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Welcome to A Book with Legs podcast, hosted by Smead Capital Management. In each episode, the folks at Smead Capital Management explore value investing through an entirely unique lens, bringing in authors to discuss books that have directly or indirectly influenced the decisions the Smead team has made on their investments in stocks and equities. The podcast is for the curious-minded looking for worldly wisdom. Investing is the last great liberal art, and the team at Smead wants to learn as much as they can. Any level of investor, business person, or thinker, whether personally or professionally, will be intrigued and engaged by these discussions.
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In this episode, author and journalist Bryan Burrough joins Bill and Cole Smead to discuss his classic work, "Barbarians at the Gate." The book is a detailed narrative of the high stakes battle for RJR Nabisco. Burrough explores the complex negotiations behind one of the largest leveraged buyouts in corporate history, highlighting the strategies by the major players involved. 
In this episode, reporter Rob Copeland joins Cole Smead to discuss his book, "The Fund," which provides a detailed account of the rise of Ray Dalio and the founding of Bridgewater Associates, one of the largest hedge funds in the world. Copeland provides insights into Dalio's impact on the finance industry through his unique approach to economics and risk management. 
In this episode, activist Benji Backer joins Cole Smead to discuss his newly released book, "The Conservative Environmentalist," which makes the case for the economic benefits of the strategic merging of conservative values and environmental sustainability. Backer argues that environmentalism can align with American economic interests while offering a pragmatic approach to climate change. 
In this episode, historian Jennifer Burns joins Cole Smead to discuss her book "Milton Friedman: The Last Conservative," which provides an in-depth analysis of Friedman's economic theories and their lasting impact on conservative ideology. The book chronicles key moments in the life of one of the most influential economists of our time, and how his pragmatic way of thinking significantly shaped contemporary economic discourse. 
Interested in the Smead Capital Management book list? Listen in to hear Cole and Bill Smead list the books they have recently read, what they’re currently reading, and the books they have on deck. Have a book you would like to recommend for the podcast? Email your suggestions to
In this episode, author and Professor Ekaterina Pravilova joins Cole Smead to discuss her book, “The Ruble: A Political History.” Ekaterina’s book explores the evolution of the Russian currency over a 200-year time period through the interplay between politics, culture, and ultimately, power. Their conversation covers financial turmoil, currency reforms, and an extensive discussion of Ruble’s story.
In this episode, author and historian Harold James joins Cole Smead to discuss his book, “Seven Crashes: The Economic Crises That Shaped Globalization.” Their discussion delves into major economic downturns throughout history, offering insights into their causes, impacts, and reforms to prevent future crises.
In this episode, author Chris Roush joins Cole Smead to discuss his book, "The Future of Business Journalism," which explores the evolving media landscape and its impact on business reporting. Roush navigates the challenges and opportunities facing business journalists in an era of technological disruption and shifting audience demands.
Live from the 2024 Smead Investor Oasis, venture capitalist George Gilder joins Bill and Cole Smead to discuss his latest work, "Life after Capitalism," in which he redefines capitalism as a knowledge-based system. Gilder presents a vision of the future in which technological advances disrupt traditional capitalist structures, emphasizing innovation and knowledge over wealth accumulation.
In this episode, Professor Andrew Pettegree joins Cole to discuss his newly released title, "The Book at War." The book is a captivating analysis of the power of print in society and conflicts throughout history. At the heart of this literary work is the paradox of words during wartime. The notion that books are weapons in the war of ideas is tested in this account on how the written word leaves a lasting impact on the fabric of societies.
In this episode, retired U.S. Army general David Petraeus joins Bill and Cole to discuss the recently released book that he co -authored titled, "Conflict." The book explores the evolution of warfare beginning in 1945 up to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, highlighting the importance of strategic leadership. Ultimately, that idea that what takes place in one part of the world does actually resonate or reverberate in others is critical.
Interested in the Smead Capital Management book list? Listen in to hear Cole and Bill Smead list the books they have recently read, what they’re currently reading, and the books they have on deck.Also highlighted in this episode is a tribute to the late great Charlie Munger, as we release this episode on what would have been his 100th birthday. Listen to Bill and Cole's top quotes and ideas from Munger and hear about how his history has influenced them as value-investing gurus.Have a book you would like to recommend for the podcast? Email your suggestions to
"What about our system of liberal meritocratic capitalism is good and useful? What about it is worth preserving, expanding and fixing, so that we can be prepared for the challenges that are coming?" Professor Vikash Yadav joins Cole to discuss his book, "Liberalism's Last Man". The book explores the elements of one of the great economic thinkers and philosophers of the 20th century — Friedrich Hayek — that are still relevant and viable today. The conversation focuses on the evolution of liberalism and its influence on human flourishing.
“If you read it, you will realize that many of the arguments being made against American capitalism are invalid. You will realize that this country of ours is even greater than you think.” Senator Phil Gramm joins Cole to discuss his book, The Myth of American Inequality. Gramm’s book explores the data which prove income inequality in the United States is far lower than what most Americans are led to believe. The conversation covers the statistics that support Gramm’s position and how the American Dream remains strong.
“Once you know where to look, you start to see it all around you in present day life. Whether it’s the Federal Reserve Bank, whether it’s the company Goldman Sachs… It’s remarkable how the degree to which we are living in this world they helped build.”In this episode, Cole is joined by author Daniel Schulman to discuss his book, The Money Kings. Daniel’s book is the story of the German Jewish immigrants who revolutionized Wall Street and shaped today’s economic system. The conversation covers names like Goldman and Sachs, Lehman and Seligman, Kuhn and Loeb, and Warburg and Schiff.
“You have to have a drive and a willingness to get bloody by standing up for something greater than yourself.”Former NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver joins Cole to discuss her book, Escaping Gravity: My Quest to Transform NASA and Launch a New Space Age. Lori’s book is a firsthand account of her career at NASA, highlighted by her role in the private sector’s involvement in the nation’s space program. The conversation covers the hurdles she faced, how incentive structures can lead to good and bad, and how free market capitalism can deliver human potential.
Randall Sullivan joins Cole and Bill for a conversation about his book, Graveyard of the Pacific: Shipwreck and Survival on America's Deadliest Waterway. The book describes the haunting history of the Columbia River Bar, one of the deadliest bar crossings on the globe, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. The discussion covers the dangers associated with the area, the shipwrecks and lives lost, and Randall's first-hand journey crossing the bar.
BONUS EPISODE: David Zaslav, CEO and President of Warner Bros. Discovery joins Cole and Bill to continue the conversation about The Warner Brothers by Chris Yogerst. Zaslav gives insight into how the brothers positioned the company for success, the power of film in today’s society, and how the media giant is building towards the future. Zaslav also shares a story involving Robert Evans, Frank Sinatra, and Mia Farrow!
Chris Yogerst joins Cole and Bill for a conversation about his book, The Warner Brothers. Yogerst’s book chronicles the lives of four brothers – Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack and how they built one of Hollywood’s most distinguishable studios, which now stands as one of the largest media conglomerates in the world. The discussion covers how the family’s values shaped the movies they created, the successful investments they made in technology, and the legacy the brothers left behind.Have a book you would like to recommend for the podcast? Email suggestions to the stock picking gurus at Smead Capital Management at
Interested in the Smead Capital Management book list? Listen in to hear Cole and Bill Smead list the books they have recently read, what they’re currently reading, and the books they have on deck. Also in this episode, value investing gurus, Bill and Cole, discuss the role higher interest rates are playing in today’s equity markets, how rising rates affect stocks, the increased risks in investments, and the impact on the real economy.Have a book you would like to recommend for the podcast? Email suggestions to
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