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A Swift Kick In The Ass

Author: Tom Stewart and John W. Curren

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A Swift Kick In The Ass, is a podcast about positive personal change. The thought provoking show discusses strategies to help the ordinary person achieve extraordinary change. Hosted by lifelong friends John W. Curren and Tom Stewart who are on a quest to disrupt conventional thinking and find true freedom by living life on their own terms.
93 Episodes
Comments (6)

Samantha Meyer

John, could you learn to not speak over Tom so much. It's like you feel the need to get the last word in, even when you have nothing to say. should have let Tom speak more about what he's going through and how he's dealing with it. It was so irritating listening to you interrupt him

Jan 22nd

Linh Nguyen

Stay strong brother. Your story is one of strength and courage. You have definitely inspired me to look at my life more positively.

Sep 4th

Ward Black

stay strong. happy healing. cbd is amazing.

Aug 11th


very honest and genuine people great pod cast

Aug 6th

tom barret

some 40yr old dude, in his mom's basement, giving life advice.

Jul 14th

John Curren

tom barret Obviously, you have never listened to the show.

Jan 14th
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