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A Teen's Perspective

Author: Dr. RJ

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A show for parents of teenagers. Each week, I interview teens so they can share their experiences growing up in today's world.
25 Episodes
Q&A with Dr. RJ

Q&A with Dr. RJ


Dr. RJ answers questions from parents in his Facebook Group, A Teen's Perspective. You may join at the following link:
Listen as this 18 year old shares her experiences with homeschooling in high school and graduating during the times of social distancing.
In this episode, Dr. RJ shares another one of his group coaching sessions. In this coaching session, one teenager shares her frustration about arguing with her parents often.
Listen as this high schooler shares his own views about Covid-19 and racial discrimination in America.
Listen as this 13 year old discusses how Covid-19 has impacted her relationship with her brother.
In this episode, Dr. RJ shares one of his group coaching sessions. In this session, they discuss how certain emotions such as anger, can hinder their success while other emotions will help them reach their goals.
Listen as this 18-year-old college student talks about the one time she attempted to commit suicide.
Listen as this 14 year old shares how and why he decides to spread positivity during these unprecedented times.
Greg Brown III

Greg Brown III


Listen as the #8 basketball player in the nation shares his experiences going from a tall and skinny mediocre player nicknamed "Bambi" to becoming one of the top players in the world.
Listen as two friends discuss the challenges with following their passion while keeping up with schoolwork.
Listen as Super Woman shares her experience growing up without her father in her life. You will hear how difficult it was for her in kindergarten, but you will also discover the one thing that helped her eventually find peace.
Our guest shares her story about growing up without her father, and having a mother who is addicted to drugs. Discover how she continues to overcome her family’s dysfunction.
Listen as Riley shares about the time she received the most devastating news that any teen could hear.
Listen, as this freshman in high school overcame the disadvantage of being short when playing his favorite sport.
This 17 year old female shares her experience with teenage life and a difficult situation with her best friend.
Listen when Elijah shares how he discovered a disability in his first year of college
Listen as a 14 year old freshman in high school shares her story about how she overcame depression and self harm.
This high schooler shares his perspective about parenting, education, and success. Also listen as he gives a peak in to his internal struggle between pursing a path for financial gain vs a path of fun and excitement.
Listen, as this freshman in high school shares her experience trying out for one of the top dance teams in the nation.
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