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A Swift Kick In The Ass

Author: John W. Curren

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A Swift Kick In The Ass, is a podcast about the forces that motivate us to create positive personal change. The thought provoking show discusses strategies to help the ordinary person achieve extraordinary change. The show was started in 2014 being hosted by lifelong friends John W. Curren and Tom Stewart. Tom died of brain cancer on 9/16/2020. John continues the quest to disrupt conventional thinking and find true freedom through living life on his terms.
116 Episodes
In this episode, John talks about the Best approach to recreating your life. Warning: This episode will get your ass moving on a path of positive change.  
In this episode, you are going to get your a$$ moving because it is time to get rid of what doesn't serve you. Don't miss it.
In this episode, John talks about the key to developing a role in life that gets you closer to living on your terms. John's role as host is definitely not Memorex. Find out why...
Join John as he tells of the censorship he now faces from Facebook after 8 years without a problem. Do we stand up fall down and not get up? Take a listen and help John keep his voice. Spread the word.. Thank you.
In this episode, John talks about the crossroads we come across every day and how just a little time can put you on a path that has more agreeable terms than you could ever imagine. Join the journey and get your ass moving.
In today's episode, John talks about not taking life too seriously and acknowledging the terms that have been handed you.
ASKITA !06: Passivity

ASKITA !06: Passivity


In this episode of ASKITA, John talks about the benefits of just sitting on your keester versus taking action.  So get your ASS moving and take a listen. You may never think the same again. Unless you are offended by the word ass..then please move along.
In this episode, John talks about ways we can kill our dreams by making them come true. It's not BS but rather a framework that helps connect the possibility to reality. Don't miss it!
John elaborates on the difference between going through a problem, challenge, or difficulty and going around them means. He also offers some suggestions on how to approach whatever your are facing.
Tom lost his battle to brain cancer on August 16th, Please attend his memorial service by registering at the site below. Rest in Peace my Friend.
Tommy is back at the mic with his longtime childhood friend, John for this inspiring episode where they discuss how Tom is "Smiling Back at Death". Whether you are healthy or facing a serious illness, this episode is aiming straight for your keester to get you motivated and living life the best you can given the terms handed to you,.
With Tom assuring everyone that he'll be back in future episodes, John discusses how we choose our emotions and how to embrace the suck when there is little else you can do offering ways he copes with things he can't change.
This episode is not for the faint of heart. You may cringe as John shares a very personal challenge to the terms of his life. 
In this episode talks about what he has been doing, where he is at and what he is doing about Facebook censoring the name of the podcast. Will this be the end?  Take a listen.
It's time to get your ass moving! John talks about how to be king (or queen) of the chaos of the world rather than a pawn. Don't miss this thought-provoking episode about how he overcame his depression, anxiety and grief through sitting still and looking inward.
On this episode of ASKITA, John lays out ways for a person to pivot the terms of life they are trying to change and to focus on arriving rather than just wandering. Don't miss this episode!
In this episode, John talks about the nature of change and how to snowball the change you want in your life. Here is your opportunity to take one step forward in a Life lived on your terms.
In this episode, John says goodbye to Tommy and provides Tommy's last lesson. Without Tom. what will happen? Listen and find out.
In this episode, Tommy and John talk about the vulnerabilities we all face and what you can do about it to negotiate better terms for yourself and others.
John and Tom blend old and new in an episode that celebrates the longtime childhood friend's journey so far. Get caught up on how Tom is doing and take a walk down memory lane while having a laugh a two.
Comments (14)

Samantha Meyer

so sorry for your loss

Aug 24th

Samantha Meyer

missing the podcast, hope everything is okay!

Sep 11th
Reply (1)

Another great episode. However the link between thought and feeling and how the former influences the latter could have been highlighted more.

Jun 10th
Reply (1)

Peter Granwal

great no. 1

May 17th

Samantha Meyer

John, could you learn to not speak over Tom so much. It's like you feel the need to get the last word in, even when you have nothing to say. should have let Tom speak more about what he's going through and how he's dealing with it. It was so irritating listening to you interrupt him

Jan 22nd
Reply (1)

Linh Nguyen

Stay strong brother. Your story is one of strength and courage. You have definitely inspired me to look at my life more positively.

Sep 4th
Reply (1)

Ward Black

stay strong. happy healing. cbd is amazing.

Aug 11th


very honest and genuine people great pod cast

Aug 6th

tom barret

some 40yr old dude, in his mom's basement, giving life advice.

Jul 14th
Reply (1)
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