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AADOM Radio-THE Podcast For Dental Managers

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For AADOM members on the go! AADOM radio is a great resource for dental management learning anytime, anywhere! Built with the busy manager's schedule in mind, keep up-to-date on topics ranging from:

Systems to Work life Balance
Published Observer Articles - Narrated for your listening and learning mindset.

AADOM Radio - THE podcast for dental managers and dental business professionals.

42 Episodes
AADOM Radio & Care Credit Present:Judy Kay MausolfPodcast Summary:Have you ever thought, my life would be so much better if it weren’t for…! You fill in the blank. Do your thoughts pertain to circumstances or other people? What if I told you that having a better life has little to do with our circumstances or other people? That it is our mindset that determines our quality of life.Today I will share 3 core concepts to help you live a better life. I created acronyms to make them easier to remember. 😊Learning Objectives:• B.O.A.T. to deal with difficult people• C.O.W. to deal with difficult circumstances in life• S.P.F. to become happierMore About Judy:Judy Kay Mausolf is a speaker, author and dental culture specialist with expertise in helping others get happier and more successful! She coaches dentists and their teams how to become better leaders, communicate effectively, work together better and deliver service with more focus and passion which result in cultivating a happier, healthier and higher performing culture.She is Past President of National Speakers Association (Minnesota Chapter), Director of Sponsoring Partners for the Speaking Consulting Network and a member of the National Speakers Association and Academy of Dental Management Consultants and recognized as a leader in consulting by Dentistry Today. She is author of two books; “TA-DAH! And “Rise & Shine!”, and a contributing author for many dental magazines. She also publishes a monthly newsletter entitled “Show Your Shine”.Judy Kay lives in MN with her awesome husband Steve who makes her special coffee every morning and Zoe…it’s all about me, 7 pound Yorkie!More About Care Credit:www.carecredit.comMore About
AADOM Radio & Roadside Dental Marketing Present:Angela ByrnesPodcast Summary:Angela will share how to ensure your website doesn't just sit stagnant - rather, how to get it WORKING for you and WINNING more new patients!Learning Objectives:Benefits of adding content marketing to your overall SEO and marketing strategyHow content and SEO are closely relatedHow content ultimately impacts new patient goals and treatment acceptance goalsThe impact of social media and links on your overall goalsMore About Angela:Having spent 23+ years in the dental industry, Angela earned her stripes dental assisting, managing, and leading high production at multi-doctor practices. Eventually, she narrowed in on her knack for practice management and consulting. Since consulting and marketing ran strong in her veins, she gravitated toward Roadside's philosophy of creating simple, practical marketing solutions to help practices grow.More About Roadside Dental Marketing:www.roadsidedentalmarketing.comMore About
AADOM Radio & Lighthouse360 Present:Martin KearnsDirector of Partnerships & EventsPODCAST SUMMARY:•In survey after survey, we’ve heard dental office managers report that the number of tasks they’re being asked to absorb in the practice is increasing – and that in most cases with no increase in staff to support the growing to-do list.•Proof point from our 2017 survey: In 70% of offices, front desk responsibilities have increased over the last two years. At the same time, in 63% of practices, staff has stayed the same or decreased.•In addition, dental office managers are running a living, breathing practice – and need to stay focused on patients in the practice and the countless unforeseen issues that arise every day.•And even though most practices today are using some form of patient communication software, a large number of them are underutilizing the features – or don’t realize there are brand new features out there that can take more off their plate.KEY OBJECTIVES:Learn about some of key areas where you can automate some of the key functions in your practice.MORE ABOUT MARTIN:Martin Kearns is Director of Partnerships and Events at Lighthouse 360. Martin joined the company in February of 2011 and has held several leadership positions in Strategic Partnerships, Business Development and Trade Show Sales. His tenure in these various roles with the company have given Martin the opportunity to contribute his expertise as a guest speaker, panel moderator and co-host at various seminars for dental professionals. In addition to co-hosting partner webinars and podcasts, his team represents Lighthouse at over 75 dental events each year throughout the US and Canada. Most recently, he has presented at the Dental Integrators Association, Small Business Expo and Steinway Dental Study Group. Martin holds a Bachelor of Science in Operations Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He lives in Mineola, NY with his wife, Annie, and their four children.Learn More about Lighthouse360:www.lh360.comLearn More about
AADOM Radio & Henry Schein Present:Elizabeth IversonPodcast Summary:The business office and front office Team are the engines behind the goals of the office. The clinical team have to be the coal to stoke that engine. Zones are the only way to assure the business goals are meet one day at a time.Learning Objectives:How to calculate and create ZonesGuidelines to filling ZonesVerbal Skills to fill ZonesMore About Elizabeth:Elizabeth Iverson is an international speaker and respected authority on leadership and practice development. Since 1987 she been practicing dental hygiene, dentistry abroad, management consulting and speaking. Elizabeth has coached over 500 dental businesses increasing their productivity by maximizing their team’s potential while implementing the necessary systems and processes. She is now sharing her winning strategies through Henry Schein’s 360 Business Development coaching programs. As a speaker, she is thought provoking, straightforward and downright passionate.Learn More About Henry Schein:www.henryscheindental.comLearn More About
AADOM Radio & Kleer Present:CEO Dave MonahanPodcast Summary:You’ve seen it in articles. You’ve followed threads on discussion groups. It seems everyone is telling you if you are thinking about a Membership Plan for your practice, just do it yourself (DIY). It seems to make sense. You start asking yourself, “How hard could it be?” You start telling yourself, “I can save a lot of money doing it myself.”And you’re not totally wrong. If only have a very small number of uninsured patients coming to your practice, then the DIY approach could work for you. But if you are like most practices uninsured patients represent about 25% of your total patient base. At this point, managing a successful Membership Plan requires a ton of time and effort.The fact is, Office Managers already have enough on their plate and do not have the time in their schedule to build and run a scalable and successful in-house Membership Plan on their own. This is where partnering with a Membership Plan platform really makes sense.On this podcast Kleer CEO Dave Monahan will discuss how simple and easy implementing, building and managing a Membership Plan can be if you use a 3rd party platform.Dave will explain the benefits of using a 3rd party Membership Plan platform. He will reveal the must-have features of a successful Membership Plan, regardless of the platform. And he will review tips and best practices for implementing, launching and managing a successful Membership Plan using a 3rd party platform.Tune in to this podcast and you can then join in on the next discussion group thread on Membership Plans!Learning Objectives:The benefits of using a 3rd party Membership Plan platform.The must-have features of a successful Membership Plan, regardless of the and best practices for implementing, launching and managing a successful Membership Plan using a 3rd party platform.More About Dave:Dave Monahan is the CEO of Kleer and has a passion for creating technology-enabled businesses that improve people’s lives. Prior to joining Kleer, Dave served as the President and CEO of FitLinxx, a leader in the wearables market, where he created simple, affordable and connected wearable devices for the medical and sports markets. FitLinxx devices enabled patients to monitor and manage chronic conditions and athletes to monitor and improve their performance. FitLinxx partnered with over 50 leading fitness and health companies to embed Fitlinxx devices and data platform into customized applications.While at Microsoft from 1999 to 2006, Dave developed new product, market and partnering strategies that helped Microsoft and thousands of Microsoft partners enter new markets and grow.Dave is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and Loyola University, and resides in the Greater Philadelphia area. Dave is married and has 3 children, ages 12, 14 and 16. When Dave is not coaching or supporting his kids’ activities, he finds time to exercise, travel and play any sport or competitive activity that he or his friends can dream up.Learn More About Kleer:www.Kleer.comLearn More About
AADOM Radio & Futuredontics Present:Fred JoyalSummary:Dental office managers are the business-minded canaries in the coal mine who are the first to recognize when a practice needs to change in order to remain competitive. Recognizing that change is necessary is one thing. Knowing how to implement it is quite another.Join practice marketing expert Fred Joyal, co-founder of Futuredontics and 1-800-DENTIST, as he provides a step-by-step guide to transitioning your practice for new levels of success.Key Objectives:Help office managers understand that the business of dentistry is in a state of transition and only those practices that adapt to the new realities will continue to flourish.Demonstrate how the latest consumer trends affect patient acquisition and retention.Provide office managers with a blueprint for assessing their practice and identifying areas, services, etc. which will require change in order to remain competitive.Explain the importance of detailed reporting and list examples.Show how to identify growth opportunities by assessing the local competition.More About Fred:Recognized as the leading authority on dental practice marketing, Fred Joyal is best known for cofounding Futuredontics, the parent company of 1-800-DENTIST® and Named one of the “Top 10 Dental Pros in Social Media,” Fred is the author of two bestsellers, “Becoming Remarkable – Creating a Dental Practice Everyone Talks About,” and “Everything is Marketing: The Ultimate Strategy for Dental Practice Growth.” Fred blogs on the state of the dental industry at More About*Be Sure to Listen to the End of the Podcast as Fred Offers a Great Promotion for his New Video Course for AADOM Radio listeners.Learn More About
AADOM Radio & CareCredit Present:Penny ReedPodcast Summary:So much time, energy and effort goes into attracting and retaining patients as well as treatment planning. The financial discussion is the pivotal phase that converts a treatment “plan” into a “commitment.” How do we prepare our financial coordinators and our team to not only navigate these conversations but also convert them into scheduled and paid for treatment with happy patients?Tune in as Penny Reed, former office manager turned dental coach and speaker, shares the mindset, preparation and processes necessary to make your financial discussions as effortless as a “slam-dunk.”Learning Objectives:Preparation – It Begins with MindsetDo Your HomeworkThink Like A PatientFocus on Win/Win/WinMore About Penny:Penny Reed is a dental speaker, coach, and author of the book Growing Your Dental Business. She runs a company called the Dental Coaching Institute. Dentists hire her to grow their practices by 25% or more, while working fewer days, and creating an office culture where the entire team looks forward to coming to work every day. As a result of her work, clients share that their team is more energized, more productive, and embraces accountability in achieving results.Learn More About CareCredit:www.CareCredit.comLearn More About
AADOM Radio & Dental Intelligence PresentWeston LunsfordPodcast Summary:Would you believe practices that do a morning huddle outperform practices that don't by 30%? That’s right.The lowly morning huddle can be a “force multiplier,”meaning that participation in a huddle can improve almostevery part of your practice. Here are just a few of the manycommon issues that an effective huddle helps to resolve.-Holes in the schedule-Patients on the schedule with unscheduled treatment-Cancellations & no-shows-Team collaborationIn this podcast, we will share the morning huddle blueprint that will help you and your team do more and better dentistry.Learning Objectives:4 Principles of a successful morning huddle3 to 1 rule for employee feedbackHow to motivate your team with dataMore About Weston:Weston Lunsford, CEO of Dental Intelligence, loves helping people and teams to achieve their potential. This is his passion and focus. As co-founder and CEO, Weston leads a growing team committed to guiding dental practices in their efforts to master the business of dentistry. He especially enjoys meeting with and teaching practice owners, dentists, and other team members effective principles of success. A father of five, Weston loves spending time with his family on Lake Powell, mountain bike riding (including coaching a local high school team) and serving others in his local community.Learn More about Dental Intelligence:www.dentalintel.comA great tool from Dental Intel: More about
AADOM Radio & Henry Schein Dental Present:Tarah GrauerPodcast Summary:Getting the entire team on board with which specific office protocols and policies you are going to uphold, shows your employees that you respect their value and time, which permeates through and retrains your patients to feel and be treated the same.Learning Objectives:i. Track Recare rateii. Track BA/CAiii. Implement a BA/CA policyiv. Utilize the proper lists in your practice management softwareMore About Tarah:Tarah Grauer has over 16 years of experience in the dental industry as a practicing dental hygienist, office manager and dental assistant. After a successful clinical career, Tarah joined Henry Schein Dental as a practice development coach. She now provides coaching and systems implementation with a hands-on approach that increases production and reduces stress.More about Henry Schein Dental: about
AADOM Radio & Henry Schein One Presents:Brad Royer-Product Manager DentrixPodcast SummaryDuring this podcast, we will discuss what Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) means in general and the applications it has within the dental space. We'll cover the basic components of RCM and how you can adapt those concepts to your own practice. Finally, we'll talk about how incorporating simple steps and procedures from RCM best practices can have a big impact on the cash flow and profitability of your practice.Key Objectives-What RCM means to you in the dental industry-How RCM is important to both the solo practice and DSO alike.-How you can take advantage of RCM best practices to increase your bottom line.More About Brad:Brad is the Product Manager for our flagship product, Dentrix. Since joining Henry Schein One nearly 13 years ago, Brad has worked in Customer Support, Information Systems, Development, and Product Management. In his various positions, he has been a key contributor on projects such as the transfer to a new support knowledgebase, the setup of the data center in Massachusetts, the conversion from the ANSI 4010 to 5010 standards for our electronic claims, and the analysis and product management for Dentrix Ascend. As the Dentrix Product Manager, Brad is responsible for driving the overall business line for Dentrix.Learn More About Henry Schein One & Dentrix: or Call 833 471 7253Learn More About AADOM:
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