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Internet Radio Show Host, Life Issues Counselor and Author Randi Fine Discusses Helpful and Inspirational Wellness Topics,Bringing Insightful and Expert Information to Heal and Enhance Your Life Experiences. Offering You Top Experts in the Field of Spiritual Enlightenment,Mental Health, Emotional Health, Physical Health, and Holistic Health.
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Do you have a strong intuition, inexplicable knowledge, or an empathetic nature? Do you have an unexplainable connection to the stars, planets, and galaxies when you look at the night sky? If so, you may be a Starseed. Starseeds are advanced alien souls from higher planes of existence, spiritually advanced, intuitive people who were sent to this world to help it heal and grow. Since they are bound to a human form, many Starseeds may not yet realize that they are in fact Starseeds. And while not an entirely new concept, Starseeds have been gaining traction as of late within and outside the New Age community. In today's special guest, Whitney Jefferson Evans' book The Beginner’s Guide to Starseeds she offers a look at who starseeds are and where they come from, as well as their innate skills and spiritual sensitivities. She shares fascinating insight into the unique personalities and nature of starseeds and helps you figure out if you’re a starseed, too! Perfect for anyone hoping to change the world or curious about different dimensions, this book is an illuminating and enlightening look at life on a higher plane of existence Whitney Jefferson Evans is a spiritual seeker: she spent the years of 2015–2018 studying the energy healing modality of Reiki, where she completed all four levels of training and eventually received the title of Reiki Master. She spends her free time learning about other healing modalities and using herself as a test subject for the latest in wellness trends. Throughout her studies, she’s received certificates in Crystal Reiki and Color Psychology. In her day job, Whitney currently serves as Deputy Editorial Director and Director of Pop Culture at BuzzFeed, where she manages a bicoastal team and oversees all entertainment content for BuzzFeed.
How do we move forward when a devastating loss befalls us? Imagine being a bartender at a busy Broadway show when just before intermission, you get the call - your too young dad suddenly died. As your family's screams of despair pierce your ear and instantly shatter your world, hundreds of patrons abuzz with energy from the comedic first act descend on you. They hastily begin ordering drinks, and a shell that looks like Mike makes them, insides crumbles away. When a stranger's unpredictable phone call delivers a message that Mike's dad had contacted her from "the other side," it kicks off a chain of events that would entirely change Mike's family's perspective on life, death, and the transcendent nature of love. Join Mike on his remarkable quest, as his skeptical mindset gets challenged and eventually overruled through an extraordinary journey, leading to an event that would forever change his understanding of reality. In today's special guest, Mike Anthony's book Love, Dad: How My Father Died...Then Told Me He Didn't, he intimately shares one family's darkest hours and their road to healing, a road  long ignored or scoffed at by the scientific community. A healthy skeptic, he goes to great lengths to uncover the paradigm-shifting research into the nature of consciousness that exists, and shows us why it must be put back in the forefront with no shame attached. So compelling is Mike's story that Netflix chose to feature it in three episodes of their series Surviving Death. Mike Anthony has been a professional actor and (not-professional) bartender since he graduated from Wayne State University with a Master of Arts degree in Theater. His first book, Life At Hamilton, chronicles the extraordinary time he spent as a theater bartender with an up-close perspective of Hamilton: An American Musical as it rocketed into Broadway history.
The time has come. 5th Dimensional consciousness refers to the spiritual dimensions that mirror our spiritual growth. Maybe now, more than ever, as we find ourselves living through extreme social upheaval, we want our outer world to reflect the picture of the life we hold inside. Maybe now, more than ever, as we find ourselves living through extreme social upheaval, we want our outer world to reflect the picture of the life we hold inside. It’s important to know how and why things manifest and why they sometimes do not. Manifesting something is not the inevitable result of following certain steps. It is the dance of life. You are the dancer. Before your desires can take form, it is fundamental to know yourself as “worthy” of receiving. Feeling deserving does not come from an entitled claim of the ego but rather comes from your heart as an expression of your authentic self. You are divinity personified. Can you relax and surrender to the flow and allow life to come to you with grace? Life is much easier and sweeter to navigate as you reach into yourself at a deeper level. Today's special guest Lydia Van den Broeck, Ph.D., is a transformational healer, teacher, coach, and applied mystic, rooted in every day life. The core of her work is to be Heart to Heart with each person and escort them into their fullest potential. She holds a Ph.D. in Holistic Sciences and Psychotherapy. Lydia has a private practice in the Chicago area and is available in person or by phone. She gives keynotes, teaches groups, and workshops, by invitation, and is available to guide individuals and groups to elevate their consciousness and encourage cooperation.
Today's special guest, Mark Henick, never stopped thinking about the man who saved him from a suicide attempt as a teenager. Henick’s search for “the man in the brown jacket” and their remarkable reunion many years later was recently featured in PEOPLE Magazine. Through Henick’s newly released book, So-Called Normal: A Memoir of Family, Depression and Resilience, he aims to break the relentless stigma of mental illness. He tells his candid, intensely personal account of his youth, the events that led to that fateful night on the bridge, and the experiences and transformation that followed. Mark takes readers inside the mind of a boy who had to deal with the breakdown of his parents’ marriage, an abusive stepfather, bullying and trauma — all while trying to navigate his progressively worsening mental health. In the backdrop is a community that didn’t talk about mental illness, one where silence and maintaining the comforts of “normal” was paramount.   Mark Henick’s TEDx talk, Why We Choose Suicide, is one of the most watched in the world and has been viewed millions of times. Henick has been on television and radio and has written many articles on mental health. He has hosted more than 60 intimate conversations about mental health with notable public figures and celebrities on his podcast, So-Called Normal, and has executive produced and hosted the Living Well podcast for Morneau Shepell. Henick has served on the board of directors for the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and was the president of a provincial division of the Canadian Mental Health Association — the youngest person in either role. He has worked as a frontline clinician, a program manager and the national director of strategic initiatives for CMHA. Currently the CEO and principal strategist for Strategic Mental Health Consulting,
To quote today's special guest, Dr. Mark E. Klein in his book Franklin Rock: "It is both foolish and unnecessary to worry about our choices. There is no such thing as a best or right choice. That is because any choice we make will be influenced by the billions of other choices made every day. There is no way to know the outcome of any single choice. There is no single way for things to work out. Choices made by you and others will simply create a different reality. Like a train heading down the track, switches are thrown, and the destination may change. No one destination is better than another. Each will yield a different set of events, but since the goal is always the same, each has the potential to get you to where you need to go." The next Eckhart Tolle,Dr. Klein loves to write. In his book, through his fictional character Franklin Rock, he teaches the reader about the gift of honesty, integrity, friendship, forgiveness and the importance of keeping perspective and at times, a sense of humor to get through it all. Mark E. Klein, M.D. is a physician and author. His career has been centered on caring for others, whether they be patients, colleagues, or strangers. He is always a teacher, sometimes of new medical technologies to other physicians from around the nation and the world, other times of those even more important issues of life that none of us can avoid. He continues to practice medicine in Washington, DC. Franklin Rock is his third book and his first novel. He has four children, four grandchildren, and lives with his wife in the Washington, DC area.
As a narcissistic abuse survivor, expert, and coach Randi Fine know how frustrating, helpless, and confusing personality disorders can be to deal with. She knows how desperately you need to talk about what you are going through and that you can't because no one understands your suffering.  That's why Randi, an experienced narcissistic abuse coach, is devoting the second Friday of every month to taking to your calls and answering your questions on her podcast, A Fine Time for Healing Your identity will be kept anonymous. The advice is FREE! The show airs at 11 a.m. EST and runs for 1 hour. The number to call to connect with the show and speak to Randi Fine is 424-220-1801.  This time may not be a convenient one for everyone so if you'd like there is another way for you to get your questions answered. Just email Randi ahead of time and she will read your questions on air and answer them.  All shows will be recorded and archived after broadcasting. They can be listened to at your convenience by clicking on the link Randi will provide you when you email me. Please send your emails to with “Radio Show Question” in the subject heading.
From taking a day off of work to stay in bed to having to run out to the store for last minute medicine that you were sure you had, no one enjoys being sick. But what if there were quick and easy ways to boost your immune system so you could feel your best all year long? In today's special guest Matt Farr's new book, Immune System Hacks, he offers 175 practical steps you can use right away to boost your immune system and stay healthy throughout the year. His book offers an integrated holistic approach that provides you more control over your physical well-being. But not only that, these immune system optimization tips will also support your social, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Today Matt will discuss: -Exercises that build and strengthen the immune system -Simple lifestyle choices that help guard against diseases -Environmental factors that affect the immune system -Immunity-boosting foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supplements -The connection between gut health and the immune system -And more! Matt Farr is a health coach with more than eighteen years of experience working in health, fitness, and wellbeing. He is the creator of the ENERGIE Formula, an online program designed to help individuals overcome fatigue and the creator of many other health-focused online programs. Matt specializes in helping people who struggle with stress, fatigue, and insomnia to regain their vitality and resilience. He takes an integrated holistic approach to working with the mind and body across multiple disciplines, exploring all angles across, diet, lifestyle, movement, environment, and mindset.
After losing her 12-year-old son in a car accident in August of 2018, oils were the only thing gave today's special guest, Jodi Sternoff Cohen, the strength and ability to sleep, function, heal and thrive onward. Her experience with essential oils is for that reason, highly personal. Jodi is the founder ofVibrant Blue Oils, where she has combined her training in nutritional therapy and aromatherapy to create unique proprietary blends of organic and wild-crafted essential oils. Jodi is with us today to talk about all-too-common brain-related issues; how the unique ability of essential oils enables people to shift into the parasympathetic healing state and begin the road to optimal brain and body healing.  Her upcoming book:Essential Oils to Heal the Brain and Boost the Body:5 Steps to Calm Anxiety, Sleep Better, Reduce Inflammation, and Regain Control of Health will introduce readers to the 5 necessary steps to reduce stressors, energy drains, and return the brain to optimal function. Jodi will help us to understand how to tie the steps together into an easy to follow protocol – including specific sequencing and timing on what oils to use in what order and combination to help turn on the body’s full support for healing.
Today's special guest, Lorie Eve Dechar, Is here to talk about the book she co-authored with her husband Benjamin Fox, The Alchemy of Inner Work: A Guide for Turning Illness and Suffering Into True Health and Well-Being. Drawing on traditional Chinese medicine, Eastern and Western alchemical traditions, Kabbalah, and Jungian psychology—plus case studies from working with pa-tients—the authors provide hands-on insights for bringing “the soul of medicine” back into our lives. Alchemical Healing is based on the belief that there is a vital force that directs you toward your own growth and fulfillment. This force is an in-nate driving high-grade energy as potent as the physical instincts of survival and reproduction. When this vital force is blocked, ignored, or re-pressed, illness arises. The goal is not to get you “back to your old self again” but rather for you to discover what you need to change in order to achieve optimal health and a richer, more meaningful life. Alchemical Healing offers a way to touch the subtle body or soul, to help resolve nonphysical forms of human distress, psychic and spiritual imbalances, and longings that are often unresponsive to more conventional techniques. Lorie Dechar holds a master’s degree in acupuncture from the Traditional Acupuncture Institute and training in Archetypal Psychology, Gestalt and Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy. She was a member of the faculty of the Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City and leads workshops and trainings nationwide. With her husband, Benjamin Fox, she co-founded A New Possibility, a global healing and learning community. Benjamin Fox is a professional counseling astrologer and a licensed massage therapist with 20 years of integrative bodywork and healing experience. He lives with his wife, Lorie Eve Dechar, in Blue Hill, Maine, and Nyack, New Yo r k .
In 2020, more attention has been brought to mental health than ever before. Yet even with increased access to medication and help, the issue of depression is getting worse, not better. Depression isn’t just “in your head”; it’s not only “in your body” either. That’s why healing often doesn’t happen until both are addressed fully. While many of us go to great lengths for our physical health, we often ignore how much our emotional wellbeing affects us. Because it’s hard to see how negative emotions are affecting you and impacting your entire life, we often miss addressing this piece as a key to our healing But there’s hope! Enter today's guest, Amy Scher, an expert in mind-body healing and author of the forthcoming book, How to Heal Yourself From Depression When No One Else Can: A Self-Guided Program To Stop Feeling Like Sh*t. Amy B. Scher is the bestselling author of three other books about human-ing and healing. As an energy therapist, she helps people release emotional baggage to become their happiest, healthiest selves. Her work has been translated into 13 languages and has appeared in CNN, CBS, Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, The Rumpus, Los Angeles Review Of Books, and more. Amy lives in New York City with her beautiful wife and bad cat. Most importantly, she lives by her self-created motto: When life kicks your ass, kick-back. She can be found online at and
As a doctor, today's special guest Jia Gottlieb, MD witnessed a great deal of human suffering and learned that 80 percent of common diseases could be prevented by healthy lifestyle choices alone. A big part of why we don't make those choices is that we’re deeply confused about pleasure. Most people think pleasure and pain are opposites like the north and south poles of a compass, which is not true. Given such basic confusion, it’s no wonder so many of us in our pursuit of pleasure end up in pain and suffering. In his groundbreaking book aah...The Pleasure Book, Dr. Gottlieb dispels two thousand years of shared shame, guilt, and ignorance to reclaim the wisdom of pleasure as the ultimate guide to a beautiful and fulfilling life. Drawing on penetrating insights from history, cutting-edge neuroscience, and spiritual wisdom, he provides the knowledge and tools to transform your life by working with your human nature rather than against it, to live from love rather than fear.  The son of an Austrian father and a Chinese mother, Dr. Jia was born to write this book. While his father schooled him in the logic of chess, his mother imbued him with the intuitive ways of the East. After completing a BA in physics from the University of Colorado, an MD from Northwestern University, and a Family Medicine residency at the top-ranked Community Hospital of Sonoma County, he journeyed to Japan and China for intensive training in martial arts and acupuncture. Returning to Boulder, Colorado in1984, Dr. Jia established the Still Mountain Clinic, which he directed for over twenty-five years.He holds black belts in aikido and karate, plays the bamboo flute, is a lifelong student of yoga and Zen meditation, and is learning to tango. He is the proud father of three daughters.
So many of us have come to understand and acknowledge that we are the expression of one universal force, all part of the "oneness." But what would change if we really began to live and experience life from that place of totality, not from the duality--that separation--that has marked our current reality?  In today's special guest, Rebecca Dawson's remarkable book The Agreement, she describes the infinite power available to us when we come into awareness and agreement of our true existence and how the world we experience will then come into agreement with us and who we truly are. This is not merely speculation. It is the information provided directly to Dawson by The Masters, aspects of Source that are committed to helping mankind prepare for the shift to a multi-dimensional reality that is already unfolding. Rebecca says that "we are awakening to our 5th dimensional reality." Her book, The Secret, is the roadmap of how to consciously exist within this evolution. By withdrawing our attention from our current "holographic reality" and belief structure, and focusing on the awareness of the Cosmic Mind that is our true nature and vantage point to the multi-dimensional reality, we allow for "knowing" and creation to arise. When we operate consciously from this point of totality, this "felt sense", then manifestation can be instantaneous and beyond any expectation. These are some of the key messages that are urgently being brought forward by Rebecca Dawson, an internationally renowned teacher and author living and working in Australia. She has been channeling the wisdom of The Masters for more than 25 years.
In a winter of uncertainty, mental health experts are finding that Zoom calls or phone sessions simply don't cut it for therapy. They fail to leave a lasting impact on participants. One. solution is virtual reality therapy. It offers unique benefits including interactive settings, the ability to talk anonymously, and greater levels of convenience without losing quality. VR immerses individuals into shared, 3D environments, with fully customizable and anonymized avatars enabling life-like interactions between remote participants. It extends what is possible in the real world by allowing for deep engagement with any setting in any form. Virtual reality therapy helps to better facilitate empathy, attention, and intimacy in a therapy session and offers benefits that are inconceivable by normal means including remote connectivity, virtual customization and a distraction free environment. It allows authentic human interactions in immersive environments, designed to facilitate communication, collaboration, and learning, The effects of virtual reality group therapy for cancer patients to reduce levels of anxiety and depression are being studied as are a multitude of other breakthrough applications. Today's special guests are Dror Goldberg and Jonathan Collins of Foretell Reality, a Virtual Reality (VR) platform and subsidiary company of The Glimpse Group. Dror serves as VP Product and General Manager, and Jonathan leads the company's partnerships and strategy. We are also honored to have Dr. Avni-Barron, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the Head of Clinical Affairs with Foretell Reality’s partner XRHealth. Dror, Jonathan and Dr. Avni-Barron are here to explain how Virtual Reality therapy works, how it is currently being used, and the many ways in which Foretell Reality is changing the future of mental health therapy.
Narcissistic Abuse Expert Randi Fine talks about the misconceptions of love those from narcissistic abuse relationships or families commonly have. She teaches us how to love, receive and perceive love in a healthier way.
While physical abuse is an attack on the body, emotional abuse is a deep and insidious assault on the psyche and the soul. It causes the victim to question the truth about him or herself - to doubt one's worthiness as a person, one's ability to satisfy a partner, even the capacity to love. Today's special guest Beverly Engel is an internationally recognized psychotherapist and an acclaimed advocate for victims of toxic relationships and sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. She is the author of 23 self-help books, including 3 bestselling books on emotional abuse: The Emotionally Abusive Relationship, The Emotionally Abused Woman, and Encouragements for the Emotionally Abused Woman. Engel is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and has been practicing psychotherapy for 40 years. She is also author of the forthcoming book, Escaping Emotional Abuse: Healing from the Shame You Don’t Deserve. She writes about the insidious damage of emotional abuse – a form of domestic violence - and the forms it can take (such as saying or implying that you are ugly, a bad parent, stupid, incompetent, or that no one else could love you).  Once a person finally realizes they are being emotionally abused, it is debilitating shame that prevents them from first creating the emotional armor necessary to shield one’s identity from abusive messages, and then stepping away from the relationship. Beverly shares the Five-Step Program she offers in her therapy practice, which has helped her victims overcome the shame of Emotional Abuse, and will also serve as a guide for anyone who provides services to the emotionally abused.
Approximately twenty percent of all American adults—around 60 million people—live with a mental illness. But due to the lingering legacy of shame and secrecy around mental health, sixty percent of them receive no treatment. In today's special guest, Roy Richard Grinker's book, Nobody's Normal: How Culture Created the Stigma of Mental Illness, anthropologist and professor Roy chronicles the progress and setbacks in the struggle against stigma, from the 18th century through America’s major wars and into today’s high-tech economy In this uplifting book, infused with poignant human-interest stories, he shows us that in the 21st century we are finally getting closer to ending the discrimination, fear, and marginalization that has long impeded the social and therapeutic supports that reduce suffering. During the Industrial Revolution, those who couldn’t work were banished to asylums; the Kennedy family lobotomized a daughter that didn’t fit their patrician ideals; and in the 1960s, autism was thought to be the result of bad parenting. Drawing on cutting-edge science, historical archives, his own research on neurodiversity, and cross-cultural studies in Africa and Asia, Grinker explores how our past failures have shaped the present. The book’s eye-opening narrative is interwoven with Grinker’s personal history: his family’s four generations of involvement in psychiatry include his great grandfather, a scientist who believed mental illness was a sign of biological inferiority; his grandfather, a patient of Freud; and his daughter’s experience with autism, about which he wrote UNSTRANGE MINDS: Remapping the World of Autism. Roy Richard Grinker is Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs at the George Washington University. He is the author of several books, including Unstrange Minds: Remapping the World of Autism. He lives in Washington, D.C.
Fascinating guest Chad Meek, Author of Giant Rock: The Greatest UFO Story Never Told, and The New Libertarian Party, Revolution for America, Futurist, and Astrologer is here today to tell his spell bounding true story. The nephew of renowned 1950's Ufologist George Van Tassel, who for many years reported channeling extraterrestrials at a place in the Mohave Desert know as "Giant Rock," as a child witnessed many extraterrestrial events. He has been an intuitive for many years; a gift he attributes to being a byproduct of the multiple occurrences of alien abductions he experienced in his childhood. In an effort to figure out why he was so different from others, Chad developed an interest in astrology and ultimately became an astrologer. He has continued studying astrology and doing astrological readings professionally for others for over 30 years. Today Chad will talk about the events he witnessed as a child while living at Giant Rock, including his own childhood UFO abductions. He will share the emotional pain he suffered as a result of all his experiences and talk about the psychic powers the abductions left him with. To find out more about Chad Meek please visit Greatest UFO Story Ever Told with Chad Meek  What Does Astrology Say About You With Chad Meek  Giant Rock the Story of True Alien Encounters with Author Chad Meek
The divorce rate in America is 50%, 67% for 2nd marriages and 73% for 3rd.What this says is that most people don't evolve from the first relationship.They don't take the time to integrate the life lessons.They don't sit in the fire to heal their wounded hearts… and they repeat the same devastating pattern again. Today's special guest, Intimacy Expert, Relationship Coach and author Allana Pratt (, is here to share her tips on how to find love successfully after divorce. Youtube star and author of 6 books on love and relationships including her new one Finding ‘The One’ is BS: Becoming ‘The One’ is Brilliant & Beautiful, Allana Pratt is a go-to authority for those who have suffered heartbreak and are ready to live unapologetically and attract an open-hearted, ideal relationship. A certified coach with nearly 5 million viewers on YouTube, Allana offers private, group and online coaching programs for singles and couples to help her clients develop a healthy, intimate relationship with themselves first, which naturally attracts and enhances their ideal partnerships.This Ivy League grad is the author of six books and hosts the edgy podcast Intimate Conversations. She has been chosen as an Icon of Influence, is a columnist for the Good Men Project, and has been featured in Huffington Post, People Magazine, and Forbes and on CBS, TLC, ABC & FOX and The Jenny McCarthy Show. Be on the lookout for her new, inclusive Dating App & Intimacy Training… rolled into one called HeartMates, coming Nov. 2020:
Do you realize how powerful you are? You're the whole world to those you serve, whether it's your children and grandchildren or people you nurture through your life's work. Your voice matters. You can open hearts with a smile. You see what's happening in the world, and you know you have to do something. There's power brewing within you that today's special guest, Kerri Hummingbird Sami, calls Fierce Love.  You might think your relationship with your mother is normal and be completely unaware of the Mother Wound. Yet the Mother Wound affects every human being alive and is the reason why humanity has suffered over the last several thousand years. Some signs of the underlying Mother Wound include self-doubt, shame, lack of confidence, feeling dismissed or ignored, distracting and numbing, doing it all yourself, not asking for help, avoiding conflict, mean self-talk, difficulty with intimacy, financial struggle, self-sabotage and broken relationships Kerri's new book, Love Is Fierce, is all about healing the Mother Wound within you so you can bring fierce love to your family, community, and the world. Healing the Mother Wound is the key to living your Divine purpose and making a real difference. Until you know your Fierce Love, you'll hold back from being all you can be. Kerri Hummingbird Sami is a soul guide, shamanic healer, award-winning author and inspirational speaker with  over 20 years of experience in leading by inspiration, and a special passion for empowering women to be the artists of their lives. She is certified in energy medicine by the Four Winds Light Body school, certified as a spiritual coach by the Artist of the Spirit Coach Training Program and HeatherAsh Amara, certified in empowerment and firewalk training by Sundoor, and certified as a Warrior Goddess Facilitator.
According to a recent survey, over 52% of Americans are stockpiling in fear of the second wave of COVID. And with previous stockpiling habits resulting in 76% of Americans gaining up to 16 pounds so far from mid-March, there is a cause for concern with this bad habit resurfacing. Today's special guest, Dr. Amy Lee, Head of Nutrition for Nucific, has extensive knowledge of the health and wellness space. It is comprehensive and includes expertise in individualized weight loss plans, lifestyle modification through education, food-medicine interactions, nutrition requirements for bariatric surgery patients, wellness education and restricted caloric intake. She also has extensive knowledge in ketogenic eating plans, diabetes prevention, lean protein superfoods, anti-inflammatory foods, functional foods and essential vitamins and supplements. Dr. Lee is triple board certified in internal medicine, medical nutrition and obesity medicine. Her life’s work and passion have been to help people improve their health through weight loss and wellness solutions. She has treated more than 15,000 patients over the course of her career and continues to help thousands of Lindora patients reach their wellness goals. Head of Nutrition for Nucific, Dr. Lee is an expert in weigh control, obesity and nutrition. She has given medical talks for HBO, Hulu, PBS, and UCLA’s famed “Vital Signs” series and has had work on weight control methods published in the medical journal, Nutrition & Metabolism. Dr. Lee is currently board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and is a member of the National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists and the American Board of Obesity Medicine. She is also Chief Medical Officer for more than 30 nutrition clinics in Southern California and Head of Nutrition for Nucific.
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