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Author: Dana K. White

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Nony (Dana K White) from shares reality-based cleaning and organizing tips based on her own deslobification process. As she finds ways to keep her own home under control and combat "Slob Vision" she shares cleaning, decluttering, and organizing strategies, that work in real life. And she's funny.
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I’m talking with Liza today. (Actually, back in January.) Things we discussed in this episode: How the “take it there now” decluttering strategy is a game-changer for her because of the chronic illness and exhaustion she faces. Helping kids embrace the decluttering mindset in a way that doesn’t traumatize them. I also answer this question: […] The post 250: Decluttering with Chronic Illness and Exhaustion Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
Are you tackling (or do you need to tackle) your messy bedroom? I’m talking through the process in this podcast episode. Sign up for my newsletter. Become a patron. Sponsor: A Slob Comes Clean listeners get 10% off your first month with discount code CLEAN. Sponsor: Instantly download your free pantry & freezer meal […] The post 249: How to Clean Your Bedroom Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
Adjusting to schedule changes is HARD!! There are so many different things you CAN do that sometimes the day goes by and it feels like none of it happened. Here are my tips for making things work when you’re adjusting to a new routine of working from home, and combining different responsibilities. Links Mentioned: Be […] The post 248: How to Get Work Done Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
Well, life is pretty bananas for all of us right now. In this podcast episode, I’m sharing some mental decluttering roadblocks I’ve been surprised to be facing, how I’m talking myself through them, and my best advice for making the most of this unexpected decluttering time, even if you have some of the same challenges. […] The post 247: Decluttering in Uncertain Times Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I answer these questions in today’s strategy session: I’m constantly starting over because we fall off the bandwagon. We keep hopping back on, though. Do you think we’ll ever make enough progress that way to make a difference?  How do you manage your time? I’m constantly on the go, and I want to better manage […] The post 246: Time Management – Even with Unpredictable Schedules Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I recently re-decluttered my closet, and I was RUTHLESS. Re-decluttering will do that. I am SO pleased with the results, so I shared some decisions I made about decluttering entire categories of things that I’d kept for years. Links Mentioned: Be a patron of the show!  My books Sponsor: Get a free two week trial […] The post 245: Ruthless Re-Decluttering Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
In this podcast, I’m refocusing on the absolute basics of getting your house under control and keeping it under control. These are the basic household tasks, and I’m sharing how they work and how they work together. Building these cleaning habits will help you finally make progress, maintain progress, and survive even the craziest of […] The post 244: The Basics – Getting Started or Getting Back Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
Do you stress out when you start making progress? Does it sometimes feel like you’re LESS able to relax when you are focused on improving your home? Does  your family’s clutter drive you bananas? I’m talking about chilling out. And not just encouraging you to, but giving concrete examples of how to not go so […] The post 243: How to Chill Out About (and in) Your Home Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
In this episode I answer these questions: What do you do when you assign a habit to someone else and they drop it? And how do you handle kids (or others) making a mess of an area you just decluttered? How do you deal with an area full of things we don’t use much, but […] The post 242: Decluttering Useful Stuff and Difficult Decisions Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
If you decluttered last month, there’s a chance you need to take some time this month to get that stuff completely out of your house! I’m talking about ways to get rid of clutter, and the pros and cons of each, and how to decide which ways are best for you. How to Get Rid […] The post 241: How to Get Rid of Your Stuff (or Clutter, or JUNK) Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
Ever get frustrated because you work hard on the house but no one notices? Want credit for what you’ve done? I get it. But it’s a mindset I had to eliminate to make real progress. I’m talking about how to get over that, and what to focus on in your home to up the chances […] The post 240: Getting Credit for Your Housekeeping Effort Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I did a strategy session with Ronanda and discussed working the habits into her recently (and completely) changed routine and the challenges of having extra space and the temptations that brings. Be a patron of the show!  My books       --Nony The post 239: The Allure of Extra Space & The Challenge of New Schedules Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I only have two decluttering questions. They are designed to help me work through large amounts of clutter in minimal time without emotions. The second question is “If I needed this item, would it ever occur to me that I already had one?” It’s basically a reality check. I’m talking today about the what ifs […] The post 238: Stopping the What Ifs – Diving into Decluttering Question 2 Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
My people (whom I call my people because they tell me we think the same way) tend to have a lot of different “issues” that make getting started decluttering harder than it should be. I’ve had to learn to get over these issues, and my job is helping you get over them, too. One specific […] The post 237: What “Counts” as Decluttering? Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
It’s not only a new year, but a new decade! With the excitement, are you ready and determined to declutter?? I’m talking about essential mindset changes that will help you make real progress as you work in your home. My books Patreon For the month of January, 2020, the code JANUARY20 will take off $15, […] The post 236: Mindsets for Major Changes – Decluttering Progress in the New Year (Decade) Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I love this episode! Maddy shares how she used my decluttering strategies to clear out her garage that was being used for storage! I love hearing about how she has been able to declutter while living with a very busy and stressful work schedule. We discussed procrasticlutter, sentimental clutter, and making progress in craft and […] The post 235: Decluttering (Purposeful and Accidental) Storage Spaces Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I’m answering this question: What do I do once the 28 Days steps are under control? I’m talking this week about how to keep going. Where do you focus your efforts once the basics are no longer completely overwhelming? Sponsor: Get 20% OFF your first order! Sponsor: Get a free two week trial of […] The post 234: What Happens After the Basic Habits are Under Control? appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I’m sharing ideas for decluttering before the influx of Christmas! I asked YOU for your ideas for getting old stuff (toys, specifically) out before Christmas. Mentioned in this podcast: Facebook Instagram My books Patreon Sponsors: Go to and get 15% off your first purchase! A Slob Comes Clean listeners get 10% off your […] The post 233: The Pre-Christmas Purge Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I was already thinking about change after experiencing the HUGE difference in my home and in my stress-levels this Thanksgiving compared to ones I hosted before I started my deslobification process. Then I got a question about whether “we” can actually change. Those of us who naturally struggle with this stuff. So I added in […] The post 232: Is Change Possible for “Us”? Podcast appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
I’m so excited to be trying something new! I’m talking with Elizabeth about her unique cleaning and decluttering struggle points, and helping her with some ideas for strategies. We talk about: Staying on top of daily habits when your schedule is irregular. Dealing with toy clutter when your kids are over-attached to everything. How to […] The post 231: Helping Kids Declutter, Cleaning with Irregular Schedules & More appeared first on A Slob Comes Clean.
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We got rid of our coffee table in the living room, when I realized that its chief function was to be the place we dropped things and then left them. Getting rid of that piece of furniture was a huge help in getting my living room clutter under control.

Apr 3rd

Judy Parkhurst Fitzgerald

enjoying the podcast. seeing that there is hope for me

Feb 22nd

Tara Bradshaw

😲 I'm so glad I am hearing this now: that I will not be decluttering my house once and for all. I love your podcast. Even though I'm 5 years behind. 💜

Feb 20th

Emmy Husfloen

I would also like to hear about tips on emptying out/switching purses

Oct 6th

Katie Kohlstedt

I'm a newer listener and love your podcast! This episode is great, however you never said what your husband's name is! I'm curious.... 😊

Jun 19th

Clean With Me

I’ve really enjoyed Dana’s recent episodes. I mention her on my show sometimes. Check mine out once you’re caught up on a Slob Comes Clean. My show is called “Clean With Me.”

May 8th

Lynnell Christensen

Here's another idea about what to do about the painting. Cut out the faces of your husband and his sister in a size that is easily frameable. Those two pieces will probably be a lot smaller and you can find a place in your house to display them. then throw the rest of the painting away! or take a high-quality photograph of each face in the painting, frame those and throw the painting away.

Feb 16th

Sarah Iozzio

Why aren't your husband and kids helping you clean these huge messes? Are you the only one making the mess?

Jan 17th

Clean With Me

I just realized I’ve been listening for at least 4 years!

Dec 3rd

Judith Griffin

am late finding you, am really feeling close to you in similarities

Nov 21st

Darren Darrens

I thought this one would be about drugs. The pros and cons, or ins and outs of instant pot

Sep 7th

Batsheba For President

This episode is truly meaningful. Full of philosophies that I could apply surprisingly even on my career path apart from being organized. Being organized is extremely hard for me and I'm surprised why not more people talk about it or even nerd out with lets say with the thibgs that they buy to be file things, to be more organized, declutter, and cleaning. I used to be (all the time) the girl who wants to dig out that one rock at the very back of my shelf, but it's remarkable what the podcaster went through while she was going through the archaelogical dig. Thank you so much! And volunteering with your kids on archaelogical digs is one of the most exciting things a mom could do!

Jul 3rd


I loved this podcast up until this episode. Please educate yourself on the ongoing apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and occupation of Palestinians. I will no longer be listening to this podcast.

Jun 22nd
Reply (1)

Margaret Garman

Love your podcasts. They have really helped me understand myself and my habits.

Mar 20th
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