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Today, Enterprise Technology is both Strategy and Global. On CIO Talk Network (CTN), Business IT Thought Leaders from around the globe share their experience and discuss how they are partnering with business to innovate and help grow the top line revenue, better care of customers, and improve the corporate bottom line. If you want to keep up with changes in technology and how it can be leveraged to maximize business potential, listen to CTN: CIO Talk Network
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Guest : Jake Margolis Title : Chief Information Security Officer, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Cybercrime spans international boundaries and poses a formidable challenge which we can only address through collaborative efforts between governments and commercial enterprises globally. While this area is attracting a lot of press, attention, and even investment, what progress are we making? What measures are we deploying to deal with this menace effectively?
From Passion to Impact

From Passion to Impact


Guest 1 : Kevin Jones Title : CIO, Indiana Department of Child Services Guest 2 : Lewis Stockford Title : CIO,Centreplate Is just believing in your people and their ability to learn, grow, and prosper enough to unleash their passion? And how do you empower such a passionate bunch, so they become intentional and thoughtful in their actions and start painting outside the lines to drive meaningful impact?
Guest : Chris Huff Title : Chief Strategy Officer, Kofax Organizations across industries are adopting automation to handle use cases including repetitive transactions to complex knowledge-based business processes. Focus is shifting from creating only operational efficiencies to revenue generation. Kofax, a new entrant in the crowded intelligent automation solutions category, claims that it’s solution is designed from the ground up to help organizations enable intelligent automation holistically and exploit its potential fully. What evidence does Kofax have to prove this claim? What set’s Kofax apart from the others in the landscape? Can Kofax deliver on its intelligent automation promise?
Guest 1 : Bharat Soni Title : CISO and Group Head Information Security Group, GT Bank Guest 2 : Pablo G.Molina Title : AVP and CISO, Drexel University Decades ago, CISOs started as the guardian of the firewall, defending a well-defined perimeter. But today, with anytime and anywhere data access imperative, such boundaries are blurred. Securing crown jewels in a cloud environment, with poor under the hood visibility, has been daunting. And, to tackle the daily fires while preparing for what’s ahead, it has been challenging to build a next-gen security talent pool. How are CISOs addressing these top three challenges?
Guest : Juha Eteläniemi Title : CIO, Fazer We are now in the execution mode with digital. The top five issues reported include lack of overarching digital strategy, ineffective organizational structure, employee resistance, unavailability of the quality talent pool, and insufficient budget support. While most business and technology leaders have faced similar issues in the past, why do these issues seem daunting in the digital context? What are some of the proven principles and methods leaders have used to handle these issues successfully?
Guest 1 : Michael Peterson Title : CIO,CHG Healthcare Guest 2 : Frank Buytendijk Title : Distinguished VP, Analyst and Gartner Fellow Gaining competitive advantage, learning how humans think and make purchase decisions, and what’s going to happen next in business are some of the practical reasons organizations are looking to exploit digital capabilities. But, not everything legal, which serves our business interests, is ethical. Privacy is at risk and trust levels are deteriorating. How are organizations rethinking and maintaining high ethical standards in the digital era?
Guest 1 : Malcolm Jack Title : Chief Information Officer, Granite Construction A significant shift like a merger in business or economic meltdown leaves employees wondering about their safety, what the future holds for them, how their roles will change, and how they should carry out their duties. How should a leader keep employees productive and effective during such transitional times, providing the structure, knowledge, and security, while adapting to the roadblocks and challenges?
Guest 1 : Lutz Beck Title : Chief Information Officer, Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) Manufacturing uses digital twins for physical product prototyping and innovation. How can leaders use digital to tackle analog problems, including organizational effectiveness, change management, workforce optimization, cultural relevance, and cost control?
Guest 1: Sanjay Patel Title : Group CIO Digital is no longer just a cool idea or about only marketing and customer experience. From product development, production, service operation, supply chain, and employees’ experience–you must re-imagine all. How should an organization go about defining a digital operating model and put it into action, so it enables consistent, meaningful, and high-quality execution across the enterprise at the speed of business change?
Guest 1 : Arnie Leap Title : Chief Information Officer, 1-800 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc., an international player in gifting, wanted to offer a world-class experience to it’s increasingly demanding customers. Beyond innovative use of retail technology, it required reimagining processes, removing siloed thinking, and building a conducive organizational culture. Learn how the Business and IT leaders, along with their partners and teams, stepped up to deliver smiles every time.
Guest 1 : Matt Lamb Title :- Chief Information Officer, Rosendin Electric Guest 2 : Samuel Sudhakar Title : Chief Information Officer and Vice President for Information Technology Services, California State University, San Bernardino Effectiveness feels like a fuzzy word; thus, many of us go after measuring and improving productivity. How a person thinks, manages time, prioritizes tasks, makes decisions, and gets up to speed with the job—all factors into effectiveness. How are organizations measuring and improving effectiveness at work?
Guest 1 : Lisa Lorenzin Title :- Director of Transformation Strategy, Zscaler Users have left the premise and working outside the four walls of your organization. With the cloud as the new home, applications are leaving the data center. 5G is redefining network and connectivity. Delivering seamless and secure user experience, maintaining business agility, and boosting workforce productivity in this dynamically shifting business and IT landscape would require fundamentally rethinking and resetting the application access paradigm. But how should one go about it, and what are the pitfalls? For those who are farther along the journey, what is the learning? How should IT or Security leaders rewrite their organization’s application access playbook?
Guest 1 : Harshal Mehta Title : Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, CWT Guest 2 : Eddie Borrero Title : Chief Information Security Officer, Robert Half Guest 3 : Leon Ravenna Title : Chief Information Security Officer, KAR Auction Services, Inc. As a CISO, how are you grooming your team to understand the goals of your digital business, identify and assess the risks, and recommend effective yet cost-efficient solutions in business terms? How are you helping your team members to become effective communicators and problem solvers while you hone your leadership skills?
CIO Agenda 2020

CIO Agenda 2020


Guest 1: Nafees Ahmed Title : Chief Information Officer, India Bulls Housing Finance Ltd. Guest 2 : Carol Fawcett Title : Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Golden State Foods With frequent external and organizational disruptions, shifting consumer demand, and cybersecurity risks higher than ever—how are the CIOs planning to support their businesses stay resilient, flexible, and agile and make the most of the year 2020?
Guest 1 : Kirti Patil Title : Senior EVP & Chief Technology Officer, Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Co.Ltd. Guest 2 : Jean Christophe Lalanne Title :- Group Chief Information Ofiicer, Air France KLM Imagine a work environment brimming with excitement about how the future unfolds. People ready for fresh perspectives and willing to hone skill sets and organizational capabilities. A culture of innovation with data and analytics driving decisions. How to build such a future fluent organization that grows through constant change?
Guest : Daniele Tonella Title : Group CIO, Unicredit With ever-increasing demands and changing preferences of customers, banks have to adapt and innovate to stay relevant. And, all along they have to manage macroeconomic and technology risks as well as comply with regulations to be sustainable. Are the banks able to maintain a healthy balance between relevance and sustainability?
Is HR ready for AI?

Is HR ready for AI?


Guest Name : Laura Owen Title : Chief Human Resources Officer, Maxim Integrated AI is going to have deep impact on human workforce performance, engagement, and growth. What changes in the people, processes, tools, culture, and leadership do we need within the HR department to gear up for this shift? How can IT help?
Guest 1 : Sue B. Workman Title : Chief Information Officer, Case Western Reserve University For your organization to stay fit to take on challenges as future unfolds, your strategy, cost and spend management, and talent development need to be in top shape. How are business and technology leaders teaming up to tackle this organizational fitness challenge?
Guest 1: Anu Varma Title: CIO - Communications Solutions Segment, TE A well thought out digital strategy with poor or hasty execution doesn’t deliver expected results. Nor does an amateur grade digital blueprint realized by implementation experts. With digital still evolving, how can organizations ace the whole process starting from the clean design of digital initiatives to immaculate execution for maximum impact?
Guest 1: Tarek Tomes Title: Commissioner and Chief Information Officer, State of Minnesota Guest 1: Paul Wagner Title: CIO, National Research Council Canada Digital revolution, socio-economic and political shifts, and citizens demanding a value-centric experience requires government to become intuitive and integrated to better sense and respond to changes. How are government and IT reimagining their system, processes, people, and tools to get ready?
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