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In this podcast, the American Association for Respiratory Care discusses the respiratory therapy profession with experts from across the globe.
21 Episodes
We go behind the scenes of the AARC Program Committee. Volunteers and AARC staff join us for this one of a kind episode. We discuss upcoming events, request for proposals, and so much more. 
In this episode of AARC Perspectives, we speak with Georgianna Sergakis, Jessica Schweller, and Sarah Varekojis about APRT. Specifically, the program this team created together and what is included in the program. 
In this episode of AARC Perspectives we speak with David Gibson. David is a tobacco treatment specialist and has been an RT since 1990. We talk with David and discuss why it's important to take time for the caregiver. 
In this episode of AARC Perspectives, we talk with Krystal Craddock, MSRC, RRT, RRT-ACCS, RRT-NPS, AE-C, CCM, and dive into how her team celebrates RC week. She gives helpful ideas to managers and discusses why it’s important to celebrate year-round.
In today's episode, Andrew Klein discusses his respiratory therapy role as a clinical specialist. He defines the role and discusses how it was a good fit for his career path.
In this episode of AARC Perspectives, Jasmine Brown, MS, RRT, RRT-ACCS, COPD-Ed, CHSE, shares what it means to be an intentional patient advocate. She also discusses how this proactive measure will help in your efforts to deliver the best patient care. 
In this episode of AARC Perspectives, we chat with Aaron Light, DHSc, RRT, RRT-ACCS, FAARC, to learn how a Missouri community college evolved to offer a bachelor's degree in respiratory therapy.
In this episode of AARC Perspectives, we talk with Adam Levine, BSRT, RRT, and ECMO Specialist, who discusses his plan to run the virtual Boston Marathon to support his hospital community.LinksAdam's Facebook Donation PageAdam's GoFundMe page
In this episode of AARC Perspectives, we discuss the value and importance to staffing efficiency in RT departments. We'll also dive into a discussion of the new AARC Safe and Effective Staffing Guide, also known as The Guide.LinksThe Guide
In today's episode, AARC Perspectives discusses the respiratory therapy specialty of Ambulatory & Post-Acute Care. We also dive into the role of the COPD Navigator, as described by Adam Mullaly. Adam defines the specialty and gives a better insight into this newer RT Role opportunity. He also shares how he hopes the specialty will develop and grow in the coming years.LinksExploring Your Options: Ambulatory and Post-Acute CareIs the COPD Navigator Role Right for You?Growth Opportunity: More RTs are Becoming COPD NavigatorsRTs Make Positive Impact in COPD CareLearn More About the AARC Ambulatory & Post-Acute Care Specialty Section
In today's episode, AARC Perspectives discusses the topic of burnout with Jim Damron, MDiv, MBE, RRT. We explore what burnout is and how to recognize what stressors are causing it in your life. We also look at how the pandemic has ignited these stressors this past year. And finally, Jim shares suggestions for moving beyond burnout in helping you manage the life stressors that may be fueling this issue. Looking for more? AARC Newsroom interviewed Jim for an article about staying motivated: "Going the Distance: With All RTs Face, How Do You Keep Motivated?" Check it out!Learn more about Jim Damron on his website,
Marilyn Walton, MHHS, RRT, AE-C, RPSGT, joins AARC Perspectives to discuss what it takes to be an effective patient educator. She dives into asthma education experiences as well as shares key points when providing education virtually.Interested in the Asthma Educator Certification? Learn more at
In this episode, we talk with respiratory therapy student Aubree Kueny who discusses what it’s like to be an RT student during a pandemic. Aubree is an involved student member of the AARC and looks forward to her career as a respiratory therapist.In January 2021, Aubree wrote an article for the AARC Newsroom: Starting Your Career in Today’s World.
RT Life in the USAF

RT Life in the USAF


This latest episode of AARC Perspectives explores what life as a military respiratory therapist is like. Lisa Pickett, CMSgt, and Senior Airman Debora Delfin, RT, discuss the respiratory therapy career field in the U.S. Air Force, their experiences with COVID-19, and their recent achievement of being named Team of the Year in the USAF.Learn more about the USAF Team of the Year Award.
In this episode, we speak with Marcela Spraul, BSRT, RCP, who is a respiratory therapist working in Missouri; however, her career began in Colombia. Marcela discusses her experience as an international respiratory therapist working in the states, how she continues to support her home country of Colombia and international members worldwide. She’ll also discuss her experiences with COVID-19, both as a respiratory therapist and a patient. Learn More About the International Council for Respiratory Care
In today's episode, we're talking with Dr. Shawna Strickland as she shares her career journey with the AARC and now beyond as she transitions to the American Epilepsy Society.
In today's episode, we're talking with new AARC Interim Executive Director Paul Divis. Paul shares his background and how his military and business experiences shape his leadership style. He also discusses his excitement for the future of the AARC and the respiratory therapy profession.
In today's episode, we talk with Russell Graham, RRT, CPFT, FAARC, about his experience facing staffing shortages and challenges during the pandemic. Russell offers insights into what his hospital did to combat the shortage. He also shares tips for other managers and hospitals.
The AARC talks with Jeffrey Haynes , RRT, RPFT, about the impact the COVID-19 Pandemic has had on pulmonary function testing.  Jeff discusses guidance for clinicians responsible for laboratory re-opening and maintaining a safe laboratory environment. 
In today's episode, we're looking back at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and talking with Alicia Wafer, a respiratory therapy director in Detroit, MI. She shares how the COVID-19 affected her hospital and team. She also shares her advice for future respiratory therapists.
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