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A Very Fatal Murder

Author: The Onion

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A Very Fatal Murder sends Onion Public Radio (OPR) correspondent David Pascall from New York City to the sleepy town of Bluff Springs, Nebraska to investigate the mysterious death of a 17-year-old girl, Hayley Price. Hayley was a popular, smart animal lover, with a bright future ahead of her. Everyone in town knew her name, and now everyone in town is a suspect. Join David as he works to understand why the initial investigation of Hayley’s death failed, and how a very inquisitive and Pulitzer-hungry podcast host might shed new light on the case.

8 Episodes
From The Onion and Onion Public Radio (OPR), A Very Fatal Murder takes one intrepid podcaster, David Pascall, to the sleepy town of Bluff Springs, Nebraska to explore the unsolved murder of Haley Price, a really hot white girl. The first episode premieres February 5th.
Onion Public Radio reporter David Pascall, who has long searched for the most resonant true-crime podcast that is also about middle America, heads to Bluff Springs, NE where the small town is reeling from the death of 17-year-old Hayley Price.
David conducts preliminary interviews with those connected to the murder of Hayley Price.
Episode 3: Calloway Day

Episode 3: Calloway Day


David attends Calloway Day to see exactly how middle-class America celebrates what little they have, and to see just how deep a hold W.O. Calloway has on the townspeople of Bluff Springs.
David recruits Onion Public Radio’s robust team of interns to recreate the night of Hayley Price’s murder in order to determine once and for all if a person can really die from a simultaneous gunshot-stabbing-strangling-drowning. Plus: A major twist.
In the first part of an extra-long and incredibly poignant episode of “A Very Fatal Murder,” David returns to the Bluff Springs Police Department to search the evidence locker in hopes of finding the long-lost key to Hayley Price’s Murder.
David finally confronts W.O. Calloway about the murder of Hayley Price.
In the finale of “A Very Fatal Murder,” David returns to where it all began to finally solve the murder of Hayley Price.
Comments (91)

Yasmine C

This is a hilarious satire, brought to you by the Onion. The people that left negative reviews didn't seem to realize this was satirical. I would describe it as deadpan humor, or as a mockumentary because it tries to mimic news segments you would hear on NPR.

May 3rd

ray pacheco

OMG! At first I was befuddled by the unsympathetic comments about the murder, because I was expecting a crime show. Then, when I realized it was meant to be perceived as a witticism, I could not stop laughing.

Apr 17th


Even though this is fake, it's still distasteful to me. I normally enjoy satire, but this was just a little too callous. I know murder mysteries intregue and entertain us, but making fun of murder and victims to this extent feels too derisive to all the real murders and victims out there.

Jan 11th

Kim Wilson

So funny! The adverts were hysterical

Nov 6th

Brooke Venning

I weep for the future. What kind of complete idiot doesn't understand that this is SATIRE?! 🤔😂😂

Sep 12th

d o m

listen to This Sounds Serious if you liked this

Aug 3rd

mary finstad

hard pass. so lame.

Jul 1st

Christy Lou

Not my cup of!

Apr 2nd


I got through 2 1/2 episodes... it's terrible! podcasting is not for you dude! it's like a combination of S-town and Serial but with hired actors pretending and very badly at that. Plus no one would tell a crying mother her tears are coming through the mic good or hand her a paper advertisement to read.

Mar 27th

Lamia Mehreen

its in the style of 'the root of evil' podcast. lol so funny

Mar 19th

Nathan Miller

If it's a real case then this podcast is horrible! you cant make murder funny and being an asshole to the victims friends and family is unappealing. And if it is fake why would I even waste time listening to it?

Mar 7th
Reply (3)

Luscious Leftfoot

Hilarious. Omg. Hilarious

Jan 13th

Adam Barber

loved it funny as f*ck 😜😜😜😜😜

Jan 9th

Ari Christine

anybody asking if this is real: it's the Onion.

Dec 27th


absolutely horrible. what the hell is wrong with the people writing this!?

Dec 12th
Reply (1)


Some people take life too seriously, this is funny as hell.

Dec 6th

Allison Dorothy

I hope Sarah Koenig has heard this.

Dec 6th

Bill Winchip

wow! what a twist at the end! Spoiler alert: I did it.

Nov 24th

Dave Wright

A good, quick bit of fun! 😅

Nov 11th

Emily Simpson

on my god 😂😂

Oct 24th
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