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The core problem in relationships with narcissists is that they prioritize power and sacrifice the relationship to get it, while their partners prioritize the relationship and sacrifice themselves to keep it. Today's special guest is codependency and narcissism expert Darlene Lancer. In her book,  Dating, Loving, and Leaving a Narcissistt: Essential Tools for Improving or LeavingNarcissistic and Abusive Relationships, Darlene pinpoints the dilemma and solution offering hope to any partner, parent, sibling, friend, or co-worker of a narcissist or abuser. This insightful, researched, and relatable workbook provides a path to end their suffering and improve the relationship. It includes transformative Tools for Improving and Leaving Narcissistic and Abusive Relationship and is packed with exercises, checklists, a step-by-step plan with scripts, and advice to reclaim their power in the relatonship Darlene Lancer offers her insight into typical problems people in a narcissistic relationship face, and the mistakes they make. By becoming aware of these, people will start to regain their own POWER, and finally start to live the life they deserve. Darlene Lancer, JD, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist, specializing in relationships, narcissism, and codependency. In her private clinical practice, she has treated individuals and couples for over 30 years and coaches internationally. She’s a sought-after speaker at national conferences, in media, and to professional groups and institutions. Before and has published several books. Her articles have been published widely in professional and popular periodicals. Blogs and more information about her seminars and coaching packages are available on her website,
The myth that sociopaths burn out as they age has been busted. According to today's special guest, Donna Andersen, author and expert in the field of senior sociopathy,  and someone with her own personal story of surviving marriage to a senior sociopath, these abusers remain as bad or worse after age 50. Her new book, Senior Sociopaths: How to Recognize and Escape Lifelong Abusers, echoes and expounds on what she addresses on, teaching people to recognize and recover from senior sociopaths who Andersen reports comprise 14 million people living in America who blend into society. Donna learned about sociopaths the hard way, by marrying one, and tells the whole outrageous story in her first book, Love Fraud. This book teaches you how to spot sociopathic romantic partners, parents, family members, friends and work colleagues over the age of 50. More importantly, it shows you how to deal with them and recover from their abuse. Senior Sociopaths includes hundreds of stories from people who have survived their manipulation and deceit. Donna Andersenh graduated from Syracuse University with degrees in psychology and journalism. She is creator of, a website that teaches people to recognize and recover from sociopaths. She founded Lovefraud Education and Recovery, a nonprofit that offers webinars to help survivors and professionals identify, escape and recover from sociopaths, including narcissists, psychopaths and other manipulators. She is the author of eight books, including Senior Sociopaths — How to recognize and escape lifelong abusers, Red Flags of Love Fraud—10 signs you’re dating a sociopath, the Red Flags of Love Fraud Workbook and the four-part Best of the Lovefraud Blog series.
Why do we say we have zero tolerance for bullying, but adult society is rife with it and it is an epidemic among children? Because the injuries that all forms of bullying and abuse do to brains are invisible. We ignore them, fail to heal them, and they become cyclical and systemic. In today's guest, Jennifer Fraser's book The Bullied Brain, readers learn about the evidence doctors, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists and neuroscientists have gathered, that shows the harm done by bullying and abuse to your brain, and how you can be empowered to protect yourself and all others. Jennifer Fraser  earned her PhD from University of Toronto in Comparative Literature. Her first book Rite of Passage in the Narratives of Dante and Joyce explores the way in which individuals transform from readers to writers of culture. Her second book Be A Good Soldier: Children's Grief in Modernist English Novels looks at pedagogical beliefs about children and the ways in which they fuel aggression and war. She has written three plays that focus on contemporary suffering: Distortion, Aristotle's Poetics, and Wakeful Sleeper. They're with the Playwright's Guild of Canada. Her third book Teaching Bullies takes lived experience with an abuse crisis and puts it into the context of psychology, psychiatry, education, law, and neuroscience. What's being discovered in neuroscientific labs across the world has the power to change how we understand our brains and lives. This empowering research infuses her latest book The Bullied Brain: Heal Your Scars and Restore Your Health. She also writes thrillers. For fun, check out Crush (a wine thriller) and Royal Dispatch which is about Queen Elizabeth II's dangerous trip to Canada in the 1950s (yes, it's fiction).
You’ve probably attended multiple personal growth seminars and read lots of books about manifesting “change” and creating success in your life. Maybe you’ve even studied specific techniques to help you release “blocks” and get yourself “unstuck”. But you still haven’t seen the results you’ve been hoping for. If you’re going to create an authentic life – a life that is yours – you’ve got to start with knowing Who You Are and what you need to do to get started living the story you were born to live. Today's special guest, Karen Curry Parker, is the Founder and creator of the Human Design for Everyone Training System™ and the Quantum Alignment System™ Quantum Human Design™ is often called the “new Astrology,” and the “intersection of science and spirituality.” Your Quantum Human Design chart is formulated by taking your birth date, time, and location – giving you specific information about your life path, your style of working, your relationship blueprint, how you experience energy in the world, and most importantly, how to create a truly meaningful and authentic life. During a Quantum Human Design™ session, you will learn and understand how every line, intersection, and symbol correlates to a personality trait that can directly affect your life with an experienced guide by your side. Karen has been speaking, coaching, training, and podcasting for almost 30 years, building several successful businesses and touching close to 100,000 lives around the world in the process. Karen’s work has been featured on Fox News, Bloomberg Businessweek, CBS, and ABC, as well as various radio shows and telesummits. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Integrative Health at Quantum University
Do you feel deeply tuned in to the feelings of others to the extent that you sometimes have a hard time distinguishing your emotions from theirs? If so, you may be a highly sensitive person or an empath (yes, there is a difference!). Empaths often describe feeling like a “sponge” that soaks up the emotions of others. Today's special guest, Signe (Sig NEE), an ordained Spiritual Counselor, certified Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) practitioner, and author of the recently published book, “The Space in Between: An Empath's Field Guide, will share how to tell if you are an empath or a highly sensitive person, and how establishing boundaries can help both. “The ability to distinguish your thoughts, feelings, and emotions from those you receive from the space around you is an important skill in public spaces,” Signe says. “Hopefully, this awareness will help you feel less entangled by the energy of others. It will also help you maintain boundaries and a sense of safety in public places.” Splitting her time between Colorado and Norway, Signe Myers Hovem is an ordained Spiritual Counselor and energy medicine practitioner, and authorteaches highly sensitive people practical exercises to successfully be vulnerable, at peace in their bodies, connect to nature and feel safe with others. She's lived on five continents, raised four children, pets, and has a soft spot for playing squash and golf. A good listener, she has a knack for sensing what is not being said.
Most parents have followed one of these paths in parenting their children: Imposed their vision or ego on the child of what that child should do –whether it’s get good grades, study for a specific career, play sports or music, attend a preferred college, etc.Tried so hard to ease their child’s path that the child never learns to fend for him or herself, feels entitled, or becomes simply unmotivatedInflicts their own fears on the child so that the child either rebels or multiplies the fearsCorrects or criticizes the child to fulfill their own needs for outer appearances and expectations and stimulates the child’s feeling of never being “enough.” Today's special guest Julie Phillips Hatch says there is another way. And that is to release your own needs and expectations and guide your child to follow his or her own path based on the child’s inner spirt, intuition and natural inclination. In her half-manifesto-and-half-practical guidebook A Parenting Revolution for Higher Evolution: Raising Resilient, Responsible, Compassionate Kids from the Inside Out, Julie makes the casethat children parented from this standout are far better capable of becoming happy, stable, fully self-realized and empathetic adults who contribute to a better and more highly evolved world—whatever path they may follow. Julie knows kids. As a mother of three, a pediatric nurse practitioner, pediatric acupuncturist, a parenting coach, and host of the “Mums on a Mission” podcast, she has devoted her life to some aspect of healing and growing capable children. Seeing the impact of so many poor parenting choices, and the suffering, bullying or unfulfilled children who result from them, Julie felt she had to speak up.
If you’re not pursuing a rewarding career, not in loving relationships, not financially secure, healthy or vital, aren’t fulfilling your purpose and passion (or don’t even know your purpose or passion), then you’re stopping yourself without even knowing it.  Today's special guest, psychic therapist and medium Vincent Genna explains the mechanisms and processes at work—your brain has unconsciously created blocks that sabotage your efforts to create a meaningful life. The bottom line is you don’t believe what you think you believe!  Vincent offers his spiritual, metaphysical, and psychological insights in his first book, The Secret That’s Holding You Backthat will be released on June 21, 2022.  Vincent has spoken at notable organizations such as the Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research Enlightenment, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, The Shift Network, Afterlife Research and Education Inc, and the International Association of Near-Death Studies. He has made numerous media appearance, is a regular guest on CBS My Carolina, and a beloved speaker at various Unity Centers, Centers for Spiritual Living, Spiritualist Churches, and spiritual centers throughout the country.
There is a place beyond even simple meditation. A place where you become aware of your awareness, where you becomeyour awareness, where you are immersed in it, where you rest in it, where you experience the totality of space, freedom, and oneness with infinity. Where your ego, your “I”-ness, your labels or your addictions just disappear. You transcend all else to just BE the awareness. This is your “mind in its natural state.” Today's special guest C von Hassett maintains that once you’ve stepped over the threshold, to experience this awakened state, it is easier and easier to attain it—and there is no going back! Being bogged down in the “conceptual mind” pales in comparison and holds no attraction. In his book Entering the Mind, a poetic, illuminating and deep-diving volume of intense higher consciousness, C von Hassett shows you how to access it—and why you must—if your purpose is to seek more than what the “conceptual mind” offers—the transactional, the material, the emotional. A writer, editor and publisher of Riot Material magazine, C von Hassett is a decades-long practitioner of Dzogchen, an ancient wisdom practice which points the individual inward toward the recognition of their own mind, the path to full awakening. He and his wife, Rachel Reid Wilkie—who is also a skilled practitioner—are committed to bringing Dzogchen to the wider world as a way to open the wellspring of love, joy, compassion, ease and peace for all of humankin
Once called “highly sensitive people"—today they are “empaths.” Empaths are highly aware of the emotional energy around them and of their own emotional needs. To be an empath is an art form—to discover how our perceptions guideand inform us, shape us, and at times limit us, requires extraordinary awareness. It also requires the skills and the strength of a lion because it takes real courage to be empathic. The good news is that there are waysto protect yourself while living with an open heart. Today's guest, Elaine Clayton, has written a book, The Way of the Empath, to show you how to use creative visualization for that purpose. It is a guide for every empath and spiritually sensitive soul to explore their abilities with exercises, affirmations, and creative journaling, as well as methods to protect themselves. Elaine Clayton is an artist and author/illustrator of several books for children and adults on intuitive intelligence. She is an intuitive reader, Reiki Master, and teacher of intuitive empathic development. She has taught in premier independent schools in Atlanta, Boston, and New York City and as visiting author/artist in cities around the U.S. Elaine has also worked in community aid organizing and at a Cesar Chavez migrant camp. Elaine studied at School of Visual Arts in New York where she earned a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Essay. Her editorial art includes work for the New York Times, New York Times Book Review, and books by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jane Smiley and author of the popular Broadway play Wicked, Gregory Maguire.
Today, narcissistic abuse expert and coach Randi Fine will be explaining why it is so difficult to process narcissistic abuse from the logical mind. There are actual physiological reasons for why you are finding it difficult to rise above the pain you are suffering. Randi will be discussing Neuro Bi-lateral Processing, a patented technique she is now certified in using that allows the disturbing, subconscious memories lurking in your brainto be processed and released. Book a Free Discovery Session Here to See If Neuro Bi-lateral Processing is Right For You! This is a call in show. If you would like to call in and ask Randi Fine a question, please call 424-220-1801 and you will be directly connected to the show. Randi welcomes all questions.
Do you have over-the-top sensitivities, fatigue, anxiety or depression, and even chronic illness? Today's special guest, Ben Ahrens says, "It’s not you – you’re not broken. It’s your brain. AND YOU ACTUALLY CAN CHANGE IT." At age 25, Ben Ahrens, a semi-professional surfer, became bedridden for over 3 years with Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease. Despite his best efforts and conventional medical treatment, Ben found himself truly stuck – unable to get better or make a full recovery. Then he came across neuroplasticity. Ben's eventual success with recovering his own health (Ben has remained 100% healed for over 10 years now) led him to form The Brain Trust™ which now serves as the cornerstone of re-origin®. Together, they’ve developed a program and process capable of replicating these results at scale, for a wide range of debilitating conditions. Re-origin is a science-based, self-directed neuroplasticity training program with coaching, live programming & a supporting community – specifically designed to help you get back to living a happy and healthy life.You can use the principles of neuroplasticity to interrupt the overactive threat detection and response mechanism in your limbic system that’s causing your suffering. With persistence, patience, dedication, and time, you can change your neural pathways and step into a life free from symptoms and full of happiness and well-being. re-origin® can help you dramatically reduce anxiety and diminish a wide range of symptoms that stem from chronic inflammation and stress.
Do you ever feel trapped by experiencing challenging feelings over and over again--sometimes without realizing it? Or do you find yourself thinking "Why is this happening to me again?" or "Why do I always feel this way?" You're not alone.  In today's special guest Dr. Radhule Weininger's book Heart Medicine: How to Stop Painful Patterns and Find Peace and Freedom—at Last, she shows how to identify your emotional and behavioral patterns through the lens of loving awareness—without self-judgment or blame, learning to hold yourself as you would a dear friend, with space and grace.  Drawing on decades of experience as a therapist and meditation teacher, Radhule Weininger, MD, PhD, helps readers understand the trauma behind their patterns, then offers twelve simple steps to work toward healing through guided practices of self-compassion, mindfulness, and embodiment. With Heart Medicine you can finally be equipped with the tools to break through the patterns that hold you back and begin to live with more freedom, confidence, and peace. And that's good medicine, indeed.  Dr. Weininger is clinical psychologist, psychotherapist,  meditation teacher, and also a Psychology Today contributor.
You're scrolling along Facebook or Instagram and thinking WHY CAN'T THAT BE ME?  How are they so happy and successful amid all of . . . THIS?! That's it. Your mood is ruined.  According to the American Psychological Assocation, social media can negatively affect your self-esteem and trigger you into believing you are not good enough. Today's special guest, Dr. Agatha Sylwia, author of The Shift: How to Become Everything You've Ever Wanted Without Giving Anything Up, specializes in how hormones and brain chemistry impact human behavior and the ability to make lasting changes. Dr. Agatha will discuss: Why do we get stuck thinking things like "I'm not good enough" or "life isn't fair" when scrolling social media?  What happens to your body chemistry when you feel envy or jealousy?  How do you replace those negative thoughts with more positive feelings? Should you start by setting time limits on social media use? How do our feel-good hormones help us build better habits, ultimately leading to a better life experience?  What exactly is "The Shift" and how can this concept stop the victim mentality and help people live the life they want to live? Dr. Agatha's personal story of intense struggle, loss, and self-discovery led her to identify a simple system to realize any dream, achieve a goal, or develop a new habit. She has studied extensively on how the human brain and related physiology impacts decision making, amd years learning about the influence and significance of brain chemistry in order to create long-lasting change .She holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery in Canada and has been in practice for 25 years.
THIS SHOW IS PRE-RECORDED When it comes to issues around narcissistic abuse, do you "should" all over yourself? When you say "I have to" in these types of matters, do you truly believe that you have no choice? Are there things you believe you are "supposed to do" but really don't want to do in regards to your toxic family? Many experience these types of dillemmas when navigating the healing process of narcissistic abuse. The dreadful feeling associated with these obligations is the same whether they are put upon you or self-inflicted. And you may desperately believe that you have no choices - that you will never be free of these burdens. Today's special guest, Christiana Davidson, a licensed psychotherapist and certified hypnotherapist from here to discuss this relevant topic and offer you some helpful hints on how to address these types of dilemmas. Christy is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP) with a particular interest in the effects of Narcissistic Parenting, Attachment and Co-dependency. She believes that the most important question we can ask ourselves about our lives is: why? Why do I behave and think in sometimes unhelpful ways? From here begins a fascinating journey of discovery.
When you experience deep grief, hurt, or loss, it may be interpreted as an assault on the core of your being,  your heart, today's special guest Dr. Brad says. These feelings can be so uncomfortable, so foreign and so difficult to deal with, that they often result in the formation of an energetic “wall” put up to protect the heart from further injury.  “A Heart-Wall is your body’s attempt to protect your vulnerable heart. When this energetic barrier of Trapped Emotions forms, it can keep us from feeling hurtful, negative emotions as deeply. Although this can be helpful in the short term, the problem is that it inhibits our ability to feel loving, joyful, wonderful emotions as well.” Having a Heart-Wall can make it difficult to give and receive love and can block your from fully experiencing positive emotions such as happiness, gratitude, empathy, and more. It can cause feelings of loneliness, isolation, and sadness, as well as physical health issues. Veteran holistic physician Dr. Bradley Nelson is one of the world’s foremost experts on natural methods of achieving wellness. He has trained thousands of certified practitioners worldwide to help people overcome physical and emotional discomfort by releasing their emotional baggage. His best-selling book "The Emotion Code" provides step-by-step instructions for working with the body's energy healing power. For more information and a free Emotion Code Starter Kit, visit
For the past 15 years today's special guest Isabeau Maxwell is known for helping people connect to their authentic, natural, intuitive abilities. Originally a skeptic, raised without spirituality in her life, she experienced a series of events which opened her intuition and she stepped headfirst into spiritual realms. She created The SAGE Method to share guidance with a broader public. She has taught a wide array of people from newcomers in their spiritual journey to professional intuitives.  The SAGE Method—which stands for Spirituality, Alignment, Growth and Empowerment—is a life-changing intuitive training program that teaches people how to open their intuitive abilities and live an authentic, blissful life. She is also the creator of community and app, The SAGE Circle, and the author of Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium. Her newest project is the podcast Otherside Chats, where Isabeau shares in detail her experiences with these clearings.  For years Isabeau worked as a professional intuitive. Today she gets to live her passion every day teaching other how to open their intuition and live their best life too. She is grateful to be able to guide so many with love in her heart and excitement in her energy field!
Romance and love addiction is a real thing. You may find yourself constantly in search of the next “love high,” even as the previous one ends…Fear being alone? Distraught at the idea of being single as you age? Jumping into the new one right on the heels of the last breakup. These might give you a hint you could have an addiction problem. If you are ready to break out of these patterns, then today's special guest, Sherry Gaba is your guide! Sheryy has a very personal reason for specializing in this area. She WAS a romance and love addict for most of the first 40 years of her life! Married four times, she was driven by the need for reassurance, comfort, safety, validation and financial support that she perceived a relationship offered. Sherry is the one of the world’s leading experts on this subject. Author of the bestselling book Love Smacked, you’ve seen her featured on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, CNN, Inside Edition, Access Live, E! News, and in Cosmopolitan, Women’s World, the Los Angeles Times, Thrive Global, the New York Post, and Psychology Today. A licensed psychotherapist, life coach and founder of Wakeup Recovery, Sherry marries her vast knowledge of the addiction recovery process with her expertise in relationship coaching and counseling. Wakeup
Do you ever feel trapped by experiencing challenging feelings over and over again--sometimes without realizing it? Or do you find yourself thinking "Why is this happening to me again?" or "Why do I always feel this way?" You're not alone.  In today's special guest Dr. Radhule Weininger's book Heart Medicine: How to Stop Painful Patterns and Find Peace and Freedom—at Last, she shows how to identify your emotional and behavioral patterns through the lens of loving awareness—without self-judgment or blame, learning to hold yourself as you would a dear friend, with space and grace.  Drawing on decades of experience as a therapist and meditation teacher, Radhule Weininger, MD, PhD, helps readers understand the trauma behind their patterns, then offers twelve simple steps to work toward healing through guided practices of self-compassion, mindfulness, and embodiment. With Heart Medicine you can finally be equipped with the tools to break through the patterns that hold you back and begin to live with more freedom, confidence, and peace. And that's good medicine, indeed.  Dr. Weininger is clinical psychologist, psychotherapist,  meditation teacher, and also a Psychology Today contributor.
The term “dissociative disorders affect about 2% of the US population. It describes a persistent mental state that is marked by feelings of being detached from reality, being outside one’s own body or experiencing memory loss (amnesia). Often misdiagnosed, DID is known predominantly to be caused by severe childhood trauma combined with a disorganized attachment style When long-term child abuse occurs before a child’s typical personality integration around age 9, the healthy state of a singular self may be disrupted. The experience of memory loss of time, people and events can result in two or more distinct and separate identities that serve as a coping mechanism to function within the abuse. Today's special guest, Lyn Barrett, suffered from DID. This retired teacher, school principal, and pastor was diagnosed with it in 1992 In her memoir Crazy: Reclaiming Life From the Shadow of Traumatic Memory, Lyn takes us through her journey from happy wife and mother to internally living with more than ten distinctive personalities or “alters.” Lyn didn't only write her memoir to share her own journey, she's become an advocate for others to also share their experience and formed a writing group - Dissociative Writers, to provide a forum. After much therapeutic work, Lyn lives a happily integrated life.nd now manages a fully functional life Lyn currently facilitates writers workshops and teaches a memoir class for dissociative writers, writes weekly blogs and a newsletter, and speaks on public radio, podcasts, and in other settings.She holds advanced degrees from Lehigh University and Lancaster Theological Seminary. She can be reached through her websites at and
To the outside world, today's special guest Dr. Mark Halpern was a confident and capable chiropractor with a growing practice. He hid that he was living a double life. Dr. Mark excelled at sports and whenever he could, he succeeded at physically demanding, extreme and often dangerous outdoor adventures. Yet, this was a man suffering from crippling anxiety when not caring for a patient or skiing off a cliff.  It was through the pioneering research done by the HeartMath Institute, that Mark discovered the concept of Coherence. When the heart and brain are operating coherently, people experience emotional health, more inner peace, increased physical wellbeing -- and -- most importantly -- an ability to respond to external situations, fearful or worrisome thoughts and other stimulus from a place of equanimity and emotional strength. It gives someone more choice of how to respond to any circumstance—without reacting from old patterns and rutted neuropathways. He is now sharing his methods for achieving Coherence in the groundbreaking new book and online course Coherence Revolution: Finding Flow on Your Journey to the Present Moment.   Dr. Mark Halpern is a Chiropractor, Author, Lecturer and Certified HeartMath Practitioner. He is also certified in additional healing modalities; Psych-k and Ho’oponopono. In both his personal and professional life, Dr. Mark has been drawn to methods that promote optimal health and healing of the brain, body and spirit.
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