in the way of his goals. He has shown that with hard work, determination, and a strong drive to succeed, anything is possible. His journey serves as a reminder that success is possible, no matter what obstacles you may face.The Future of NexGenIsmael's current company, NexGen, is on the rise and set to become a major player in the industry. With Ismael at the helm, the company is poised for continued success and growth in the years to come. His experience and drive make him a valuable asset to the company, and his story serves as an inspiration to all entrepreneurs. Support the show
[00:00:00] Corey Berrier: Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I'm your host, Corey Barrier, and I am here with my man Ben Bressington. Did I say the last I said it right? The last name, right? [00:00:11] Ben Bessington: You did, yeah. You nailed it. [00:00:13] Corey Berrier: You're like the second person. I think I've ever nailed it on [00:00:19] Corey Berrier: I didn't even have to practice with you either. That's pretty good. So Ben this is gonna be a, this is gonna be such a great conversation. Just to kind of tee this up a little bit. How you and I got connected was through the platform that you're gonna be talking to us about today. [00:00:35] Ben Bessington: And I [00:00:37] Corey Berrier: believe that you've created the future of how sales are gonna be done with home services. [00:00:42] Corey Berrier: That's what I think. [00:00:44] Ben Bessington: Cool. That's a big claim. Wow. like, damn don't set the bar high for me at all. Please. Like, like no low bar from Corey. I appreciate it [00:00:53] Corey Berrier: globally. [00:00:59] Ben Bessington: So well, why don't you give people some ins up? Why are you making this bold claim? Like why have you started with such a, okay, home service sales is about to get shuffled on its head, and here's the guy why? That's [00:01:14] Corey Berrier: a great question. I don't think anybody's ever actually asked me a question back, so great job. [00:01:19] Corey Berrier: No. [00:01:19] Ben Bessington: Your own podcast , [00:01:20] Corey Berrier: So here's why I make that claim, because look sales training in general has a bad name. Sales training, you know, is lots of times ineffective. The reason for that is because there's human error, right? We, you know, even myself, like I'm a trainer. I'm a sales coach. [00:01:38] Corey Berrier: But there's always the human element of you're gonna miss something somewhere. It doesn't mean it's a big thing, but there's always something. For example, it's like if you're normally in your routine of doing whatever it is and something throws you I'll speak for myselSupport the show
[00:00:00] Corey Berrier: Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I'm your host, Corey Berrier. And today, folks, we are gonna, we're gonna dive into one thing that I absolutely love about sales. And so we're gonna get into several topics today, and this is gonna be pretty dope. I'm telling you right now. So go ahead. And, I don't know, get something to write with. [00:00:25] Corey Berrier: Cause I'm about to drop some knowledge on you that I've really never talked about in this manner on the podcast. The unexpected benefits of sales technique reversing, what do you, what does that mean? Basically it's taking somebody flattery to. Emotional involvement. [00:00:45] Corey Berrier: Reversing helps you close more deals. Why? You're gonna achieve more success by using this. You'll learn how to, you'll learn how to use reversing to uncover your prospect's pain, ? The pain. The pain. That's what we're after constantly. And so here's the other. Look, and I've been a victim of, not a victim. [00:01:07] Corey Berrier: I hate that word. I have done this in the past and it, I felt like an idiot. I've done it multiple times, which is. [00:01:16] Corey Berrier: Basically given a premature presentation. In other words, I think that I know what your problems are, but instead of me listening to your problems, I just start shelling out all these ways. I can help you, but what happens is maybe all those things that I'm thinking I'm gonna help you with, you don't need help with. [00:01:39] Corey Berrier: Sandler calls this spilling your candy in the lobby. So in other words you give everything away. And you probably feel like you should give everything away, but there's a fine line with that's for sure. [00:01:54] Corey Berrier: Alright, so look, one of the greatest concept, I say sales concepts. Well, one of the greatest sales concepts involves helping the cu the customer, discover pain. I just mentioned that. And look, you gotta help people discover their own pain. You can't tell them what the pain is. They need to tell you what the pain is. One of the greatest sales concepts, involves helping the prospect discover. , his own pain, the emotional reason for buying, ? And reversing is one of those strategies that you can use to make that happen? And you'll hear how to use reversing to uncover the prospect's pain,  [00:02:39] Corey Berrier: so can asking questionSupport the show
[00:00:00] Corey Berrier: Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I'm your host, Corey Barrier, and today, folks, we're gonna be talking about how to improve your sales team. As a business owner, you know how important it is to have a strong sales team. They're the ones bringing in the money and helping your business grow. [00:00:22] Corey Berrier: But sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself. , right, to sell more products or services or both. One of the best ways that you can improve your sales team is by giving them the correct tools, correct resources. And one of the best things obviously that you can do for your sales team is provide training on a regular basis. [00:00:48] Corey Berrier: It's. . If you have a sale, if you have a sales team in your organization and you're not training them. When I say sales team, I mean your people answering the phone. That's your sales team. Meaning your CSRs, your technicians, your selling technicians, and all of the above. Everybody in your company should be thinking about it. [00:01:09] Corey Berrier: how they can improve the customer experience. How can they,, they should all have a sales mindset, right? And so that may sound strange because you don't think of a CSR as having a sales mindset, but if you incentivize that CSR to do better, now you've got a sales role, right? You wanna make sure that they have the knowledge that. [00:01:31] Corey Berrier: Or the knowledge and the skills that they need to be successful. [00:01:34] Corey Berrier: So another way that you can motivate your sales team is by using, [00:01:43] Corey Berrier: I actually don't really love this, but it's for goal setting, and it's the smart look. It's better than nothing, for sure. I'm trying to look for all means. Let's see. Yeah. Or just goal setting. But make sure that they have the knowledge and skills to be successful. [00:01:57] Corey Berrier: Another good, great tool is goal setting, right? Help your team set specific, measurable goals that they can work towards. And give 'em incentives, right? A gift card, a bonus, something, and then follow through with whatever you say you're gonna do, right? It is the worst thing that you can do is to tell your employees you're gonna do something. [00:02:20] Corey Berrier: We're gonna, we're gonna run this contest, and whoever breaks their goal is gonna win X, or they're goSupport the show
00:00:00] Corey Berrier: Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I'm your host, Corey Berrier, and I am here with Shreya. I mess everybody's name up, Shreya, but I actually think I said your first name right?  [00:00:15] Shreya: You did. Congratulations.  [00:00:18] Corey Berrier: Lu. I usually mess up like Bob's name. Like, I don't know what it is. I don't know what it is. I don't know. [00:00:25] Corey Berrier: But anyway, dude, I'm so glad that you're here. I'm super glad to get into this conversation with you. But first Shreya, tell everybody a little bit about who you are. Whatever you would like to tell them about you and take it. Take  [00:00:39] Shreya: it's away. Awesome. Well, first of all, thanks for having me, Corey, and inviting me on the show. [00:00:44] Shreya: A little bit about me is I work with Joe Crisara at Service mvp. I was in H V A C as a comfort advisor, and he trained me in the field I fell in love with H V A C and operations and processes. So, I started working with him, and now I help companies all around America, Hawaii Canada, and Australia, find solutions to implement processes at their business, reach their goals, and completely change the culture of their company. [00:01:17] Shreya: And it's very rewarding for me. And it is my dream job. So it's a little bit about me. That's  [00:01:22] Corey Berrier: awesome. Yeah. So also I need, and I don't want to steer the conversation too far, but I do wanna congratulate you on it. Being eight years sober. It's a super big deal. Thank you. You're very welcome.  [00:01:36] Shreya: Thank you so much. [00:01:38] Corey Berrier: So you mentioned that you, I assume obviously travel a lot as, as well as work with people all over the club base. You've traveled all around, you implement processes. What would you say is, your favorite thing that you implement as, as far as your processes and or systems go  [00:01:54] Shreya: with processes and systems? [00:01:56] Shreya: I would say the basics of, you'd think that, at most companies they were, there would be some sort of sales process with the technicians or the maintenance techs. There's usually none at all. It's. You know, there's no communications training. They're, you have no idea what they're doing. [00:02:16] Shreya: They're just free-ranging it. So it's the classic benchmark in the home saSupport the show
Corey Berrier: [00:00:00] Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I am your host, Corey Berrier, and I am here with my man John Ellis. What's up, John?  John Ellis: Hey, good afternoon. Good to see you, my man. Oh, likewise. I'm glad to be here.  Corey Berrier: I'm glad to have you. So, John, I, you know what? You can introduce yourself far better than I can introduce you. Corey Berrier: So could you just tell everybody a little bit about yourself and some exciting things that you're we're gonna talk about  John Ellis: today? Oh, absolutely. So again, my name is John Ellis. I've been in the H V A C industry for about 43 years now, so I've seen a lot of changes come and go and. I am a recovering contractor. John Ellis: I had a H V A C business in California, and I'd like to say it took me 13 steps to get over that hump because I loved being a contractor. Don't get me wrong it, what a great experience. I've had a wonderful opportunity to work with a lot of great developers and other trades. And in, in that though, I, my truck said SoCal air dynamics. John Ellis: performance contracting. So I was doing performance contracting way before it was cool. And. I specialized in high performance installation and systems and design. I was an Air balance technician. I was a hers reader. I'm a level one thermo for doing thermal imaging. I am an i a Q specialist. I'm an economizer specialist. John Ellis: And I was commissioning leads, buildings, and I was running maintenance and service, you know, Calls as well, your normal everyday day-to-day kind of H V A C type stuff. So, but in that I had some wonderful opportunities, worked for some amazing people. I have some great mentors that helped coach me and bring me up in the mechanical aspect. John Ellis: But then I crossed over into the building science and I was able to have some wonderful mentors in that and then into the indoor air quality realm of. Just some wonderful associates and mentors to help me in that. And so, wonderful opportunity. Fast forward we went ahead and sold off the business. John Ellis: We moved. I am in a lovely New Mexico, Northern New Mexico. I live in a cabin in the woods, completely different way of life. I have absolutely no mechanical and so I'm on a bunch of different forums and people say, Hey what kind of thermostat do you like? So I show my. because , we choppedSupport the show
Toxic System

Toxic System


[00:00:00] Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I am your host, Corey Berrier, and to Dave. Folks, I'm gonna tell you about a story that I read. I'm gonna tell you a couple of stories actually. I'm gonna give you a few tips on what Air Plumbing company should be doing. All right. So I read this story. It was I read it in a post. So it said John had been running his plumbing company for the past three years, but despite his best. You couldn't seem to grow his business beyond a revenue of 2 million. He was feeling frustrated and stuck not knowing how to take his business to the next level. Sarah worked with John to develop a customized plan for business growth. They focus on improving. The company's marketing efforts, streamlining business processes, and implementing better financial strategies. Sarah also provided valuable industry insights and guidance on how to take advantage of opportunities and avoid common pitfalls. One of the key pieces of advice Sarah gave John was to invest in his top technician Steve. Steve had been with the company for several years and had consistently proven to be a valuable. It. Sarah suggested that John considers selling the company to Steve and offering him a partnership. After some contemplation, John decided to take Sarah's advice and sold the company to Steve. Steve. Now, Steve, now, the owner and manager implemented all the strategies that Sarah had recommended. Within just a few years, the company had experienced tremendous. , they were building their 23rd location and it increased their revenue over 10 million. John was grateful for Sarah for the guidance and support she had provided through her plumbing coaching services, and he knew he couldn't have achieved this level of success without her help. So I just share that story with you because it just paints a really good picture of, you know what I do for a living, right? It paints a good picture. , all the different things that business coaches work with, right? It's not just, it's interesting because I think people, one, we don't, business coaches should not be doing everything. Let's just be completely transparent about that. If you've got a business coach that can do [00:02:30] every single thing in your business. Now look, I should back up. I look tj, Hartnett that dude can do anything you. In your business, right? Flywheel Coaching Services. He's a good Support the show
[00:00:00] Welcome to the Successful Life podcast. I am your host, Corey Berrier, and I am here with my man, Josh Kelly. What's up Josh? What's up man? Good to see you brother. Good to see you too. Good to see you too, man. You got a way fancier background than me though. I'm so, you know, it's interesting. I gotta give my wife credit. I get more compliments on that background than anything, and she hand painted that. . Did she really? That's not, yeah. Like she painted that whole thing. Oh yeah. Yeah. It's bizarre. Like, I couldn't have done that if you'd have paid me 40 million. I'm not sure I could paint this. And it's just a white wall . So isn't that the truth? So, Josh, look for everybody that does not know you just give us a quick overview of who you are and what you do, brother. Yeah, I'm, so, I'm a contractor. I mean, I'm a contractor, by definition. I'm not someone you want to come fix your sink or anything like that. That'd be that'd be the worst contractor I've ever for that. But you know, I play in H V A C and plumbing space. I have businesses across the United States I own and operate. Most people know me from my family's business Parker and Sons. It's the largest most successful, most profitable company in the United States for H V A C. Plumbing, electrical we'll do 240 million. This. And then I've helped, companies across the United States, if you were to say the top 50 companies, United States, size-wise, I work with about half of them. Maybe a little bit more than half. Just helping 'em grow their business, be more profitable, operations, marketing, sales, the whole scheme. I'm kind of like the, right now, at least, anyway, I'm kind of in the industry like the high end. You know, ninja consultant, we'll call it. Don't quote that. That's terrible. No one write that down, . But that's what we're saying is it's helping companies across the United States and then we help smaller companies too, but in kind of a different way a little bit more scalable, obviously. So I'm just curious outta all the things that you listed that. Companies with, what do you, which part of all those things do you enjoy the most? I enjoy operations the most because it has the largest impact, right? Like, so a lot of people really think of me cuz our name and we screwed this up as clover marketing originally. Right now we're just clover. But a lot of peoSupport the show
Where's the Money???

Where's the Money???


Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I'm your host, Corey Berrier, and today, folks, we're going to be talking about look, let's just dive straight into it. Now. Look, I'm sure this is not you, imagine seeing $1.3 million. In lost revenue because of follow-ups, and missed opportunities, that weren't closed. Dude, that's a staggering amount of money. That was in six months. That wasn't even all year. That was just for six months. 1.3 million. Now, here's the crazy thing about that. When I see those numbers, I think to myself, how could anybody let that much money fly by? How could anybody not wanna fix that problem? Part of it is you're busy, right? Be you're busy doing a million different things. And it's not that this thing is not important, cuz it is important, but things take precedence over this, right? You don't. , you can't spend time on everything, and it feels like this should be the most important thing, but that's from my perspective, right? My perspective is different because you're running the business. I'm not; I'm looking at it from a coach's standpoint, but here's the thing, and I understand part of the reason why a lot of people, especially people in the trades have a hard time following up because y'all are just like me. I hate following up. I used to hate following up. I used to hate prospecting. And I'll be honest with you, the reason people hate prospecting is because we take everything, we take the call personally, internally, we feel like the customer. Must not like us cuz they didn't buy from us. Sales in prospecting and follow-up, these things are not personal matters, it's a business matters. Furthermore, prospecting. is not selling. So when you think about prospecting, you think about I've gotta get this person on the line. I gotta tell 'em all about my product, my service, and I gotta get a credit card on the first call. Or it's just not [00:02:30] worth it. But let's step back for a second and think about this. Prospecting is not about. The sale prospecting is about filtering out the people who can use your product or service, who can afford your product or service, and who you wanna work with. And the only way to find that out is by prospecting and finding out what people's needs are. Finding out if you wanna work with that person, right you, but you've gotta talk to people in order. For this to work. You don'tSupport the show
I used to be FAT!

I used to be FAT!


[00:00:00] Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I'm your host Corey Berrier, and I used to be fat hell. I'm still a fat boy at heart. Like my friend Caleb Feyerhiesen says, look, confidence is the number one thing that you need to have a successful life. My first fight with confidence. Was when I was called fat at age 12. I went on a diet after that experience and I never gained the weight back, which helped me tremendously with my confidence. Am I still, am I super confident now? Not really. I'm probably more confident than most why? I'm willing to look stupid in front of people. And I'm willing to learn, and you might be thinking Corey, what does this have to do with sales? Let me tell you a story about having no confidence or belief in myself and how it affected my ability to sell and provide for my family. So back in 2018, , I had a bad business deal or a business deal go sideways; I made a bad decision with this business, and we lost everything in that business. Everything. I lost everything. My wife still had her business, and the most important thing that I lost in that whole situation was my confidence and my self-esteem, like I was so depressed. And I was depressed cause I didn't believe in myself. And so I met a guy and I had to tell him I didn't believe in myself, which was probably one of the hardest things that I've ever had to do. Imagine having to tell another dude, man, I just don't believe in myself, man. I'm just not confident enough to even sell myself, and I need your help with. . That was a humbling moment. The second thing that was a humbling moment was his fee. At the time, his coaching fee was $2,500 a month. That is $800 more than our house payment. But here's the thing. I needed to pay that [00:02:30] amount of money every month. The reason I needed to pay that amount of money every. was because I needed the experience of what it was like working with someone at that amount of money a month working with someone that's that high level. But most importantly, I got to see what was possible for me. I got to see what was possible for Corey. I got to see what Mike did for that $2,500 a. and it was phenomenal. It got me exactly where I needed to be. Without that guy, I probably wouldn't be talking to you like this today because he's the guy that introduced me to the trades. To be perfectly honest with you, Mike Cladio is the reSupport the show
Do You trust me?

Do You trust me?


 [00:00:00] Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I'm your host, Corey Barrier, and today folks have a question for you. Do you trust me? Do you want my feedback? If I throw an idea toward, or if you throw an idea towards. and I think it's terrible. Are you okay with me telling you that if we can have an open and honest conversation, you and me, you, the contractor, and I, right? If we can have an open and honest dialogue throughout our relationship, the relationship is going to be fantastic. People look, people want to know what's going on, and if you're just open and you're just honest about what it is you're trying to do, the pain points that you have, then we can fix that. Right? So I'm gonna go into I'm gonna go through a few of the Sandler rules today. I'm not a singular trainer, however, I. I've, I've done, I've gone through more Sandler stuff than I can even tell you. So the first thing about Sandler's bonding and rapport. Now, a lot of people think that bonding and rapport is talking about, you know, the grass, how green the grass is, right? Or how pr, how pretty the car is in the driveway, or the Raiders sign in the living room, right? That's what most people do. That's not bonding in rapport. Why are you talking about a raider? If you're there to fix a toilet, that has nothing to do with why you're there, right? Bonding and rapport is getting people to know, like, and trust you. What I mean by that is through your body language, through your tonality, Hey, if you can pay attention to how that customers react reacting to you, and you can match and mirror that, then you're gonna be bonding in rapport. You're gonna get, you're gonna. You're going to Jesus Christ. I messed that up. That's bonding and rapport. So, another part of that is, the three elements of communication, which is body language, tonality, and the words that we use. Now, here's what's nuts, right? Those three things. The percentage, the percentages of those three things are. It's kinda weird. I'll be honest with you. 55% of that equation is body language. That's [00:02:30] facial expressions. Your, the way your body moves, obviously. Then tonality is 38% of that. So what I mean by tonality, that's the voice inflection. It's, you know, when I, my voice goes really high or it goes really low, best tonality, and then 7% is the words that we use. All right? So the. StepSupport the show
[00:00:00] Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I am your host, Corey Berrier. And today, folks, I am gonna get into several different things, but first, I want you to imagine using the old sales tactics that still work. Maybe they're just not cutting-edge. Maybe they're not even as effective as they used to be, however, You don't know that, right? [00:00:30] So just don't do it, right? That's the theme today. Just don't do it. It's a little playoff—the Nike slogan. So look, you want raving fans, right? Can you imagine having raving fans for your business? I can tell you right now, there's a massive difference between having a customer and having a raving fan. A raving fan is somebody that will literally tell people to do business with you because they love you that much without being paid. [00:01:03] And you're probably thinking Corey, this is ridiculous. Nobody would do that. You're wrong because people do it all the time. And listen, Tony Robbins talks about this all the time, and if you knew anything about Tony Robbins and how. Organization works. Look, I went and paid a ton of money to go see him four years ago. [00:01:24] Within six months of that time, I was volunteering for him, paying for my flight out there, and literally working like 16 hours a day for free. Like literally didn't get paid a dime. Because the dude helped change my life, I feel I owe it to him. I'm a raving fan of Tony Robbins. So look you have to invest in your customer base. [00:01:51] You have to invest in your raving fans if you want them to be raving fans. But you don't invest money in marketing. You don't invest money in your sales training. You don't invest money in your people, but you want to have raving fan customers. You gotta have raving fan employees before you can have raving fan customers, right? [00:02:11] If there's. Two plus two equals four on that deal. Look, you can understand why this is important. You can understand why focusing on your team, and getting them training. Look, of course, I'm talking about this. This benefits [00:02:26] me because this is what I do for a living. But I want you to understand what. [00:02:30] What I want you to really take away from this is I've been right where you are now. I'm gonna tell you a few things in this show today that you're gonna recognize. I have a feeling that maybe you fix these things and I hope you haveSupport the show
[00:00:00] Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I am your host, Corey Barrier in today, folks, you got me Corey B. And so look, this is gonna be an interesting conversation. It's gonna be something a little bit. Actually, it's gonna be astronomically different than what you're normally hearing in this podcast, but I think it's really important to talk about this. [00:00:31] And I think it's important for you to think about the questions that I'm gonna ask you today because some of this stuff was an eye opener for me. I didn't realize I, and maybe that's shame on me. I don't know, but I didn't realize how severe. Our kids are being affected in school. And here's what I'd like to say about that. [00:00:54] The title of this show is You Can't Say That because there's so many things that we've been told you can say you can't say, and every day it seems to change. And I think it's frustrating to think. You would expect me to figure out what I'm calling you for the day, right? If it's he, him, she, they, and this is not a, this is not a dig on the transgender community or the gay community or anything like that. [00:01:27] I have a ton of friends that are gay. I don't care if you're gay, straight or whatever. I don't care. But what I do care. Is the selfishness that's involved with you taking your stance on, for example there is a child in my 13 year old daughter's school, I don't know if it's in her class, but it's in her grade that dresses like a cat at school and they, and the teachers refer to. [00:01:58] I don't know how they refer to her, but they treat her like she's a cat, which is absolutely fucking ridiculous. It is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Now we've heard this, right? We've seen stuff like this online, we've seen articles about this, but I'll be honest with you, my opinion or my thought process was that I'm, I must be watching some click bait horse shit. [00:02:24] There's no. [00:02:26] There's no way that's really happening. I may be happening in California where they're, everybody's lost their mind. I shouldn't say everybody. It's not really a dig on California, but the governor for sure has lost his mind. And it's, California has normalized a lot of this stuff. [00:02:39] I, I think it was California. I don't know for sure what state it was that normalized this stuff, but it's interesting because I just have to ask. As Support the show
[00:00:00] Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I am your host, Corey Berrier. And today, folks, we're going to talk about reciprocity and what that does for you in your business and in your life, and you know the benefits of it. The first thing is reciprocity. Let me explain what that means. Reciprocity means that you willingly do something for another individual. [00:00:28] Without any expectation of anything in return. And so what that means is, you, it's just doing the right thing, right? And again, the benefit of that and what happens by the universal law, so to speak, is that good things come to you when you do those things, right? When you do those things with a pure heart. [00:00:51] Now, if. Give something to someone. If you help someone with the intention of getting repaid, that's not reciprocity. That's doing it with a, a turd intention. So it's just not, it's not, you don't wanna do that. So I wanna tell you a story. I'm gonna tell you a couple of stories that you're gonna really like. [00:01:12] So hang around cuz this is gonna be pretty cool. So I wanna tell you my wife, but I honestly. Excuse me. [00:01:24] I would say unbeknownst to her because she's naturally or just a good person, she's naturally a giving person. She naturally looks out for other people especially her clients, right? And I'm very much so the same way. But her, she's done this for years. And so what she does before. [00:01:42] Meets with a client is she meets 'em at Starbucks or a coffee shop, and she gets their order before she gets there and, gets there early and gets a table and she has their coffee waiting on them. The reason she does that is that she wants to have them have a good experience and it's a nice thing to do. [00:01:57] And so the outcome of that, most of the time is that she books the wedding. Now, that's not because of the coffee, but the coffee starts the cycle. Them liking my wife and wanting to be around my wife because she's already done something nice for them. So I'll give you one more quick example, and it's actually around coffee as well. [00:02:17] I got this out of a book, and I don't remember which book, but the way this guy explained it, he said, you know when he said if you're staying in a coffee shop, right? And you go [00:02:26] and you buy the guy in front of you a cup of coffee, right? It's your friend. You buy him a cup Support the show
[00:00:00] Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I am your host, Corey Berrier, and I am here with my man TJ Hartnett. I always screw everybody heart net? Heart net. Look, Just look. Podcast, bro. I miss everybody's last name up, so my apologies on that. [00:00:14] You're good. Tj, what's up my man? How are ya? I'm doing great. Doing great. Just at a great event last week. Ready to go to another great event this week and Philadelphia Sports, we're pretty kick butt this weekend, so it's, I'm feeling pretty good. I bet, dude. You gotta be tired. So you went to Tommy's event last weekend, right? [00:00:33] Vertical track. I did vertical track last weekend and then this weekend is Service Rocket for the service Rocket Group or, Victor Service Hero or profit Rocket, or whatever name it might be this week, But I'll be at that group that's gonna be, that's gonna be sweet. Should be a pretty good turnout. [00:00:52] They've got a lot of people, a lot of big name people coming there, there are. And from my understanding, it's gonna be plus or minus about a thousand people in attendance from all different, spaces. And there are people that chose to invest in themselves. So that kind of gets me excited, anytime you got somebody spending money to better themselves, they come with a little bit of different intentionality. So that's a cool thing. I agree with you. I totally agree. And I, one thing that I think, and I don't know if you have it, I don't know if you've experienced this or not, but do you sometimes feel like it's a, it is too much information? [00:01:29] Like it's an overload. I do, and it's one of the things that I talk about when I'm on stage was, you're gonna come and you're gonna get absolutely fed through a fire hose. Try and make sure you're taking away, at least somewhere between one and three things that you're actually gonna deploy. [00:01:46] And so when they come and you're like, Hey, that'll change our business, that'll change how we do what we do, whatever that's gonna impact us, and do it quickly. Low-hanging fruit, so to speak. Write it down, put an action plan together for it, which I'll walk 'em through how to do, and then file it away so that you can pay attention to everybody else. [00:02:06] But trying to, Oh, I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna, then you're gonna get back and you ain't gonna do a Support the show
Jon decided on HVAC because he felt there was an opportunity to use his technological background and create efficiencies in the industry. 00:00:00] Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I am your host Corey Berrier, and I am here with my man, Jon Jordan. What's up, Jon? Hey Corey, how's it going? Good, man. Good to see you. So Jon is gonna bring some pretty cool information to us today, and I tell you, I'm, I've been really excited about this and I would wish we could have done this earlier, but, things happen and here we are. [00:00:24] But, so Jon owns a couple of companies Comfort Monster is the one that we have had the most conversations about. And you've got locations here in Raleigh and then in Charlotte, which is an HVAC company. And then Atlantic bt, which is where you started, right? Yep, Absolutely. So tell us about, tell us a little bit about that journey, Jon, if you don't mind. [00:00:46] It's definitely a long journey. I'll try to keep it relatively short, but I was in college and the first entrepreneurial idea I had was essentially a way to send prescriptions from the doctor's office directly to the drug store. Came up with this idea where you put a kiosk, a mini ATM in the [00:01:00] doctor's office. [00:01:01] So back, this is way back in 98, you'd write a handwritten prescription, you'd have it, and at that point, you'd have to go wait at the pharmacy. This system actually allowed you to, in the waiting room, choose a pharmacy stick in your prescription. It would scan it and send it across town. So when you drove over there, it was already filled. [00:01:15] That was pretty unique at the time we were working with all the major pharmacies, including Walmart and some of these big guys, to build that system out. So that's where my technology background started. And then, we morphed into providing more custom solutions. [00:01:28] And we've continued to work with publicly traded companies, everything from governments to publicly traded companies to build. Technology solutions. So that's, that was my first company. And I still own that company. And at some point, it got to where there were other managers that were more wanted to have more responsibility, and I just stepped back and said, Hey you want to do that? [00:01:47] That's great. I'll take some time and relax a little bit. And I did that took a couple of years. I spent a lot ofSupport the show
Ryan Kettering- Prolific Brand Designs      [00:00:00] Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I am your host, Corey Berrier, and I am here with my man Ryan Kettering. What's up, brother? Hey Corey. How are you doing, man? Good to see you. I'm so Ryan, I'm super excited about this conversation because you and I have talked obviously off camera, we've talked prior to this, and I understand a little bit about what you do well, probably a lot more than some, and that's why I wanted to bring you on because I think it's important that people know about your brand and they know about what you do and the services that you offer.   [00:00:34] Because I think you're an alternative to maybe some other folks out there, and we know that Dan Anthony Elliot's a friend of ours, and he obviously is a guy that does a lot in this space. But I do believe that you're making a name for yourself. You've been around for a minute, but people in our space are starting to hear from you now.   [00:00:51] So tell us a little bit about that. Yeah, so we started in completely different verticals than Kick Charge. And they do a phenomenal job. I don't, I [00:01:00] think you really pave the way, I don't know, without having seen him validate the market if I would've really had as good of an understanding as I do of what's really possible in this space.   [00:01:12] I started. Industries are, and verticals are a little bit more like a lower barrier of entry. So as we've moved along to some of the more professional trades, we've been able to work with some really amazing companies. But that's really how that kind of signs of progress that I intentionally stuck, stayed in my lane, and then now we're just starting to grow, and people are starting to see us and be like, okay, this is a really cool option out here that we didn't know about.   [00:01:36] And we've been around for a little while. Like you said we're gonna be going on eight years in business in 2023. But we're just starting to move into these professional trades and have done quite a few jobs now in these spaces and done really well with it.   [00:01:47] But yeah, so then, just connecting with you after we did some other podcasts in the space now, and so yeah. It's pretty cool, man. So I was gonna actually introduce you as the professional hobbyist. That's what I was gonna Support the show
Michael Venidis [00:00:00] Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I am your host, Corey Berrier, and I am here with my man, Michael Venidis, right? You got it, Corey, man. Oh, man. But I feel you should feel super, super special because I mess up Smith, typically. . Hey man, I feel special to be here. It's a privilege. . I appreciate you being here, brother. [00:00:22] What's going on, man? I'm super excited to dig into this conversation with you. So first, just tell everybody a little bit about who you are and what you do for the Home Services community. Yeah, man, I'd love to do that. Thank you. Yeah. My name's Michael Venidis, and I'm our CXO here at RYNO Strategic Solutions for some people. [00:00:43] That's your Chief Experience Officer. I've been here with RYNO, a digital marketing agency that exists solely for the trades, for 11 years now. And a lot of my role is not just internal, but external when we use that word, experience. Listen, truth be told, I walk around and treat everything like it's my [00:01:00] responsibility. [00:01:00] That's how I like to operate. Treat it like you own it. I think it always FARs well for you when you genuinely care about what you do and who you do it with. But to be clear, I'm solely responsible for the experience of our clients here, making sure they get a world-class experience, but also the knowledge of the team members, and the employees to build something truly remarkable; genuinely caring is one of seven core values that we have. It's essential that I create an environment where they feel cared about and something that they can believe in and be passionate about, right? [00:01:29] Because when we're passionate, it ultimately reflects in great quality work and happy clients. The rest is history. A hundred percent, dude. And when you pour into people with a genuine heart, People can tell that. And even if things, and here's, this is really important. Even if things go sideways, heaven forbid if you are, if you approach your customers and clients like you all do with that servant's heart, things don't go so sideways when they go sideways.[00:02:00] [00:02:00] So true. Listen, I can easily give you an example. I remember having a compliance company come out to my home, and try and fix the dryer after I tried to fix it myself three times, right? Totally. Finally gave up and charged me a fee comes out; he gSupport the show
Welcome to the Successful Life Podcast. I am your host, Corey Barrier. And today, folks, we're Support the show
 I'm the founder and, owner, and the president is of streamlined services. We are out of Raleigh. I'm a fourth-generation plumber. I grew up around the business. I always say that you. My dad was enslaved then. He did not want anything to do with it. He did not want us to be a part of the trade. I fell in love with it. I was pretty good in the field. He wanted to own my own business. Always had that entrepreneurial spirit. And this has allowed me to do that. And I love it. I love what I do every single day. Corey Berrier01:42 You bring up an exciting point. I think that and I'm sure you'll agree with this when I was growing up, My parents didn't say, Hey, here's an option to go into the trades. It was, you're going to college. And here's what I think, and this is just my this is just what I've learned, that there are so many people that are not coming into the trades at this PO point. And I think a lot of that has to do with that program programming if you will. But. When you were coming up, as you just mentioned, your dad was in the trades and suggested you not get into it. I can't imagine. Just like people that are not in the trades, like my family was not, they weren't in the trades, so naturally, they said, You've gotta go to college. That wasn't the route for me. I tried that route, did not work for me. What do you think are the benefits of someone, say, graduating high school right now? Maybe they don't. Exactly what they wanna do. Haven't been that great in school. They have, they thought they were gonna go to college but didn't really, but they, it's undecided. What are the benefits, in your opinion, of people you know of folks looking at coming into the trades as opposed to going to Bob Sweet02:49 college? There are just so many young people out there and so many people that they could go to school and college. They have opportunities They could get in no problem at all, but that's not the path they want to go. And they don't realize as they don't realize how much the trades can give them the life that they want. Give 'em the opportunities to essentially do whatever they want. Earn great money,  and take care of the families. And they progress through a company like streamlined. The options are there, whether you wanna move upSupport the show
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