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Join two sisters, Lilly and Madie, as they discuss how to get serious about being serious for Jesus. They will encourage you to live as one of The Few and follow Jesus in your everyday life.
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Can you remember a time where you made the Gospel what you want it to be? Today's episode is all about the true Gospel and what it really looks like when it's lived out every day. Jesus wants to be everything to us, but so often we only give Him "sections" of us. However, this whole "Jesus thing" is not about us, it's about Him.Scripture: Galatians 1:6-8
Did y'all enjoy last week's episode? We hope so, because we are back with more! Let's look at some of the other blog posts that are up on our blog and see what memories and funny moments we remember just by scrolling through them with you! Don't forget to check out our blog for yourself by clicking here: The Few. Can't wait to see you over there!
Do you wish you had a place that you could go to be encouraged and poured into on a daily basis? Well we've got some great news for you in this episode! We want to take a look at our blog with you, in hopes that you will see that there are still Christians out there who want to get serious about being serious for Jesus. This is a good conversation you don't want to miss.
It's OK - Episode 9

It's OK - Episode 9


Have people failed you before? It's certainly not a fun thing to deal with, and it can be something that discourages us. Sadly, when we do ministry and try to pour into people, they usually end up failing us. Sometimes over and over again. The good news is that you can find your joy and passion in Jesus, not the people you do ministry with. Jesus will never fail us, run to Him.
Is the world weighing you down right now? It's been pretty easy to just "go with the flow" and do whatever other people are doing/saying around us. Today, we want to share with you something that we had to be bold and do a couple days ago. It wasn't easy and made us look very different. I pray this episode leads you right to Jesus today! 
Are you good at taking your burden to the Lord and leaving it with Him? I know we are not the best at it. Today's episode is all about how we need to be a consistent example to others in our everyday life, no matter our circumstances.
Is there a person out there that you love to try and imitate? In today's episode, we talk all about how Christians are called to imitate Christ, and Christ alone. He is perfect and has given us newness of life. Strive to live like your Savior today.
Did you have great and exciting plans for 2020 on New Year's Eve of 2019? I think all of us could answer that question with a very annoyed "yes" right now. Many of those plans haven't happened because we live in a fallen world where a virus is affecting our daily lives in so many ways. Let's wade through some of this hard stuff by looking at the book of Haggai in today's episode.
Have you ever struggled with humility before? In this episode, Lilly and Madie have a real conversation about how Jesus wants us to live in this area of our lives. Jesus should be the only one who is High & Mighty.
Do you live in a way that proves you're a child of God to those around you? I think we often choose to define ourselves, which is something God wants to do for us. It's in His job description. Let's look at a very touching story together in order to realize our identity in Christ.
Is Jesus enough to satisfy you? In this episode, The Few has a raw discussion about how to live this "Jesus thing" out in your daily life in the midst of our consumer culture.
Are you wondering what The Few is all about? Join Lilly and Madie as they discuss how The Few began and the exciting things they have in store for the future!
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