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Author: Bryan Lee

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Talking about life about work. Sometimes about food and health. A real radio show host soon.
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47 Customer Service
47 ComplaintsHello everyone! Welcome to the 47 episodes of Nightly. My name is Bosslee and I am your host. Nightly is a podcast about Life after work and talking about how to get out of the rat race. How is everyone doing today? I am actually recording this on a Saturday Morning. The sun is super bright! Which is great because for the past few days there is heavy rain.Let us jump right in. Today we are talking about customer complaints. If you are a seller be it online or offline, you will for sure encounter a lot of different customers and complaint matters. But do you have to take all the feedback in? For example: recently I met up with a customer. She was complaining about how one area of our service is not flexible and affecting her work. She also kept repeating how another service is super awesome. During the 3 hours conversation, we share with her solutions and workaround but they were rejected as she was expecting our service to work exactly like the others. In short, she was looking for a standardised system so that her employees can have just one workflow as she is selling on many different platforms. She is not wrong, You see the ex-Evernote CEO Phil Libin once said that “Feedback is great for telling you what you did wrong. It's terrible at telling you what you should do next.” So the important thing here is to understand what exactly is the root of the problem. Also sometimes, the customers are very aggressive, so they keep talking and talking giving you no chance to explain. To put that into control, you have to be calm, because we need to understand that they are angry with the matter and not you. We are just a medium. Finally, towards the end. Personally, I deem that 40% of her feedback is very much valuable. The remaining is largely she has no idea of the available functions. So my friends, if you are meeting with a bad experience with a product or service. Please try to control and avoid shouting at the customer service, because we need to also know that they are a medium and not the cause of the problem.

47 Customer Service


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