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STW Radio was born out of the crisis of 2008 and was the mission of its host, Bruce Weide, to fill a massive void in most American's retirement portfolio. This safety net would have literally saved them any grief in the crash of '08-'09 and let them pick right back up on the historic gains from there. America seems to believe that investment risk is a thing of the past. But STW Radio is dedicated to reporting all sides to the stories that matter to those close to retirement or in retirement. In-depth interviews and reviews of Bulls and Bears; Economists and Financial Strategists.
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No one can tell the future, right? Well frankly, your financial advisor will be made or broken on whether they can just do that! In this episode, Bruce goes into why it is so important for financial advisors to buy their own BS, but rather, to always question and doubt. Bruce looks forward to ask "Is the next Recession of 2024 coming, or has the government and the Federal Reserve made it all better now?" Did Bidenomics leading us to a soft landing, or more Stagflation. And what should you do about it to keep your retirement funds safe, and growing. STRIGHT TALK WEALTH RADIO - "Because things are going to CHANGE!"
This week I came into the KVTA Ventura studios and decided to broadcast live and take calls.I really want to know what YOU want to hear about! I started to get into David Stockman and the difference between how the markets and economy appear and what Mr. Stickman thinks they're really doing. BUT...the phones kept ringing and YOU ALL are much more interesting.Well, some nice ladies called in and we heard some fascinating stories. Check out this special editions!
There's a feeling out there that the investments markets have weak underpinnings, and that soon, the tides will change.Maybe.But do you understand why some pundits feel that way? With historically low unemployment, high prime-age workforce, and so thereby monetized consumers, what could go wrong?Extreme global levels of debt. That's what.Now, I'm not declaring any doomsday or recession. But if you're wondering where the fears start, they start there - with global debt levels. Because it's always the over-leveraging of debt into a bubble by investors and the banking system that causes "The Big Ones" when it comes to crashes.Again, I'm not saying this is imminent in the near future at all. But in this episode, we start with global debt to help you understand a much more close-to-home related issue that I see so much misunderstanding and misguided asset allocation chasing toward. I'm talking about the Religion of Goldbugs.When global debt breaks, as it did in 2008, did it cause inflation, or deflation? Is gold an inflationary asset, or a deflationary asset? If you're holding a major allocation of gold, and you don't immediately know the answer to those questions, maybe you've drank a little Kool-Aid, too?I'll break it down for you in this episode, and actually help you have greater certainty when to own gold and when to dump it.Episode includes articles on Global Debt from the International Monetary Fund and The Washington Post, plus excepts from my one-on-one interview with Harry S. Dent a few years ago. Plus, there's an offer to acquire a greater library of useful materials on the subject of Inflation, Deflation, and Gold.Enjoy!
After a lifetime of accumulation of savings and wealth, for retirees the entire games changes to the spending of wealth.So how does your portfolio provide for you then? In the past retirees have leaned heavily on income producing assets, such as dividends and bonds.Dividend payments have particular frailties. They're never guaranteed and, as shown by  the 2018 collapse of telecom dividends, (Frontier, Century Link, etc) the income can be shut off with little or no notice. And when that happens, the stock price tumbles so that investors are trapped in quicksand, where it's impossible to get the money back out that they invested and take it somewhere else.Bonds have their own trap, also discussed in this episode.And so, in this episode of Straight Talk Wealth Radio a surprising new approach as to how income can be generated by a portfolio, known as Longevity Credits, is revealed. It can grow income from a portfolio in ways that have zero with to with the movement of interest rates or the direction of stocks. And it can produce income, often at substantially higher levels than dividends or bonds, and that will be guaranteed for life at that level OR BETTER!If you ever think you'll need INCOME from your retirement portfolio, be sure to listen to this episode of Straight Talk Wealth Radio, before you find yourself stuck in the old traps of dividends and bonds.
If what Alan Greenspan says is true, we are heading into a whole new uncharted world of financial planning and asset allocation. In this episode hear Alan Greenspan in Sept of 2019 declare:1.) The US GDP is driven by the US Stock Market! (The OPPOSITE of how it has ever been).2.) Negative Interest Rates WILL COME to the U.S. It's only a matter of time!This changes absolutely everything for retired investors and savers. It means:Asset Allocation is gone! The component of Safety (bonds and bond funds) are going to earn so little they will be irrelevant to a portfolio. You will have to PAY for safety.The only place to be will be RISK-ON! But the very reason we are heading into low interest rates is to prop up a sagging market, which now has the very power to change the health of the US Economy by it's volatile swings.Every retired person, no longer working, will have lackluster portfolios unless they are willing to live their retirement on the precipice of Risk.In this episode Bruce discusses alternatives to bonds that can bring balance back to retirees portfolios when bonds and bond funds become impotent.
We've never covered this topic before, but every single person age 64 1/2 should be paying close attention. Medicare rules are changing. Rates are changing. Benefits for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements are changing.This week, Bruce brings in Ventura's leading Consultant on Medicare, Jessica Jones, to discuss why your Medicare coverage is NOT something you stop paying attention to!
As the US Economy achieves it's longest ever period of expansion, only one of two great stories can be told!Overloaded with private and public debt, and a decade of stimulus, we will soon see the greatest bubble burst in all of US History.The Federal Reserve has done a phenomenal job, the economy has never looked better, America is the greatest economic engine in the history of The Western World, and demographics are poised to carry us into further prosperous times!We're not joking! Both stories are compelling! And in this episode Bruce draws on the words of David M. Stockman, credited with being the economic mind of the Reagan Revolution to slash taxes and support private enterprise, and Logan Mohtashami, an outspoken economist from Orange County, CA, blogger of Financial Truth, and frequent guest on Bloomerg and other cable financial news. And these two couldn't disagree more!Get the "Fair and Balanced Story" because you've asked for it. But just be careful what you wish for. Because in the end, you're the one who will have to find the correct and true version.
The core issue of this macro-economy, the driver of every tactical investment decision boils down to whether we have inflation or deflation ahead. That single issue affects stocks, bonds, banks, real estate and metals. No single investment choice can escape this fulcrum of balance in the economy.In this episode Bruce discusses the ongoing pressures in each direction. How do things look under severe inflation or deflation? How should your planning change for either, and who will be the winners and losers in either scenario.
The U.S. economy is currently in the midst of the longest expansion in history. But for retiring Boomers, or those near retirement, it's not about where we've come from, but about where we're going! Boomers don't have any room left for another decade of mistakes in their saving or investing strategy.Of course, there are only two answers - Growth or Contraction. And if you're like the average IRA or 401k owner, you're hearing both stories circulating right now, and you don't know who to believe!In this episode of Straight Talk Wealth Radio host, Bruce Weide, reaches out to economists on both ends of the argument and helps you understand the essential differences in their current economic predictions so that you can better think for yourself, by better understanding Economics 101, and the basis of their arguments.Episode features two opposing viewpoints about the future of the American Economy!With Logan Mohtashami, financial writer and blogger covering the U.S. economy with a specialization in the housing market. Harry S. Dent, N.Y. Times Bestselling Author of Sale of a Lifetime - How the Great Bubble Burst Can Make You Rich.
In anything you're trying to master, the fundamentals of the subject are the first thing to fully grasp and become comfortable with.Baseball? Practice your hitting, fielding, double-plays, over and over and over again, and you've got a shot at winning games.Musician? Practice your scales, arpeggios, and chord structure to get good at your instrument.So what are the fundamentals of Retirement Planning? And just as important, when it is time to question them and reassess them? In this show, Bruce demonstrates that recent times have shown that the fundamentals of "Investment Planning" are not the same kind, don't work, and can get you into big trouble when you apply them to Retirement Planning. Investment Strategies are NOT Retirement Strategies! Find out the difference and how you, too, can learn to master the fundamentals of Retirement Planning.Also, listen to how you can get a free copy of a special calculator, designed by Bruce for use with his clients, that can help you get facile with calculating your own future retirement income planning, including inflation and projected portfolio growth.
How much of your cash is earning less than 2%? That's easy enough to fix!In this episode Bruce shows how just getting small increases in your interest bearing savings accounts makes big returns over not so much time.Learn how to turn your money in 0.5% CD's at the bank into something better with 2%, 2.5% or even 3.7%. Learn how to get the fees out of your savings account!Learn about the huge effect it has when you turn taxable annual interest into real tax-deferred growth with true compounding.Don't miss this most practical episode of STW Radio!
How much of your money is earning less than 2%? That's LAZY MONEY and there is no reason for it!Too many people are sitting on huge sums of cash earning practically nothing, only because they can't strategically make up their mind on how to build their portfolios for Income, Growth, and Liquidity!In this episode Bruce demonstrates that the cost of getting paltry interest rates on even your bank savings account is needless and very costly in the long run. $100,000 earning  .1% in a inflationary environment of 3.5% is loosing $3,400 a year in value. Or over $18,000 in 5 years (compounded)!Bruce surveys the possibilities to find that much better rates exist for totally liquid money; 5-yr money; or long term money. But Lazy Money = Lazy Parents that just aren't bothering to find these substantially higher rates.Lazy money is also found where dividends and interest are needlessly being taxed but not taken as income. Or worse yet, they may be forcing substantially more of your Social Security check to be taxed than need be.Get that Lazy Money off the couch and get it to work! Listen to this very practical episode of Straight Talk Wealth Radio today!
WARNING: Your stock and fund broker would prefer you did NOT listen to this episode of Straight Talk Wealth Radio!The fact is that there are 3 key erosion factors to any retirement portfolio that your wealth manager might be able to guess how to manage against, but they can never guarantee the outcome.If you live too long, or if you plan on a portfolio withdrawal level that you think is reasonable how prepared will you be to reduce your standard of living by 40% halfway through retirement  when markets, inflation or interest rates change your financial landscape later on?  It's actually possible to guarantee that such an event can never touch you, but only if you know how to plan correctly ahead of time.We'll show you how in this episode of Straight Talk Wealth Radio.
Presently, !0,000 Baby Boomers A DAY turn 65 in the U.S., and it will continue until the year 2030! At that time there will be more people old people (over 65) in the U.S. than young people (18 and under) for the first time ever in the history of the country!Stats show that 7 out of 10 retirees will need Long Term Care (LTC) support services at some point in their retired life. Then this from the WSJ: "Millions Bought Insurance to Cover Retirement Health Cost, Now They Face an Awful Choice". That's because LTC Insurers are throwing in the towel from losses (long before the crush has even started!) and either leaving the market or raising rates dramatically.What choices will be left for aging Boomers? Bruce covers the story in this episode!
Don't Buy an Annuity!

Don't Buy an Annuity!


Annuities are LONG-TERM contracts! And annuity salesmen are well-trained to always "Sell the Sizzle"! They talk about great features, but omit the details.How long are your funds tied up? What benefits do you think you are getting for that?Why would your annuity salesperson show you just one or two models when there could be dozens to consider?What's your purpose for buying the annuity? Safety? Liquidity? Future guaranteed income? Living benefits such as long-term care funding? Growth? Without knowing how to define your needs and what specific questions you should ask, you could be making the financial mistake of a lifetime!Bruce walks through the vital points to consider for anyone who is considering or already owns an annuity!
This week's show is going to rattle some cages!
Our first Episode back on the airwaves at Newstalk 1590 KVTA, Ventura, CA since 2016!Bruce discusses what is new in the ALL NEW Straight Talk Wealth Radio! This week, featuring the ongoing Wall Street Journal series about retiring Baby Boomers, entitled "The Unprepared". Bruce excerpts the first article in the series and discusses how Boomers are unprepared, and some techniques to help them evaluate how unprepared you may actually be and some essential fixes to help. 
California State insurance regulators have acted to remove some of the best performing annuity products from the California market starting on 1 January, 2017. I have never seen this much warfare against American Savers since Ben Bernanke destroyed the interest rate market to force retirees back into stocks, no matter the risk. Folks, there is a WAR going on between the Wall Street Casino Machine, and the Big Insurers of the Midwest. You have literally just a few days for this show to matter. LISTEN NOW, before you are stuck with "Next De-Generation" annuity products.
For decades the world has been marching deeper and deeper into the globalization solution. NAFTA, the Euro, the rise of China,the TPP, etc, etc. But there have been repercussions, from the loss of manufacturing in the US, to the Euromess to clean up the debt-ridden southern European countries by Germany and the other northern European countries. And now, in the mid-twenty teens, the tides are changing back again. Today we see the Brexit, the backlash against immigration, the rejection of the TPP, and astonishing election of Donald J. Trump. Renown economist Harry S. Dent says the world is already retreating from the Peak of Globalization, and in this exclusive interview Mr. Dent discusses with Straight Talk Wealth host, Bruce Weide, how the world will change and what happens next. Also includes remarks of David A. Stockman on Fox Business News.
Breaking News about the The Global Banking Crisis 2.0 in this show! European Debt levels show massive private sector bank debt with massive loan non-performance, and tells us how Europe will become a Global Crisis that will swamp Mario Draghi. And Janet Yellen won't be able to do a thing about it.Bruce then tells very specifically the tactical changes you need to make in your retirement portfolio to weather the changes.
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