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Deconstructed by the Grand Valley Construction Association

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Deconstructed is the podcast of the Grand Valley Construction Association. Host Jeff MacIntyre talks with industry leaders to break down the issues affecting our business so we can understand them better and move towards building a stronger construction industry here at home and across Canada.
16 Episodes
Dive into the world of architecture and urban design with our latest episode with Laird Robertson, President & Creative Director, NEO Architecture Inc. Join Jeff and Rob as they talk about building identity and how to break free from the cycle of creating uninspired, lackluster structures. Get ready to uncover strategies and philosophies that breathe life into our cities, making them vibrant reflections of culture, history, and community. Whether you're a seasoned architect or simply passionate about the construction, this episode promises to ignite your imagination and inspire a fresh perspective on the spaces we inhabit.
Guest host Mandy Bujold welcomes Susan Carey, President of BuildSafe, to the deConstructed podcast. Susan and Mandy share a passion for safety, and on the episode, Susan talks about BuildSafe's mission to educate the workforce and help companies achieve highest level of job site safety and proof of due diligence.
Jeff steps inside the ring with Canadian Olympic boxing legend Mandy Bujold. Mandy has recently joined GVCA to help lead the efforts to create more opportunities for women in the trades and construction. In this episode, Mandy and Jeff talk about the parallels between sports and construction and Mandy's fight to make boxing qualifications equal for women boxers.
When he's not exploring cities by foot, Eric Avner is helping connect communities together as the President & CEO of the Waterloo Region Community Foundation. On this episode of deConstructed, Eric joins Jeff to talk about community building, how we can build better cities to retain talent workers across every industry, and how we can better collaborate to address pressing community issues.
Our producer, Alex Kinsella, steps out from behind the keyboard to share his thoughts on what makes a great community. Beyond producing the podcast, Alex is the creator of TL;WR, a weekly events, arts, and culture newsletter for Waterloo Region.
Canada welcomed over 400,000 new immigrants in 2022, but are we doing everything we can to help them successfully build new lives and careers in their new home? On this episode of Deconstructed, Jeff sits down with City of Kitchener Ward 5 councillor Ayo Owodunni to hear his experience immigrating to Canada and what we can do to ensure skills, experience, and education are properly recognized—and put to use. You can purchase Owodunni's book "nclusive Leadership - The Immigrant View: The guide to helping immigrants thrive in your organization on or at your local bookseller.
Attracting a new generation of workers to the construction industry means understanding what is driving Gen Z decisions on careers, education, and more. On this episode of DeConstructed, Jeff sits down with Holly Bachman, a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia. Bachman earned her B.A. in Environmental and Sustainability studies and she shares what recent graduates and other young people think about when it comes to city design and construction.
On this episode, Jeff is joined by workplace safety consultant Monica Szabo. Monica and Jeff discuss the importance of safety culture, the history of construction safety, and where we are today.
Since 2014, Jill of All Trades has been bringing hundreds of young women together with industry leaders and advocates to help them explore the potential of a career in a skilled trade. On this episode, Jeff sits down with Brenda Gilmore and Rosie Hessian from Conestoga College to learn more about this innovative program and how it's helping increase the number of women in the skilled trades.
The simple act of going into a store to pick up milk can be challenging or even impossible for people who require a wheelchair to get around. Removing these barriers to make sure everyone can access any space at any time is the mission of the StopGap Foundation. Jeff is joined by StopGap Foundation founder Luke Anderson to learn more about how the foundation is working to bring awareness to the barriers people face through its Community Ramp Project in communities across Canada.
Communities across Canada are struggling with multiple problems, but one in particular stands out — housing. On this episode of the deConstructed podcast, Jeff is joined by Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie. Cam and Jeff talk about the housing crisis in Guelph, how for-profit housing is making the crisis worse, housing for international students, and why Cam is so passionate about finding solutions so everyone can have a place to call home.
Founder is a term used in the tech scene, but it applies to anyone who starts and grows a business. On this episode of Deconstructed, we're joined by Simon Fallows from Freedom for Founders. Simon's mission is to help business owners understand their business value from a buyers perspective to maximize value, so when the time is right, owners are ready to sell on terms they have planned for.
Succession planning is an often overlooked area in the construction industry. On this episode of Deconstructed, we're joined by Rosa Lupo from Gowling WLG. Rosa and Jeff dig into the differences between a business exit and succession, what business owners should think about with their shareholder agreements, and insights on what you should be thinking about 5, 10, and 15 years into your business.
The construction industry is facing a labour shortage across Canada—but what is driving that and what can we do to solve it? Charlene Hofbauer, Executive Director of the Workforce Planning Board of Waterloo Wellington Dufferin, has some ideas. On this episode of Deconstructed, Charlene and Jeff look at the reasons we have a shortage, what's impact the labour participation rate, how government policies are impacting the labour funnel, and most importantly—what can parents do to encourage their children to pursue a trade.
Ball Construction is celebrating 100 years of business this year. Jason Ball, a third-generation owner of the family business sits down with Deconstructed host Jeff MacIntyre to talk about the company's history, how they've evolved over the years, their client-based philosophy, and what they're doing to set themsevles up for the next 100 years as new challenges in the construction industry emerge. Deconstructed is the official podcast of the Grand Valley Construction Association
In this episode of Deconstructed, host Jeff MacIntyre sits down with Matt Bolen from Edge Architects to discuss sustainability and how the construction industry can make projects more environmentally friendly. Matt provides some practical tips and advice on incorporating sustainable practices into construction projects and the benefits of doing so. The conversation then shifts to the role of government in speeding up construction projects. Matt shares his thoughts on how the government can help the industry by implementing policies that streamline the permitting process and incentivize sustainable building practices. Lastly, the discussion turns to the impact of AI on the construction industry. Matt provides his insights on how AI is changing the game and the ways in which architects and builders can adapt to keep up with the times. Join Jeff and Matt as they explore the intersection of technology, government policy, and sustainability in the construction industry. This episode is a must-listen for anyone in the industry or anyone interested in the future of construction. Deconstructed is the official podcast of the Grand Valley Construction Association.
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