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A Fragile Mind

Author: Broken Arts Entertainment - Breaking Art Since 2015

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Inspired by the characters from the 10 Letters Trilogy, in the near future, we explore a dystopian world that is fraught with deception and mind-bending realities. From the twisted mind of writer/producer/director Joe Swenson comes a world where nothing is every as it seems, and it only continues to escalate in an ever-changing climate. Sit back, listen, get uncomfortable, and enjoy! Support this podcast:
15 Episodes
The Season One Finale of A Fragile Mind takes you forward and backwards and every which direction in time. Let's see if you can keep up with what is real and what isn't, what has happened, and what hasn't as we get a glimpse of what Brian/Copen can do. We reintroduce Claire Shadrawy as Shelly, introduce Jeff Cabral as Dr. Tomas Himmel, and Derek Kingsley as James. In addition, all of your favorites are there, Gwen Fraser as Jenny, Cole Dzubak as Doug, Hannah Lee DeFrates as JC, and Ian Ashland as Brian. Supporting the entire story and story line are characters Jason (Nathan Roach) and Reuben (Adam Ferguson) and our favorite bad guy Tracy (Dana Hall). --- Support this podcast:
AFMS - EP 11 - Reunion

AFMS - EP 11 - Reunion


Tammy Braden/Jenny Stapleton/Stephanie Bradley is struggling with her identity, her "Unique Gifts", and her relationships with her friends. All are still in the Safe House as JC and Brian show up under the direction of Carol who is amassing these people for a very specific task. With the fragility of Brian, the paranoia of JC, the depressed nature that Doug feels, and the lost feeling that Jenny has, this group couldn't be further from the heroes they have been in past lives. The stakes continue to rise as information becomes more confusing and clear at the same time. Is your mind up for the task? --- Support this podcast:
Tammy (AKA Jenny), Doug, Jason, and Reuben end up in a Safe House that Jason has organized. In an effort to clear things up, things go drastically bad as Jenny learns what Doug has done. No matter how clear things get though, Jenny is still lost in the fog, as are her companions Jason and Reuben. Carol tries to clear things up by providing her own motivations, but having Jenny on board isn't going to be as easy as she thought. --- Support this podcast:
Paths meet and separate. This is how life is. In the world of Tammy Braden or Jenny Stapleton her worlds collide in the most violent way. We meet Doug, who is very much alive, who also possesses some very unique gifts. The questions continue as Tammy, I mean Jenny tries to hold her fragile mind together. But is it fragile? --- Support this podcast:
AFMS - EP 8 - Senses

AFMS - EP 8 - Senses


We return to the original story line and find that Reuben has secured Tammy away from the Center. However, his guilty conscience leads him to asking Tracy to come get Tammy. Understanding time and space is a moving target at best and Tammy or Jenny or Stephanie? has to figure out what is best for her. Will Reuben help her? Will Tracy help her? Are there more motivating factors besides survival at play? --- Support this podcast:
We have reached the halfway point of Season #1 of A Fragile Mind. This episode takes a trip into the past where we find new characters, but also the introduction of the Renewal Chamber a joint project between a couple of the billionaires. Again though, what is real and what is not? Pierre sounds familiar because he is Brian, but a past version of Brian of him. Is the Chamber already in existence? Could this be some alternate reality? You will leave this episode with more questions than answers, but it is an interesting concept. --- Support this podcast:
AFMS - EP 6 - Brian

AFMS - EP 6 - Brian


Brian and Tammy have escaped from Kelly and Reuben and continue into the catacombs underground as Brian tries to get Tammy to the others and Carol. There's an internal battle going on about whether to trust Brian as the external drive to find answers is somewhat mooted. Reuben finds our pair first, then Carol and as they dance around who should be in control, Tammy and Brian both seek answers to who they really are. --- Support this podcast:
The situation continues to escalate as Tammy tries to figure out what is real and what isn't. Who is Kelly Emery to Tammy, who is Brian? Why was the crowd noise piped in at the restaurant? Things are unraveling, but not at the speed Tammy would hope to completely get her going in the right direction. --- Support this podcast:
Tammy, keeps having flashbacks to a life that doesn’t exist in her actual memories and now they are seeping into her every day life. Adding to the continuously escalating situation is that Tammy feels more aware that something is wrong in her life, she just can’t figure it out. She finds herself in an unwanted relationship, trying to sort things out, and a very sick server who seems oddly familiar. Things are breaking fast in this dystopian landscape. --- Support this podcast:
As the accelerated memories continue to fail, something else seems to be at play. The mystery continues to build as to who Tammy Braden is and what is happening to her. Ultimately this show was necessary to build to ensure that it wasn't too much of a leap from Show #3 to #4 to set-up additional information. Created as 4 seperate scenes. Each scene is between 4-7 minutes. --- Support this podcast:
Tammy is having a horrifying recurring nightmare and has had it for as long as she can remember. She has elected to see Therapist Dr. Kelli Emery. Kelli feels an instant attraction to Tammy who reciprocates partially, but is ultimately more concerned about finding a solution to her recurring nightmares that have put her in a state of panic. The question will come up often, what is real and what isn't in this mystery series. --- Support this podcast:
Tammy Braden is being worked very hard at her job as an accountant, but it appears that not everything is corporate. Tammy is really good at what she does and her co-workers appear to come to her defense, but everything seems to be designed to test her. Yet mysterious items continue to bubble to the surface as the boss presents new challenges to push through her memory wall. Jason, Reuben, and Tracy do their best to support, but also protect Tammy and who the real antagonist is, still hasn't shown themselves. --- Support this podcast:
From the messed up mind of Joe Swenson comes another mind-bending, twist laden, trip to figure out what is real and what isn't real. Press The Red Button takes place in a mind-altering environment designed to rejuvenate one-off criminals that have committed a violent crime. This rejuvenation process alters the life and mind of the subject that is sentenced to go through this procedure. Nothing is as it appears in this surreal mystery. Press The Red Button is the first in a series called A Fragile Mind. --- Support this podcast:
A Fragile Mind is an audio drama/podcast style show that is featured on Spotify, iHeartRadio, Pandora and more. Check out this teaser.  Coming Soon (June 4th, 2023) is the current release date.  The Series Stars: Gwenyth Fraser, Nathan Roach, Dana Hall, Adam Ferguson, Helen Crawford, Lily Collins, Hannah Lee Defrates, Cole Dzubak, Ian Ashland, Derek Kingsley, Anna Hawkes, Noah Turner, and more. --- Support this podcast:
This is the monologue in the middle of the first show of Season 1 of A Fragile Mind. Gwenyth Fraser is the performer, sound editing by Joe Swenson and produced by Broken Arts Entertainment --- Support this podcast: