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​A Seeking Heart is for people seeking some type of connection with Jesus, faith, and others who are also seeking. It is a search for grace through prayer, scripture, and the beauty of the Sacraments. All of this wrapped into our every day, ordinary lives.
25 Episodes
 Allison speaks with a very special guest to talk about three of her favorite subjects — Adoption, the Catholic Church, and Deaf Culture! Lana Portolano's new book Be Opened! The Catholic Church & Deaf Culture(Catholic University of America Press) is a fascinating look at Church History, Evangelization, and the beauty of the Church through the eyes of a vibrant culture with a beautifully expressive language. Allison and Lana discuss their shared experience of adopting daughters who are deaf, the desire to bring them the Catholic faith, and the unexpected powerful lessons God had in store for them, as well as their precious daughters!Learn more at
 "No Such Thing as Ordinary: Unlocking your Extraordinary Life through Everyday Encounters with Jesus," is the topic of this episode. Allison and Rachel dive into:Latest season of "The Gist" on the woman at the well, St. Photina, is the vehicle for this book.What brought Rachel to the brink of a good snot cry during MoanaHow accomplishing all the world has to give will still leave you thirstySome of the difficult things God calls us to — trust, surrender, healingThe Problem with ComparisonFeatured NOW as the Summer Book Club! Learn more about Rachel Balducci on and be sure to follow her on Instagram; the book can be found on 
 In this episode:What makes someone a good friend?What makes Allison think she's a sucky friend?How friendships remind us of ChristWhy Healing First, Seeking Friends SecondChloe Langr's new book, "Sisterhood: Giving and Receiving the Gift of Friendship" is available now from Our Sunday VisitorLearn more about Chloe at 
 Allison talks with Christy about the amazing, powerful, and inspiring story behind her new book: Awakening at Lourdes: How an Unanswered Prayer Healed Our Family and Restored Our Faith (Ave Maria Press). Christy takes you through a rollercoaster of emotions, as you travel with her to Lourdes, into the baths, through the streets of France, and back home. The struggle, navigating the highs and lows of parenting a sick child, all while wrestling with your faith. Our conversation opened my eyes and heart to what God can do when your prayers are answered according to His perfect plan instead of ours!**Recommended by Christy: Don't have a bookstore local? How about supporting bookshops by shopping with www.bookshop.orgAlso shared during the podcast: Are you a Catholic parent of a child with special needs? Don't miss this invaluable resource: more about Christy, her continuing story, and how to purchase her book at: 
 A podcast typically centered around Catholic books. In this episode, Allison reaches out to listeners to ask what spiritual guidance they are seeking. How can this podcast better serve you!Connect with Allison: 
 In this Episode, Allison spends time chatting with, Lorelei Savaryn, Children's Author, about her new YA fiction book "The Edge of In Between" available NOW:  A fantabulous book choice for any Catholic school or parish summer (or anytime) reading program! Lorelei frames difficult subjects like redemptive suffering, Purgatory, and Theology of the Body, in ways Middle School/YA readers can make sense of and make a connection with.  #HighlyRecommend
 In this episode, Allison is joined by Mary Amore to discuss Every Day with St. Joseph, a 365 Daily Devotional from Our Sunday Visitor.  A year of reflection broken into twelve chapters covering twelve of St. Joseph's virtues. Each day includes scripture, reflection from one of 45 Mayslake Ministries contributors, a question to ponder and take with you throughout the day, and a short prayer. Since Mayslake Ministries specializes in spiritual direction each reflection is like a mini spiritual direction session!  Learn more on
 Merridith, author of Draw Close to Jesus: A Woman’s Guide to Eucharistic Adoration, joins Allison to discuss the beauty and blessings of Eucharistic Adoration. Both share how discovering this Catholic devotion transformed their faith, and continues to bring them closer to Jesus. Scripture, Invitation, and How MUCH God adorest the heck out us all...also discussed! Learn more about Merridith's new book and ministry here:
 This Ain't the Lyceum blogger and author of Better than OK: Finding Joy as a Special Needs Parent, Kelly Mantoan joins Allison for this week's Podcast. Allison and Kelly share their experiences as mothers of children with special needs—most especially the graces, blessings, and lessons our children teach us! As we considered the "never will or can't" of their disabilities, with childlike innocence and hearts, they focused on the joys and the things they were able to do. Parents facing any type of parenting challenge will find hope, inspiration, and practical tips. Kelly also shared her experience with the OSV Institute Challenge and her new online apostolate for Catholic parents of children with special needs.
 Allison and Alyssa share WINE: Women in the New Evangelization's sweet new book for children (which is also a story adults will enjoy as well), The Mother of Jesus is Wonderfully Real by Fr. Paul Murray, OP.  Exquisitely and breathtakingly illustrated by Bernadette Gockowski, this based on a true story picture book opens hearts to how very real Mother Mary truly is! A little girl's heartbreak consoled by a poetic priest has become a book that will be treasured for years to come. Endorsed by Bishop Robert Barron. Learn more at
 Chloe joins Allison Gingras to discuss "Letters to Women: Embracing the Feminine Genius in Everyday Life" (Tan Books).  In this engaging episode:Pope St. John Paul II's Letter to WomenMany of the letter topics were chosen from discussions on Chloe's amazing podcast: Letters to Women Podcast Specific Letters we DOVE into:  Discerning Adoption; Body Image; and CreativityA little shout out to Corda Candles!! Find out what happens to our creativity as soon as it is criticized!Sneak Peek at Chloe's NEW book coming (May, 2022) on Friendship!!Learn more about Letters to Women and Chloe Langr on her website: www. 
 In this episode, Allison is blessed by a return visit by author, Julianne Stanz to discuss her new book, Braving the Thin Places: Celtic Wisdom to Create a Space for Grace (Loyola Press). Discussed:Just what is a 'thin place"?Why this incredible book took 20 years to writeThe fascinating Celtic traditions surrounding one's passingWe dive deeper into G.R.A.C.E. — gratitude, rest, acceptance, cultivating hospitality, and embracing stillness.Discovering the difference between a soul friend and the hi-jacked term of soul-mate; do you have someone mirroring God's grace in your life?Braving the Thin Places is one of the most unique and fascinating books I've read in a long time, and given I read at least a book a week for the past 7 years, that is saying something! Be sure to check out Julianne's website:
 In this episode, Allison chats with the dynamic duo of Mary Beth Giltner and Rebecca W. Martin, creators of The Catholic Wedding Planner, available now from Our Sunday Visitor. What a wonderful rush of memories when I opened my examination copy in the mail. Recalling the details from the engagement to invitations, to dress selection, reception (oh the sitting arrangement), to the dreaded invitations. However, THIS planner is so much more with inspiring reflections, the beauty of the Sacrament, and so much more!A thoroughly engaging conversation about God's plans (and ours, of course—which don't always necessarily jive. Just as these two amazing ladies whose own weddings needed to pivot thanks to covid). Learn more: OSV Catholic Book Store - The Catholic Wedding Planner #CatholicMarriage #WeddingPlanning
A Seeking Heart interview with author A.J. Cattapan about her new book, #SweetJesus is it June yet? Ave Maria Press "10 ways the Gospels can help you combat teacher burnout & rediscover your passion for teaching" In this episode we chat about:Reigniting the fire to teachJesus' model for finding inspiration in teaching The Chosen TV Series ...because IT is awesome (and relevant to the topic)#ShowUp Dealing with challenges (in life, not just work) with grace and Jesus!To learn more about Amy visit:
In Pieces by Rhonda Ortiz, author Chrism PressOur interview ran the gamut between why and how to write fiction to ways we balance work and family, to actually talking about this incredible new book!! Set in historic Boston, incredibly well done!! Story engaging, characters believable, likable, and dare I say, fascinating. Loved it!! And I know you will too! Purchase Here: #Fiction #GoodStuff #NewBook #HighlyRecommend
In addition to sharing Katie's amazing children's books, she and Allison discuss the blessing of sharing books with children. Did you know you can put a bookmark in a picture book? How pausing to answer questions or listen to children's thoughts bring a whole new dimension to reading!! Quality Catholic picture books such as Katie's are good for cuddle time, occupying little minds (and hands) in Mass, Catechesis, and learning more about what your child is thinking!  Learn more about Katie's extensive offerings at:
Allison speaks with Claire McGarry about her fabulous new book Grace in Tension: Discover Peace with Mary and Martha (Our Sunday Visitor). What wisdom!!! Stress is never going away, but Claire has overcovered through the grace of the Holy Spirit, some amazing ways to navigate through it!
Allison learns more about Kelly's new book, Saintly Moms: 25 Stories of Holiness (OSV) In the episode: *Kelly nun to mom of nine! Hence her website #Clever *How these 25 Saintly moms helped Kelly in her many experiences as a mother.*Encouraged by these powerful often ordinary stories of motherhood, she found herself taking 'notes' and knew one day she'd like to share that wisdom with other mothers!*Some of her favorites:  Mary, Queen of the Mom Saints (well, to be fair, she's queen of all saints) and Zelie Martin (St. Therese's sweet mama - who wrote letters detailing many of her parenting woes - including dealing with a strong-willed young Therese!!) *St. Gladys lived a WILD "Bonnie and Clyde" type life before her son helped convert her and her husband, both nobility -- illustrating the amazing things our children can teach us! Learn more and grab a copy of Saintly Moms at
Laura and Allison discuss topics from Sweet Cross: A Marian Guide to Suffering (OSV).  **Laura's story is incredible, powerful, and painful at times, but full of hope for the rest of us. She bore crosses we pray to never endure but united to Christ and guided by Mary's ten principle virtues, Laura opened my heart to not fear what the future may hold, because waiting for us in every circumstance is a love, peace, and grace that surpasses our understanding!    Included in this episode: *Don't compare crosses*Suffering is important and necessary*Uniting our crosses to Christ is LIFE CHANGING*How can you possibly maintain your sense of humor in the face of difficult times?*Staying PLUGGED in through constant mental prayer - far easier than it sounds  Stay Connected with Laura: www.
Allison interviews Motherhood Redeemed author, Kimberly Cook (Tan Books) In this episode: * My parakeets decide to join in (now and then) in celebration of St. Francis of Assissi's feast day!! For the record, it is a myth if you cover them up, they'll be quiet. Oh, my family has the best ideas #NOT*Kim has an amazing story to share -- of the lies she bought into and how the teachings of the Church helped her find balance and joy in embracing all the desires God placed in her heart.*A historical look at motherhood and St. John Paul II's Feminine Genius *Utilizing the God-given gift of MULTI-TASKING!*Wonderful discussion on Spiritual Motherhood *Learn more on
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Great show! I'm interested to learn more about Lindsey.

Feb 7th

Bernadette Nelson

I am also a revert and I came back around the same time as you and many people questioned why I would go back with the sex scandal happening. I would be happy to to share that part of my faith journey with you.

Oct 28th

Bernadette Nelson


Aug 16th
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