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Join two sisters, Lilly and Madie, as they discuss how to get serious about being serious for Jesus. They will encourage you to live as one of The Few and follow Jesus in your everyday life. New episodes every Monday! Join the community!
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Do you love what is behind you or hate what is in front of you? In today's episode, we go on a censoring rant, talk about war, and read verses about swords! Yeah, I know... Who would want to miss a conversation like that?! We want to question who's actually going to fight, and why.Scripture: 3 John 1:11 & Matthew 10:34Check out our blog here: us @  Follow us on Parler, Instagram, and Facebook by searching:
Were you expecting us to upload a new episode today? Probably not! We however, love surprises and thought that every once in a while we would surprise you with a minisode! So many of y'all asked us some great questions over on IG a couple weeks ago, and we decided to answer them here! If you have a question you would like us to answer in a minisode, email us @  Check out our blog here: us on Parler, Instagram, and Facebook by searching:
Did you know that God is everywhere, He's just incognito? We've been discussing A LOT over the past couple weeks, and we want to take some time to reflect on where we really are with Jesus and remind ourselves of some great truths as we go into a brand new week. The Lord has also been doing some crazy things here at The Few that we want to chat with y'all about! Have questions about Parler or just want to contact us? Send us an email!  Scripture: James 4:1-8Check out our blog here: Follow us on Parler, Instagram, and Facebook by searching:
Confused about how Christians are handling all the political things right now? Well, we are too. Today we invited our dad to come and give us all some clarity about the founding of America, the election process, and how we can start restraining evil right where we are. Dad also shares an amazing quote completely from memory that he learned while in the military! We told y'all it would be a good episode!Scripture: Revelation 21:7-8 & Deuteronomy 20:8Check out our blog here:  Follow us on Parler, Instagram, and Facebook by searching:
Do you believe that strong convictions can overcome other people's opinions? Everyone is feeling the tension as we are just one day away from the election, and we are anxious to see if Christians will remain true to their spiritual and political convictions. We need to be wise individuals who can listen to anything, but have the ability to discern if it is first biblical, and secondly if it should become one of our personal convictions. Join us as we share from Scripture, as well as Winston Churchill.Scripture: 1 Corinthians 2:14-15Check out our blog here: Follow us on Parler, Instagram, and Facebook by searching:
Are you struggling with where we are as a country right now? Being one week away from perhaps one of the most crucial elections in history, we want to have a conversation about a quote by George Washington that just might hold the secret to keeping our freedom. We need to take a firm hold on our sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it. We only have one week to do so.Scripture: Jude 1:18-23 & Titus 1:9Check out our blog here: Follow us on Parler, Instagram, and Facebook by searching:
Do you ever look back on God moments that you've missed and wished that you could go back? While some of us may say yes, there are still many of us who don't even think twice when we don't do what God told us to. In this episode. we want to question if the Church even has the real thing anymore, and if we are in a place where we can actually be enabled by the Spirit, and set on our feet to accomplish our mission.Scripture: Ezekiel 2:1-7Blog Post I referred to in this episode: Follow us on Parler, Instagram, and Facebook by searching:
Have you let fear be an excuse not do brave things before? This episode means so much to us, as we had the honor of recording it LIVE in front of an audience this past week! We shared about one of the biggest "dragons" we have had to face, and how believers need to start choosing to be courageous. We have the ability to slay dragons, but that only happens when we make the decision to do it afraid.Scripture: 1 Corinthians 2:1-5Check out our blog here: 
Evil seems to be a part of everybody's daily life, doesn't it? The world is deceiving us into thinking that it's normal and should be accepted. However, we see that there is a major problem with how believers are choosing to react to that evil. Too many of us are just ignoring it, because we don't have the guts to fight it. Is that really what God has called us to do in our lifetime? Are we made to sit on the sidelines and tolerate what's happening out on the field?Scripture: Isaiah 58:1Check out our blog here:
Have you "kept your head" over the last few months? Or do you have a tendency to blow up when discussing the worldly happenings that are going on around us? We've discovered that the lockdowns from the virus have done so much harm to the Church, and in turn, the lost. Significant damage has occurred, but nobody seems to notice. Christians once had a special kind of credibility in the world - but are we losing it?Scripture: 2 Timothy 4:5Check out our blog here:
Do you let other people's opinions dictate your actions? There's a story in the Bible that has been one of our favorites ever since we were little, and we'd like to share how this powerful story relates to us in the time that we're living in. But, first I have a quick question... Are you willing to get out of the boat and sink?Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33Check out our blog here:
Are you thinking for yourself when it comes to the many political matters that we are dealing with? If we're being real, we aren't. You'd be surprised at just how evil some of the organizations and movements are, and how some of them are bold enough to state that evil on their websites. Crazy, I know. So, we're getting serious in this episode, and no, we aren't going to back down.Scripture: 1 John 4:1Check out our blog here:
There are so many great opportunities out there in the world, isn't there? But, what if they're actually distractions from the things God has for us and we just don't realize it? Join us as we have a good conversation about how to remain focused and determined in a world where "squirrel moments" are bound to happen.Scripture: Proverbs 4:25-27Check out our blog here:
Has God ever called you to do something way out of the ordinary? We have a story to share with y'all today that just might raise your heart rate a little bit. It still gives me chills every time I read it! The whole point of this episode is to remind us that God delights in seeing the work begin.Scripture: Zechariah 4:10Check out our blog here:
Do you ever struggle with doubting your doubt? Thankfully, we have many examples from people who are mentioned in the Bible that experienced that very thing. We can be reassured that we are not the only ones who have feelings of doubt. Let's look at one specific character that had a personal encounter with Jesus that changed everything.Scripture: John 20:19-29 & Romans 8:38-39Check out our blog here:
Are you concerned with what's been going on in the Church lately? We've seen an ever growing increase of young people walking away from faith, simply because the Church isn't passionate about what they do anymore. Let's dig deeper into what The Few can do about these "problems" and what young people are actually wanting from the adults around them.Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:20-21 & 1 Peter 3:15Check out our blog here:
Have you ever wondered why setting standards for yourself is so important? When it comes to having standards, especially for relationships, it can be confusing and difficult to know what's actually biblical and something that God would be glorified with. Join us as we discuss things like courting, doing hard things, and truly seeking Jesus in the process!Scripture: Philippians 4:8 & Romans 12:2Check out our blog here:
When it comes to love, dating and relationships, most conversations tend to be drama filled messes, don't they? In our world today, crushes are a BIG deal and it's totally ok to chase after any girl/guy that catches your attention. However, we feel like there's an elephant in the room that people aren't talking about. So let's have a chat... Check out our blog here:
Have you ever met someone that has so much genuine Christianity that it makes you want the same for yourself? Well, today's episode is about exactly that. We met someone two years ago that has impacted us for eternity, and we want to tell you about him... Check out our blog here:
Are y'all ready for this kind of episode? In honor of hitting 500 downloads this week, we decided it was time to share with you all of our funny bloopers from the last two months of recording! From books falling, to Boz, to working out, this episode has it all!
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