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Jack's girlfriend Christine aka Valerie Wildman is going one on one with Jennie and Tori. Valerie has amazing memories from her time on 90210.  She has all the stories and BTS we crave!  And, one thing they all agree on...Jack McKay was a handsome stud! See for privacy information.
Jennie reveals multiple fascinating tidbits about this episode! She noticed something in this episode that may just have you rewatching a certain scene again and again.   Tori can rock an all white ski outfit...but can she ski??  She's got a hilarious story to answer that question. And, Tori's sharing a wonderful sweet story about her Dad...   Plus...did 90210 invent reality tv? How creepy and awkward that Jack tells Dylan he is inviting Christine over for a hookup? That final scene with Dylan back at school...Jennie DOES NOT LIKE IT! Find out why!   Plus, is that real rain or fake rain?   See for privacy information.
Love it or Hate it?

Love it or Hate it?


Jennie and Tori didn't love this episode and they share juicy details as to why! Dylan is suddenly living with Ann in the middle of nowhere?! What is going on?! David Arquette shows up as Diesel Dennis Weasel and he isn't nice and Brandon gets in a fight with him!   Did Brenda and Kelly make up too soon or was it realistic? Why were there SO MANY close up shots of actors faces in this episode...Jennie and Tori know why!   Plus, Tori reveals a shocking tidbit about the one time she went to her Dad to ask for something for Donna! See for privacy information.



Team Brenda or Team Kelly has reached it's apex.  It's all a hot mess, right?  Is it just too soon for Dylan to be seeing Kelly and Brenda to be dating Rick?  Is Kelly just ignoring Best Friend Code and that's the issue?  Who is wrong, who is right and why did they all have to end up in that one restaurant in LA?!??!?!   Are we liking the "legacy key" storyline or do we just want that to go away so we can focus on Brenda and Kelly!?!?  At least Steve Sanders has learned how to unbutton his shirt, so that's a positive.   Is Dottie trying to make a move on Jim?!   Plus, we decide it's time to face an issue head-on and even though we're nervous...we're doing it and we REALLY need your help. See for privacy information.
Tori is back and in the nick of time because you know who else is back….????? Rick!!! We’re discussing … Donna and her virginity Steve is being a big jerk Rick’s Return Rosie O’Donnell Andrea’s accident And… Dylan and Brenda break up!   How do you feel about the break up and the subsequent hook up!? Tori reveals some juicy insider info about David and Donna. Jennie opens up about her nerves and fears as things progress with Kelly and Dylan.  It may be thirty years later but it all still effects her.  And believe it or… right now, she’s team Brenda! See for privacy information.
Dirty Dancing

Dirty Dancing


Happy 18th Dylan McKay.   Sue Scanlon accuses Mr. "Gil" Meyers, it's heavy stuff and we're discussing.      Not to make light of this very serious episode, but how does a teacher afford such a sweet pad on the beach in Malibu?!   And, we've got some dirty dancing going on, except for Brandon of course.  He can't dance but he sure can kiss.  So, Jennie gives us a little more insight in to dancing scenes and make-out sessions.   Plus, have you ever wondered if Kelly Taylor/Jennie Garth hangs in BH IRL?   See for privacy information.
We've got a hunky player from the West Beverly Football Team guest hosting!  David Lascher aka Kyle Conners is back with us. We're discussing the seriousness of the issues this episode explored while still enjoying the moments of levity within Home and Away.   David Silver's mic micitty mic check, the dance number at the end, and Sue Scanlon's strong feelings on display.   There were lines we loved and lines that REALLY REALLY made us cringe.  Party Shoes Gil...come on!   And, the beautiful scene between Kelly and Dylan...Jennie shares real life moments beyond the Peach Pit with us all. See for privacy information.
Oh boy… did we love to hate Brooke Alexander!?  The lovely Alexandra Wilson is going 1 on 1 OMG style. How did Alexandra feel about Brooke?  Can she play volleyball and roller blade?  How did she feel about the fashion choices for her character?   Why was she so reclined in Brandon's mustang?   How great of a kisser is Jason Priestley? See for privacy information.
David Silver walked right in on Kelly Taylor...naked!  Jennie gives us all the dirty details about that shower scene.    Do you have recurring dreams?? Hopefully they don't involve a tightrope and Mr. Myers.  Jennie has one that is terrifying!  Then, in an emotional turn Jennie opens up about the blurred lines between real life and 90210.  You may be surprised by the impact of this episode on Jennie and how certain storylines had ramifications that lasted for years and remain today.  Plus, hidden LA secrets on the West Beverly lockers and we like Nikki and you? See for privacy information.
OMG is right!  Ian Ziering is back to co-host and he's answering your burning questions!(and one of us is trying to act calm, cool, and collected...)    As we discuss THE BACK STORY we have many thoughts... Brenda and those darn cigarettes...Brandon and Nikki's kiss...BJ Harrison and that key...Vests are making a real fashion statement in this episode.    Oh, and did we mention that Ian Ziering takes his shirt off during this podcast?!9021Oh yeah... See for privacy information.
Riiiiiiiiiiick is here!! Tori is off so Jennie is going 9021One on One with Dean Cain aka Rick. From Rick to Superman to Scott Peterson and everything in between, we are getting all the sexy details from hunky Dean Cain. Plus, Jennie’s manager Randy pulls out the TV Guide cover and Producer Amy embarrasses herself through the whole hour. Thankfully Jennie kept her cool and got all the stories and details of Dean Cain’s four episode arc on 90210! See for privacy information.
Tori and Jennie are going one on one with "Gil Myers" ...West Beverly Hills High School teacher! Mark Kiely gives us all the details on playing the young charming teacher. Mark appears in 13 episodes of 90210 with his first as Senior Year begins! Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
Tori and Jennie are going One on One with Nicholle Tom to reminisce about Sue Scanlon. 90210 Super Fan Nicholle Tom shares all the details about her character and her time on the show. And, she saved an epic piece of memorabilia. She joins in on the ongoing debate...Team Kelly or Team Brenda. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
Spelling Manor is for sale and Tori is taking us inside. She reveals something so utterly shocking that we wouldn’t believe it if it hadn’t come out of her own mouth. Plus, it’s Senior Year and we’ve got new students, a new teachers, and an earring in the couch cushions. Eek! What are Jennie and Tori’s initial impressions of Mr. Gil Myers? What does Tori think of Donna and Nikki’s newfound friendship. Sue Scanlon makes her first appearance. Plus, Jennie is conflicted watching this all back… Let’s hear what she thinks and then Tori and Jennie want to turn things over to you. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
Brenda is back and there is a lot more to unpack than just the suitcases from Paris!!! Things we need to 90210KNOW!! Does Dylan want to be with Brenda or Kelly? What is going on inside Dylan's head? Brenda is sweeter and more likeable in this episode, right? How happy are we to see Brooke go? Is it Sanders or SONDERS? Do you want to BE BE BE MY LOVE??? Plus, Tori has a "red and white striped dress" story you don't want to miss. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
Brenda meets (flirts and kisses) Rick! How hunky is Dean Cain?!! What do we think about Rick and Brenda? Meanwhile, WOW...what do we think about Kelly and Dylan!? If this is wrong, we don't want to be right! Do we think David has a chance at Superstardom with new manager Steve? And, we're conflicted...should Kelly and Dylan reveal the truth? Does David need to tell Donna he kissed Nikki? It's getting dramatic... Jennie gives us a detailed breakdown of her terrifying Jet Ski accident that occurred while filming this episode. And, Jennie and Ian are together again! Find out why and if Ian remains as dreamy as ever. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
Nikki Witt aka Dana Barron is here. Now, we all know Nikki kissed David while Donna was dating David and Tori crushed on B.A.G so is this going to be "supes awkward"?!  Dana Barron starred as Audrey Griswold in National Lampoon's Vacation... then she headed to Beverly Hills. Dana reveals something to Tori and Jennie that they DID NOT KNOW! Was Dana supposed to join the cast permanently?!??! Then, IT IS HAPPENING!!! What did you think when Kelly walked in to that Beach Club Cabana and there he was sitting on the couch...9021OMG!? Why, though, is Kelly lecturing David about right and wrong and being faithful when....hmmmmm...let's discuss! Are you Team Brenda or Team Kelly? And, now 30 years later do you feel the same?!?! Plus, do we like Brooke Alexander? Did Brandon break guy code when he went after Brooke?! Also, do we like those shorty short shorts on Steve?! Do we??? Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
Brenda and Donna are in Paris! Tori tells us where Paris actually is!  And, Tori opens up about ordering Cervelles de Veau and feeling really nervous about overstepping with Shannen. We begin to see the flirtation between Kelly and Dylan. Do we love it?!?!?! Jennie can't help getting emotional as she lets us in on the behind the scenes. Why did Brandon wait so long to realize he has feelings for Andrea!?! Tori and Jennie have a surprising reaction. The fashion and hair in this episode is PHENOMENAL. The iconic Lip Dress makes it debut, Dylan wears a suit with a star tie, and Steve's shorty short shorts are going strong. Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
90210MG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! Jennie and Tori discuss the pivotal ending scene in this episode as we see Dylan and Kelly walking off together. (And Brenda alone in the van watching it all unfold as she heads to Paris.) Special Guest Monica Creel Lacy joins in with some twin action. (Monica played one of the twins dating Brandon and Steve and she's telling all!) Is this episode the worst fashion fail for Steve Sanders of all time? Why is Brandon chomping on his gum in every scene? We must discuss all the Dylan, Brenda, Jim DRAMA!!!!!!! Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
Good Things Come in Threes. Third Times the Charm. Three's Company.   It's SEASON 3!!!! It's Summer! We're coming in HOT! Dylan and Brenda bringing all the drama. Are we on Brenda's side? What should Jim and Cindy do?? Tori reveals what her mom did in a similar situation! We ask Jennie and Tori a question about the 90210 characters they have NEVER been asked before. Plus, did you spot The Chief (Grey's Anatomy) and Peter Krause in this episode?! Learn more about your ad-choices at See for privacy information.
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Lia Elizabeth Rose Dugal

in this episode, when Jennie is talking about how the team Brenda peeps hurt her feelings, I am saying audibly 'ahh poor Jennie ahh'. I am team Brenda but I love Kelly too!! love them both!! i went back and forth between Brandon and Dylan and same with Brenda and Kelly. love you, Jennie!!!

Apr 29th


How much longer is the bias going to go on with Brenda. Brenda still has yet to be on as a guest. And what a surprise!? They've never had anything positive to share regarding Brenda. So sick of this!

Feb 14th

Misty Angulo

Just started listening to the podcast! Just barely found out about it! I am barely on E. 4 but you guys so far are missing some stuff! you said Brandon had his shirt off once, but it was twice! and the girl in the red bathing suit was the girl that was stealing! and you never talked about the first actress that was kellys mom?? and also wanted to know did luke already know how to surf?? LOL so much more trivia i would like to know!!!ps looove this show!!!!

Oct 4th

Shea Smith Rapheal

My favorite Podcast episode to date!! Jennie and Teddi had such great conversation.

Sep 29th

Misty Angulo

I just found this podcast!! Where have I been? This is amazing!! Thank you for doing this!! I am gonna tell my 90210 friends about this! I just listened to two episodes and just love this reminiscing, it is bringing me back to great times!!

Sep 27th

bhavesh joshi

હનનનજ્જમજમમજમજજનનજનજનજનજનમજનનનનનજ્જનનનજનજનનજ્જનજ્જમનજ્જkjmn. ñn. ñ

Jun 14th

Andi-Roo Libecap

I mean, NGL, Jim was pretty hot for a dad. I always liked the look of him. Altho I hated how sexist he was in the way he treated his two kids so differently.

May 27th



May 5th


Listening has brought back memories of the 90's...good, bad and ugly!

May 5th

Alina Pruner

I think they should do a podcast every 3 episodes maybe. Gonna take a long time to get through 10 seasons at 1 episode a week lol. I'm already watching season 10 and I started when you ladies did. I couldn't wait a week to watch the next episode, nearly impossible when you ordered the dvds haha. 😁 This show really played a big role in my life, very grateful and it's too bad my kids didn't have a show like this to grow up watching.

Apr 30th

Terry Adams

awesome stuff

Feb 26th

Erin Cassity

I watched every episodes and the beat ones where the ones àfter collage...

Nov 13th
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