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A show about media, culture, and the modern condition hosted by James Brown.
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NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders is leaving the NFL network but he’s not leaving for a competitor. After 15 years Sanders is giving up TV for a Barstool sports podcast. Sanders is also expected to launch a new Sunday morning football show. But what to make of this move. James Brown has more. Barstool sports is a small but growing fast, best known for huge sports podcasts like Call Her Daddy or Pardon My Take. It also has a repetition for being vulgar and attracting herds of young men. 
Regis Philbin has died.  Philbin literally spent more time on tv than anyone else. so says the Guinness book of world records.  The New York native launched his career in the nineteen fifties working as a page for NBC’s Tonight Show He went on camera in the early sixties but it took more than twenty years to find his way to the top in mornings on live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Philbin retired from that show in 2011
ESPN's late SportsCenter to broadcast from Washington DC  Fox gives up on broadcasting Golf
Mark Zuckerberg stands his ground amid ad boycott Facebook gives up on its TicTok clone More Apple Stores close because of coronavirus
Amazon hires staff for a live tv operation World News Tonight leads all TV shows CBS This Morning returns to the studio Apple News and the New York Times get divorced
Podcast listening reaches an all time high in the US Reddit bans the Donald and Chapo Trap House
Conan O'Brien is expected to film his show in front of crowds this week. The Rolling Stones threaten to sue President Trump. Wal-Mart gets in the drive in theater business.
Hugh Downs is Dead. Big Brother is Back? Lift Every Voice and Sing before NFL games Find James on social at:
For the first time ever Fox News Channel was the most-watched network in prime time, counting both broadcast and cable, for three out of four weeks in June.Chris Matthews will be replaced by Joy ReidCNBC is searching for its own Prime time path
Marv Albert will not go into the bubble. Turner’s lead NBA announcer, told the New York post that he was getting fired up to take part in the NBA’s plan to restart its season in July but “had second thoughts” after coronavirus cases spiked in Florida.  The NBA is planning to sequester teams, reporters, announcers and related staff  on Walt Disney World’s campus until a champion is crowned in the fall. Aside from increasing COVID-19 cases critics say staff who will have the ability to come and go as they please will pop the bubble before it inflates. Delegations capped at 35 people per team for the 22 clubs that have been invited to the N.B.A.’s planned restart  The idea is to limit traveling back and forth among their assigned team hotels, seven practice facilities and the three arenas used for games at the complex A 33-page player handbook sent to teams In June also details about entertainment options, recreational activities and personal services  inside the bubble. The players were facing $645 million in lost salary if the games didn’t resume. all 22 teams in the bubble will play 8 games before the postseason begins. These 88 games reduce the salary loss by $300 million. If successful, the two teams that reach the finals will be there for three months. In other Basketball news LeBron James and Maverick Carter have secured $100 million to form SpringHill Co., which will combine their three existing businesses: SpringHill Entertainment, Uninterrupted and Robot, Bloomberg's Jason Kelly reports. The $100 million will allow James and Carter to vastly expand a media business centered around diverse content creators, as well as athlete empowerment.
Why Rising Works

Why Rising Works


Cable news isn’t dead. In fact they’re watched by millions daily. But the trench warfare between the three big networks:  Fox News on the right, MSNBC on the left and CNN who specializes in panic with lefty sensibilities; is opening opportunities and audiences for outlets like the Hill and its youtube hit rising.  Rising is hosted by former MSNBC host Krystal Ball, a progressive whose failed congressional race brought her prominence a decade ago and Saagar (N-jetty) a conservative reporter and pundit. The Hill says it reaches 600 thousand people a week. The appeal of rising is not new, though. The production carries all the hallmarks of cable news down to its set and theme music. And to my eye the show is a child of two legacy shows: CNN’s crossfire mixed with ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption. On crossfire, an earlier incarnation of Tucker Carlson and other right wing hosts from the right jousted with James Carville and other Clinton era liberals about the news of the day.  The first incarnation of that show lasted twenty years until former daily show host Jon Stewart went on the show and pointed out its cartoonish political balkanization.  Rising strips away that balkanization. On rising, being liberal doesn’t mean that conservatives are your enemy or vice versa.  Saagar and Krystal slide from agreement to disagreement and back again with ease much like PTI’s Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser.  Saagar and Krystal also share another element with Wilbon and Kornheiser. They come off as friends with different point of views who hate hypocrisy even if it comes from their own political team.  Take this exchange between Saagar and Krystal about the inaction of congress and president trump about the financial crisis caused by the covid 19 pandemic. There’s no doubt that in time cable news will attempt to duplicate Rising. But this type of nuanced, well thought  out analysis will be blunted by any cable news based ecosystem. And it’ll be drowned by the soundbytes and all the shouting.
Journalist James Brown and music writer Saby Reyes-Kulkarni discuss the NFL's approach to the coronavirus pandemic. 
Journalist James Brown and writer Saby Reyes-Kulkarni discuss the adjustments, high points and pitfalls of working from home during the pandemic.   
Journalists James Brown and Saby Reyes-Kulkarni talk about which businesses rise and fall during the coronavirus pandemic.
In a seismic move in both the podcast and YouTube worlds, The Joe Rogan Experience is moving to Spotify exclusively. The Wall Street Journal says its 100 million dollar deal. One of the most popular podcast players on the Google Play store, Podcast Addict, has been suspended because some of its podcasts it lists reference the coronavirus in ways that are different than public health organizations.
Chuck Todd's Apology

Chuck Todd's Apology


AT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson's massive retirement plan. Meet the Press Moderator Chuck Todd apologizes for analyzing comments from Attorney General Bill Barr out of context ESPN gets a big payday from UFC 249
Cuts are coming to NPR Michael Che does a good deed Chris Cuomo hates his job but he’s staying Cris Collinsworth isn’t retiring but NBC already knows what’s next Find James on social at:
James and writer Saby Reyes-Kulkarni discuss their worst fears and highest hopes about the coronavirus and talk sports media including why Saby thinks ESPN is purposely making baseball less popular. 
  Televangelist Jim Bakker was selling a coronavirus cure, until New York Attorney General Tish James stop it.. The state gave Bakker 10 days to comply with a cease-and-desist letter On Feb. 12 episode of his show he claimed a Silver Solution sold on his website would be a preventative against the coronavirus. And more recently John Oliver lampooned him for it Last Week Tonight The Silver Solution products were on sale for more than $125 a bottle.
MIA joins Patreon

MIA joins Patreon


Rapper M-I-A has launched her own Patreon. That's the service that allows fans to pay monthly or or per project for mostly internet based content. The multi platinum selling star is latest artist with a major record contract to join the platform known as a major revenue source for podcasters, bloggers and youtubers. In her video introduction to the project she said she wanted a closer relationship with her fans. The brit says she’ll be documenting the creation of a new album and her and world travels along with providing exclusive artwork, and live streams for her subscribers. Singers Ben Folds, Cautious Clay and Jacob Collier joined Patreon in the past year. As surprising as it seems that established acts are joining it shouldn’t been.  The platform’s root come from Jack Conte, one-half of the band Pomplamoose (who rose to fame on YouTube). Conte created Patreon in 2013. In his ted talk, he slammed the structure that the music business uses to play artists. Conte’s dream has scaled gaining an increasing amount of mainstream success.  In November, Patreon announced that its global network of creators have earned more than $1 billion on Patreon, with the support of over 4 million patrons.
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