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Author: Dana K. White

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Nony (Dana K White) from shares reality-based cleaning and organizing tips based on her own deslobification process. As she finds ways to keep her own home under control and combat "Slob Vision" she shares cleaning, decluttering, and organizing strategies, that work in real life. And she's funny.
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I was already thinking about change after experiencing the HUGE difference in my home and in my stress-levels this Thanksgiving compared to ones I hosted before I started my deslobification process. Then I got a question about whether “we” can actually change. Those of us who naturally struggle with this stuff. So I added in […]The post 232: Is Change Possible for “Us”? Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I’m so excited to be trying something new! I’m talking with Elizabeth about her unique cleaning and decluttering struggle points, and helping her with some ideas for strategies. We talk about: Staying on top of daily habits when your schedule is irregular. Dealing with toy clutter when your kids are over-attached to everything. How to […]The post 231: Helping Kids Declutter, Cleaning with Irregular Schedules & More appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
Here in the U.S., the holidays officially start in one week with Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving often means you get together with family. Getting together with family is lovely, but it can sometimes mean the people who know you best know how to (intentionally or not) push your buttons. Sometimes discouragement over the progress or lack of […]The post 230: Dealing With Discouragement appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
It’s a regular dilemma faced by the organizationally challenged: “When I keep up with the daily stuff, I don’t have time to declutter.” I dive into this issue and talk about things to consider, and how to declutter in any amount of time available. Mentioned in this podcast: My books My e-book: 14 Days to […]The post 229: Daily VS Decluttering Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I’ve been decluttering my schedule (the container that is my day) to make room for something I wanted to do. I’m sharing how I evaluate what to stop doing, how I say no, and how I make myself ok with taking something out of my schedule that I love and that does have value.   […]The post 228: Decluttering My Schedule Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I’m answering some questions you’ve asked about cleaning and organizing with kids and pets. How do I get ready for baby when I’m in the midst of deslobifying? What cleaning tasks can toddlers do? Do I declutter my kids’ rooms with them or without them? How do you deslobify pets? Mentioned in this podcast: My […]The post 227: Babies, Kids, Pets and Cleaning Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
Some basic tasks give me more energy than I usually realize they will, and some kinds of messes drain my energy more than others. Identifying and acknowledging these helps me manage my energy better. Sponsor: A Slob Comes Clean listeners get 10% off your first month with discount code CLEAN. --NonyThe post 226: Energy Takers vs Energy Givers Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I had such fun talking with my friend Kristi, author of (affiliate link) M.O.M. Master Organizer of Mayhem Connect with Kristi at Sponsor: Go to and enter code CLEAN for $25 off each of your first two orders for new customers. Sponsor: Go to to find your perfect-fitting bra and get 15% […]The post 225: Organizing and Storing Kids Toys (and more) with Kristi Clover Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
The last few weeks, I’ve been feeling pulled along faster than I was ready to go by some projects outside my house. I saw a direct effect on the inside of my house with the reappearance of some of my issues. I’m exploring that and which things that I’ve put in place over the years […]The post 224: Decision Fatigue Outside the House Affects the Inside of My House Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I’ve been sharing about downsizing and helping older relatives declutter, and today I’m sharing some thoughts and our own processes from the final cleanout of my mother-in-law’s assisted living apartment after her passing. Sponsor: A Slob Comes Clean listeners get 10% off your first month with discount code CLEAN. Sponsor: Shop with code […]The post 223: Dealing With Stuff after the Death of a Loved One appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I’m talking to my friend Tracy Steel, author of A Redesigned Life about basic design principles that can help someone like me feel more confident decorating my home. I’ve shared the impact of my living room being actually decorated, and I’m determined to be more purposeful in the rest of my house, too! You can […]The post 222: Basic Decor Principles to Help Keep Clutter at Bay with Tracy Steel appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
Organizing systems that work great for some people fail miserably for others. I am generally one of the “others.” Through my deslobification process, I’ve figured out why and that’s what I’m talking about in today’s podcast. Sponsors: Go to and get 15% off your first purchase! A Slob Comes Clean listeners get 10% […]The post 221: Why Do Organizing Systems Work for Some People And Not for Others Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
Cleaning out a home where you or a loved one has lived for a long time isn’t fun. But it’s reality. As my family has recently experienced, the time does come when everything has to go. I’m sharing the process we went through, and some strategies for getting the job done. Things mentioned: Helping Someone […]The post 220: Downsizing – Cleaning Out The WHOLE House Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
Well, this one was hard to title! Maybe because it’s such a hard thing to do! I’m talking about beginning the process of helping someone downsize. The goal is to develop decluttering momentum while also developing trust in the process with the person you’re helping. Things mentioned: Garage Sale Podcasts: One, Two, Three Decluttering Momentum […]The post 219: Helping Someone Downsize – the Beginning of the (Slow) Process Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
We recently went through the whole process of dealing with my mother-in-law’s possessions after her death. I was grateful for the decluttering and downsizing we’d already done over the past few years. I will be sharing about this process in upcoming podcasts, but first I decided it was important to talk about the realities of […]The post 218: Wishing Someone Would Declutter Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
The All or Nothing Mentality doesn’t help! And it’s a great excuse for me to avoid doing things I should be doing. I’m talking about applying it to the small things and how that keeps my house from getting out of control. I also share how avoiding this mentality and just doing SOMETHING helps me […]The post 217: It’s Never Always All or Nothing Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
  Summer vacation is here! Along with a lack of routine come the delusions that I’ll have SO MUCH TIME to get things done! After many years of finding myself frustrated that this magical “free time” wasn’t as productive as I assumed it would be, I figured out what I was doing wrong and what […]The post 216: The Free Time Delusion Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I’m talking about Decluttering Momentum, how and why to focus on building it, and the impact it will make once you feel it happening. Also, Decluttering Chops. Or Decluttering Muscles. Or honestly, Decluttering Confidence. I’m telling you, decluttering is a skill that can be learned, practiced and refined. Links: Patreon My books.  Sponsors: Shop […]The post 215: Building Decluttering Momentum and Decluttering CHOPS Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
Donating hangups are real. Things like: WHERE DO I PUT my Donate Boxes? And what about all the options for the very best ways to get rid of all the different things? I get it, and I’m addressing some questions today. Sponsor: A Slob Comes Clean listeners get 10% off your first month with […]The post 214: Donation Hangups and Hesitations Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I’m answering some questions today: How can I get projects done (like spring garage clean out, etc.) when it seems like I can barely keep up? How do I handle extended family who don’t understand your decluttering efforts? How do you best handle receiving gifts that you don’t want in your home? What are your […]The post 213: Big Tasks/Projects, Family Who Doesn’t Understand, and More Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
Comments (12)

Emmy Husfloen

I would also like to hear about tips on emptying out/switching purses

Oct 6th

Katie Kohlstedt

I'm a newer listener and love your podcast! This episode is great, however you never said what your husband's name is! I'm curious.... 😊

Jun 19th

Clean With Me

I’ve really enjoyed Dana’s recent episodes. I mention her on my show sometimes. Check mine out once you’re caught up on a Slob Comes Clean. My show is called “Clean With Me.”

May 8th

Lynnell Christensen

Here's another idea about what to do about the painting. Cut out the faces of your husband and his sister in a size that is easily frameable. Those two pieces will probably be a lot smaller and you can find a place in your house to display them. then throw the rest of the painting away! or take a high-quality photograph of each face in the painting, frame those and throw the painting away.

Feb 16th

Sarah Iozzio

Why aren't your husband and kids helping you clean these huge messes? Are you the only one making the mess?

Jan 17th

Clean With Me

I just realized I’ve been listening for at least 4 years!

Dec 3rd

Judith Griffin

am late finding you, am really feeling close to you in similarities

Nov 21st

Darren Darrens

I thought this one would be about drugs. The pros and cons, or ins and outs of instant pot

Sep 7th

Batsheba For President

This episode is truly meaningful. Full of philosophies that I could apply surprisingly even on my career path apart from being organized. Being organized is extremely hard for me and I'm surprised why not more people talk about it or even nerd out with lets say with the thibgs that they buy to be file things, to be more organized, declutter, and cleaning. I used to be (all the time) the girl who wants to dig out that one rock at the very back of my shelf, but it's remarkable what the podcaster went through while she was going through the archaelogical dig. Thank you so much! And volunteering with your kids on archaelogical digs is one of the most exciting things a mom could do!

Jul 3rd


I loved this podcast up until this episode. Please educate yourself on the ongoing apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and occupation of Palestinians. I will no longer be listening to this podcast.

Jun 22nd
Reply (1)

Margaret Garman

Love your podcasts. They have really helped me understand myself and my habits.

Mar 20th
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