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Episode 17 - Jacqui Bell-Join the boys on episode 17 as they have a great chat with super star Jacqui Bell. Jac is not your average runner. At just 25 years old, she has conquered some of the worlds most unbelievably difficult multi day stage races. Most notably the 4 deserts grand slam completing a 250km multi stage race in the driest, windiest, hottest and coldest deserts on earth. In addition all completed within a calendar year.-Grab yourself a beer, kick the tootsies up and tune in. You'll enjoy this one.- Goodesy and Wags x
Episode 16 - Dylan Wright-Well this was different. This episode, the boys sat down with local legend and incredible musical talent Dylan Wright as he shared his story with us.-Having experienced some big challenges and being forced to grow up fast, we uncover how the people around him became a strong support network and how music has always been the constant in his life.-Warm your ears up for this one, its bloody special.-Godoesy and Wags X
EPISODE 015 - We’re Back!-Apologies for the absence... there’s been a bit going on 😢-Great to regroup and unpack the last two months... covid-19 has had such a prolific impact on our planet and we truly hope you’ve been able to shift your focus toward the many positives!-Some affected far more than others, though as a whole we are truly blessed to be living in such a beautiful country positioned where we are!-Our heart goes out to all those REALLY struggling, Here and all friends and family across the globe!-As per usual: just a couple punters having a yarn, trying to make sense of it all and explaining or whereabouts since we last donned the mic -We’ve missed yas x 
Episode 013 - Dean Gladstone.Breathe - Smile - Repeat *.Beyond grateful for our chin wag with Bondi beach icon Deano Gladstone!.Behind the scenes chat on the back of the global hit Tv series Bondi rescue and what it was like growing up on the beach... though it wasn’t all sun tans and weis bars for this Legend! . We explore the less glamorous side of those times when rescues maybe didn’t go according to plan and events that have shaped deano into the mass of positivity he is today....Thanks mate - we love ya x
Episode 012 - Ali  Najem.So you wanna be a gangster!?!?.Unpacking some pretty heavy shit with this local speedster....Was a different kind of runnin’ for Ali in the early days but... lucky to escape with his life in tact & more driven then ever to make the most of his second chance!.Epic chat with the brother 🙌🏼 keep hustling weapon x 
Episode 010 - Mick ‘CHAPPO’ ChapmanWe use the term “GREAT MAN” pretty loosely ... but this fella !!! Golly GOSH.Pushing the boundaries of human performance in some of the most incredible projects you could imagine !!!Weapon bloke - with weapon chat ...Why the hell would you want to cycle from Vancouver to New York City ? ... to see if ya can ???... and because maybe just maybe - it could be FUN ✌🏽
Episode 009 - Scotty Richmond.Absolute SAVAGE chat with this weapon of a human!. Where does one of Australia’s most elite ultra endurance runners find his drive???.Running for something far more than can be measured sit back and embrace the vibe as Scotty and the boys fire up about how the human mind and spirit can push beyond any physical circumstances!!!.Love ya Scoot! 2020 is gonna be a cracker !!!
Episode 009 - Toby Topham.This chin wag may be more appropriate for a moment without distractions and genuine attention... A heart felt insight to the headspace of a bereaved father... How in the face of such loss and immense tragedy can one still manage to be so grateful, positive & inspiring?Humility and compassion beyond words!Tobes - we love ya mate x 
Episode 007- Tenille Henniker. Tune in for some serious truth bombs girls (& guys too) as this lionheart unloads and opens up deeply about failing before even truly beginning... .How do you break such a toxic habit ? & where did it all begin ??.Thank you so much for your time T!!! Your such a weapon and we bloody love ya x 
Episode 006 - Milly Robertson Highly anticipated chin wag with our first ever female guest !!!.Strap yourself in as Milly shares her journey of the series of debilitating spinal surgeries and and the rehabilitation that spanned well over 5 years!.Seriously this chick is a f*#king inspiration! 
A huge inspiration and role model to Goodesy over the past decade ... Justin is one of the blokes who you could swear has some how managed to sneak in a couple of hours beyond the standard 24 for a lot of his life.Australian Head of Execution Services at JP Morgan Sales and Marketing Director of StormsealHusband of Stephanie and Father of 4 girlsFucking hell ! What drives a bloke like that?
Welcome guest number one ... Tommy Kerr owner of Lacure wellness Getting to learn more about the early years and sporting influence for Tommy before being lead down a pretty self destructive path where he found himself paying the ultimate price.No work life balance, excessive partying & time behind bars.You are going to want to get around this!
The tables have turned as Goodesy dusts off the mic and delves into how the last 31 years has shaped the life of Wags & if there is any potential light to be shed on that fucking disgrace of a haircut.
Time to get some context of who these shit talking battlers actually are...Host on host as Dan digs a little deeper and explores who this tatted up ginger beard goof ball actually is.
Daniel Wagstaff (Wags) & Adam Goode (Goodesy) discuss how this podcast came about ...Briefly who they are ... and what they are hoping to achieve in creating this platform for communication & connection.
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