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A Date With Dateline

Author: Kimberly and Katie

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Kimberly and Katie are professional true crime TV experts with no formal training but evidence lockers filled with snark and uninformed opinions. Katie watches Dateline in hopes to learn how to prevent her new husband from murdering her for the life insurance money, and Kimberly watches so she’ll know what to say when Keith Morrison interviews her about her best friend Katie’s murder.
69 Episodes
Sir Mankiewicz brings his pocket squares and expressive eyebrows to Texas for a wild ride down Country Road 2595. Kimberly and Katie have some choice expressions of their own as they dive into the recap of Chacey (not to be confused with Chauncy the evil ghost baby from the Nintendo game Luigi’s Mansion) and her … Continue reading Out of the Darkness S.27 Ep.50 →
Kimberly and Katie go behind a cinder block wall to check out some hot tub action with the Lean King, Keith Morrison in this listener requested recap of “Someone Was Watching”. That sentence might be a little misleading, however there is a lot of nosy neighboring happening in this vintage episode. But, in this case, … Continue reading Someone Was Watching S.20 Ep.07 →
Josh Mankiewicz of reporting and pocket square fame returns to our screens with devils, angels, angel gates, devils disguised as angels, people who have angel in their name and of course, his classic devilish smirk. Highlights of this episode include some very bad botany, another big red flag life insurance policy, a wife making mysterious … Continue reading The Devil in Disguise S.23 Ep.58 →
Buck Naked and the Exhibitionists are back for an encore in this PART DEUX episode covering Dateline’s “A Gathering Storm”. We left off in Part 1, with Mank being extra dapper, Jim Jeans getting into some hot water with the law and K&K trying to keep up with the ever changing locations,  bad weather and … Continue reading A Gathering Storm (Part 2) S.21 Ep.23 →
It’s an oldie and a goodie, episode of Dateline that is. Not to be confused with the golden oldies played by the Florida-famous band, Buck Naked and the Exhibitionists, introduced to the world in this episode. Josh Mankie with the hankie is hanging out with the band and getting all the sordid backstage secrets whether … Continue reading A Gathering Storm (Part 1) S.21 Ep.23 →
Hear ye, Hear ye- On June 8th the year of our Lord 2019, Kimberly and Katie were given the immense honor of sitting down with their favorite male hosts of the television program known purely as DATELINE. *Secrets* were revealed, smiles lit up the room, and none of their lives were ever the same. Actually … Continue reading BONUS: A Moment in Time with the Dateline Hosts (Crime Con 2019) →
This episode of Dateline truly had it all. Included was as follows: A multiple (and rare DOUBLE) leaning Keith Morrison, bad Kelly’s galore, a wacky band of criminals trying to sell a stolen car on Facebook, a seemingly impossible number of text messages and in the words of the Lean King himself “a wayward wife, … Continue reading The Secret Keepers S.27 Ep.44 →
The Crossing S.27 Ep.43

The Crossing S.27 Ep.43


A night of new Dateline could be considered a “High Point” of the week. (If you have already watched the episode then that pun should be both welcomed an appreciated.) The episode is even better when it involves Queen Andrea Canning taking a small university community and police department to task over the possible murder … Continue reading The Crossing S.27 Ep.43 →
Sir Josh Mankiewicz, of Pocket Square Kingdom, brings us back to ‘The Early Shift’ – a case of workplace murder, fiery attorneys, just plain fired attorneys and probably the worst case of mishearing leading to a misspeaking in Dateline history. K&K revisit their former discussions of a Kentucky janitor and his wife, a lead detective … Continue reading Return to the Early Shift S.27 Ep.42 →
She Never Left S.27 Ep.40

She Never Left S.27 Ep.40


K&K discuss an episode with as many twists and turns as a guilty man’s tie! Dennis is more than enough in this Dateline about families, betrayals and a very Shakespearean ending. What secrets are held under the Red Roof Inn? How many toupees are too many? Has Kimberly found her new dream car?  Answers to … Continue reading She Never Left S.27 Ep.40 →
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Pippa Larson

The “one armed man” was The Fugitive from a 60’s tv series with David Jansen.

Jun 20th

Incredible Similarity

episode #4. emerald city. first few minutes consists of mindless babble. trying 1 more episode or count me out of these podcasts.

Jun 7th

Terra Walters

I literally laughed my glasses off my face when Katie interjected Steel Bars into the episode. Thanks ladies. <3

May 9th


Terra Walters Thank you Terra!!!!

May 17th
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