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Do you ever wonder about the history you've missed? The new A.D. History Podcast explores the last 2000 years of history in a whole new way. The post Introducing the A.D. History Podcast appeared first on TGNR.
The world baby Jesus was born into was more turbulent than we realize, and Wang Mang’s rise in the Han Dynasty would make Machiavelli proud. The post The World of Baby Jesus & Rise of Wang Mang | 1AD -10AD appeared first on TGNR.
In episode 2, 11AD - 20AD, Paul and Patrick explore the Xin Dynasty of Wang Mang, the death of Augustus, and end of the Roman Republic. The post The Death of Wang Mang, Augustus, and the Roman Republic | 11AD – 20AD appeared first on TGNR.
In episode 3 of the A.D. History Podcast, we probe the Germanicus murder cold case, and see the Roman world in Strabo's The Geography. The post Murder of Germanicus Cold Case & Strabo’s The Geography | 21AD – 30AD appeared first on TGNR.
In today’s A.D. History Podcast, we probe what historians know about the historical Jesus. As well as learn the origins of the Kushan Empire. The post Historical Jesus: What Do We Know? & Founding the Kushan Empire | 31AD – 40AD appeared first on TGNR.
Did Roman emperor Caligula suffer from mental illness? Guest Kristen E. Strubberg explores further. Also, why did Rome finally invade Britain? The post Caligula: Truly a Mad Emperor? & Roman Conquest of Britain | 41AD – 50AD Feat. Kristen E. Strubberg appeared first on TGNR.
Boudicca's resistance against Rome remains British legend. Yet the Aeolipile - the first steam engine 2,000 years ago - remains obscure. The post Boudicca Resists Rome & The Aeolipile: The Unknown FIRST Steam Engine | 51AD – 60AD appeared first on TGNR.
Buddhism's arrival in China forever changes Chinese culture, and Halley's Comet playing a unique role in the First Jewish-Roman War. The post Buddhism Arrives in China & Halley’s Comet in the First Jewish-Roman War | 61AD – 70AD appeared first on TGNR.
When the Romans destroy the Second Temple of Jerusalem, and successfully siege Masada; they celebrate by building the famed Roman Colosseum. The post Second Temple Destruction, Siege of Masada Fortress & Roman Colosseum Construction | 71AD – 80AD appeared first on TGNR.
How close did Rome come to invading Ireland? Also, how did Domitian create his Roman despotism? We are joined by guest J.J. McCullough. The post Rome Eyes Ireland & Domitian the Despot | 81AD – 90AD Feat. J.J. McCullough appeared first on TGNR.
Trajan is one of Rome's "Five Good Emperors,” and his shocking common touch set him apart. While the Kushan Empire formally contacts China. The post Trajan: The People’s Emperor? & Kushan Empire Contact with Han China | 91AD-100AD appeared first on TGNR.
From the Vietnamese Trung sisters, the fate of Pompeii, and fire of Rome; Paul and Patrick cover what they missed in the 1st Century A.D.! The post Trung Sisters, Destruction of Pompeii & More! | What We Missed 1st Century A.D. appeared first on TGNR.
Paul & Patrick are joined by Ryan Stitt to explore the relationship between Rome and Ancient Greece; and also delve into the Hopewell Tradition. The post What Was The Relationship Like Between Rome & Ancient Greece? & Exploring the Hopewell Tradition | 101AD-110AD Feat. Ryan Stitt appeared first on TGNR.
This episode of A.D. History is sponsored by NordVPN. Go to and use code ADHISTORY to get 68% off a 2-year plan, plus 1 additional month free. Learn how a VPN works: The Kama Sutra is a greatly misunderstood book today; a true history almost unknown. We also explore an architectural marvel of the Pantheon. The post Kama Sutra: The TRUE Story & The Enduring Roman Pantheon | 111AD-120AD appeared first on TGNR.
Today Paul and Patrick examine why Hadrian built his wall, and introduce the Chinese Renaissance man, Zhang Heng. The post Hadrian Builds a Wall & Zhang Heng: China’s da Vinci? | 121AD-130AD appeared first on TGNR.
Special Black Friday deal! Go to and use code ADHISTORY to get 68% off a 2 year plan plus 4 additional months free. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee! Learn how a VPN works: Did the Jewish people ever have a chance to return to Jerusalem under Roman Rule? Was Hadrian as good an emperor as he's often made out to be? Well, do we have a story and interview for you! The post The Kitos War & Bar Kokhba Revolt | 131AD-140AD F/ Sam Aronow appeared first on TGNR.
Special Holiday deal! Go to and use code ADHISTORY to get 68% off a 2 year plan plus 4 additional months free. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee! Learn how a VPN works: Juvenal the Satirist gives a look at Rome's underbelly, & we solve how we got the idea of the Five Good Emperors - with surprising results. The post Juvenal The Satirist & How The Hell We Got The Five Good Emperors | 141AD-150AD appeared first on TGNR.
For the holiday season we debut the series "A.D. HISTORY WATCHES," reviewing as historians the satire classic "Monty Python's Life of Brian." The post Monty Python’s Life of Brian REVIEW | A.D. HISTORY WATCHES appeared first on TGNR.
Paul and Patrick answer the question: Who Wrote the Gospels? While exploring Marcion of Sinope inspiring the idea of a New Testament canon. The post Who Wrote the Gospels? | 151AD-160AD appeared first on TGNR.
Go to and use code ADHISTORY to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount. It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee! We see how Rome fought the Antonine Plague compared to COVID-19 today, and uncover the unusual relationship between Rome & Han Dynasty China. The post Antonine Plague Vs. Today & What Was The Relationship Between Rome and Han Dynasty China? | 161AD-170AD appeared first on TGNR.
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Jason Simon

what is TGR

Nov 10th
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Jason Simon

I'm first, ok now seriously I have been very interested in the history and culture around Jesus birth but it is difficult to find this info

Nov 10th

Gray Matter

Great Podcast! Can't wait to listen to every episode :) Thank you.

Aug 17th
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