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A Couple in with Cody Jinks

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Cody Jinks is a country artist that has had and continues to have profound success within the credible country music space. His knowledge of country, rock, metal, and beyond is significant. He's also a huge fan of sports, comedy, the outdoors, and very much enjoys fishing.
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We are super excited to launch the second season of “A Couple In” We will be on time now as we have caught up with ourselves and will be launching current episodes every other week. Kicking us off is a true hero of mine and I can’t think him enough for helping us launch this season. Pepper Keenan of Corrosion of Conformity joins us to talk cool rock and roll stories, songwriting, and yes what many of us are doing now, homeschooling. So grab a cold one and let’s start season two of  A Couple In with me, Josh Thompson, and Bobby Keith Kilgore.
Cameron Morris. Damn man, I can’t imagine a man with more balls. He bought a hat store in Waco called Standard Hat Works without knowing how to make a hat, and it worked. Listen the story, it unbelievable. I love this guy so much.
Matt Cain May be the first professional baseball player to warm up to Loud and Heavy. We got to talk music, baseball, and everything in between. Hope you dig this as much we did. Enjoy!
How can you not like this guy? Steve Rodriguez “Coach Rod” head baseball coach for Baylor University is such a good dude. I love talking with coaches like him, you’ll see why.
We sat down with Major League pitcher Homer Bailey not long ago and talked about everything from no hitters to gambling. Homer has been a supporter of ours for years and we’ve had to good times. Hope you enjoy our buddy Homer Bailey and A Couple In.
We got to sit down and talk shop with Randy Bloomer of Bloomer Trailers not long ago and chat about business and life. His story of how Bloomer Trailers came to be isn’t just interesting, it’s quite literally the American dream. He built his company from the ground up more than twenty years ago with the intention of making the finest trailers in the world, and that’s just what he’s done. He’s as nice a guy as he is hard working and we loved getting a little bit of his time and insight. Here’s Randy Bloomer.
Got to sit down and talk with The Good Brothers from Impact Wrestling. They were talking about the business, cutting your teeth, and their Pay Per View that recently aired. I’ve known these guys for a couple of years and we have a lot in common in the way we’ve done things. Here’s an insider look at the lives of professional wrestlers.
Got a chance to talk to Ian Kinsler in the midst of the pandemic. He and his family got the hell out of dodge and headed for higher ground to wait this thing out. It was so great to talk baseball and music with him. He’s a class act, super nice guy, and he and his wife have a very similar story to that of Rebecca and I. Hope you dig this one!
We had an absolute blast talking with Jeff Banister. Jeff has spent thirty plus years in professional baseball as a player, coach, and manager. He’s now at The University of Northern Colorado but we got to catch up with him and talk shop. After the conversation I wanted to be on his team. The psychology behind an effective leader is fascinating.
We got to sit down with our good friend Sunny Sweeney for our first remote podcast try after quarantine started. We’ve been tour mates with Sunny several times over the past few years. She’s extremely talented and equally as funny, she’s also the hardest touring musician I know. Enjoy our chat with Sunny, we did.
I met Andrew a few years ago when he was pitching for my Texas Rangers. He was kind enough to have us down on the field during batting practice and gave us a bunch of cool swag. Since then we’ve had some beers, gambled, gone hunting, and he caught my first pitch at Fenway Park last year on my birthday. He’s a great dude! Hope you enjoy this one!
We got to sit down with our friend Conor McDermott and talk football. Conor had just gotten back from Hawaii hours before we chatted and had been doing Hawaii type things we may or may not have talked about. Conor is an NFL lineman that we’ve become friends with over the years, he’s a giant of a man at 6’8 and 320 and a hell of a great hang. Enjoy.
Hey there folks! Got a good one today with Kendell Marvel. I first met  Kendell in a bar by accident when I was in Nashville several years ago drinking with Ward Davis. Ward saw him and said: “ You need to meet this guy, he’s a good dude and and a great songwriter”. At first, I was reluctant because I’m not down with the plastic B.S. that comes from “Nashville” songwriters, but Kendell isn’t your 'normal' Nashville songwriter , in fact, he’s one of the best writers I know, and not too bad of a fella.  He’s got some great stories, enjoy.
Think the men and women that fight in UFC or any other octagons are just meat heads? Not everyone enjoys MMA and cage fighting but there is most certainly great detail in training, preparation, and knowing how to attack and defend against an upcoming opponent. You have to be smart. Listen as our good buddy CB Dollaway talks with us about everything from education, to business ventures outside of the ring and moving into the future on this episode of A Couple In. Cheers!
Hey y’all. Got a super cool inside edition podcast this week. Our special guest this week is our bus driver Nino. Nino is like Cher or Bono, no other names needed. The bus drivers have the best stories because they’re sober and going to work when the band is getting on for the night. Nino has driven us all over the country and I trust him when I sleep, that’s a lot. I hope you enjoy listening to his stories, he’s got some cool ones.
Here’s the second podcast for this week, as promised. After the Christmas podcast we jumped back on track with Wade Bowen for a more “grown up” show. It was good to sit down with him finally, we did a couple of shows with them and had a great time. We’ve all heard just how nice Wade is, find out why on A Couple In with Cody Jinks
Christmas with the Gang

Christmas with the Gang


Hey friends, here’s another podcast coming at you. This one was recorded in Dallas back in December at The Bomb Factory with some of my best buddies. It was our second annual Christmas show and it’s a rarity we’re all together anywhere at the same time. I’m going to give this one a “Definitely Rated R" rating, but it’s damn funny. I’m also going to start dropping two podcasts a week until we get caught up from the last few months. Grab some beers and get A Couple In. Enjoy!
Here we go with Nikki Lane and round two for A Couple In.  This episode was recorded on our tour bus last fall while we touring with Nikki and the first real interview we did with the new podcasting equipment.  Nikki is one of my favorite people in this business for many different reasons, but firstly it is her music. She’s very funny, eccentric, and you never know what she will say or do. Enjoy.
Back in February I got to sit down with Clint Black and talk for a while for this brand new podcast. It’s no secret that Clint is one of my heroes and I’m honored to have had the time with him to talk music and life. I hope you enjoy this debut episode of A Couple In With Cody Jinks
Come listen to A Couple In with our good friend Bobby Robinson. We met Bobby through our friend Andrew Cashner a couple years ago. He’s built his family run businesses Stackin’ Bills from the ground up and I love the way he sees life and businesses. Enjoy.
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