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A Teen's Perspective
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A Teen's Perspective

Author: Dr. RJ

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A show for parents of teenagers. Each week, I interview teens so they can share their experiences growing up in today's world.
71 Episodes
Pornography will impact 90% of teens before the age of 18. Dr. RJ tackles this taboo topic.
As a life coach, Dr. RJ gives teens a strategy to prevent the negative effects of bullying.
Dr. RJ coaches teens on the different strategies to use to experience an amazing summer.
Dr. RJ shares secrets to motivating teenagers with parents all over the US.
Teens share their overall satisfaction with life. Dr. RJ helps them see life differently.
Dr. RJ teaches strategies to help teens improve their quality of life by dealing with their responsibilities.
Dr. RJ teaches strategies to help teens overcome the destructive thoughts that follow bullying.
Dr. RJ helps teens with understanding rules and how they can have a hand in improving them.
Often times, teenagers identify with being lazy. They do not feel like doing their homework. Many do not feel like exercising, and some feel too lazy to hangout with friends. Dr. RJ shares a secret tool that will help any teen overcome laziness.
Dr. RJ shares how "positive" emotions can lead to success and how to quickly overcome "negative" emotions.
Dr. RJ helps over 200 teenagers identify and change a belief that limits their overall success and happiness.
Dr. RJ shares coaching techniques on how to increase their likability. 
Dr. RJ helps teens learn how changing their mindset can change their lives.
Dr. RJ discusses one of the most common goals for any teenager.
Dr. RJ helps teens learn how to avoid allowing their past to limit their success.
Dr. RJ helps teenagers change the way the way they think about time.
Dr. RJ teaches teenagers how to identify areas that are holding them back from accomplishing their goals.
Dr. RJ teaches teenagers how to release their anger so that they can accomplish their goals.
Dr. RJ teaches teenagers how to improve their lives by changing their perception when it comes to the relationship with their parents.
Dr. RJ teaches teenagers how to handle certain situations by choosing any of these 5 strategies.
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