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A Mother's Intuition

Author: Tara Soto Regester

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A Podcast devoted to asking questions and share what I find about highly intuitive children. To make what we are doing available to those who need it for their own journey and to show what magic can happen when we follow our own intuition about the connection we have with our children. An exploration in trying to find out why we have been put with the people in our lives .
23 Episodes
Growing up with generations of openly intuitive family isn't a common. In this episode, Tara interviews Sonia Choquette Tully about her childhood where intuition was validated and cultivated. They discuss what it was like to be a highly intuitive child living in a community that knew about the abilities of her family and the work she is here to do now.     
Tara interviews author and homeopath, Claire Waters, about raising her two highly intuitive children. They discuss how they dealt with spirits contacting their children in different ways and how being the parent of highly intuitive children has affected them personally through the years.   
November was a doozy for many of us and Tara had it no different. November taught many lessons to Tara in the form of truly understanding the difference between her "morals" and her judgements. The largest lesson being on how she needs to allow and make space for her emotions. But a giant surprise occurs when she asks herself " If I am supposed to have a guardian angel,  who is it?" Spiritual Awakenings ain't for the faint of heart. Hang in there kids.
Tara interviews Elizabeth Lincoln about her slow awakening which began with the loss of her baby to sudden infant death syndrome. Elizabeth shares with Tara the questions and phases in understanding she went through in grief into figuring out why her son lived. 
In this episode, Tara discusses her journey with trying to better understand her children's fear of the dark and find out how to stop the night terrors , nightmares and overly touchy ghosts. She discusses the "Dream Bubble" meditation she developed to use at nights with her kids and the energetic protective qualities of a genuinely happy home. 
In this episode, Tara interviews Micheila Sheldan about her journey from being stuck in a life of being a mother with chronic pain to a heavily sought after Intuitive Channel. This episode has so many layers. They speak about not only about meditation's part in the curing of her chronic pain, but so many more topics like the spiritual awakening of her own children, highly intuitive teenagers, soul contracts , the karma of today's children and so much more. 
In this episode, Tara discusses her experience at Spirit Junkie Live with Gabby Bernstein. Tara's experience at Spirit Junkie Live leads her into a discussion around going through prenatal and postpartum depression without seeking help. 
Tara interviews Margarett Sample, from Psychic Kids United, about her awakening journey and how it interweaved with the loss of her baby girl , Jenny. 
In this episode , Tara talks about her first astrology birth chart reading and the experience of being someone who knew nothing about astrology getting a reading. Tara talks about several experiences as they weave into her spiritual awakening.  
In this episode , Tara interviews Psychic Medium Liz Throp from Psychic Kids United about life with her intuitive teen and the awakening that occurred by becoming a parent. We also discuss why children have become so defiant and why she and her partner Margarett Sample developed Psychic Kids United. 
Tara decides to change it up and chart her spiritual awakening and development. Things are evolving over here on the podcast and it is time to be more open about the evolution. Tara discusses what is happening to her spiritually in her development and what questions arise from all the changes. 
Tara interviews Bevin Niemann about navigating life as an Empathic and Highly Sensitive person. They discuss what it was like to be a well supported child and it how it led her to a life serving the evolution of humanity.  
Tara interviews Andrea Largent MSW SFT about how she came to be a therapist with her intuitive foot in the therapeutic world. They discuss how often times highly intuitive people can be misdiagnosed early on in their lives and then go on to believe that something is wrong with them. Andrea discusses how she came to develop her own therapeutic practice in a field where practitioners veer away from speaking about the spiritual world for fear of losing credibility.  
In this interview, Tara and Eleanor Gona explore how energy moves. Eleanor discusses how she grew up to be in energy work and how numbers helps her connect with the children and people. 
In this episode, Leah Recor gives Tara a glimpse into how she came to consciously parent her children through the Law of Attraction. 
Tara interviews author, Libby Piper about learning from her intuitive connection to plants and nature. They talk about how a connection with nature can be directly translated to human connectedness. Libby Piper and Renee Fox 's book Honeysuckle Hugs can be found at this link -  
In this episode, Tara interviews Donata about what it was like to grow up in a highly intuitive family with a father who helped foster their abilities. Then Donata goes into how she used those teachings to discover her own her journey to teach children and parents how to connect with their intuitive abilities.  Find Donata at
In this episode , Tara interviews Pam Larrichia from the podcast, Exploring Unschooling. They dive into what it was like to adopt an educational philosophy that is heavily rooted in trusting a child's intuition to learn, by allowing them to follow their own intrinsic motivation. A concept deemed very radical in the conventional world. Huge questions arise like - What happens to the family dynamic? What happens to the child's chance at a future? But the big question no one thinks about is - what happens to the parent? If you are looking for more about Pam, you can find her work at  Website: Living Joyfully Podcast : Exploring Unschooling Podcast
In this episode, Tara interviews Susan Gale from A Place of Light in Cherry Valley, Massachusetts about her more than 30 years experience helping and teaching children about their intuitive abilities. Susan tells stories of discovering her own intuitive abilities, raising her own boys and how she came to to this work with children, parents and people in search of a greater understanding.  You can find A Place of Light at  
In this episode, science comes in to show us the emotional connection  we have in our child's neurological development. Tara interviews world renowned occupational therapist Maude Le Roux, about how children , regardless of neurological profile , communicate with their parents. Maude gives a beautiful account of how looking toward the child's intrinsic motivation for development could be the greatest gift we can give children.    You can Find Maude at
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